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Super Rugby

As it happened: Lions 28 - 23 Highlanders

2015-05-09 14:20
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09 May 16:53

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09 May 16:50


Lions 28 Highlanders 23

What an absolute cracker folks! The Lions were down by 3 - 20 at half time but they dominated the second half with the introduction of Elton Jantjies and Faf de Klerk making a huge difference.

Their scrum was dominant and their rolling maul stupendous, but only when they managed to secure their lineouts, a source of problems throughout the match. 

The Highlanders had no answer to the second half onslaught. 

09 May 16:47
80' - The hooter sounds, the Lions kick the ball out and they have won a pulsating match in Johannesburg. 
09 May 16:46
79' - The Highlanders have possession as they move into the Lions half. Excellent defence by the Lions as they win a penalty as the Highlanders are adjudged to have held on. 
09 May 16:43

76' - PENALTY slotted by Jantjies! No mistake by the flyhalf. The Highlanders will need to get over the whitewash to win this one. 

Lions 28 Highlanders 23

09 May 16:42
75' - The Lions are awarded another scrum penalty, this time Craig Joubert rules the Highlanders have wheeled that illegally. Jantjies will look to extend the home sides lead. 
09 May 16:40
75'  - The Lions move into the 22m area of the Highlanders, lose control of the ball but Geldenhuys cannot collect cleanly and knocks on. The Lions will have an attacking scrum, 20m from the Highlanders line. 
09 May 16:38
72' - The Lions have a scrum on halfway. Will Jantjies kick for territory or will they continue to give the ball some air?
09 May 16:36

70' - PENALTY to the Lions! The flyhalf makes no mistake as he bisects the uprights. 

Lions 25 Highlanders 23

09 May 16:35
68' - The Lions have a chance to take the lead now,  Kriel all over the ball and the Highlanders do not release. Jantjies will kick at goal. 
09 May 16:31
66' - This is just stunning game of running rugby as play goes back and forth between the two teams. Real end to end stuff. 
09 May 16:30
64' - The Lions scrum is so dominant, but unfortunately the backline mess up a possible try scoring opportunity after they create space on the right. The final pass from Combrinck to Coetzee is to high and goes into touch. 
09 May 16:27

62' - TRY to the Lions! Unbelievable play from the home team, they are unstoppable at the moment. Jantjies saw some space on the left, committed some defenders and shifted the ball out to Voster. Three tries in 16 minutes for the Lions. Jantjies cannot convert.

Lions 22 Highlanders 23

09 May 16:24
62'  - TMO called into action again, Voster is over, but he might have knocked on trying to press the ball. 
09 May 16:23
59' - The Lions are back onto the attack with another monster maul! The Highlanders are penalised for coming in from the side. Jantjies will setup another lineout. 
09 May 16:19

57' - CONVERSION slotted by Jantjies. They have cut the lead to 6 points. 

Lions 17 Highlanders 23

09 May 16:18
55' - TRY to the Lions! What a maul by the home side! They mauled that from 22m out. The Highlanders initally defended well but had no answer as the Lions got the maul going again. Kriel was the man at the back who had to just fall over the line. 
09 May 16:16
54' - The Lions win a penalty and opt to setup a lineout as they look for a seven pointer. 
09 May 16:15

51' - DROP GOAL to the Highlanders. This time Smith lets fly with a drop kick attempt as the Highlanders had a penatly advantage, it sails straight through the middle. 

Lions 10 Highlanders 23 

09 May 16:11

47' - CONVERSION by Jantjies. No problem with the kick by the replacement flyhalf as he splits the uprights.

Lions 10 Highlanders 20 

09 May 16:09
47' - TRY to the Lions! What a brilliant try that was! Voster, Skosan and Coetzee all heavily involved with the winger rounding it off in the left hand corner after handling a few times. 
09 May 16:08
47' - TMO called into action again, Skosan is over, but he pressed that very close to the deadball line.
09 May 16:07
45' - Lions substitutions. Jantjies replaces Boshoff. de Klerk replaces Cronje
09 May 16:05
44' - Sopoaga misses with his attempt. 
09 May 16:05
43' - The Lions are under early pressure in the second half. Tecklenburg is penalised for not rolling away. Sopoaga will kick at goal. 
09 May 16:03
42' - TMO called into action early in the second half, Naholo collects a chip ahead, he scores but his foot was in touch. Excellent work by Boshoff on defence. 
09 May 16:01
Second half underway in Johannesburg, can the Lions get back into this game?
09 May 15:49


Lions 3 Highlanders 20 

09 May 15:48

39' - TRY to the Highlanders! The Lions surged into the Highlanders half, Cronje eventually brought down. The Highlanders turn it over, move the ball to Fekitoa who puts on the afterburners and runs the ball in from 70m out. Sopoaga converts and that's half time! 

Lions 3 Highlanders 20 

09 May 15:43

34' - TRY to the Highlanders! Evans goes over in the right-hand corner. Excellent quick hands and an overlap, nothing the Lions could do to stop that. Sopoaga converts from the right-hand touchline. 

Lions 3 Highlanders 13

09 May 15:38
32' - The Lions do well to force their way into the Highlanders half, but the visitors turn the ball over and counter. Smith kicks into space and Skosan gets back, evades Smith and clears to touch. 
09 May 15:35

29' - DROP GOAL by Sopoaga puts the visitors into the lead. 

Lions 3 - 6 Highlanders

09 May 15:31
26' - Unfortunately it was forward, so that is a disallowed try by both teams now. Vorster was very prominent during that move. 
09 May 15:31
26' - Combrinck is over, but the TMO will be called to have a look at a possible forward pass. 
09 May 15:30
24' - Kriel does brilliantly to snaffle a Highlanders ball, the Lions clear downfield right into the Highlanders half. Excellent kick!
09 May 15:27

22' - PENALTY slotted by the Highlanders flyhalf. We are all level in Johannesburg.

Lions 3 Highlanders 3

09 May 15:26
21' - The Highlanders have their first chance at points as a Lions defender has not rolled away after making a tackle. Sopoaga will kick at goal. 
09 May 15:23

18' - The home side have another penalty, this time the Highlanders has taken a man out in the lineout before the ball came in. Boshoff will kick at goal. 

His strike at goal drifts wide. 

09 May 15:22
17' - Unbelievable scrum by the Lions as the walk the Highlanders backwards, winning a penalty in the process. Boshoff sets up a lineout just outside the Highlanders 22m area. 
09 May 15:20
16' - A promising attack by the Highlanders comes to an end with a forward pass by Dixon. 
09 May 15:17
12' - Another little break down the blindside by the Lions. Kriel busts through a half gap, finds Coetzee but he is flung into touch. 
09 May 15:14
10' - Another scrum penalty to the Lions, this time the Highlanders have collapesed the set piece. Boshoff kicks to the line and the Lions have a lineout on half way. 
09 May 15:13
9' - Excellent defence by the Lions as they managed to keep the ball up off the deck. The Highlanders cannot work it free and the Lions win a scrum feed. 
09 May 15:10

7' - PENALTY slotted with ease by Boshoff. His boot may prove vital today. The Lions draw first blood.

Lions 3 Highlanders 0

09 May 15:10
5' - Massive scrum from the Lions and they win a penalty as the Highlanders collapse the scrum. Boshoff will kick at goal. 
09 May 15:07
3' - Try disallowed, Osbourne was holding a Lions defender back. The Lions have a penalty and Boshoff clears to just before the half way line. 
  • 80'


  • 79'

    The Highlanders turn the ball over and counter well from inside their own 22m! They show great ball retention, smashing it up over the Lions 22m line but there is another turnover! That is the match winner for the Lions!

  • 76'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES, 28-23: The number 10 extends the lead to five.

  • 75'

    The Lions are hot on attack just 15m out from the Highlanders line and they earn a penalty at the scrum. The Highlanders front row are furious.

  • 72'

    Marty Banks kicks for territory but the ball goes too far, running over the Lions try line. Jantjies goes deep on the restart. The Highlanders run it back and a maul is formed. It goes to ground and Joubert hands a scrum to the Lions. Dubious.

  • 70'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES, 25-23: The Highlanders go off their feet in the red zone and the fly-half makes the pay.

  • 68'

    What a passage of play! It was counter attack after counter attack and the result is a Highlanders line-out just 5m from their own line. They secure the ball, but Ben Smith shanks it off the side of his boot. They set up again just 10m out.

  • 65'

    The Lions are hot on attack but the final pass from Coetzee to Combrink went over his head! He could have been over in the corner there!

  • 62'

    Unfortunately for the home crowd, Jantjies conversion attempt is wide. The Highlanders once 17 point lead is now just one.

  • 62'

    TRY, LIONS, VORSTER, 22-23: The ball goes wide this time and the centre gets a well earned try in the corner.

  • 61'

    The driving maul works well for the home side until the Highlanders attack it from the side. Joubert blasts his whistle for another penalty. They set up another line-out, this time 5m out.

  • 59'

    The Highlanders have an attacking scrum but the Lions earn a penalty. Jantjies sets up the line-out on the Highlanders 22m line.

  • 56'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES, 17-23: The replacement number 10 adds the extras and the Lions are right back in this game.

  • 55'

    TRY, LIONS, KRUGER, 15-23: The points just keep coming! Kruger smashes his way over for the home side.

  • 52'

    DROP GOAL, HIGHLANDERS, SMITH, 10-23: Again the Highlanders had the advantage, the fullback took a stab while being tackled and the ball somehow found its way over the poles. Amazing.

  • 49'

    What a move! The Lions run a very intricate play that bamboozles the Highlanders defence, only to knock it on at the pivotal moment. They had numbers on the outside there!

  • 47'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, BOSHOFF, 10-20: The number 10 closes the points gap.

  • 46'

    TRY, LIONS, SKOSAN, 8-20: What a build up! There was some great interplay between Skoson and Coetzee before the winger ran over in the corner.

  • 45'

    The Lions force another steal at the break down but this one is deemed illegal. Sopoaga signals for the kicking tee.

  • 45'

    So he is human! Sopoaga pushes this one wide, in what could be his first mistake in any facet of the game this afternoon.

  • 43'

    Naholo collects a another clever kick pass and is just pushed into touch by Boshoff before he crashes over in the corner. That was close! The Lions win the line-out and kick deep, the Highlanders run it back.

  • 42'

    The Lions knock it on and are under pressure immediately. They scrum down on the Lions 22m line. There is a decent blind side, but the open side is stacked.

  • 41'

    Sopoaga goes deep at the restart of the second forty at Ellis Park.

  • 40'


  • 39'

    CONVERSION, HIGHLANDERS, SOPOAGA, 3-20: Another great strike from the number 10 as the lead goes out to 17 points.

  • 39'

    TRY, HIGHLANDERS, FEKITOA, 3-18: What a passage of play! The Lions were hot on attack in the Highlanders half before there was another steal at the breakdown. The ball popped up for the centre and he stepped one defender before running over 60m untouched.

  • 36'

    CONVERSION, HIGHLANDERS, SOPOAGA, 3-13: It is a difficult one for the number 10, but it is straight through the middle.

  • 35'

    TRY, HIGHLANDERS, EVANS, 3-11: A well worked team try! The attack went left off the line-out for a couple phases before Smith changed the direction, sending it through the hands for Evans to dive over in the corner.

  • 33'

    The Lions are hot on attack but the Highlanders compete well to steal the ball. The ball goes wide via Sopoaga to Smith who chips ahead. Fortunately for the Lions, Skosan gets the bounce and clears. That could have gone either way!

  • 30'

    DROP GOAL, HIGHLANDERS, SOPOAGA, 3-6: Wow, where did that come from? Referee Craig Joubert had his arm out for advantage and the number 10 dropped back in the pocket for a shot 35m out. As nonchalant as you like.

  • 28'

    Sopoaga shows some great skills with a kick pass to his winger Naholo, who gathers before running over Boshoff. The Lions turn it over at the break down but loose the ball forward. They scrum just outside the Lions 22m.

  • 26'

    The Lions get over in the corner after a brilliant break, but again there is a forward pass. They scrum down on the Highlanders 10m line.

  • 25'

    Boshoff's restart is out on the full and the Highlanders attack well via Ben Smith off the back of scrum. But the Lions turn it over and send it wide. Again Boshoff lands the ball on a dime and the Highlanders are under pressure in their own half.

  • 22'

    The Lions kick the ball back though and the visitors counter well via Ben Smith. They rumble it over the Lions 22m before the defence goes off their feet at the ruck. Sopoaga gets his first shot this afternoon.

  • 22'

    PENALTY, HIGHLANDERS, SOPOAGA, 3-3: The radar is working and the scores are tied.

  • 19'

    The Lions earn another penalty at the line-out after the Highlanders come in from the side in an attempt to stop the maul. Boshoff has a shot, but the ball just shaves the right hand upright. Sopoaga restarts.

  • 17'

    There is a sneaky inside ball for a Highlanders forward that is gathered but deemed forward. They scrum down again. It is an enormous shove from the Lions, who win a penalty as a result.

  • 14'

    The Highlanders eventually clear via Aaron Smith and a forward pass leads to a Highlanders scrum 35m out from the Lions line.

  • 12'

    The nifty fly-half spots some space in behind the Highlanders and puts the kick in, getting a favourable bounce just 15m from the Highlanders try line.

  • 10'

    Penalty! There seem to be plenty problems at scrum time for the visitors. Boshoff puts it out on the halfway line and they win possession.

  • 9'

    The Highlanders are hot on attack but there is some sterling defence from the home side, as they hold up the attacking player and earn a scrum. They scrum down inside the Lions 22.

  • 6'

    The visitors are penalised for illegal scrumming in the middle of the park and Boshoff grabs the kicking tee.

  • 6'

    PENALTY, LIONS, BOSHOFF, 3-0: What a strike by the number 10. That was all of 50m and he cleared the crossbar with some to spare.

  • 3'

    After a kicking duel, Boshoff puts it out on the Highlanders 10m line. The Lions play the man in he air, giving away a penalty, and the Highlanders set up the line-out just 30m out.

  • 3'

    Aaron Smith makes a dart and gets over the try line, but upon review by the TMO, Osbourne is holding back a Lions defender. The try is disallowed. Silly play from the winger there. Had he made a proper clean out, there would be no problem.

  • 1'

    Boshoff goes deep on the kick off, going from right to left

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Lions against the Highlanders from Ellis Park in Johannesburg.

  • 0'

    Lions boss Johan Ackermann has made two tweaks to the forwards and both come in the front-row. Schalk van der Merwe will start at loosehead and Robbie Coetzee, having made a full recovery this week, has been included at hooker. In the backline, Ross Cronje will start at scrum-half and links up with Marnitz Boshoff, who shifts to fly-half for this game. Courtnall Skosan returns at left wing and Andries Coetzee shifts to full-back. Alwyn Hollenbach has also earned a starting position at inside centre with Howard Mnisi dropping down to the bench.

  • 0'

    Meanwhile, the Highlanders have named an unchanged side for this weekend's clash with the Lions in Johannesburg. The only changes come on the bench, where Ross Geldenhuys and John Hardie are among the replacements after missing out last week.

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Lions Highlanders
  • 3 Tries 2
    • 45' Courtnall Skosan
    • 54' Jaco Kriel
    • 61' Harold Vorster
    • 34' Gareth Evans
    • 39' Malakai Fekitoa
  • 2 Conversions 2
    • 46' Elton Jantjies
    • 56' Elton Jantjies
    • 35' Lima Sopoaga
    • 40' Lima Sopoaga
  • 3 Penalties 1
    • 6' Marnitz Boshoff
    • 69' Elton Jantjies
    • 76' Elton Jantjies
    • 22' Lima Sopoaga
  • 0 Drop Goals 2
    • 29' Lima Sopoaga
    • 51' Ben Smith
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Schalk van der Merwe
  • Robbie Coetzee
  • Julian Redelinghuys
  • Andries Ferreira
  • Franco Mostert
  • Jaco Kriel
  • Warwick Tecklenburg
  • Warren Whiteley
  • Ross Cronje
  • Marnitz Boshoff
  • Courtnall Skosan
  • Alwyn Hollenbach
  • Harold Vorster
  • Ruan Combrinck
  • Andries Coetzee
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Brendon Edmonds
  • Liam Coltman
  • Josh Hohneck
  • Thomas Franklin
  • Mark Reddish
  • Gareth Evans
  • Dan Pryor
  • Nasi Manu
  • Aaron Smith
  • Lima Sopoaga
  • Patrick Osborne
  • Richard Buckman
  • Malakai Fekitoa
  • Waisake Naholo
  • Ben Smith
  • Armand van der Merwe
  • Jacques Van Rooyen
  • Ruan Dreyer
  • Robert Kruger
  • Ruan Lerm
  • Francois de Klerk
  • Elton Jantjies
  • Howard Mnisi
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Ash Dixon
  • Dan Lienert-Brown
  • Ross Geldenhuys
  • Elliot Dixon
  • John Hardie
  • Fumiaki Tanaka
  • Marty Banks
  • Jason Emery

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