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2014/04/26 | 17:05 |  Super Rugby | Free State Stadium |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Cheetahs v Stormers

2014-04-26 15:51
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Commentary by Sport24's Garrin Lambley


Metres run: Cheetahs 548-518 Stormers
Carries: Cheetahs 117-119 Stormers
Defenders beaten: Cheetahs 22-28 Stormers
Clean breaks: Cheetahs 8-8 Stormers
Tackles made: Cheetahs 110-91 Stormers
Missed tackles: Cheetahs 28-22 Stormers
Turnovers won: Cheetahs 7-5 Stormers
Kicks in play: Cheetahs 38-31 Stormers
Rucks won: Cheetahs 76-85 Stormers
Rucks lost: Cheetahs 3-3 Stormers
Lineouts: Cheetahs 7-6 Stormers
Lineouts: Cheetahs 1-2 Stormers
Scrums won: Cheetahs 6-4 Stormers
Scrums lost: Cheetahs 0-1 Stormers
Penalties conceded: Cheetahs 7-9 Stormers

80' - In next weekend's Week 12 action, the Stormers host the Highlanders on Saturday at 15:00 while the Cheetahs travel to Pretoria to face the Bulls at 17:05 on the same day

80' - The Stormers limp back to Cape Town without a single point - and well and truly bottom of the standings

80' - The Cheetahs pick up a full-house of five points and move above the Stormers in both the SA Conference and the Overall standings

80' - FULL-TIME in Bloemfontein as the Cheetahs beat the Stormers 35-22

79' - TWEET

I hope Bloem's dancefloor's are ready for the Nyakane Shake tonight! - Elma Smit

79' - Coleman adds the CONVERSION

The Cheetahs lead 35-22 with mere seconds remaining...

78' - This time it's the Stormers who get to celebrate a consolation try through skipper JEAN DE VILLIERS

78' - TRY!

77' - Worth remembering that the Stormers led 10-0 after 10 minutes... #justsaying

77' - But the Cheetahs won't mind as they lead 35-15 after Watts misses the conversion 

76' - Cue the worst post-try celebration ever between Nyakane and Rhule...

75' - The Stormers are dead and buried as the Cheetahs score their FIFTH try of the match through prop TREVOR NYAKANE

75' - TRY!

74' - TWEET

Not that I necessarily think its his fault, but all four Cheetahs tries scored on Williams' wing - Brenden Nel

73' - The Stormers now need to score THREE times to win the match.

73' - Elgar Watts adds the CONVERSION and the Cheetahs are out to a 30-15 lead with seven minutes remaining

72' - That's the fourth and bonus point try for the Cheetahs - and could well be the ball game...

71' - After countless phases by the Stormers, the ball to turned over and Sevens specialist CORNAL HENDRICKS kicks and regathers and outsprints Devon Williams to the tryline

71' - TRY to the Cheetahs!


70' - Just a reminder the Cheetahs lead 23-15, meaning the Stormers are currently without a losing bonus point

69' - The Stormers give the ball some air, swinging it left and right as they cross the advantage line. The Cheetahs' defence holds for now...

67' - The Cheetahs have been pretty woeful in the last 20 minutes of a number of their matches this year. They had better watch themselves if they don't want to let this match slip out their grasp as the Stormers look to finish strong...

65' - Teboho Mohoje makes his appearance for the Cheetahs

62' - Grant adding absolutely nothing to the Stormers side at present. 

Never thought I'd say it, but bring back Demetri Catrakilis!

62' - Terrible conversion attempt by Peter Grant is wobbly and away to the left.

The Cheetahs lead 23-15 after 62 minutes

60' - This time the Stormers DO score - and it's the man on debut, DEVON WILLIAMS, who dives in after a great break by Jean de Villiers!

60' - TRY!


Saracens 32 Clermont Auvergne 6 after 70 minutes

58' - Nothing going right for the Stormers as skipper Jean de Villiers has a little moan with Joubert.

Penalty to the Cheetahs thanks to obstruction by Stormers No 8 Duane Vermeulen

58' - NO TRY!

58' - Craig Joubert consults his TMO.

Looks like obstruction...

58' - KEY moment coming up as Stormers centre Juan de Jongh goes in for a TRY - or does he...

57' - The Cheetahs lead 23-10 after 57 minutes.

23 minutes for the Stormers to turn the tide...

56' - The Cheetahs stretch their lead through a penalty by Watts as Kitshoff is pinged yet again at scrum time. 

Meeting between ref Joubert, Jean de Villiers, Kitshoff and Duane Vermeulen. No card...

55' - Jurie van Vuuren replaces Ruan Botha for the Stormers...

No, wouldn't recognise either of them either...


Rayno Benjamin dives in for his first half try (Gallo Images)

54' - Elgar Watts fails to stretch the Cheetahs' lead as the Stormers concede another penalty.

Somewhat surprising that referee Joubert has failed to give them a final warning

51' - The Cheetahs go close through Rhule, but Fourie turns it over and Grant - sporting a rather unsightly nose plug - finds touch just outside the Stormers' 22m area...

50' - The Cheetahs getting over the advantage line. Every. Single. Carry.

49' - New Stormers Director of Rugby GERT SMAL spotted in the crowd.

Rather him than me!

48' - The Cheetahs go in search of their fourth - and bonus point - try as Trevor Nyakane rumbles forward...

47' - Yet another penalty to the Cheetahs as they begin to mount against a shell-shocked looking Stormers side. They're in big trouble in Bloem!

44' - Great break by Deon Fourie comes to nought as the ball is turned over. Scrum to the Cheetahs - which leads to a penalty as Steven Kitshoff is penalised.

Stormers scrum coach Matthew Proudfoot is shown looking non-plussed...

42' - Grant just hasn't been the player Stormers fans remember when he last donned the blue and white hoops. His time in Japan hasn't treated him well.

41' - The Stormers can't possibly be any worse than they were for the last 30 minutes of the first half - and they start strongly as they're awarded a penalty - which Peter Grant duly pushes wide of the right-hand upright...

41' - And we're underway for the second half in Bloemfontein!


Metres run: Cheetahs 351-167 Stormers
Carries: Cheetahs 78-39 Stormers
Defenders beaten: Cheetahs 17-3 Stormers
Clean breaks: Cheetahs 6-2 Stormers
Tackles made: Cheetahs 39-58 Stormers
Missed tackles: Cheetahs 3-17 Stormers
Turnovers won: Cheetahs 4-3 Stormers
Kicks in play: Cheetahs 21-18 Stormers
Rucks won: Cheetahs 48-27 Stormers
Rucks lost: Cheetahs 1-3 Stormers
Lineouts: Cheetahs 1-4 Stormers
Lineouts: Cheetahs 1-2 Stormers
Scrums won: Cheetahs 2-2 Stormers
Scrums lost: Cheetahs 0-1 Stormers
Penalties conceded: Cheetahs 4-4 Stormers

40' - The first 40 minutes is a thing of the past in Bloemfontein as the Cheetahs lead a miserable looking Stormers team 20-10

40' - Another penalty to the Cheetahs as the hooter sounds for HALF-TIME

38' - Stormers skipper Jean de Villiers has been the invisible man today.

I literally had to check the starting XV to double-check he was playing...

38' - TWEET

Amazing thing is Willie le Roux an ex Paul Roos boy played for 2 seasons for Boland our brilliant WP scouts didn't recognize he's ability - Rob Louw

37' - The half-time break looms as the Stormers concede a free-kick at the scrum for not scrumming straight


Saracens 24 Clermont Auvergne 6 at HALF-TIME

34' - Peter Grant leaves the field for blood. Replaced by Kurt Coleman

34' - The Cheetahs have 3 tries in the first half - the Stormers have 1...

33' - Elgar Watts adds the CONVERSION as the Cheetahs have opened a 20-10 lead after trailing 10-0 after 10 minutes!

32' - That man WILLIE LE ROUX gets onto the scoresheet as the much-vaunted Stormers defence is rips to shreds!

32' - TRY!

28' - Hugely impressive comeback by the hosts after the Stormers' fast start...

How will the men from the Cape respond?

No sign of coach Alister Coetzee who is no doubt fearing the worst...

28' - Elgar Watts on target at last as he lands a penalty to give the Cheetahs a 13-10 lead after 28 minutes.

27' - TWEET

It's not easy being a coach,judging by the facial expressions!Skillfactor by the Cheetahs need to be admired!atleast they trying to play! - Breyton Paulse

26' - Scrum penalty to the Cheetahs. Huge thumbs-up to their front row...

25' - The Cheetahs are on attack as skipper Adriaan Strauss goes on a barn-storming charge. Willie le Roux key to so many Cheetahs movements. 

Stormers hanging on at the moment...

24' - The field is cutting up rather badly in parts. Hope it holds. Still another 55 minutes or so to go...

22' - TWEET

Watching Stormers v Cheetahs. Shocked to see how empty the stands are. What's up with that? - Trevor Immelman


Saracens 21 Clermont Auvernge 6 after 35 minutes

19' - TWEET

Mense. That is a try of note. What a pass from Brussow! Started by Le Roux. This is why we love the Cheetahs. Bring it on! - Front Row Grunt

18' - Elgar Watts is woefully off-target with the conversion though.

10-all after 18 minutes

17' - Started by that man Willie le Roux with a key role played by flank Heinrich Brussow and RAYNO BENJAMIN finishes off the Cheetahs' second score in as many minutes

16' - And just like that the Cheetahs are in for their second try of the afternoon!

16' - TRY!

15' - TWEET

Magnificent Cheetahs try. Incredibly accurate kick from Willie, but Daniller did well to hold his nerve and come back inside - Front Row Grunt

15' - The Stormers lead 10-5 after 15 minutes

14' - Advantage played to the Cheetahs as Willie le Roux kicks for fullback HENNIE DANILLER and he gathers, spins and evades Devon Williams to score for the hosts.

Elgar Watts fails to add the extra two points

13' - And just as I hit out at the Cheetahs - they SCORE!

13' - TRY!

11' - Pressure SURELY mounting on coach Naka Drotske. How he still has a job is beyond me. The Cheetahs are absolutely woeful this season - and apart from last year, haven't been decent in living memory...

11' - And he doesn't... Grant adds a penalty and the Stormers lead 10-0 after 11 minutes

10' - Poor discipline from centre Rayno Benjamin as he gifts the Stormers a penalty slap-bang in front of the sticks.

Peter Grant ought to have no problem stretching the Stormers' lead...

9' - Penalty to the Cheetahs as the Stormers 'hold on' at ruck time. They clear to touch but soon thereafter concede a penalty of their own for obstruction


The Stormers take to the field... (Twitter)

7' - It's all Stormers in the opening minutes as they're back on attack as the Cheetahs try to hold on on a rather slippery field...

5' - Peter Grant adds the CONVERSION and the Stormers lead 7-0 after 5 minutes

4' - Marvellous start by the Stormers as flank NIZAAM CARR crashes over under the uprights for the opening try for the visitors!

4' - TRY!

2' - Surely no try - and no try it is. Scrum to the Stormers on the Cheetahs' 5m line

1' - Strong start by the Stormers - and new boy Devon Williams in particular as he kicks and ahead of charges after it. 

Raymond Rhule beats him to the ball, but referee Craig Joubert wants to check 'try or no try' with the TMO...

0' - And we're underway at the Free State Stadium!


Cheetahs you know I like you,but today it will be my Stormers!Hoping for a running game and some good skill! - Breyton Paulse


Ok can the bottom of the log clash bring some rugby joy? - Brenden Nel


If you absolutely can't stomach this bottom-of-the-table match, then switch over to SuperSport 7 for the first semi-final in this year's Heineken Cup between Saracens and Clermont Auvergne...

Saracens 14 Clermont Auvernge 3 after 20 minutes


Cool day in Bloem - maximum of 19 degrees Celsius expected.


Rookie wing Devon Williams will make his first Super Rugby start for the Stormers in the absence of Sailosi Tagicakibau who has not shaken off a sternum injury.

Williams and fullback Jaco Taute are the new faces in the starting line-up, with Peter Grant moving back to flyhalf in the absence of Demetri Catrakilis (broken nose).


Cheetahs boss Naka Drotske has made two changes and a positional switch to his starting XV.

Raymond Rhule returns to the right wing at the expense of Cornal Hendricks who drops down to the replacements bench.

Up front, Boom Prinsloo, who played on the blindside flank in last weekend's 19-8 defeat to the Sharks in Durban, swaps positions with number eight Jean Cook.

The final change is in the second row where Andries Ferreira comes in for Lodewyk de Jager, who broke a finger against the Sharks.


New Stormers wing Devon Williams chats to SuperSport pre-match... (


The Stormers have scored 123 points to date and conceded 174.

That means on average they lose every match 22-15 (rounded off)

The Cheetahs have scored 221 points to date and conceded 322.

That means on average they lose every match 36-25 (rounded off)

Will we have a winner today?


All FIVE New Zealand teams are in the top 9 in the standings, along with 3 Australian sides and the solitary Sharks from SA - who were thrashed at home by the Highlanders on Friday night!

No matter whether the Cheetahs or Stormers score 1 000 tries today, they will be 14th and 15th after Week 11.

Cheetahs and Stormers fans, lend me your ears...

The only Vodacom Super Rugby clash this afternoon is a bottom of the table clash. And when I say "bottom", I mean like rock bottom. Like you can't go any lower...

Neither side will look back on the first half of the season with any fondness as they find themselves propping up both the SA Conference and Overall log.

The Stormers are in 14th spot with 10 points from eight matches, while today's hosts find themselves in 15th - and last - spot in both the SA Conference and Overall standings with nine points from as many matches.


Sport24's self-proclaimed experts - Editor Garrin Lambley and Chief Writer Rob Houwing - give you their thoughts on today's match.

Click HERE to listen to their thoughts...


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Referee: Craig Joubert (South Africa)
Assistant referees: Marius van der Westhuizen (South Africa), Francois de Bruin (South Africa)
TMO: Johan Greeff (South Africa)


2013: Stormers won 28-3, Cape Town
2013: Cheetahs won 26-24, Bloemfontein
2012: Stormers won 13-6, Bloemfontein
2012: Stormers won 16-14, Cape Town
2011: Stormers won 44-34, Bloemfontein
2011: Stormers won 21-15, Cape Town



15 Hennie Daniller, 14 Raymond Rhule, 13 Johann Sadie, 12 Ryno Benjamin, 11 Willie le Roux, 10 Elgar Watts, 9 Sarel Pretorius, 8 Johannes Prinsloo, 7 Jean Cook, 6 Heinrich Brüssow, 5 Francois Uys, 4 Andries Ferreira, 3 Nicolaas van Dyk, 2 Adriaan Strauss (captain), 1 Caylib Oosthuizen

Substitutes: 16 Torsten van Jaarsveld, 17 Trevor Nyakane, 18 Rossouw de Klerk, 19 Walter Vermeulen, 20 Teboho Mohoje, 21 Shaun Venter, 22 Riaan Smith, 23 Cornal Hendricks


15 Jaco Taute, 14 Damian de Allende, 13 Juan de Jongh, 12 Jean de Villiers (captain), 11 Devon Williams, 10 Peter Grant, 9 Nic Groom, 8 Duane Vermeulen, 7 Siya Kolisi, 6 Nizaam Carr, 5 Michael Rhodes, 4 Ruan Botha, 3 Frans Malherbe, 2 Deon Fourie, 1 Steven Kitshoff

Substitutes: 16 Stephan Coetzee, 17 Oliver Kebble, 18 Brok Harris, 19 Jurie van Vuuren, 20 Schalk Burger, 21 Louis Schreuder, 22 Kurt Coleman, 23 Kobus van Wyk

Welcome to Sport24's LIVE scoring and interactive commentary on today's Super Rugby match between the Cheetahs and Stormers in Bloemfontein!

  • 80'

    That's it! The Cheetahs win and leapfrog the Stormers, who are back to last in the standings. Thanks for joining us, cheers!

  • 80'


  • 79'

    CONVERSION, COLEMAN. 35-22. Can the Stormers sneak a bonus point for a fourth try in the last minute?

  • 78'

    TRY, STORMERS, DE VILLIERS. 35-20. Damian de Allende sets up a try for his skipper - the old inside-outside to get around Rhule before offloading to JDV, who bolts down the touchline.

  • 76'

    The conversion is wide...but it doesn't matter, the result is sealed. 35-15.

  • 75'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, NYAKANE. 35-15. Boom! The big Springbok prop barges his way over from short range. Game, set, match!

  • 73'

    CONVERSION, WATTS. 30-15. The extra two points are crucial as the Stormers now need to score three times.

  • 71'

    TRY, CHEETHS, HENDRICKS. 28-15. That's the ballgame, surely. Brussow knocks a Stormers ball backwards. Pretorius feeds Hendricks, who chases his own kick and races away to score from 70m!

  • 69'

    Watts puts one into the night sky from a free kick. No one takes it as it bounces just inside the Stormers half. Eventually the Stormers clean up and try build on halfway.

  • 67'

    Stormers go wide and bash over halfway before Schreuder overcooks his kick and it goes too long . Cheetahs have a scrum on halfway. They exchange kicks before Burger takes it up as the Stormers pick and charge on the halfway line.

  • 64'

    Daniller thumps a long one to settle things down as he finds touch near halfway. The Cheetahs need to keep their composure here.

  • 62'

    Grant MISSES the conversion. That's a shocker. The Stormers trail by 8 points.

  • 61'

    TRY, STORMERS, WILLIAMS. 23-15. No need for the TMO this time. Jean de Villiers finds a gap after a scrum. Jaco Taute shows great hands to provide the link to Williams, who turns on the gas and races home.

  • 58'

    Juan de Jongh crosses the line after 10 phases from the Stormers. But the ref calls on the TMO to have a look because Vermeulen took out a defender to create the try.

  • 56'

    PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS. 23-10. Easy three points from right in front.

  • 55'

    Another penalty against the Stormers scrum. Ref Joubert has a long chat with Steven Kitshoff, telling him to keep his head above his hips. The next time it'll be card.

  • 53'

    Vermeulen goes off his feet at a ruck. Watts has a crack at goal from long range but is well wide. He hasn't been great from the kicking tee.

  • 51'

    The Cheetahs keep it tight, driving towards the 22 before Watts puts Rhule through a gap and the wing bolts clear. Fourie turns it over though and Grant clears again.

  • 49'

    Schalk Burger comes on for Siya Kolisi as the Cheetahs throw into a line-out on the Stormers 10m line.

  • 46'

    Deon Fourie breaks and makes 30-odd metres on the charge before being stopped 7m short. Groom takes too long to get the ball away though and is caught by Brussow, who has been brilliant. An opportunity is lost for the Stormers.

  • 43'

    Groom is taken out by Ferreira so Grant has a chance to narrow the gap but MISSES the penalty.

  • 41'

    Here we go for the second half. Watts kicks off, Vermeulen takes it in and charges up. Grant clears.

  • 40'

    Jean Cook forces a turnover to end the half. The Cheetahs lead thanks to three well-taken tries. We'll be back in 10.

  • 40'


  • 39'

    Sadie finds a gap and offloads to Pretorius but it is lost forward by Strauss. The Stormers have a scrum near halfway.

  • 37'

    This is a test of the Stormers' character. They give away a scrum free-kick but they can't afford to let their heads drop.

  • 35'

    CONVERSION, WATTS. 20-10. What a comeback! From 10-nil down, the Cheetahs now lead by 10!

  • 33'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, LE ROUX. 18-10. Great try! Le Roux scores as he sneaks through a gap at the end of a 10-phase build up. Credit to Rhule to setting it up with a break up the middle.

  • 30'

    The Cheetahs turn it over and swing it wide before Watts puts it high. The hosts win it back on the deck and Daniller takes it up but the Stormers recover as Vermeulen rips it back.

  • 27'

    PENALTY, CHEETAHS, WATTS. 13-10. The Cheetahs put the pressure on at the 5m scrum. Frans Malherbe is penalised for ''walking around.''

  • 25'

    The Cheetahs are finding a lot of gaps in the Stormers defence. Pretorius and Sadie combined to create a chance but Prinsloo knocks on with the line begging

  • 23'

    A few more kicks and a couple of turnovers. The Cheetahs will feed a scrum just inside the Stormers half.

  • 20'

    Kick tennis now as neither side is willing to play from inside their own half. It ends with a Stormers line-out on the Cheetahs 10m line.

  • 18'

    Watts MISSES the conversion.

  • 17'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, BENJAMIN. 10--10. Again Willie le Roux is at the start of the move for a great team try. Brussow give the final pass for Benjamin who exploits a gap to race home!

  • 15'

    Watts MISSES the conversion.

  • 14'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, DANILLER. 5-10. You can never count out the Cheetahs! After a long period of pressure, Willie le Roux finds his full-back out wide with a cross-field kick for the hosts first try!

  • 11'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, GRANT. 0-10. Benjamin penalised for playing the ball on the ground. Commanding start for the Stormers.

  • 10'

    Rhule is away! No! Ref Joubert calls him back and gives the Stormers a penalty for crossing. Grant finds touch.

  • 9'

    It's all Stormers. The Cheetahs have hardly touched the ball. Good continuity from the visitors. But a poor pass id dropped by Vermeulen and the Stormers go offside so the Cheetahs can clear.

  • 6'

    CONVERSION, GRANT. 0-7. Perfect start for the Stormers.

  • 5'

    TRY, STORMERS, CARR! 0-5. Textbook try from the Stormers as Carr scores under the posts. De Jongh who is brought down just short but Carr is on hand to pounce.

  • 3'

    No try. Rhule got there and carried it over the tryline so the Stormers have an attacking scrum.

  • 2'

    Plenty of kicking early on...but we could have try for the Stormers as Juan de Jongh goes close after a grubber from Williams...the TMO will decide.

  • 1'

    Here we go in Bloem! Grant kicks off and Watts kicks it back so Vermeulen takes it up.

  • 0'

    Team news: Rookie winger Devon Williams will make his first Super Rugby start for the Stormers in the absence of Sailosi Tagicakibau who has not shaken off a sternum injury. Williams and full-back Jaco Taute are the new faces in the starting line-up, with Peter Grant moving back to fly-half in the absence of Demetri Catrakilis (broken nose).

  • 0'

    Team news: Cheetahs boss Naka Drotske has made two changes and a positional switch to his starting XV. Raymond Rhule returns to the right wing, at the expense of Cornal Hendricks, who drops down to the replacements bench. Up front, Boom Prinsloo, who played on the blindside flank in last weekend's 19-8 defeat to the Sharks in Durban, swaps positions with number eight Jean Cook. The final change is in the second row where Andries Ferreira comes in for Lodewyk de Jager, who broke a finger against the Sharks.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to the Free State Stadium in Bloemfontein for our coverage of the weekend's last Super Rugby game. The Stormers have been dismal this season but there is one team that sits below them in the standings...the Cheetahs. It should be an intense clash, so stick around.

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Cheetahs Stormers
  • 5 Tries 3
    • 13' Hennie Daniller
    • 15' Rayno Benjamin
    • 32' Willie Le Roux
    • 70' Cornall Hendricks
    • 74' Trevor Nyakane
    • 2' Nizaam Carr
    • 60' Devon Williams
    • 78' Jean De Villiers
  • 2 Conversions 2
    • 33' Elgar Watts
    • 72' Elgar Watts
    • 3' Peter Grant
    • 79' Kurt Coleman
  • 2 Penalties 1
    • 27' Elgar Watts
    • 55' Elgar Watts
    • 10' Peter Grant
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Caylib Oosthuizen
  • Adriaan Strauss
  • Nicolaas Van Dyk
  • Andries Ferreira
  • Francois Uys
  • Heinrich Brussow
  • Jean Cook
  • Boom Prinsloo
  • Sarel Pretorius
  • Elgar Watts
  • Willie Le Roux
  • Rayno Benjamin
  • Johann Sadie
  • Raymond Rhule
  • Hennie Daniller
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Steven Kitshoff
  • Deon Fourie
  • Frans Malherbe
  • Ruan Botha
  • Michael Rhodes
  • Nizaam Carr
  • Siya Kolisi
  • Duane Vermeulen
  • Nick Groom
  • Peter Grant
  • Devon Williams
  • Jean De Villiers
  • Juan De Jongh
  • Damian de Allende
  • Jaco Taute
  • Torsten Van Jaarsveld
  • Trevor Nyakane
  • Rossouw De Klerk
  • Waltie Vermeulen
  • Teboho Mohoje
  • Shaun Venter
  • Riaan Smit
  • Cornall Hendricks
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Stephan Coetzee
  • Oliver Kebble
  • Brok Harris
  • Jurie van Vuuren
  • Schalk Burger
  • Louis Schreuder
  • Kurt Coleman
  • Jacobus Van Wyk

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