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Super Rugby

As it happened: Lions 34 - 29 Cheetahs

2015-04-25 16:28
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25 Apr 18:53

Be sure to join us for our next game, the small matter of the Stormers v Bulls at Newlands.

25 Apr 18:50


Lions 34 Cheetahs 29

25 Apr 18:50

80' - Sadie makes an excellent break into the Lions 22m area, but he is brought down and the Lions turn the ball over and kick it out. 

What a match that was! Both teams willing the run the ball from anywhere!  It ends with the Lions the victors with both teams scoring four tries apiece. 

25 Apr 18:48
79' - One last throw of the dice for the men from Bloemfontein as the win a penalty as the Lions are adjudged to have held on. They take the penalty quickly and surge towards the Lions half. 
25 Apr 18:46

76' - TRY to the Cheetahs! This is truly unbelievable stuff. Pietersen is the main creator as he breaks from his 22m line, kicks ahead, fields and finds players on his inside. Eventually, Hendricks is pulled down, the Cheetahs recycle the ball quickly and work it out wide through a number of hands for Greeff to get in at the corner. Bonus point try to the Cheetahs.  Pietersen can't convert from the touchline.

Lions 34 Cheetahs 29

25 Apr 18:42

73' - TRY to the Lions! That's the bonus point try.  Combrinck involved again, this time with a brilliant breakout where he beats two men on the inside, he finds De Klerk who gets over the whitewash after shrugging off a Cheetahs defender. Jantjies adds the conversion.

Lions 34 Cheetahs 24

25 Apr 18:39
72' - What a breakout by the Lions, all the way from their 22m area, Mapoe prominent again. The final ball is knocked on by Kriel with the try line at his mercy, but how did the big front ranker even managed to get there!
25 Apr 18:37

71' - PENALTY to the Lions! Jantjies makes no mistake and the Lions have taken the lead again.

Lions 27 Cheetahs 24

25 Apr 18:37
69' - The Lions win a penalty as the Cheetahs fly in off their feet at ruck time. The Lions will surely kick at goal. Jantjies indicates that he will have a go. This kick is around 35m out and slightly to the left of the uprights. 
25 Apr 18:36
69' - Vorster scythes through the Cheetahs defence but has no support with he. He opts to chip ahead and Blommetjies cleans up for the Cheetahs. They clear downfield but not out and the Lions attack once again. 
25 Apr 18:32
66' - The Cheetahs are straight back onto the attack, and they win a penalty as the Coetzee is penalised for side entry. Pietersen sets up a lineout 5m from the Lions line. The Cheetahs knock-on, they should probably have taken the 3 points!
25 Apr 18:27

61' - TRY to the Cheetahs! Excellent counter attack by the Cheetahs, lead by Pietersen as a few tacklers drop off him, he finds Sadie on his outside who raced over. Pietersen converts a difficult chance.  It must be said that was poor defence by the Lions. 

Lions 24 Cheetahs 24

25 Apr 18:23

58' - TRY to the Cheetahs! Excellent play by the men from Bloem as they bash away at the Lions line, with Venter forcing his way over! Pietersen converts from straight in front.

Lions 24 Cheetahs 17

25 Apr 18:21
56' - The Cheetahs kick ahead, into the Lions 22m area, and Jantjies gets back but they Lions conceded a penalty. Pietersen sets up a lineout as the Cheetahs look for  a 7 pointer. 
25 Apr 18:18
54' - Poor execution from the Lions as they knock on. The Cheetahs have a scrum feed on 5m from their own line. 
25 Apr 18:17
53' - Another penalty to the Lions, this time the Cheetahs are adjudged to have collapsed the maul. Jantjies will setup a lineout, 5m from the Cheetahs line. 
25 Apr 18:15
51' - The game is been played at a frenetic pace with the Cheetahs trying their best to get back into it. Unfortunately a promising move is ended as they hang on to the ball at ruck time, giving a penalty to the Lions. Jantjies sets up a lineout on the Cheetahs 22m area.
25 Apr 18:12

48' - PENALTY scored by Jantjies! The Lions flyhalf kicks it over from right in front.

Lions 24 Cheetahs 10

25 Apr 18:11
47' - The Lions are dominant at the moment, Jantjies scythes his way through the Cheetahs defence, but they somehow managed to scramble in defence, but not without conceding a penalty at the resulting ruck. Jantjies will kick at goal. 
25 Apr 18:07

43' - TRY for the Lions! Its that man Mapoe again! First provider and now scorer! He ran a brilliant inside angle off Combrinck and ghosted his way past a few Cheetahs defenders to score under the posts. Jantjies converts easily.

Lions 21 Cheetahs 10

25 Apr 18:05

41' - TRY to the Lions! Combrinck races in from the half way line after a brilliant half gap by Mapoe followed by an incredible offload as he was tackled. The Lions start the second half as they began the first. Jantjies converts.

Lions 14 Cheetahs 10

25 Apr 18:02
Second half underway in Johannesburg as Pietersen kicks off for the Cheetahs. 
25 Apr 17:50


Lions 7 Cheetahs 10

25 Apr 17:50
40' - Pietersen tries a drop again, this time from 45m out, but it flies wide as the hooter sounds. 
25 Apr 17:48

37' - DROP GOAL by Pietersen. The Cheetahs again took the ball through a number of phases, but the Lions defence held strong. Pietersen dropped into the pocket and slotted the drop goal from right in front. 

Lions 7 Cheetahs 10

25 Apr 17:45
35' - The penalty is reversed as Mostert of the Lions was the instigator. Pietersen sets up a lineout on the Lions 22m area. 
25 Apr 17:43
34' - Penalty to the Lions as the Cheetahs are penalised at scrum time. A few of the players try to get to know each other a little more closely. The ref has asked the TMO to have a look for a perpetrator. 
25 Apr 17:40
32' - Chance for the Lions to relieve some pressure at the Cheetahs are caught offside. Jantjies sets up a lineout on the Cheetahs 10m line. 
25 Apr 17:39
31' - Not a great scrum from the Cheetahs, Pretorius goes blind, feeds Du Plessis who places a kick into the Lions 22m area which rolls out into touch. 
25 Apr 17:37
29' - The Lions knock on in midfield. The Cheetahs will feed a scrum just inside the Lions half. 
25 Apr 17:33

25' - Pietersen kicks easy conversion.

Lions 7 Cheetahs 7

25 Apr 17:32
24' - TRY to the Cheetahs! Absolutely breathless stuff in Johannesburg, first the Lions ran the penalty all the way to the Cheetahs 22m area, the Cheetahs turned the ball over, managed to transfer the ball wide to Hendricks who stepped inside his defender and ran the try in from 60m out. 
25 Apr 17:30
23' - Indredible! 22 phases later, the Cheetahs concede a penalty for not releasing. What a passage of play!
25 Apr 17:28
22' - Fifteen phases now, they have moved to within 15m from the line but the Lions defence is holding out. 
25 Apr 17:27
21' - Much better from the Cheetahs at they take the ball through a number of phases and into the Lions 22m area. They are keeping the ball close to the forwards and it is paying dividends. 
25 Apr 17:26
19' - The Cheetahs win another turnover with the Lions knocking on the door, excellent defence by the men from Bloemfontein. 
25 Apr 17:24
16' - Combrinck has a shot at goal from 53m. He had the distance, but it sails wide of the right hand upright. 
25 Apr 17:22
14' - Another scrum, this time to the Lions, on the halfway line all the way to the left of the field. Lots of space to work with. They win penalty as Minnie is penalised for scrumming upwards. 
25 Apr 17:18
10' - Both teams willing to give the ball plenty of air. The Lions making 50m upfield with some excellent interplay between backs and forwards. They get to within 8m of the line, but brilliant work by Burger wins the Cheetahs a penalty. Pietersen clears upfield to the Cheetahs 10m line. 
25 Apr 17:15
8' - Excellent work in defence by Whiteley as he tracked back in defence to snaffle a pass from Prinsloo who had made an excellent break. 
25 Apr 17:13
6' - The first scrum of the match brings the first reset! The Cheetahs will feed again, on their own 10m line. 
25 Apr 17:10

3' - Jantjies converts easily and the Lions are out of the blocks with a bang!

Lions 7 Cheetahs 0

25 Apr 17:09

2' - TRY to the Lions! Excellent start for the home side as Vorster made a brilliant break in midfield. He was hauled down just short of the line. The ball was recycled quickly and Tecklenburg crashed over.

25 Apr 17:06
1' - Elton Jantjies kicks off, the Lions are attacking from left to right. 
25 Apr 17:05
The teams make their way out onto the field. This should be a great SA derby!
  • 80'

    The Lions forwards try to run down the clock with pick-up-and goes but Fourie is isolated and penalised for holding onto the ball on the ground. Time is up on the clock and the Cheetahs run the ball from inside their half. Sadie makes a great break but is stopped inside the Lions' 22 where the hosts win a turnover. Jantjies whips out a pass to Marnitz Boshoff who kicks the ball into touch. That means the Lions are victorious again! It was a fantastic game of rugby and both sides deserve credit for making it the entertaining spectacle that it was. The Lions' expansive game-plan secured them a try-scoring bonus-point while the Cheetahs go home with two bonus points. In the end, the Lions were the hungrier side and this result means they have extended their winning streak to five matches now!

  • 80'

    Lions 34 Cheetahs 29

  • 77'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, GREEFF! 34-29. The Cheetahs refuse to give up and Pietersen launches a counter-attack from inside his 22! He offloads to Blommetjies and Hendricks also handles but gets stopped inside the Lions' 22. The ball goes out wide and Britz draws in a defender before passing to replacement back Carel Greeff who scores in the left-hand corner! Pietersen fails with the conversion attempt.

  • 75'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES. 34-24. Jantjies lands another two-pointer which gives his side a 10-point lead.

  • 74'

    TRY, LIONS, DE KLERK! 32-24. Combrinck sets off on a run and beats four defenders before throwing an inside pass to Faf de Klerk who crashes over under the posts for the Lions' bonus-point try!

  • 73'

    Kriel and Mapoe combine brilliantly from the kick off, and after the pair trade passes Kriel throws a speculative inside pass but Corne Fourie knocks on with the tryline in front of him!

  • 72'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES. 27-24. Jantjies gives the Lions the lead again after Prinsloo goes off his feet at a ruck.

  • 70'

    Oosthuizen is again penalised for an indiscretion in a scrum. Jantjies puts the ball out on his 10-metre line.

  • 68'

    The Cheetahs launch a drive at a line-out inside the Lions' 22. They make little headway and eventually go out wide but Venter knocks on at the critical moment!

  • 66'

    Warren Whiteley is pinged for illegal play at a ruck. Clayton Blommetjies puts the ball out inside the Lions' 22.

  • 63'

    CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, PIETERSEN. 24-24. Pietersen holds his nerve and lands the two-pointer from close to the touchline which draws his side level!

  • 62'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, SADIE! 24-22. Pietersen beats a couple of defenders and is in the clear! He is soon inside the Lions' 22 and looks for support. Johann Sadie is on his outside and Pietersen gets a pass out to the midfielder who scores in the left-hand corner!

  • 60'

    CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, PIETERSEN. 24-17. Pietersen makes no mistake from the kicking tee and reduces the deficit.

  • 59'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, VENTER! 24-15. The Cheetahs forwards take the ball up inside the Lions' 22 but are met by resilient defence! They then go out wide and Francois Venter barges over despite the attentions of two defenders!

  • 56'

    Jacques van Rooyen is penalised for illegal scrummaging. Pietersen puts the resulting penalty out midway between the Cheetahs' 22-metre line and their 10-metre line.

  • 54'

    Thr Lions go on the drive from a line-out on the Cheetahs' 22. Prinsloo collapses the maul illegally and is penalised. Jantjies puts the ball out on the visitors' five-metre line.

  • 51'

    Caylib Oosthuizen has replaced Mienie and is penalised for illegal scrummaging in his first scrum. Jantjies kicks for touch and puts the ball out on his 10-metre line.

  • 49'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES. 24-10. Jantjies makes no mistake from the kicking tee after several Cheetahs are pinged for going off their feet at a ruck.

  • 48'

    Jantjies makes a telling break and offloads to Armand van der Merwe deep inside the Cheetahs' 22! He offloads to Armand van der Merwe who is stopped by a great cover tackle from Hendricks.

  • 45'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES. 21-10. Another easy two-pointer from Jantjies and the Lions are back in control of this game.

  • 44'

    TRY, LIONS, MAPOE! 19-10. Mapoe once again attacks the gainline but this time he breaches the visitors' first line of defence! He then beats Pietersen with ease before dotting down under the posts!

  • 43'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES. 14-10. Jantjies adds the easy extras to push the hosts further ahead.

  • 42'

    TRY, LIONS, COMBRINCK! 12-10. Lionel Mapoe attacks the gainline and, when he's stopped by the defence, manages to free his hands and offloads to Ruan Combrinck who outsprints the cover defence before socring under the posts!

  • 41'

    Pietersen gets the second half underway! His kick is gathered by Mostert who sets up a maul from which Jaco Kriel breaks! He's in the clear and has certainly caught the Cheetahs by surprise but he kicks ahead and du Plessis gathers inside his 22 before booting the ball upfield.

  • 40'

    The Cheetahs are on the attack close to the hosts' 10-metre line and Pietersen tries another drop-goal from about 40 metres out. This effort is off target, however, and the referee blows the half-time whistle soon afterwards. The Lions started the game brightly and were rewarded for their efforts when Tecklenburg scored the game's opening try. They've stayed true to their enterprising game-plan and attacked from all areas of the field. But it hasn't been plain sailing as the Cheetahs fought back well and got a deserved try from Hendricks. Pietersen's drop goal has been a game-changer of sorts as the hosts are now trailing which means it's still anybody's game.

  • 40'

    Lions 7 Cheetahs 10

  • 38'

    DROP GOAL, CHEETAHS, PIETERSEN! 7-10. The Cheetahs forwards take the ball through 13 phases but seem to make little headway. This prompts Pietersen to drop into the pocket and he lands the snap-shot from about 30 metres out!

  • 36'

    The Lions front row are penalised for illegal scrummaging. Referee Jaco van Heerden has his hands full as he tries to calm things down and when it eventually does he refers the incident to the TMO, who identifies Franco Mostert as the main culprit. The referee issues a stern warning to him and Pietersen puts the resulting penalty out on the edge of the Lions' 22.

  • 33'

    The Lions are under the cosh at a line-out inside their 22 but get out of jail when Willie du Plessis is pinged for being offside. Jantjies puts the resulting penalty out just beyond the Cheetahs' 10-metre line! Great touch finder!

  • 31'

    The Lions try to attack from the back of a scrum but De Klerk throws a poor long pass which Vorster knocks on.

  • 28'

    The Cheetahs forwards take the ball into contact but their counterparts do well to hold them up and when the maul becomes static it's turnover ball.

  • 25'

    CONVERSION, CHEETAHS, PIETERSEN. 7-7. Pietersen draws his side level as he knocks over the place-kick.

  • 24'

    TRY, CHEETAHS, HENDRICKS! 7-5. Cornal Hendricks has just scored a try against the run of play! After Jantjies makes a break, he is brought to ground on the edge of the visitors' 22. The ball spills loose and Joe Pietersen gathers before the ball is shifted to the wing where Cornal Hendricks steps inside a defender and runs from close to the halfway line before scoring under the posts!

  • 22'

    The Cheetahs take the ball through numerous phases and are hammering away at the Lions' tryline! Britz, Cornal Hendricks and Prinsloo all handle on several occasions.

  • 19'

    Jantjies attacks off a scrum close to the Cheetahs' 10-metre line but he doesn't get very far as Willie Britz brings him to ground with a text-book tackle.

  • 17'

    Combrinck lines up a shot from close to the halfway line after Danie Minnie is pinged for illegal scrummaging. The kick easily has the distance but not the direction.

  • 14'

    Courtnall Skosan gathers a high ball just outside his 22 and beats two defenders before his progress is halted by a big hit from Prinsloo!

  • 12'

    The Lions attack again and Jantjies, Andries Ferreira and Franco Mostert all handle before the ball goes out wide to Vorster who is stopped just short of the visitor' tryline! The ball is recycled but the Cheetahs gain a reprieve when Jacques van Rooyen holds onto the ball on the ground.

  • 9'

    The Lions try to attack from a line-out but Faf de Klerk knocks on.Sarel Pretorius pounces on the loose ball and gets the ball out to Prinsloo who is soon on the Lions' 10-metre line. He offloads but Warren Whiteley saves the day for the Lions by intercepting the pass and then going to ground.

  • 6'

    The Lions are running the ball from inside their half again and Andries Coetzee puts Ruan Combrinck into a gap down the right-hand touchline! He is brought to ground by Benjamin, close to the Cheetahs' 10-metre line and knocks on in the process.

  • 4'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES. 7-0. Jantjies adds the two-pointer which extends the hosts' lead.

  • 3'

    TRY, LIONS, TECKLENBURG! 5-0. The Lions attack just inside the Cheetahs' half and Harlof Vorster runs a brilliant line which bamboozles the defence! Rayno Benjamin hauls him in in front of the visitors' tryline but the Lions recycle quickly and Warwick Tecklenburg runs onto a pass from Jantjies before crashing over for the opening try!

  • 1'

    Elton Jantjies gets the game underway from left to right. Boom Prinsloo takes the ball into contact and sets up a ruck inside his 22.

  • 0'

    Good say and welcome to our live coverage of this South African Super Rugby derby from the Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg between the Lions and Cheetahs. Don't go away! We'll return soon with team news.

  • 0'

    The Cheetahs enter this derby without injured duo Willie le Roux and Heinrich Brüssow. Joe Pietersen moves into the full-back position to replace le Roux while Tienie Burger takes over from Brüssow on the side of the scrum. Meanwhile, loosehead prop BG Uys is suffering from a back injury and has been ruled out for three weeks. He will be replaced by Danie Mienie with Caylib Oosthuizen named on the bench as cover. In the backline, Willie du Plessis will direct the team from fly-half alongside scrum-half Sarel Pretorius, with Clayton Blommetjies on the bench.

  • 0'

    Lions boss Johan Ackermann has made three changes to his starting XV for this encounter. In the forwards, Armand van der Merwe will start at hooker while Ruan Dreyer has been drafted in at tighthead prop. The backline sees just one change with Courtnall Skosan starting at left wing having recovered from injury. On the bench, MB Lusaseni also moves into the matchday squad having recovered from his long-term injury. This is his first call-up for the 2015 competition.

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Lions Cheetahs
  • 4 Tries 4
    • 2' Warwick Tecklenburg
    • 41' Ruan Combrinck
    • 43' Lionel Mapoe
    • 73' Francois de Klerk
    • 23' Cornal Hendricks
    • 57' Francois Venter
    • 60' Johann Sadie
    • 76' Carel Greeff
  • 4 Conversions 3
    • 3' Elton Jantjies
    • 41' Elton Jantjies
    • 43' Elton Jantjies
    • 74' Elton Jantjies
    • 24' Joe Pietersen
    • 59' Joe Pietersen
    • 62' Joe Pietersen
  • 2 Penalties 0
    • 48' Elton Jantjies
    • 71' Elton Jantjies
  • 0 Drop Goals 1
    • 37' Joe Pietersen
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Jacques Van Rooyen
  • Armand van der Merwe
  • Ruan Dreyer
  • Andries Ferreira
  • Franco Mostert
  • Jaco Kriel
  • Warwick Tecklenburg
  • Warren Whiteley
  • Francois de Klerk
  • Elton Jantjies
  • Courtnall Skosan
  • Harold Vorster
  • Lionel Mapoe
  • Ruan Combrinck
  • Andries Coetzee
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Danie Mienie
  • Torsten Van Jaarsveld
  • Maks van Dyk
  • Carl Wegner
  • Francois Uys
  • Tienie Burger
  • Boom Prinsloo
  • Willie Britz
  • Sarel Pretorius
  • Willie du Plessis
  • Rayno Benjamin
  • Francois Venter
  • Johann Sadie
  • Cornal Hendricks
  • Joe Pietersen
  • Robbie Coetzee
  • Corne Fourie
  • Julian Redelinghuys
  • Luvuyiso Lusaseni
  • Robert Kruger
  • Ross Cronje
  • Marnitz Boshoff
  • Howard Mnisi
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Stephan Coetzee
  • Caylib Oosthuizen
  • Ewald van der Westhuizen
  • Steven Sykes
  • Carel Greeff
  • Tian Meyer
  • Michael van der Spuy
  • Clayton Blommetjies

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