Lawrence to ref S15 final

2011-06-22 07:41

Cape Town - SANZAR has confirmed the four referees who will control matches in the Super Rugby Finals Series over the next three weekends.

The SANZAR Referee Selection Team has appointed Bryce Lawrence, Chris Pollock, Jonathan Kaplan and Craig Joubert  to control the two Finals Series Qualifiers, the two Semi Finals and the Final.

Lawrence and Pollock will referee the Finals Series Qualifiers this weekend - Lawrence taking charge of the Crusaders vs Sharks in Nelson on Saturday and Pollock refereeing the clash between the Blues and the Waratahs in Auckland on Friday.

Kaplan and Joubert will be in charge of the semi-finals next weekend with Kaplan set to referee the Reds' home tie in Brisbane and Joubert due to take the whistle for the Stormers home semi-final in Cape Town.

It has also been confirmed that Lawrence will referee the Super Rugby Final after the selectors determined that he had been the best performing referee throughout the competition.

SANZAR Game Manager, Lyndon Bray, said he was satisfied that the processes applied in 2011 had culminated in these four referees being selected for the Super Rugby Finals Series.

"After completing our ratings of the 16-strong SANZAR referees squad we canvassed the fifteen team coaches for their inputs," said Bray.

"It was really pleasing that our selections were confirmed by the feedback received from the coaches.  We took into consideration the form of each referee throughout the 21 weeks of competition, and then considered the best 'fit' for the Finals Series.  We have decided to use those considered as our four best, determining that the referee who controls the Final should also referee a Qualifier to prevent him from having three successive weeks on the sidelines."

As part of SANZAR's detailed review and evaluation process, all team coaches were invited to rate their 'top 5' referees in the competition.
These results were collated and taken into consideration when the Finals Series appointments were made.

"You like to think that by the time you get to the Finals, the decisions largely take care of themselves," said Bray.

"The very comprehensive review process we follow each week, helps us to make our decisions logically and with a real confidence. 

However, there are always going to be referees who can consider themselves unlucky when it comes to selection.

"In terms of the four selected, I am delighted for each of them, as they have all worked incredibly hard to deliver the best possible outcomes for the teams and the game in this competition," Bray said.

Super Rugby semi-final appointments:

Saturday, July 2, Reds vs TBC in Brisbane, 11:40

Referee: Jonathan Kaplan
AR 1: Stuart Dickinson
AR 2: James Leckie
TMO: George Ayoub

Saturday, July 2, Stormers vs TBC in Cape Town, 17:05

Referee: Craig Joubert
AR 1: Marius Jonker
AR 2: Stefan Breytenbach
TMO: Shaun Veldsman


  • Spinnie - 2011-06-22 07:50

    Mark Lawrence is the best ref in this comp and he is over looked........ for the RWC as well. Clowns running this setup.

      gooinat - 2011-06-22 08:02

      Mark is not only a good ref but also he has a great attitude towards the players and the game.

      Marcell - 2011-06-22 08:05

      Hy mis partymaal 'n goeie game ook.

      Jack Turner - 2011-06-22 08:25

      Absolute rubbish............You are the only clown on this forum..............South African Refs are disgraceful, with the possible exception of Craig Joubert. The worst being Kaplan.

      WPBEFONK - 2011-06-22 08:38

      This is GREAT news for the STORMERS, now that we know who wil ref the FINAL. In most of the games that we played this season where this guy was involved we did very well. Just a PITY Joubert will be in CHARGE of the SEMI, he is a WELL KNOWN Blue Bulls supporter. And this might just cost us the game, as he will look at ways of at least satisfying the Bulls, by blowing us OUT of the competition. But I'm sure my BOYS will win both their last games. Just focus on our pattern and leave those things that we can't control.

      Cool Biscuit - 2011-06-22 08:56

      I agree, Mark Lawrence is brilliant. Kaplan used to be the best, but he has slipped badly, missing blatant offside play right before his eyes on more than one instance in the same game. Craig Joubert sucks ass. la Rey - 2011-06-22 09:12

      He is not just the best ref but has the best hair doo.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 09:21

      Actually they were talking about Bryce Lawrence

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-22 10:26

      @Jack....clearly your opinion is not shared by the 15 coaches. I guess I would value their opinion over yours!

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-22 10:32

      .....have always thought him to be a very fair ref.

      Brewster - 2011-06-22 12:05

      @Jack Turner, Where the hell are you from? Afghanistan? Playing stone marbles? Want jy weet f@kkol van rugby af ou!!

      Mobydixie - 2011-06-22 12:11

      @ Bloody Agent - you are wrong - Spinnie wrote that although Mark Lawrence is the best ref, he was OVERLOOKED - you did not read correctly. Spinnie knows that the writer talks about Bryce and not Mark Lawrence

      molefeP - 2011-06-22 12:34

      Cant wait to hear the complaints about the referees after the weekend! Especially all those who where so vocal aboutt he criticism about Kaplan after the Bulls game.

  • Marcell - 2011-06-22 08:01

    Eish ja. Craig Joubert moet seker die week sy huisie by die see gaan uitsoek. Hoekom kan ons nie skeidsregters van die Noorde gebruik nie.

      watalife - 2011-06-22 08:10

      Skeidsregters van die Noorde is net soos die blou bulle klomp bloody loser's

      Jerry - 2011-06-22 08:22

      Ek hou van jou idee. Daai Noordelike manne lees mos ander reelboeke as ons. As ons Noord/Suid uitruil is die RWC se reels meer konstant.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 09:21

      Wattie,losers met baie trophies maak hulle eintlik wenners,se maar net

      watalife - 2011-06-22 10:21

      @BLOODY, what trophys are you still talking about? You have none left

      Brewster - 2011-06-22 12:09

      Ag man wattie (small letters intentional) and what trophies do you currently have? Van Riebeek Park Under 13 B? Oh no, forgot, you lost that last year!!

  • Ace Ventura - 2011-06-22 08:05

    What about Pro?

      gooinat - 2011-06-22 08:08


      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-22 08:19

      Pro will be spending extra time with Deon Stegman - teaching him the laws relating to the breakdown before the Currie Cup starts.

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-22 08:37

      That's the thing. Pro doesn't know the laws. If his mother knew 30 years ago what we know now, she would have named him Amateur.

      gooinat - 2011-06-22 08:45

      @Ace ROTFLMAO

      Gazza69 - 2011-06-22 08:51

      you mean PRO-BEER.....?

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 08:56

      More Ace

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-22 08:57

      @Ace - which is exactly why I mentioned Steggies in the same sentence as Pro. Knowledge of the laws of the game (regardless of how much time they spend studying - together it seems) continues to evade them.

      Raka13 - 2011-06-22 09:04

      HA HA HA - Pro Amateur LĂȘ Goet - he is a terrible referee

      EFFEL - 2011-06-22 09:11

      Ace ek is n aap en profiel dief ,hoop jy kan insien dat dit n sielkundige afwyking is

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-22 10:54

      More AGENT.

  • TheWizard - 2011-06-22 08:06

    Geeeez Talking about and agreeing that we need Neutral refs...Newlands and it's all South African contingent. How can the Stormers lose??? Are we now taking after the ANCYL leader and just "TAKE" the trophy

      watalife - 2011-06-22 08:12

      Ja, if not why not

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-22 08:20

      Craig Joubert hates the Stormers mate..............

      EFFEL - 2011-06-22 09:11

      Ek haat hom ook Saffa net omdat jy hom haat

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-22 10:28

      I agree with Saffa. The Stormers never do well under Joubert. Different law interpretations?

  • Marcell - 2011-06-22 08:19

    Wat gaan ons nadese die Stompies noem as hulle nog steeds nie die beker wen nie?

      gooinat - 2011-06-22 08:23

      Marcell,why you so infactuated with the Stormers,MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Marcell - 2011-06-22 08:28

      Eish Sport -24/gooinat plaas hulle nou deesdae rympies op die papsakke?

  • Ryan - 2011-06-22 08:19

    Eish, Craig Joubert. Not good for the stormers. But at least they are not playing the bulls so he might be fair.

      Neo - 2011-06-22 08:28

      True true...

  • jochem - 2011-06-22 08:28

    Oh, THAT Lawrence, for a terrible moment thought it was the other (Mark) Lawrence!

      Gazza69 - 2011-06-22 08:54

      Bryce Lawrence is pretty good......Thank goodness Stupid Dickheadson was overlooked!

  • Kok - 2011-06-22 08:30

    Craig Joubert is a honest ref - the best SA have.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-22 08:58

      Until he "pings" SBW for one of his all to regular shoulder charges.......then you'll be shrieking like a toddler.

      EFFEL - 2011-06-22 09:10

      SAFFA jy is einlik baie goed,hoe het jy geweet dat ek nie regtig n dokter is nie maar n underpaid security gaurd?

  • Bill - 2011-06-22 08:42

    And Dickinson gets to run the line in a critical semi-final. The worst ref in the S15 gets a reward. Why?

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 09:05

      I believe that The Plonker is also a contender for that title

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-22 09:16

      @Alwyn - to be perfectly honest, I would take ANY Southern Hemisphere ref over the pedantic dinosaurs from the Northern those twats in the World Cup...

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 09:23

      I have to agree but please do not include The Plonker or the "Dick" in your list of any

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-22 10:35

      Dickinson has been better this year than he has been in previous years. I haven't had a problem with him this year.

  • BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 08:55

    Good Morning to all the regulars,trust you had a wonderfull night.Good old Bryce not realy my pick,would have liked it to be Pro lol

      EFFEL - 2011-06-22 09:12

      More Bloody,het jy gesien dat ek erken dat ek n idioot is?

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 09:24

      Good for you

  • Big Al - 2011-06-22 09:34

    So Bryce Lawrence will ref the final between the Blues and Sharks in Aukland. I can live with that.

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-06-22 09:52

      Dream on

      watalife - 2011-06-22 10:01

      Stop the DP and try some good TIK

  • Aabels - 2011-06-22 10:07

    Any one wants to skip all the hooo-haaa to bet that the Crusaders will win the Super Rugby competition this year????????

  • ZACommentator - 2011-06-22 10:35

    WTF is this douche doing reffing the finals?

  • Steyts - 2011-06-22 12:47

    @WPBEFONK Ons gaan nie die final eers haal nie as geg van Craig P03S Joubert!! Ek kan nie onthou van een game wat ons al gewen het terwyl daai idioot geblaas het nie... Dis jammer dat dit so gaan eindig.. FFS!!! - 2011-06-22 13:10

      @Steyts, Ek wil van jou verskil maar ek kan nie, jy is reg die vl J 's hoort nie in SA rugby nie. Skeidsregters = Joubert en Jonker!!! Spelers January, John, Jantjies, James, Jacobs, Johnn (Muller) Strongs Stormers weet dat Joubert by die oorsese pers en rugby ondersteuners gaan "gatkruip"

  • flat bier - 2011-06-22 17:34

    3 blind mice, 3 blind mice, see how they run, see how they run.....

  • sam kaitawa - 2011-06-22 17:54

    Pray tell, what excuses, conspiracies are our poor deluded Saffa whinging friends going to use this time? The excuse that NZ poaches the Islands were proven wrong from various posts, the excuse that the AB's are favoured by the ref's is wrong considering NZ gets penalised more..... It's a CONSPIRICY...... bwah bwah bwah.

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