Lionel Cronjé to join Brumbies

2013-10-21 14:34

Cape Town - Golden Lions utility back Lionel Cronjé is off to Canberra to join the Brumbies for next year's Super Rugby competition.

Cronjé, who can play flyhalf, fullback and centre, joined the Lions this year after previously representing the Blue Bulls and Western Province.

The 24-year-old announced the news of his departure via his official Twitter account on Monday.

He tweeted:

(sic) Fotos done!sad to say cheers to all the lads my stay at over..short lived but great experience!

Exciting new and exciting to @s14_brumbies


  • Willem Visser - 2013-10-21 14:12

    Ja seker net vir 3 maande dan kom hy ook terug en kla "Ek verlang huistoe na my ousie"

      JamesBlacksmith - 2013-10-22 08:31

      Klomp ouens gaan waai voor die Super 14. Na die WP game kom hulle agter hoe moeilik dit is om 'n span te wen wat top 10 ge-eindig het in Super Rugby. Wil nie dit hoof te doen week in en week uit nie.

  • Nevin Narraidu - 2013-10-21 15:07

    Why is he leaving? The money? Gametime? Politics?

      Peter Van Zyl - 2013-10-21 16:52

      Probably ALL OF THE ABOVE!! Sport in S A is "befuddled" with anc politics + personal gain politics between individuals in Managerial and Ministerial positions, and NOW LETS + ADD QUOTA selections and what do you have? A sinking ship with slowlbut deadly decay seeping through the structures!! If you are VERY Good at whatever Sport you play, hit the road now and head overseas!

      Ryan Spencer - 2013-10-21 18:43

      Ja well Peter van Zyl, maybe Lionel is just not 'VERY Good' as you put it - hence not being able to nail a starting spot at WP, Bulls and Lions.

      Bootman Wpguy - 2013-10-21 19:00

      Oh my hat.............everytime a white player leaves it gonna be quotas, politics, the ANC............when the real reason is that he is kuk and the Ozzys are desperate for players.

      Conrad Govender - 2013-10-21 20:48

      cos Jake is not with the Brumbies

      Goue Leeu - 2013-10-21 21:24

      Shame boetman.... ag ek bedoel bootman, duidelik weet jy nie veel van rugby nie.

  • LouisBensch - 2013-10-21 15:51

    Voorspoed Lionel, alles van die beste.

  • Nico Pretorius - 2013-10-22 05:08

    A pity, I think we should have used him more on 12, but ultimetely didn't give him enough game time! Good luck Lionel!

  • Mcalister Leungo Mphathi - 2013-10-22 10:44

    Lionel Cronje is a very talented player even more so than some players that are so highly rated in SA. It's a pity that his style of play doesn't suit the conservative nature of game plans that are employed by SA S15 teams. He'll flourish in Aussie. No doubt about that! Good luck to him!

  • Aza Siyongwana - 2013-10-22 15:31

    Lionel Cronje is one of the best I've seen! But due to his unorthodox style of play he has not been getting the gametime he should be getting. I wish him all the best in Australia and I believe that playing there will show the world how great a player he is. His fans who are mostly black Africans know he will return a champion!

  • Bryan Nicholson - 2013-10-24 09:03

    We cannot afford to keep losing good players. We need to sign stars. We had a decent team when Alwyn and Stokkies were the centre pairing. Lets hope that the super 15 shows more promise for the lions selection.

  • Aldrich Fritz - 2013-11-08 21:01

    Good Luck Lionel. I have been a fan since I saw you as a school boy. I still believe that you have it in you to be a BOK. Go make the best of your stay with the Brumbies

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