Ludeke: Sharks will run at us

2011-05-16 22:04

J.J. Harmse

Pretoria - They're not expecting a swarm of bees or a thunderstorm, but definitely a Sharks team that won't just give away possession ... and one that won't be eager to give the Bulls the chance to use their strengths, like their lineout, against the Durban-based side.

And yes, it's going to be another very tough derby.

That is the view of Bulls coach Frans Ludeke about the big hurdle his team will have to overcome if the champions want to keep their hopes of defending the Super Rugby title alive.

It will be the first time that the teams meet since the Sharks beat the Blue Bulls in last year's Currie Cup semi-final. Kick-off in that match was delayed by a swarm of bees and it was later disrupted by a heavy thunderstorm.

"We expect that, like then, they will try to carry the ball and keep it alive. I also don't expect them to kick the ball into touch a lot because our lineout is a strength," Ludeke said on Monday after his team's training session.

"We now have good momentum after the (matches against) the Chiefs and Rebels and that gives us confidence for the rest of the tournament, but the Sharks are also under pressure to win. I don't expect them to stand back and neither will we. So there is a big clash coming," said Ludeke.

"Matches between us and the Sharks have been on a knife's edge for the past three or four years. It was one or perhaps two moments in the game that had a decisive impact. There will therefore not be much margin for error."

Ludeke believes that the seeds sowed in the victory over the Rebels could bear fruit in Durban.

"We defended brilliantly and plugged all the holes. It was a great defensive performance and the Sharks will have to be stopped in the same manner. We'll have to tackle them back and stop their ball-carriers," said Ludeke.

The coach is not someone who easily changes his team. It is Chiliboy Ralepelle's turn to start at hooker again according to the rotation agreement with Gary Botha, but he's struggling with a back injury.

"It's my lower back. I'm in discomfort, but I hope to recover in time," said Ralepelle.

He did not take part in Monday's lineout session and it was noticeable that Derick Kuün was practising lineout throws. Kuün has stood in as replacement hooker earlier this year and while it was not necessary for him to slot into the No 2 position then, he may well fulfill that role against the Sharks.

Ludeke has some other decisions to make. Regular outside centre Jaco Pretorius trained without problems and could be considered, especially as Stephan Dippenaar, who played the last four games, is struggling with an ankle injury.

"I hope to run again by Wednesday," said the 23-year-old centre.

"It's a big one coming up, so I'd like to play."


  • Plato - 2011-05-16 22:12

    This game will tell us who it is going to be...or not to be...

      WPBEFONK - 2011-05-17 05:43

      The SHARKS to man handle the Bulls and win by 20....

      Marcell - 2011-05-17 06:40

      Die Shark truie gaan uitverkoop wees teen Saterdag. Elke tom, stormer(dick) en vrystaat(jane) gaan een by die robot koop.

      jontheb - 2011-05-17 07:14

      hope it's a draw - that way neither of them will be...

      Raka13 - 2011-05-17 08:45

      Marcell... dis Tom, Dick en Harry.........Jane?

      René Müller - 2011-05-17 10:13

      WPbefonk, it is clear that you don't know much about rugby hence the team you support! Not even a Shark supporter in his right mind would come up with such a pathetic prediction, some of the Stormer supporters are simply knuckle heads! Sharks vs Bulls will be a good game! However I doubt a 20 winning margin! The best team on the day will win and I hope its my team!

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-17 10:29

      @Rene - do you even take notice of some of these guys? 20 points? WP should rather worry about his Stormers team this weekend!

  • Legend - 2011-05-16 22:45

    The Super rugby cup is not won in April... Bulls will still come out on TOP and the rest will stand amazed and with tears in their eyes. Bulls remain the best and will perform when they need too. Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle!!!!! Even my unborn baby screams for the Bulls.

      Pauljay - 2011-05-16 23:14

      Legend, if I was your unborn baby, I would scream for a DA municipality...that way you will remain a Pretorianer and not a Tsawner! Move to the Cape, Blue and White will suit your kid!

      Joe_Massahar - 2011-05-16 23:22

      That's because your unborn baby is probably as brain dead as you are.

      Dundermoose - 2011-05-16 23:24

      @Joe That's a bit harsh. That said, most Bulls supporters are pretty dense.

      dillan.williams - 2011-05-17 00:18

      good luck with your baby!... enjoy him/her!

      BardofAvon - 2011-05-17 00:26

      @ dudnermoose : we is not dence.

      Luckybugger - 2011-05-17 02:29

      @ Joe I think your remark is totally uncalled for, you should hang your head in shame, what kind of sports supporter are you?.

      Marcell - 2011-05-17 04:32

      Joe=stormer sapporter.

      vicj - 2011-05-17 07:38

      Agree about April but we are in May and things could start to happen.

      Outpost - 2011-05-17 08:24

      and when your baby is born, you will take him/her to Moftus, paint him/her blue, put a pair of horns on his/her head and swing him/her in the air everytime Steve Mofeier goois his Liefling?

      SNG62 - 2011-05-17 09:01

      April? Check the calendar bud ... Sharks by 9 - GO SHARKS

      kosie - 2011-05-17 09:15

      you guys are big mouth after two wins over mediocre teams. we'll see this saturday what happens.

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-17 11:07

      @Legend - rather take him to Loftus. If you take him to Newlands, perhaps he would want his front teeth extracted like a real Stormer supporter, or thinks that Newlands is the home of the Crusaders.

      Christiaan - 2011-05-17 14:20

      Ja,n Legende is iets wat in die verlede gebeur het!!!!

      Legend - 2011-05-17 22:05

      @Pauljay. Just Blue! He already has a Blue Bull kit waiting for him. @Joe. Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle Bulle!!!! @Dundermoose. Thanx, my unborn baby didn't quite like that either. As BardofAvon said, we is not dense. @dillan.williams. Thanx man, can't wait! @BardofAvon. Yes, we is not dense. We is. @Luckybugger. Thanx! @Marcell. Legend=Bulle @vicj. Quite right, things will start to happen. Just see on Saturday when Bulls beat Sharks. Will perform when they need too. @Outpost. As BardofAvon and I have been trying to explain, we is not dense, he will paint his own face. I wont need to do it for him. @SNG62. What? April already? That means my unborn baby is closer to arrival than I thought. Oh... And Bulls are closer to taking the cup than I thought. Can't wait for both to happen. @Kosie. We also have three Super Rugby cups to boast about 2007, 2009 and 2010. Uhm, how many does your team have? @GraemeBB. Loftus it is. @Christiaan. ...en ook wat in die toekoms GAAN gebeur. Bulle hou die beker.

  • Pauljay - 2011-05-16 23:12

    It must have taken all the brain power Ludeke has available to come up with the above. I think Pietie in the Buffelskietmyselffontein u11 could have told us this amazing revelation. It must have been a very slow day for the equally erudite JJ Harmse...

      Outpost - 2011-05-17 08:27

      Exactly my thoughts when reading the article. Did he seriously think that we are going to kick for the corners and try to contest the lineouts????????????/

  • RuckingFun - 2011-05-17 03:06

    Typo in headline, supposed to read Ludeke : Sharks will run through us. Lets Go Sharks

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 07:35

      We are going to destroy them, and send those blue balls back home to an empty loftus stadium again... typical useless supporters just like their team... GO MIGHTY SHARKS!

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 08:08

      BTW all you bulls supporters, I only mess around when I lash out we going to destroy you, I know how strong your team really is, and I know how many times you have beaten us in the past, it's just all fun and jokes ! But the truth be said its going to be a DIFFICULT game and when ever we meet each other its physical :D Maybe we can get some bees again ;P

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 08:37

      @rugby_idiot, I have been disappointed with my team lately yes. We are 3 time super rugby champs and the beginning of the season for the Bulls have not been great. Now I know how you feel being a sharks supporter, all the time, because the Sharks SUCK and have never won the title like the bulls have 3 times! And again many people are calling u to please change your name to rugby_idiot because lets face it, that is what you are !! WHAHAHAH BULLS 4 LIFE !

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 08:58

      @rugby_idiot, thank you for whatever you just said, appreciate it. Again back to rugby, SHARKS SUCK NO TITLE EVER! BULLS 3 TIMES!! BULLS FOR LIFE! (PLEASE change your name to rugby_idiot!)

      Outpost - 2011-05-17 09:23

      @ Dave-the-bul(shit). In my opinion, we do not support the team we support with regards to the amount of trophies we have/have not won in the past. We support the type of rugby played, the players and the supporters. All three these criteria has made me to dislike the Bulls. Even while staying 2.5 km from Moftus, I have not watched a game there in over 6 years. I would rather save my hard earned money and fly to Durban once a month. I do not care how many trophies my team has won in the past, I will support them untill and after they have won their first Super Rugby competion and if they never win, I will still support them untill the day I die. I started supporting the Sharks when they was still playing in the B-division of the Currie Cup. I do not support a team because my dad and grandfather supported them.

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 09:30

      You don't care about how many titles the Sharks have won because well, they don't win much. That is why you don;t care, your team don't have a proud history like the Bulls have. So you would rather not talk about the Sharks winning ways because lets face it there is not much to talk about. Cheers @OutMOF

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-17 11:38

      @Outpost - I support the team in the area I live in. Is that not how it works? That team just happens to win titles. I supported them when they were down and when they were champs. I have met the players in the Bulls team, and have lost respect for some, and gained respect for most. That is why I am a Bull, and always will be. There is an atmosphere here in Pretoria come rugby time, that has swept me away. I love rugby, and the Bulls. I didnt go on holiday, drive past a mountain, and then had the nerve to call myself a Stormer. I didnt go on holiday once, swam in the warm seas of the North Coast, and called myself a Shark. So, please - dont come here and make statements about what a great person and supporter you are. You have no insight on the subject, except your own preferences. We all have our own reasons why we support our teams. We are just as passionate about them, as the Stormers and (real) Sharks are about their teams.

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 13:13

      @GraemeBB Well said, well said!

  • Marcell - 2011-05-17 04:35

    Ek is bietjie senuweegatig oor hierdie wedstryd. Dit gaan taai wees en ons vertoru dat die Bulle sal seevier. Daar is nie nou tyd om aandag aan die stompies te wei nie. Hierdie is grootmens rugby! Go Bulls!

      Ouboet1 - 2011-05-17 06:23

      Ja,partjie-rugby word aan die anderkant van die revier gaspeel!!! GO BLOU!!!

      Marx - 2011-05-17 07:34

      Wel die Stormertjies het mos gewys hoe die Sharks in Durbs gewen moet word, so die Bulls sal darem seker hulle huiswerk deeglik oor die sakie doen. Een ding is verseker, dit gaan ñ harde game wees!!

      gooinat - 2011-05-17 07:50

      @Marcell,groot mens rugby?????,watse nonsense is dit,ons het albei spanne geklop,word wakker ou!!!!!!!!!

      Hannes van der Linde - 2011-05-17 07:56

      Marcell, jy het goeie rede om te wees.

  • JBBJ - 2011-05-17 07:38


  • DILLIGAF - 2011-05-17 07:44

    Their line out is their strength??? Did Ludeke watch last weekend’s game? While it was a great first half, scoring only 7 points against a Rebels side in the second half should be a worry. Sharks by 15, Black and White Nothing Else Matters

  • Hunter 008 - 2011-05-17 07:46

    SHARKS...All the way !!!!!!

  • ChrisG - 2011-05-17 07:55

    Tpyical... the Bulls beat the team at the bottom of the log and now think they're world beaters. A trip to Durban on the weekend will sort that out.

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-17 11:43

      Hey, Doctor Phill wanabe - again, love that pic man! There is nothing typical, except you. The Stormers said the same about the Chiefs! See you Saturday then.

  • Grant - 2011-05-17 07:56

    I notice the Bulls are doing a LOT of talking in the press hey! Nothing from the Sharks camp...well done my Sharkies keep the talking for the field.

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 07:58

      Ya, you right, Ludeke has a bit of an issue though he is destroying a strong team the Bulls, because he was given the team and doesn't know what to do with it, he is just as pathetic as he was when he coached the Lions, look how long its taking a professional coach to get them right, The Bulls will only get worse until they get rid of that dork with 1 brain cell, _nothing wrong with our game plan_ .... LOL

      gooinat - 2011-05-17 08:02

      Guru, I have to agree with you on the comment about Ludeke.

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 08:40

      Ja you are correct he is only 2 time super rugby coach and 1 CC in the bag. Guess Plumtree is still trying stuff, because lets face it he has never even tasted super rugby glory like the bulls have. Maybe somebody must start giving him a game plan that actually works? And wins something?

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 08:54

      He is 0 time super rugby coach, the players where as the game plan passed down to him was what won them the title, now that he has to think for himself look how your team is struggling, then again I don't expect you to understand that, you need at least a grade 5 to be able to absorb what has just been said, people like you can only process the first thing on their mind, hey the world needs people like you, don't be sad, your mother still loves you, then again, I doubt that is true.

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 09:07

      And Plumtree is 0 time coach too and I don't think he got Sharks to the SEMI's?. Maybe he should go ask Heneyke Meyer to hand him stuff too. So he can win something? And BTW when the Sharks qualified for the Semi's in 2007 against the BULLS (WHERE WE DESTROYED THEM in the TANK) do you know who your coach was? Dick Muir, yes the same coach who helped the Loins to a all losing streak in 2010? And the same coach who everybody wanted axed for the BOKS crap Tri-nations 2010. Can you explain that? @rugby_idiot?

      Marx - 2011-05-17 10:01

      Rugby Guru...NOT.....Ludeke didn't make the mistakes on the field, like handling errors, bad kicking etc. etc. The Players did. You can take a sheep to the water boet, but you can't make him drink. The Bulls average win loss ratio the last couple of years is way better than any SA side, live with it !!!!!!

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 10:25

      Exactly @Marx, at one point the players have to step up and win not the coach! Look at the Loins, very good coach (don't tell me that John Mitchell is not a good coach), but still struggling. Why? the players don't step up and give it there all!! FACT!!

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-17 11:45

      @Grant - the last time you boys had a big mouth, the Stormers klapped it shut. Unfortunately Ludeke doesnt learn, just like PDivvy.

  • Shauno - 2011-05-17 07:59

    Not betting the farm on the result of this one. The Bulls are looking resurgent, but if we can get some win the tight exchanges, I am sure we can get a win, will be tight though. GO SHARKS

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-17 08:02

    Who are all these newborn Bulls fans hanging around here now? Where have they been all season? And will we see them again should the Bulls crash and burn on Saturday? Thank the rugby gods for balanced and passionate Bulls fans like Molefe, Muzi, BullinCapeto, GraemeBB (except when it comes to Spies...) and the like. Hell, even Lloyd and Brannas have more right to be called Bulls fans than some of these new chaps. We need Frontline folk - Newborn Bull flea epidemic of note round here.

      gooinat - 2011-05-17 08:12

      Morning Saffa,LMFAO,whats happened to Alwyn,I miss the lad,I really think Mummford scared him off.

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 08:15

      Lets just not thank anyone for dave-the-doos who is nowhere to be seen until his team beat the rebels at home.... That guy is the biggest joke and what gives bulls supporters a bad name he knows nothing about rugby, and can't even spell his name correctly. Good luck Bulls and Sharks

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-17 08:33

      @Gooinat - morning!!!! Alwyn are besig with farming. @Guru - Dave the Bul is a chap in need of intensive AND extensive therapy. Or possibly just a good old colon cleansing.

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 08:43

      SAFFA the problem is he loves his colon to be cleansed, but truth be said, he is a sad individual.

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 08:43

      @rugby_idiot, a lot of blogger have again requested you change your name to rugby_idiot!! Please you don't know anything about rugby, please change it so that when you comment on sport24 we can ignore it and laugh about it because then we know its coming form an idiot like you! PLZ!

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 08:54

      You guys love talking about colons, like the Sharks and the Stormers too they love talking about stuff like that. I think they love to do it even time the don't win the Super Rugby title! WOW that is ever year! And will be the next year too and the next and lets face it the next! @rugby_idiot please change your name people are begging you to do so!

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 08:56

      *yawn* dave-the-doos, please come now, start to be a little more original... You boring me, and no one on sport24 likes you, because you two faced and you nowhere to be found when your team doesn't perform... All the real Bulls supporters on here think you scum!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-17 09:01

      @Dave the brave internet and Bulls (only when they win) supporter: Guru can change his name mate, apart from a lobotomy there is nothing much that can be done for your personality.

      rugby_guru - 2011-05-17 09:06

      LOL @ SAFFA, you honestly find the funniest things to say, I can't believe your wit :)

      Dave-the-bul - 2011-05-17 09:13

      @rugby_idiot, you can't believe his wit because your IQ is the same as my dog Spot! (and BTW his a afghan hound dumbest dog in the world, well till now, now there is you) @SAFFA, again please change your name to @SAFFA_moron then we can safely laugh when you and @rugby_idoit say something!

  • Chronoman - 2011-05-17 08:44

    The Bulls won their last two games because they changed their strategy from allowing the opposition to run at them to running with the ball themselves. Now it seems Ludeke wants to revert back to the kicking game. It will be a mistake. I hope he is trying to hide the team's strategy for this game.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-17 09:02

      @Chronoman - Ludeke does not have the intellectual capacity to 'hide' anything. An Easter egg hunt confuses the hell out of him. Expect the kicking mate.....

      Krugga - 2011-05-17 11:33

      Dishes please.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-17 12:12

      @Krugga - Do I sound like the type of woman who does her own dishes?

  • Airwolf - 2011-05-17 08:54

    They will "run at you" hey Frans? with the "ball in hand" as well perhaps?

  • kosie - 2011-05-17 09:19

    all six wins from the bulls came from the bottom 5 of the log, 2 x lions, chiefs, rebels, hurricanes

  • Pieter - 2011-05-17 09:44

    @Marcell is jy jarloers dat jy miskien nie een gaan kry nie,

  • Jaco - 2011-05-18 15:45

    As 'n stormers ondersteuner kom ons wees nou eerlik met mekaar. Die Bulls -Sharks game is vir die hele Suid-Afrika baie belangrik want dan kan ons nou almal sien watter Senterpaar is nou regtig die swakse in Suid-Afrika.

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