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2015/03/28 | 17:05 |  Super Rugby | Growthpoint Kings Park |  Full Time
Super Rugby

As it happened: Sharks 15 - 9 Force

2015-03-28 19:00
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28 Mar 19:02

Join us for the other game of the evening as the Bulls take on the Crusaders. 

28 Mar 19:01


The Sharks have beaten the Force by 15 - 9. Not the greatest game of rugby, the Force had plenty of possession, forcing the Sharks to defend for long periods, but the men from the coast run out winners after some moments of brilliance, especially by SP Marais.

28 Mar 18:59

80' - PENALTY to the Force! Burton puts it through the middle and the Force have their bonus point.


28 Mar 18:58
79' - The Force have a penalty as Du Preez is pinged for a shoulder charge. Burton will kick at goal in an attempt to gain the Force a bonus point.
28 Mar 18:55
78' - Godwin knocks on with the try line at his mercy! No one was near him. The famous Durban humidity perhaps?
28 Mar 18:55
78' - The Force not giving up, through 10 phases now an a metre from the Sharks try line.
28 Mar 18:53
77' - Sharks substitution. Deysel is replaced by Du Preez.
28 Mar 18:52
75' - The Force are penalized at scrum time, Du Toit with the fresh legs causing some trouble. Zeilinga takes a shot at goal from around halfway but misses. 
28 Mar 18:51
73' - Sharks substitution. Mtawarira is replaced by Du Toit.
28 Mar 18:48
72' - The TMO rules no try due to obstruction. Adriaanse who was in front of Mafi was taken out by McCalman, clearing a path for the big lock.
28 Mar 18:47
72' - The Force are over the line, Steyn very unhappy, says the Sharks were obstructed as Mafi gets over the line.  The TMO will have a look.
28 Mar 18:46
71' - The Force work there way through a number of phases and into the Sharks 22m area.
28 Mar 18:44
70' - Sharks substitution. Cooper is replaced by Hadebe.
28 Mar 18:42

67' - TRY to the Sharks! Mvovo canters in down the left after a scintillating break by SP Marais who collected a Force kick and beats a host of defenders. Zeilinga converts.


28 Mar 18:40
67' - Ebersohn won't want to see that again, he misses from straight in front. Unbelievable!
28 Mar 18:40
66' - The Force will look to hit back immediately as they are awarded a penalty straight out in front. Ebersohn lines up the kick.
28 Mar 18:37

63' - PENALTY to the Sharks! Zeilinga makes no mistake and the Sharks lead for the first time this today.


28 Mar 18:36
62' - The Sharks win a penalty after Hoskins is pinged at scrum time for binding on the arm. Zeilinga will kick at goal.
28 Mar 18:35
Zeilinga will move into fly-half and Steyn to centre.
28 Mar 18:34
60' - Sharks substitutions. Esterhuizen is replaced by Zeilinga and Hoffmann is replaced by Ungerer.
28 Mar 18:32
59' - SP Marais looking to spark the Sharks after he runs beautifully from the back. The Sharks attack down the right hand touchline through Bothma who flicks inside to Ndungane but he cannot control the ball and knocks on.
28 Mar 18:28
56' - The Sharks have a defensive scrum feed. A very solid scrum allows Hoffmann to clear down to his own 10m line.
28 Mar 18:26
55' - The Force have moved the ball through 10 phases, but turn the ball over and the two locks run into each other, accidental offside.  The Sharks have made 101 tackles so far in this match to the 34 of the Force. 
28 Mar 18:25
54' - The Force have very strong period of possession as the move from halfway to well into the Sharks 22m area.
28 Mar 18:23
52' - The Force are full of running at present with Haylett-Petty very prominent.
28 Mar 18:21
Wykes will not return to the field as he failed a concussion test.
28 Mar 18:21
49' - The Sharks win the ball and Hoffmann clears down field.
28 Mar 18:20
48' - The Force have a scrum on the half way line. They attack with purpose with some great backline play and moved just outside the Sharks 22m area. Haylett-Petty opts to kick into space in the right hand corner and Marais can only put the ball out, 5m from his own line.
28 Mar 18:16
44' - Force substitution. Wykes is off and replaced by Steenkamp (concussion test).
28 Mar 18:14

43'- TRY to the Sharks! They are finally on the board. A long pass out to the left from Steyn bounces but is collected by Marais who pins his ears back an gets over in the left hand corner. The conversion by Steyn is wide of the uprights.


28 Mar 18:12
42' - The Sharks making the early running in the half as Ndungane breaks down the right wing, he is eventually pulled down.
28 Mar 18:10
The second half is underway in Durban as the rain begins to fall.
28 Mar 18:08
Sharks substitution: Du Plessis is replaced by Adriaanse (injury).
28 Mar 18:07
Nick Mallet fairly scathing in his assessment of the Sharks at half time.  
28 Mar 17:58


The Sharks are below par so far tonight. The scrum has had moments of domination but they are making too many unforced errors.

The Force have come into the game as the first half wore on and were reward with two penalties, although they will feel they scored a legitimate try which the TMO ruled was not over the line. 

28 Mar 17:54
39' - Du Plessis and Deysel are down after they clashed heads. 
28 Mar 17:54
39' - The Sharks under huge pressure again after Koteka makes an excellent break. The Force eventually knock on in the Sharks 22m area.
28 Mar 17:52

38' - PENALTY converted by Ebersohn. No mistake from the Force fly-half as he chases the kick straight through the middle.


28 Mar 17:51
36' - Fifteen phases now by the Force but the Sharks are holding out in defence. Penalty awarded to the Force as the Sharks are pinged for not rolling away. The ref talking to Sharks captain, Jean Deysel. Is that a warning?
28 Mar 17:49
35' - Again the Force move to withing a few metres of the Sharks line, they have really come into the game extremely well.
28 Mar 17:48
34'  - The Force move back into the Sharks half after Pietersen spills a kick over the touchline.
28 Mar 17:45
The Force will still be very unhappy that they were not awarded that try. It looked like one for sure!
28 Mar 17:42

31' - PENALTY to the Force! The scoring has finally been opened in Durban as Ebersohn sends the ball between the uprights.


28 Mar 17:42
30' - Ebersohn will have a shot at goal from 26m out and a touch to the left.
28 Mar 17:41
30' - The TMO has ruled that it is inconclusive if McCalman managed to get the ball to the line. The Force players were convinced, they were back at the halfway already. Anyway, the Force will have a penalty as the Sharks were offside during the build up to that.
28 Mar 17:38
29' - The Force seem to be over the line, the referee has gone upstairs and asked the TMO to have a look.
  • 80'

    PENALTY, FORCE, BURTON! 15-9: The Force earn a bonus point with kick on the hooter.

  • 80'

    And that's a wrap at Kings Park, thank you for joining us.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    The Sharks hold firm at scrum time and Zeilinga scrambles it out on the 22m line. The Sharks will have to defend some more here.

  • 77'

    The Force are camped on the Sharks 22m and its Heiberg that rumbles it up to the line. The ball goes wide and Godwin drops the ball over the try line! Oh what a shame!

  • 75'

    Zeilinga opts for poles from all of 55m on the angle and it lands just short. The Sharks won't mind as it wasted a minute of play as they close in on their third win in a row.

  • 74'

    The Sharks don't feed the line-out straight for the third time tonight, but it doesn't matter as the Sharks earn a penalty at the scrum after another huge shove.

  • 72'

    The TMO gets it right this time, as McCalman comes in from the side and takes out Adriaanse, making the hole for the attacker to get over the line. It is a Sharks penalty and Zeilinga clears it out on the 10m line.

  • 71'

    Bothma's high tackle sees the Force set up an attacking line-out on the Sharks 22m. They win the ball and rumble it to the line! A forward crashes over but Steyn is claiming obstruction.

  • 68'

    CONVERSION, SHARKS, ZEILINGA! 15-6: He made a tough kick look easy. What a strike.

  • 67'

    TRY, SHARKS, MVOVO! 13-6: Marais fields a kick and finds himself in space. Mvovo is on his shoulder down the nearside touchline and the fullback draws two tacklers before popping it up for the winger.

  • 65'

    The tackler doesn't roll away and Ebersohn is left with an easy three pointer on the Sharks 22m. But he misses! That is a gift for the Sharks.

  • 64'

    PENALTY, SHARKS, ZEILINGA! 8-6: The number 10 gets his first points of the season.

  • 63'

    Mtawarira points out to Briant where his oppostion is biding and he obliges, awarding the Sharks a penalty on the 22m. Zeilinga grabs the kicking tee.

  • 60'

    Big call here, as Zeilinga replaces Steyn at fly-half for the Sharks. Quite frankly, I am surprised Steyn started the second forty.

  • 60'

    Bothma rampages don the far side touchline and puts a good ball inside to Ndungane but he couldn't hold on! That another crucial error from the Sharks, as a try was beckoning.

  • 58'

    The kicking battle commences and the Sharks seem to win, as Mathewson is forced to dot down for 22m restart.

  • 56'

    A solid Sharks scrum makes it easy for Hoffman to clear the ball to the halfway line. That was a tremendous kick.

  • 54'

    The Force are enjoying good possession and territory as they take it through 12 phases in the Sharks 22m before an accidental offside hands the Sharks a scrum. Again, its time for a drink.

  • 50'

    But the Sharks manage to steal the ball and clear it deep. Mathewson comes running back at them and puts a chip over the top, which is expertly fielded by Bothma on the ground 10m from his own line before popping it up to Steyn in one movement, who then puts it out on halfway after a kind bounce. That was pure class from the duo to get out of jail there.

  • 49'

    The Force earn an attacking line-out 5m from the Sharks line after another accurate kick from Ebersohn.

  • 47'

    There is a break in play as the players grab a drink after a rather frenetic period of play. Also, the front rowers need to prepare for a Force scrum on halfway.

  • 44'

    Its a tough kick from the touchline and Steyn cant add the extras.

  • 43'

    TRY, SHARKS, MARAIS! 5-6: Hoffman put Ndungane away down the touchline to make 40m before bringing it back infield. Steyn recognised where the space was and sent a huge pass out wide where Marais picked it up on the bounce and dashed in for his first Superugby try. Kings Park breathes a sigh of relief.

  • 41'

    The rain as come!

  • 41'

    Ebersohn kicks off the second half from right to left. He goes deep and Steyn returns it with interest.

  • 40'


  • 40'

    Well there is little positive to talk about for the Sharks in the change room. Steyn has been woeful at fly-half and the team made vital errors on attack. Meanwhile, the Force were robbed of a try but will be happy with the lead at half time as they look to get their first win at Kings Park.

  • 39'

    There is a great break in midfield for the Force after Burton ducks under a tackle from Deysel and du Plessis, who clash heads.

  • 39'

    The Force knocked it on and the Sharks welcome the scrum, as Hoffman can send the ball into he stands. He does and Briant signals half time.

  • 39'

    PENALTY, FORCE, EBERSOHN! 0-6: The pivot makes them pay.

  • 38'

    The Force are camped in the Sharks line and have taken it through 18 phases. Briant is playing advantage for offside.

  • 35'

    Here is another wayward cross kick from Steyn, who was looking for his winger but gave him no chance to grab it. The force counter and Pietersen has to run it out of play.

  • 32'

    There is another break in play as Ebersohn drills a kick into the back of Charles head from 10m. It looks brutal on the replays. The hooker comes off the park for a concussion test. He certainly looks confused.

  • 31'

    PENALTY, FORCE, EBERSOHN! 0-3: Finally we are off the mark here in Durban.

  • 30'

    Somehow, the officials conspire not to award the try, despite the ball being on the line. So Briant goes back for the penalty. Ebersohn lines it up from the 22m.

  • 30'

    McCalman bundles over the line and is claiming the try but Briant goes to the TMO to make sure.

  • 28'

    After de Plessis get penalised for binding on the arm, Ebersohn sets up another attacking line-out. They try the driving maul, but the Sharks are up for it and the Force are, well, forced to use it. Hoffman intercept 2m from his line and runs into touch. The Force will have another chance.

  • 26'

    There is a break in play at the moment as Mtawarira gets some ice on his hamstring.

  • 23'

    A high ball is tapped back from Marias and Mvovo is in space own the outside, running it up to the 22m line. The Sharks come back the other way and Ndungane is eventually bundled into touch. Good scrambling defence from the Force there.

  • 21'

    But the Sharks steal the ball from the line-out and clear through Steyn.

  • 19'

    Ebersohn notices some space and puts it in behind. Mvovo is forced to hack it out about 30m from his own try line. After an offside at the line-out, Ebersohn kicks for touch, setting up an attacking line-out 20m out.

  • 18'

    Execution is letting the Sharks down at the moment as Hoffman kicks it in to touch on the full. The line-out is on the halfway line. The Force secure possession and rumble it up to the Sharks 10m line.

  • 16'

    Twice the ball isn''t thrown in straight from Cooper and twice the Force elect to throw the ball in as opposed to a scrum. They know their limitations.

  • 13'

    Steyn sets up the line-out, which gets thrown to the back for Wentzel. Steyn slips back into the pocket and tries a drop goal from all of 38 metres, but its well wide. Not sure why they sacrificed front-foot ball for that.

  • 11'

    After an accidental offside, they scrum own again and the Sharks put them under big pressure and the Force just manage to win the ball. However, it gets knocked on in back play. The Sharks push them backwards in the follow up scrum, earning the penalty. Its going to be a long afternoon for the Force forwards.

  • 9'

    Thankfully for the home side, Ebersohn misses the 50m penalty attempt.

  • 7'

    The Force enjoying some possession here and Cummins make s half break in the midfield. After two phases they knock it on, leading to a scrum on halfway. More resets and Briant is getting annoyed with these two front rows. Mtawarira gets pinged for being over-extended.

  • 5'

    But the big number 10 pushes it wide. He should have got that one.

  • 4'

    A number of resets later, Tthe Sharks push them off their own ball and secure possession. Morahan was deemed offside Sharks opt for poles.

  • 2'

    He goes deep and the Force turn it over at the ruck and its a good opportunity for the Sharks in the Force's 22m. After a number of phases, Marais knocks it on. They scrum down on the Force 22m, 18m in from the far touch line.

  • 1'

    Our referee for this afternoon, is Nick Briant, who signals the start of play. Frans Steyn gets things underway, kicking from left to right.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Sharks against the Force at Kings Park.

  • 0'

    The Force have retained the same starting line-up that lost 25-24 to the Bulls in Pretoria last weekend. The only change to the matchday squad is on the bench where Dane Haylett-Petty replaces Solomoni Jnr Rasolea.

  • 0'

    Meanwhile, with the Sharks' regular skipper and hooker Bismarck du Plessis suspended Jean Deysel takes over the captaincy while Kyle Cooper starts in the number two jersey. They have also left out Coetzee, Reinach and Lambie. Deysel, Conrad Hoffmann and Andre Esterhuizen come into the starting XV with the latter taking over at inside centre from Frans Steyn who moves to fly-half as Lambie's replacement.

  • 0'

    It''s a very humid afternoon in Durban, exasperatingly so. With that, the clouds seem to be rolling in with the southerly wind and that could bring some rain, as it did last night.

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Sharks Force
  • 2 Tries 0
    • 42' SP Marais
    • 67' Lwazi Mvovo
  • 1 Conversions 0
    • 68' Fred Zeilinga
  • 1 Penalties 3
    • 63' Fred Zeilinga
    • 30' Sias Ebersohn
    • 38' Sias Ebersohn
    • 80' Luke Burton
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Tendai Mtawarira
  • Kyle Cooper
  • Jannie du Plessis
  • Mouritz Botha
  • Marco Wentzel
  • Renaldo Bothma
  • Jean Deysel
  • Ryan Kankowski
  • Conrad Hoffmann
  • Francois Steyn
  • Lwazi Mvovo
  • Andre Esterhuizen
  • J.P Pietersen
  • Odwa Ndungane
  • SP Marais
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  • Nathan Charles
  • Tetera Faulkner
  • Sam Wykes
  • Adam Coleman
  • Steve Mafi
  • Kane Koteka
  • Ben McCalman
  • Alby Mathewson
  • Sias Ebersohn
  • Nick Cummins
  • Luke Burton
  • Kyle Godwin
  • Marcel Brache
  • Luke Morahan
  • Monde Hadebe
  • Thomas du Toit
  • Lourens Adriaanse
  • Lubabalo Mtyanda
  • Daniel du Preez
  • Stefan Ungerer
  • Fred Zeilinga
  • Waylon Murray
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  • Heath Tessmann
  • Chris Heiberg
  • Oli Hoskins
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  • Angus Cottrell
  • Ian Prior
  • Zack Holmes
  • Dane Haylett-Petty

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