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Super Rugby

As it happened: Stormers 27-16 Blues

2015-02-21 18:50
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21 Feb 18:58
Stormers captain Duane Vermeulen... (Gallo Images)
21 Feb 18:53
21 Feb 18:52

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In next weekend's action, the Stormers travel to Johannesburg to face the Lions, while the Blues tackle the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein.

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21 Feb 18:49
A win is a win, but to not get four tries against 14 men was not acceptable for the Stormers. They failed to cross the whitewash in the second half and simply made too many errors on attack. It's still early doors in the season though and they are 2 from 2 and in a good position!
21 Feb 18:48
FULL-TIME: Stormers 27-16 Blues
21 Feb 18:48
80'- Coleman misses his penalty attempt to the left but the game is over...
21 Feb 18:47

79'- Stormers running from deep and surge up into Blues territory, before the visitors concede another penalty.

Again Coleman will kick for goal, 20m in field and about 42m out...

21 Feb 18:45

77'- Coleman slots the PENALTY from about 40m out.

Stormers 27-16 Blues

21 Feb 18:44
76'- Stormers penalty in midfield. They opt for goal. Clearly giving up on four tries now...
21 Feb 18:42
75'- Another scrum penalty to the Stormers. Coleman clears to bring more relief...
21 Feb 18:41
73'- However, a knock-on out wide brings relief for the Stormers...
21 Feb 18:40
72'- The Blues have an attacking lineout inside the Stormers 22m area. They're still in with a shot here...
21 Feb 18:39
72'- Stormers sub: Jones on for Leyds.
21 Feb 18:35
68'- The Stormers very lateral on attack. Looks like they won't get the four-try bonus point...
21 Feb 18:33

67'- Stormers subs: Schreuder and Kolisi on, Groom and Van Vuuren off.

Rhodes will shift to lock...

21 Feb 18:31

65'- Yet another Stormers penalty, but Groom takes a quick tap.

They surge deep into the red zone, before again losing possession...

21 Feb 18:30
64'- Stormers subs: Coleman and Kebble on, Catrakilis and Kitshoff off.
21 Feb 18:30
63'- Catrakilis surprisingly misses his penalty attempt to the right...
21 Feb 18:29

62'- Penalty to the Stormers after the Blues collapse their driving maul. This time, the hosts opt for the three points.

Perhaps a decent call now, considering the Blues have managed to get back into the game.

21 Feb 18:27
61'- Woodcock again penalised for not rolling away. It's just inside the Blues half and Catrakilis sets up another attacking lineout...
21 Feb 18:26
60'- Massive pressure on the ensuing Blues scrum though, but Cowan does well to clear...
21 Feb 18:25
58'- Truck and trailer as the Stormers stuff up the attempted driving maul. Smart from the Blues though, taking no contact at the lineout...
21 Feb 18:24
58'- The Stormers now with an attacking lineout 10m out from the Blues tryline...
21 Feb 18:22
56'- The Blues are definitely not looking like a side down to 14 men at the moment!
21 Feb 18:21
55'- But the Blues can't hold onto it and the Stormers can breathe... for the moment...
21 Feb 18:21
55'- The Stormers lose a lineout on their own 22m line...
21 Feb 18:20

53'- PENALTY slotted by Catrakilis.

Stormers 24-16 Blues

21 Feb 18:19

52'- A kickable penalty for the Stormers in the middle of the park as Tony Woodcock goes off his feet at a ruck.

Catrakilis will line up from about 35m out...

21 Feb 18:17

51'- CONVERSION slotted by West.

Stormers 21-16 Blues

21 Feb 18:17

50'- TRY to the Blues!

Scrumhalf Jimmy Cowan rounds off a brilliant try after some excellent interplay between the Blues backs. Charles Piutau was brilliant there...

21 Feb 18:15
49'- Stormers sub: Mbonambi on for Ntubeni.
21 Feb 18:14
47'- Yet again, the Stormers scupper a promising attacking opportunity inside the Blues 22m area...
21 Feb 18:13
46'- Another Stormers penalty at scrum time. It's just inside the Stormers half and Catrakilis will set up an attacking lineout...
21 Feb 18:10

44'- A wonderful clearance from Charles Piutau brings play back into the Stormers 22m area...

But then a Stormers penalty at the ensuing lineout brings relief for the hosts.

21 Feb 18:09

43'- PENALTY slotted by West.

Stormers 21-9 Blues

21 Feb 18:09

42'- Vermeulen drops the ensuing kick-off, before the Stormers go off-side.

The Blues opt to kick at goal. Not sure why. Only tries will get them back into this game now...

21 Feb 18:08

41'- PENALTY slotted by Catrakilis.

Stormers 21-6 Blues

21 Feb 18:07

40'- Kolbe taken out late just inside his own half after he had put a little chip kick over the Blues defence.

Stormers penalty 10m inside the Blues half where the ball bounced.

Catrakilis will line up for goal, about 15m in from touch...

21 Feb 18:05
40'- West gets play started...
21 Feb 18:05
Welcome back for the second half folks! Like I said earlier, no excuses for the Stormers if they don't get two more tries to claim a four-try bonus point...
21 Feb 17:59
Nic Groom scores the Stormers' first try... (Gallo Images)
21 Feb 17:54

HALF-TIME: Stormers 18-6 Blues

With 14 against 15, there's surely no way back for the men from Auckland...

21 Feb 17:53
40'- Catrakilis coolly slots the PENALTY.
  • 80'

    Yet another penalty for the Stormers with a minute to go. Kotze with a great take on the restart and then a breakdown penalty won by the home side. Coleman to wrap it up... his attempt is wide but the Stormers have won at home, their second win this year. A fairly flat second half from the hosts but they've done enough to put away a Blues side who were always disadvantaged after the red card for Triggs.

  • 80'


  • 77'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, COLEMAN! 27-16: Good strike from the replacement and that should be that for the home side.

  • 76'

    Patient build-up for the Stormers and they get another penalty, about 42 metres out. Will Coleman go for goal? Yes he will.

  • 74'

    Stormers with the scrum deep in their 22 after another Blues attack dies out. Penalty; Stormers with half an eye on the clock now as Coleman finds touch.

  • 71'

    Lost forward by the Stormers at the lineout, handing the Blues a scrum in a promising position. Saili with a big run up to the 22, Blues attacking well before they turn the ball over, cleared by Coleman.

  • 69'

    Both sides cautiously looking for territory, Saili's chip over the top too deep and marked by Kolbe. Blues with the lineout.

  • 67'

    Schreuder and Kolisi on the for the Stormers as they have a lineout on halfway. Box kick taken by Lam, Piutau clearing long and Schreuder then finding touch.

  • 66'

    Stormers with another penalty in the Blues half. Tapped, over the 22. Blues under pressure but they do well to win a scrum at the ruck, with the ball not coming back.

  • 64'

    A rare miss for Catrakilis, keeping the gap on the scoreboard to eight points.

  • 63'

    Botha takes the lineout and the maul is brought down by the Blues illegally. Catrakilis taking the points.

  • 61'

    Stormers with lots of territory as West clears again. Advantage to the hosts, Catrakilis trying a chip kick that doesn''t work, so we come back for the penalty. Catrakilis into touch.

  • 59'

    More clever maul defence from the Blues, letting the Stormers catch and drive but standing off the maul and then winning a scrum. Blues under real pressure but they get it away, Leyds catching with a foot in touch meaning a Blues lineout.

  • 57'

    Cowan dabs a box kick into the corner but Kolbe is there to recover and find touch. Lineout from Parsons isn''t straight, Stormers scrum. Played wide but a bad pass as they scramble, Northcott trying an interception but conceding a penalty for a deliberate knockdown.

  • 55'

    Great touchfinder from West over the head of Leyds into the corner. Lineout stolen! Blues on the charge. Loose ball turned over by De Jongh, Groom with a high kick that goes nowhere but the Stormers recover. Kicked long.

  • 54'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS! 24-16: Woodcock penalised to hand Catrakilis with another shot at the posts, which he converts.

  • 52'

    CONVERSION, BLUES, WEST! 21-16: Extra two from West and the Blues are right back in this one.

  • 51'

    TRY, BLUES, COWAN! 21-14: Free kick to the Blues who tap and go, Piutau on a carving run and he fixes up the defence! Clean through and feeds inside to Braid, who offloads to Cowan for the score. Well worked.

  • 49'

    Stormers attack making real ground after the lineout but the Blues survive, winning a breakdown penalty. West clears to safety but not touch, the visitors getting the ball back anyway. Turnover, but there''s been a knock on so the Blues have a central scrum

  • 47'

    Scrum penalty to the Stormers, proving to be a real problem area for the visitors since Triggs was sent off.

  • 46'

    Kicking battle ends with the Stormers winning a penalty in their 22. Kicked up to halfway for the lineout which they win, but then Carr knocks on around halfway. Blues scrum.

  • 44'

    PENALTY, BLUES, WEST! 21-9: Immediate chance for West to respond after the Stormers infringe from the restart. He sends it over.

  • 43'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS! 21-6: The crowd will tell you, that one''s over. Big lead now for the Stormers.

  • 42'

    Blues penalised to hand Catrakilis an immediate chance to extend the lead. Kolbe was taken out by Parsons after kicking ahead.

  • 40'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS! 18-6: Taavao-Matau penalised at the scrum and Catrakilis adds a further three points. Stormers certainly deserving of their lead and there can be no complaints with the red card. Piutau''s error chasing his own kick could prove to be the key moment in the match, as the Stormers now hold a very commanding lead. Blues facing a long second half.

  • 40'


  • 40'

    Time for the second half as West does the honours. Can the Blues fight back?

  • 39'

    Blues in possession but turned over by Kitshoff. Hoisted high by Catrakilis and Kotze knocks on trying to make the catch. Blues scrum in their 22.

  • 37'

    Elstadt down for treatment and he will be replaced by Carr, who arrives off the bench.

  • 36'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS! 15-6: Extra two from the number ten as the home side open up a significant lead.

  • 35'

    TRY, STORMERS, LEYDS! 13-6: Lineout won and cleared by the Blues as both sides look for a breakthrough. Piutau hoists up an up-and-under and chases hard but misses out, Leyds taking the kick well and then taking off through the defence to score from 60 metres out! Super solo effort weaving through the defence.

  • 33'

    Stormers making ground in their attack but the Blues survive again, winning a vital turnover. Back come the Stormers, Groom smartly putting the kick into the corner.

  • 31'

    Creaking scrum for the Blues right under their own posts. Untidy but they get it away, West with a great kick under pressure.

  • 29'

    Won by the Stormers as they build momentum getting towards the posts, but Groom knocks on! Let-off for the Blues.

  • 27'

    Scrum penalty to the Stormers! Luatua was in at lock to cover for Triggs and the makeshift unit couldn''t handle the hosts'' scrum. Catrakilis into the corner.

  • 26'

    Blues play the rules well, letting the maul start but not contesting before running round the back to scrag Groom, winning a scrum.

  • 25'

    RED CARD, BLUES, TRIGGS! Huge moment in the game as the Blues lock is sent off for punching Vermeulen. Catrakilis kicks the penalty a long way into touch.

  • 24'

    Stormers win the lineout and clear to about 40 metres from their line. Big carry from Li and the Blues have an advantage - West to go for the posts again. Scuffle breaking out between the forwards as referee Joubert calls for the TMO.

  • 22'

    Lineout won by the Stormers who try to get the runners into the game. Up to ten phases shifting the ball from left to right, De Jongh breaking a tackle as they reach the 22. Elstadt with a big carry but the the ball goes loose and the Blues break away! Kicked long by Cowan and that''s into touch deep in the Stormers 22.

  • 19'

    Long attack from the Stormers ends with a penalty for holding on. Blues over halfway, Saili with a careless kick into the 22 which is easily taken before Kolbe''s kick flies in the wrong direction, sideways rather than forwards. Kicking from both sides before West hits it into touch, Stormers 40 metres out.

  • 17'

    Penalty Stormers, side entry from Luatua after a good drive from the Blues who were too overeager. Stormers clear to over halfway.

  • 15'

    Huge carry from Kaino up the middle, handing off Catrakilis and Vermeulen, before Piutau fumbles a pass from West. Stormers scrum deep in their half.

  • 13'

    Catrakilis with a clever chip over the defence, Kolbe winning the race but he''s clattered by Piutau to end the attack. Blues lineout is won but the Stormers blitz defence puts them under pressure, ending in a Blues scrum.

  • 11'

    Catrakilis can''t add the extra two points as the wind pushes it wide. Stormers ahead though by two points.

  • 10'

    TRY, STORMERS, GROOM! 8-6: Blues playing too much rugby deep in their half and Botha wins a penalty at the ruck. Catrakilis prodding it into the corner. Catch and drive, just short of the line! Groom darts but can''t make it, advantage played. Wide to Kolbe and then Kotze... short again! Groom with the dummy and that''s the try! Selling the defence out wide and diving over from close range.

  • 8'

    PENALTY, BLUES, WEST! 3-6: Good again from West, overcoming the wind to convert.

  • 7'

    Blues on the attack and with an advantage, just outside the Stormers 22. High tackle the offence from De Allende on West, and West will go for the posts.

  • 6'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS! 3-3: Excellent effort and the score is all square.

  • 5'

    Saili with the clearance kick before the Stormers win a penalty at the ruck, Kaino not releasing. Long shot for Catrakilis.

  • 4'

    PENALTY, BLUES, WEST! 0-3: Great strike from West considering the angle he had out on the touchline from over 40 metres. Blues ahead.

  • 3'

    Reset initially before Kitshoff goes down under pressure. Early chance for points from West.

  • 1'

    Blues clearance kick is knocked on by Catrakilis, despite him having plenty of time. A wry smile on his face as the Blues set up for a scrum right on the touchline.

  • 0'

    A beautiful day in Cape Town as Vermeulen leads out the Stormers on his 100th cap. Expect a big performance from him today.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Super Rugby clash between the Stormers and Blues at Newlands in Cape Town.

  • 0'

    STORMERS: With Jean Kleyn out through injury, Jurie van Vuuren comes into the Stormers'' run-on side to wear the the number four jersey. Amongst the replacements for the home side, Springbok loose forward Siya Kolisi makes a welcome return after a lengthy injury lay-off and will take his place alongside fellow international back-row Nizaam Carr on the bench while the starting flankers, Rynardt Elstadt and Michael Rhodes, will cover the second row.

  • 0'

    BLUES: For the visitors, Charles Piutau moves to full-back from the right wing, where he replaces Lolagi Visinia, while Ben Lam takes over from him on the right wing. The rest of the team is unchanged although their coach, Sir John Kirwan, has surprised by leaving All Blacks lock Patrick Tuipulotu and prop Charlie Faumuina on the bench.

  • 0'

    Catrakilis is on the spot ready to get this one started for the Stormers. Here we go!

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Stormers Blues
  • 2 Tries 1
    • 10' Nick Groom
    • 34' Dillyn Leyds
    • 50' Jimmy Cowan
  • 1 Conversions 1
    • 35' Demetri Catrakilis
    • 51' Ihaia West
  • 5 Penalties 3
    • 5' Demetri Catrakilis
    • 40' Demetri Catrakilis
    • 41' Demetri Catrakilis
    • 53' Demetri Catrakilis
    • 77' Kurt Coleman
    • 3' Ihaia West
    • 7' Ihaia West
    • 43' Ihaia West
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 1
    • 24' Hayden Triggs
Team Line-ups
  • Steven Kitshoff
  • Siyabonga Ntubeni
  • Vincent Koch
  • Jurie van Vuuren
  • Ruan Botha
  • Rynhard Elstadt
  • Michael Rhodes
  • Duane Vermeulen
  • Nick Groom
  • Demetri Catrakilis
  • Dillyn Leyds
  • Damian de Allende
  • Juan De Jongh
  • John-Ben Kotze
  • Cheslin Kolbe
  • 1
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Tony Woodcock
  • James Parsons
  • Angus Taavao-Matau
  • Josh Bekhuis
  • Hayden Triggs
  • Steven Luatua
  • Brendon O'Connor
  • Jerome Kaino
  • Jimmy Cowan
  • Ihaia West
  • Tevita Li
  • Francis Saili
  • Hamish Northcott
  • Ben Lam
  • Charles Piutau
  • Mbongeni Mbonami
  • Oliver Kebble
  • Wilco Louw
  • Siya Kolisi
  • Nizaam Carr
  • Louis Schreuder
  • Kurt Coleman
  • Huw Jones
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Matt Moulds
  • Ofa Tu'ungafasi
  • Charlie Faumuina
  • Patrick Tuipulotu
  • Luke Braid
  • Jamison Gibson-Park
  • Dan Bowden
  • Lolagi Visinia

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