Lambie nudges the selectors

2011-06-20 10:25

Gavin Rich - SuperSport

Durban - He was probably going to be in the Springbok preliminary Rugby World Cup squad that will be named on Monday for the World Cup anyway, but Patrick Lambie can still feel that his outstanding performance at Loftus came at just the right time.

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As one of the Sharks management put it on Saturday night, “Pat surely played himself into the Springbok squad today, surely they can’t leave him out now”.

Indeed, what Lambie confirmed in his starring role for the Sharks in their epic 26-23 win over the Bulls was that he can slot in almost anywhere in the backline, so even if just for utility value, he simply has to be part of the group that goes to New Zealand.

At this stage of the build-up to the World Cup it appears Butch James, who has shown solid form for the Lions, is the front-runner to wear the No 10 jersey at the big games at the tournament.

With 49 players being named in the group on Monday, it will be interesting to see if Lambie’s team-mate Jean Deysel makes the cut. The big flank has only returned recently from injury, but it is understood that the Bok management do like the attributes that he could bring to the World Cup effort and he must stand an outside chance of selection.

Not that there is any shortage of players in his position. Ashley Johnson has been brilliant for the Cheetahs recently and while the Stormers loose trio came out on top in their battle in Bloemfontein at the weekend, the amount of attention they paid to Johnson in his efforts to get across the gainline confirmed the massive respect they have for him.

The Boks are banking on Juan Smith being fit for the World Cup so he will be part of the group named on Monday, as will Heinrich Brussow, who hasn’t seen much action this season but when he has he has shown that he has lost none of his Midas touch in winning the ball back from the breakdowns.

Talking of injuries, the Duane Vermeulen injury, sustained playing for the Stormers against the Cheetahs, might precipitate one change among the loose-forward group. Vermeulen is to undergo scans to his severely injured knee on Monday but it is feared the injury may be serious enough to ruin his chances of being part of the World Cup.

With the Springbok captaincy issue wisely having been sorted out at the first planning camp of 2011, the leadership won’t be much of a talking point when the squad is named, but John Smit’s presence on the bench for all but one minute of his team’s great win over the Bulls has to be a concern.

It is understood the Boks intend starting with Smit in the big games at the World Cup, but Bismarck du Plessis has consistently proved this season when he does start for the Sharks that he is in a league of his own. Can the Boks afford to leave Du Plessis out of the starting team in a match against New Zealand?

With 49 players being named in what is an obligatory pre-World Cup IRB requirement, meaning that 19 will drop out of the group over the coming months, there are unlikely to be any controversial inclusions or omissions. It is anticipated that Bjorn Basson, a controversial absentee at the last planning session in Durban, will be included this time, while Bok coach Peter de Villiers should be pleased with the improved form shown by Bryan Habana against the Cheetahs.

Indeed, with JP Pietersen so consistently outstanding for the Sharks and Lwazi Mvovo also playing well, wing suddenly doesn’t look the problem position it was threatening to be.


  • Marx - 2011-06-20 10:31

    Pat Lambie at 15, Mornè Steyn at 10.

      watalife - 2011-06-20 10:41

      Morne Steyn kicked the bulls out the CC 2010 and now kicked the bulls out the S15, when will you okes open your eyes and see that rugby should no be dominated with drop,skop & place? Your bulls will have lots of time to focus on the Vodacom Cup for next year.

      Marx - 2011-06-20 11:03

      Wata, how many World Cups have been won by a penalty or specially a drop goal ??? You don't know what you're talking about !!

      sparkies - 2011-06-20 11:11

      Marx, your Steyn lost the game for the Bulls on Saturday so why would we want him as NO10 when we have 2 true champions-Grant and Lambie.Steyn should be first choice for our Bok A side

      watalife - 2011-06-20 11:14

      Marx, Yes i know enough to say that drop,skop & place will not work anymore. What happend 2010 tri-nations? what happend 2010 CC for bulls? what happend VC 2011 and let me ask again what happend 2011 S15 for the bulls? Morne is terrible on defence and lacks the punch on attack. I wonder if you ever set foot on a rugby field as a player and not spectator?

      Marx - 2011-06-20 11:16

      Ja Sparkies, when did poor Grant achieve anything that makes him a Champion?? He hardly played a game this season, oh and Lambie kicked your @sses in the CC final last year !!!!

      chrismtb007 - 2011-06-20 11:54

      @ Watalife........ He was merely listening to coach instructions!!!! thats the Bulls Game plan... when it works it works, when it doesnt, well then you get what happened on Saturday!!

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:55

      Lambie will improve with time, I think this RWC may just be too soon for him. How about Butch at 10 ( if he can learn to use his arms in the tackle ) and Frans Steyn at 15?

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:56

      Lambie will improve with time, I think this RWC may just be too soon for him. How about Butch at 10 ( if he can learn to use his arms in the tackle ) and Frans Steyn at 15?

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-20 11:59

      I would much prefer to see Lambie at 15 than Frans Steyn, he just has not performed for the Boks when he played any of the games..

      Marx - 2011-06-20 12:02

      Wata, you're refering to the CC and VC, what?? Steyn doesn't play Vodacom Cup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And some idiots actually agree with that statement ! He played a couple of games in the CC last year. I'm talking about the World Cup dude, wake up !!! Steyn didn't lose the Tri series, a team of 22 did. Rugby is not a individual sport.

      lognut - 2011-06-20 12:08

      forgive them Marx for they know not what they say.........

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:27

      @Marx - a team of 22 Bulls laden playing Bulls-styled rugby cost us 2010 3N.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:28

      @Marx - a team of 22 Bulls laden playing Bulls-styled rugby cost us 2010 3N.

      watalife - 2011-06-20 12:48

      @ Marx, I am talkling about bulls rugby in general. You are missing the point.I am so awake that I predicted that drop,skop & place will be the downfall for the bulls from last year and all season and hell i was right. Other than drop,skop & place what game plan do the bulls have? the bully tactic does not work, the drive tactic does not work, Marx what works for them? Wake up its not to late.

      Marx - 2011-06-20 12:54

      Wata, ga roek jou joint kla....

  • watalife - 2011-06-20 10:34

    I have never had a good word for Lambie and hell did he make me swallow my words. His positional play was great, his defence was rock solid and also had the defence running around like headless chickens. Well done Lambie

      levit8 - 2011-06-20 10:47

      I am a Lambie fan, and on the weekend's showing, I'd rather have him at fullback. He's versatile enough to swap around with whoever is at flyhalf, and give the backline many more options on attack. His deft touches are also great - keeps the defence guessing.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:56

      All this while dealing with very close attention from Bakkies and co...

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:57

      All this while dealing with very close attention from Bakkies and co...

      Durasmart - 2011-06-20 22:12

      I have been saying it for the last year, Lambie is a full back, not a flyhalf. If Lambie and not Michelak played flyhalf onSaturday, the Bulls would have won.

  • sharkbait - 2011-06-20 10:43

    Very solid under the high ball as well... Maybe this opens an opportunity for Frans Steyn at outside centre.. Here is my Bok backline to play NZ... 9. Fourie du Preez 10. Morne Steyn (Butch still hasn't learnt to use his brains in tackles) 11. Bryan Habana 12. Jean de Villiers 13. Frans Steyn 14. Lwazi Mvovo 15. Pat Lambie

      fahja - 2011-06-20 10:50

      and JP?

      StBad - 2011-06-20 10:57

      We've got too many decent centres to be 'trying' Frans Steyn...

      levit8 - 2011-06-20 10:59

      I'd bench Bryan and put JP in

      tonno - 2011-06-20 11:03

      @sharkbait - how can you leave out JP? He is the best defensive wing in the world and hitting form at the right time. And Jacques Fourie? Not only can he break the line with speed and power, he is the brains behind the Boks/Stormers defence.

      Marcell - 2011-06-20 11:11

      I'll play Spies at center. That will confuse the attackers.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-20 11:12

      @Marcell - Spies at centre???????????????? He can't catch a ball, he can't pass a ball, he can't MAKE tackles and he can't break any tackles........WTF? He has the worst hands in the competition, and even the most loyal Bulls fan must have been swearing at him again on Saturday night....I knew you were LOCO Marcell, but this catapults you into a league of your own.

      Whatever - 2011-06-20 11:35

      Jirre dankie tog jy is nie n keurder nie!Waar is JP en Jaque Fourie?Is jy seker jy wil nie Olivier en Terblanche op senter try nie?Gaan was jou kar man.

      Mark Struwig - 2011-06-20 11:43

      No no no no! 9. Fourie du Preez 10. Butch James 11. Lwazi Mvovo 12. Jean de Villiers 13.Jaque Fourie 14. JP Pieterson 15. Pat Lambie/Frans Steyn... though I feel Lambie

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:57

      @levit8 - agreed, JP is in sublime form. Sorry Bryan's got to go - nothing personal.

      Jason - 2011-06-20 11:57

      Du Preez? Morne? Habana? Dude this is 2011 not 2007. Hougaard is 10 million times better than Du Preez and we have about 5 flyhalves better than Morne, and about the same number of wings better than Habana.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:59

      @levit8 - agreed, JP is in sublime form. Sorry Bryan's got to go - nothing personal.

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-20 12:00

      Erm Mark, as long as Fourie isn't in that list, then yes.. he is the reason the bulls lost, when he hopped on the field I knew we had the game, mullet boi for number 9.

      Marx - 2011-06-20 12:09

      Mark, Butch James is worse than Bakkies, period. He should go and play Aussie Rules.

      Zee - 2011-06-20 12:32

      It's got to be: 9. Du Preez/Hougaard as an impact player 10. Peter Grant 11. Bjorn Basson 12. Jean De Villiers 13. Jacque Fourie/De Jong as an impact player 14. JP Peterson 15. Aplon/Lambie as an impact player

      sharkbait - 2011-06-20 13:56

      My main concern with JP is the number of times he loses possession in contact. and for those of you that doubt Frans Steyn at centre, you obviously didn't watch any of his performances at centre for Racing metro... makes Jacques look like a baby....

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-21 11:01

      @sharkbait - are you mad?? Steyn was tried at 13 eoyt, and proved he couldnt hack it! You want to ommit Jaques Fourie? You dont have a clue, do you?

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-21 11:23

      Play Spies at centre? Why, we have Fourie, the best centre one could hope for. I am again going to raise this Spies issue - besides the one knock - which he was covered by Daniels anyway, am I the only one who saw him have a massive game? SAFFA suggests that even the players dont respect him, which is utter nonesense, and shows the extent of her bias. How bad has Alberts performed for the fast month? My selection for the RWC: 6 - Burger and Brussouw (Daniels if Brusouw unfit) 7 - Smith and Johnson (Smith unfit, then Alberts) 8 - Vermeulen and Spies Well, we all have our opinions. It is not an easy job to make selections! I think that Flo should also get a run in the Tri-Nations, he has been huge. Alberts will probably find his feet, and will make it really hard for the selectors. I dont rate Kanko, but he will also be in the mix. All said and done, whom ever gets the nod, I will support 100%.

  • IQ - 2011-06-20 10:48

    The Boks intend starting with John Smit in the big games at the World Cup, with Bismark on the bench. Totally understandable! Whilst Bismark is without doubt a more consistent performer than John this year, this is the World Cup and we cannot afford the number of penalties that Bismark concedes every game at an average of 6 points to the opposition.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 11:59

      Totally agree, you cant leave John out the side, sorry for Bismarck - you have to make space for him at #2.

      Makutu - 2011-06-21 09:45

      BULLSHIT! Sies... Stupid!

  • Philip - 2011-06-20 10:50

    Careful about creating another utility back - jack of all trades and master of none. Happened to Frans and Ruan. Players tend to get g@tvol about being moved around too much. In my (very one-eyed Sharky) opinion, Patrick Lambie is the best flyhalf in this country. Better than Morne. Better than Grant. He should start at number 10, no questions...

      OuWitBooi - 2011-06-20 11:03

      I agree that Lambie is the best flyhalf in the country. Problem is, he is also the best fullback. There is no lack of talent for our backline, and this is the true test of a good coach - is he capable of selecting the right combination. The best individual players do not necessarily make the best combination. BTW - Brent Russell was another utility back whose career was destroyed by being shunted around and never having a chance to prove himself in any one spot.

      DeonL - 2011-06-20 11:29

      Lambie is a bit erratic at flyhalf. This is probably why he was shifted to number 15 for this game. His kicking to the poles nearly cost the Sharks the game. How can he be the best flyhalf in the country if his coach shifts him around?

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:03

      Plum has done Div a favour by experimenting with optimal positions for Lambie. Bottom line, he is best at 15, perhaps useful to have on the bench as a utility a la Brent Russel if required. Over time, he may develop into a solid 10, the kid's only 20 y/o!

      Jason - 2011-06-20 12:10

      Wise wise words!

      Blougroen - 2011-06-20 12:52

      Lambie is to slow for a fullback - Frans Steyn is faster and he can kick the long ones

      Voyager - 2011-06-20 13:34

      Frans Steyn is too one-dimesional. He never passes and either tries to crash the line (never looking to cut through a gap) or kicks an up-and-under. All too predictable. I don't rate him at all even though I'm a Sharks fan.

  • StBad - 2011-06-20 10:59

    If they pick him, they must use him... no point being there for versatility; he's a pretty special kid with a good head on his shoulders!

      thumper - 2011-06-20 11:41

      How do you see his head under all that hair? Jokes aside, he's had a great season so far.

  • Marx - 2011-06-20 10:59

    My starting 22 today : 15. Lambie 14. Mvovo 13. Fourie 12. Jean 11. JP 10 Steyn 9. du Preez 8. Spies 7. Danie Rossouw 6. Stegman 5. Matfield 4. Becker 3. Beast 2. Bismarck 1. Greyling Bench : Kruger, Jannie, Chilli, Burger, Hougie, De Jongh, Aplon.

      watalife - 2011-06-20 11:04

      To many bulls players.

      Hannes Visser - 2011-06-20 11:07

      Disagree only with Stegman & Rossouw. Ashley Johnson & Willem Alberts are in a league of their own with Juan Smith & Schalk Burger to cover.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-20 11:15

      P Divvy has already said that if he plays Heinrich Brossuw, he will start Schalk at 8. Don't shoot me, he said it.

      Sport-24 - 2011-06-20 11:30

      I would play Aplon at 15 even if the WC is about the best defensive team,Aplon on attack is one of the best in the country and he's defence is better than Spies!!!!!!!

      Marx - 2011-06-20 11:37

      If Juan was playing and fit he will definitely be there, Johnson is in great form but totaly lacks experience and he won't fit into a game plan that will win a World Cup. Alberts also a great player. Danie Rossouw is a Game Breaker, Match Winner, nobody can offload a ball like he can, brilliant on attack and defense.

      fahja - 2011-06-20 11:43

      why dont we just start with the whole bulls team? danie rossouw!? stegman!? greyling!? kruger!? lets be objective for a minute my man

      thumper - 2011-06-20 11:44

      Your 6,7 and 8 are way off. Rather Schalk, Juan(if fit) and Francois or Brussow?

      Mark Struwig - 2011-06-20 11:51

      Spies and Steyn... two consistantly under performers this whole tournament? Guess you want to loose the WC...Matchday 22 should be as follows: 1. Beast 2. Bismarck 3. Jannie 4. Danie Russouw 5. Bekker 6. Schalk 7. Juan Smith (if fit) or Louw 8. Alberts 9. Fourie 10. Butch 11. Lwazi 12. Jean 13. Jaque 14. JP 15. Lambie 16. Smit 17. Greyling 18. Botha 19. Daniel 20. Hougaard 21. Grant 22. Aplon Wouldn't pick Stegmann, Spies, Matfield even if you paid me! I would like for us to at least win the WC!

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:03

      Plum has done Div a favour by experimenting with optimal positions for Lambie. Bottom line, he is best at 15, perhaps useful to have on the bench as a utility a la Brent Russel if required. Over time, he may develop into a solid 10, the kid's only 20 y/o!

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:04

      @Marx - you probably gonna pick Vic as your captain? Sorry boet, neither Vic or John or on good form. I'd rather slot Bekker in for Vic and have John as captain, much better option.

      Marx - 2011-06-20 12:18

      Mark, maybe you should go and have a look at Steyn's points tally so far. Vuilgat James should go and play Aussie Rules, he's worse than Bakkies, Greyling is by far the best this season. Louw/Stegman is a 50/50. Stegman combines better with Rossouw and Spies.

      Marx - 2011-06-20 12:27

      Rob, and what role did John Smit play in the success of the Shêks this season??? Dream on. Everytime he leaves the field the Shêks starts playing winning rugby. The moment he was brought into the Shêks starting line-up they fell apart. Go look at the games against the Bulls in Durbs and the Lions, then you come back and prove me wrong !!

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:29

      @Marx - Agreed, Greyling is a great prospect with good set piece play - well schooled.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:30

      @Marx - Agreed, Greyling is a great prospect with good set piece play - well schooled.

      clarke - 2011-06-20 12:56

      Beast is not a tighthead mate. Juan Smith, Willem Alberts, Ashley johnston and Jean Deysel would all be more effective at flank than Danie who in my opinion should be wearing the number 4 jersey. Spies should be given the boot, and stegman is too much of a liability and definately not in the same league as brussow.

      sharkbait - 2011-06-20 13:58

      Chilli... please....

  • Raka13 - 2011-06-20 11:00

    Lambie or Butch will be my selections at 10 for he WC. Morne rely too much on the up and under(same as Kirchner and Jantjies), though Morne is a great player. Basson is good on attack but lacks on defence. Hougaardt for me is a better option at 11. Habana is a brilliant defender and are always looking for work, his attack from behind and linking-up with the back line is still below his own standards. The nr 14 spot is an easy selection for me - JP Pieterson without a doubt. The rest of the backline - du Preez, Fourie, de Villiers and Steyn. Bench: Aplon, de Jongh, James/Lambie

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-20 12:05

      100% that up and under game will cost us the WC... It is so over rated.. anyone can do an up and under... however do it when the team is under pressure, morne doesn't understand he has a back row, he thinks when I get the ball I must kick, thats all I know.. And he isn't even good at that anymore.

  • Hannes Visser - 2011-06-20 11:08

    I always said we will not win the RWC without a decent fullback, now I can go buy my jersey if they put Lambie there!

  • sparkies - 2011-06-20 11:12

    Good to see a full back coming into the line again.Disrupted the Bulls defense horribly

  • Tongie - 2011-06-20 11:12

    whatever the case may be, PDV has no reason to loose the RWC. his head ache is choosing who to put in the team and who to leave out. for crying out loud even Chilliboy is playing fantastic rugby...

      Philip - 2011-06-20 11:19

      Chilliboy is in the form of his life... Gives you an idea of the number that Bizzie pulled on him. Poor fellow was totally gasping for air around the 60 mark...

  • Paul - 2011-06-20 11:17

    Watalife, the only difference between the Sharks and Bulls this weekend was a drop goal!

      watalife - 2011-06-20 11:28

      No Paul you are wrong, the only difference was the penalty. If you cant see the bigger picture then so be it .

      Oukoos - 2011-06-20 11:40

      And BMT

      Oukoos - 2011-06-20 11:40

      And Matfield

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:07

      BMT and captaincy, sorry Vic you're a great player, maybe one of the best but you're not a leader.

      Blougroen - 2011-06-20 12:59

      Yeah - difference was the cancelled Bulls penalty because Bakkies ran into someone in a very normal fashion who was obstructing the ball carrier. .. . .

      PDP - 2011-06-21 09:58

      @Blougroen, Could've been a totally different picture if the blind squad (referees) acted on Zane's high tackle!

  • - 2011-06-20 11:21

    Bok RWC Backline: 9 FDP 10 Pat Lambie 11 Gio Aplon 12 JDV 13 Jaque Fourie 14 JP 15 Frans Steyn

      Philip - 2011-06-20 11:27

      Take Gio out and put in that fellow from the Cheetahs. Sorry Gio, you may be how awesome and deceptive, the moment a huge forward runs into you there will be concussion till the next WC

      Sport-24 - 2011-06-20 11:48

      Sorry Philip but you are wrong there Aplon is very brave when on defence and won't drop any team!!!

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-20 12:07

      I rate aplon but not for the WC... He is a great provincial player, but not WC ready... Lambie will fill that role better, FDP NO NONO NO! when will you guys open your eyes and see how useless this oke is, honestly... we not living in the past, we living in the present and he is no where near as good at Hougaard... that is a fact... Between Morne and FDP you will never have a ball to the backline, because if it isn't FDP kicking it it is Morne... Useless game of soccer

      SuperCooper - 2011-06-20 13:31

      U idiots, when he made bounced off 3 guys and scored two superb tries against the french, was he to small? get over yourselfs. besides why go on about the guys in form. Prickhead Divvy is anyway going to play this team (although i only agree with half) 9. Du preez 10. Steyn 11. Habana 12. De Villers 13. Fourie 14. Pietersen 15. Frans Steyn

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-20 14:33

      Wow Supercooper that is probably the worst selection of players I have ever seen!

      GraemeBB - 2011-06-21 11:06

      @SuperCooper: spot on mate - that will in all probability be the selection.

  • AmandaWhereTo - 2011-06-20 11:26

    Nice to see we're spoiled for choice in every position :) We have the chance to go into a golden period of Springbok rugby, all the players and talent is there, it just depends on how they are managed and coached now. The ball is in managements court.

  • simon.theman.barnes - 2011-06-20 11:31

    Statistically not much between Smit and Bismark.

      Boerie - 2011-06-20 12:06

      Smit-has been, Bismarck-inflated ego as with few other Sharks and Stormers.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:09

      Bismarck is like having another loose forward on the field BUT John's captaincy is crucial. Also, Bismarck needs to cut down on penalties and yellow cards - he is a marked man.

  • G8 - 2011-06-20 11:52

    "At this stage of the build-up to the World Cup it appears Butch James, who has shown solid form for the Lions, is the front-runner to wear the No 10 jersey at the big games at the tournament"... Er, WHAT? Butch... really?

      Boerie - 2011-06-20 12:05

      Butch "yellow card" James-yeah right. Any other fly half but him. But with Twakkie as coach, who knows what team will go to WC-probably Smit and the over the hillbillies.

      rugby_guru - 2011-06-20 12:09

      Ja, lets just have another Bakkies, 14 men within the first 10 minutes of the game... Butch is like Kockett and that is a fact, has an atittude problem that needs to be sorted out.. I was hoping when he came back he would be different but he is just the same thug he was before he left, i'm disgraced he played for us Sharks... pfft

  • The Odd One Too - 2011-06-20 12:19

    I think that South Africa should enter three teams to the world cup. They'd all be in with a better chance of winning than any of the northern hemisphere sides.

  • 420 - 2011-06-20 12:20

    Beast, Bismark, Jannie, Russouw, Matfield, Burger, Smith , Alberts, Du Preez, Butch, Hougaard, JdV, Fourie, JP, F Steyn. Guthro, Smit, Bekker, Louw/Johnson/Vermuelen/Deysel/ , Pienaar, De Jongh, Lambie

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 12:30

      Jannie took strain on Saturday! Let's hope he is fully recovered for the next clash.

      Cuzin - 2011-06-20 14:17

      Rob can you just repeat that for us one more time.

      Jason - 2011-06-20 14:24

      Great lineup, but I'd never choose has been Du Preez, Hougaard is a much much better 9 than he is. Id put Hougaard at 9 and Lwazi at 11. Id also swap Lambie and FSteyn. Lambie has proven to be better than a bench player.

      Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-06-20 16:37

      @Cuzin - in my humble opinion, seems that Jannie was not 100% match fit. Bulls front row ( Greyling in particular ) had the upper hand even with Bismarck on the field - again, just my humble opinion. I did not enjoy the way Bismarck addressed the locks after the scrum went backwards and he ( Bismarck popped his head out ) - he should have directed his frustrations at Jannie - again, just my opinion.

  • Andre Sonnekus - 2011-06-20 14:47

    This is who I would start 15 - Frans Steyn 14 - JP Pietersen 13 - Jacques Fourie 12 - Jean De Villiers 11 - Lwazi Mvovo 10 - Pat Lambie 9 - Fourie Du Preez 8 - Duane Vermeulen 7 - Willem Alberts 6 - Schalk Burger 5 - Victor Matfield 4 - Andries Bekker (Just because bakkies is a retard) 3 - Jannie Du Plessis 2 - Bismark Du Plessis 1 - Beast Mtawarira No clue about captain I guess Victor Wont play Smit

      AvD - 2011-06-20 17:56

      Agree, and make du Preez captain. Victor is a good player not captain.

  • André - 2011-06-20 14:57

    I hope one of the coaches or even anyone tell J P Peterson to wear toggs with longer studs ! This poor man was issued with "superslip, non grip" rugby shoes! Hene tog, help die man asseblief reg !! Hy is baie goed en sterk!

  • André - 2011-06-20 14:59

    Please "Free" du Preez! Sarel Pretorius is currently the best No 9 in S A !

  • Anneleen - 2011-06-21 12:03

    Voting for Lambie all the way!!!

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