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Super Rugby

As it happened: Lions 20 - 30 Brumbies

2015-05-16 09:52
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16 May 18:53

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16 May 18:48


Lions 20 Brumbies 30

16 May 18:47
80' - The Lions still can get a losing bonus point. Voster breaks away but the Brumbies turn the ball over and kick the ball out. Game over, the visitors have won in Johannesburg. 
16 May 18:46

78' TRY to the Lions!

Coetzee is over as he snipes from close to the Lion. A consolation try for the homeside. Jantjies converts.

Lions 20 Brumbies 30

16 May 18:43
77' - The Lions are not giving up, they move to within 5m from the Brumbies line. 
16 May 18:42

75' - PENALTY to the Brumbies!

To rub salt into the wounds, Mogg smashes over a penalty for the Brumbies.

Lions 13  Brumbies 30

16 May 18:39

73' - TRY to the Brumbies!

Tomane is the scorer but all the talk will be the way the Brumbies scrum monstered the Lions. Mogg created the extra man on the left with a floated pass finding Tomane unmarked on the touchline. He scored in the left-hand corner. Lealiifano hits the upright from the left-hand touchline. That is the bonus point try. 

Lions 13 Brumbies 27

16 May 18:37
71' - The Lions managed to win a turnover but then knock-on 15m from their own line. Another unforced error, the story of their day. 
16 May 18:35
69' - The Brumbies have a penalty as they win a scrum penalty. Lealiifano sets up a lineout as the Brumbies look for a fourth try and a bonus point. 
16 May 18:31

65' - TRY to the Lions!

Kriel is the man to get over as he bursts through close the the ruck and runs in from 25m out. Excellent pace and strength from the flanker. Very patient play by the Lions in the lead up to that try. Jantjies converts.

Lions 13 Brumbies 22

16 May 18:29
64' - Advantage over, the Lions move to just outside the Brumbies 22m area. 
16 May 18:29
63' - The Lions take the ball through a number of phases but they seem very static today. The have a penalty advantage. 
16 May 18:25
60' - The Brumbies do brilliantly, holding up the Lions maul and forcing a turnover. 
16 May 18:24
58' - The Lions have a penalty on half-way. They will setup a lineout in the Brumbies 22m area, 5m from the line.  They need to score and score soon. They make a hash of the lineout and the Pocock secures possession for the Brumbies. White clears to just on half-way. 
16 May 18:20
55' - Lions substitution. Tecklenburg replaces Kruger
16 May 18:19
55' - Great defence by the Lions. The Brumbies attacking in wave after wave until the Lions finally get numbers to the ball and the Brumbies are forced to hold on. Jantjies clears downfield. 
16 May 18:17
53' - The Lions are their own worst enemies tonight. Kriel loses possession while taking the ball up. White kicks downfield to force the Lions back into their 22m area.  
16 May 18:15

50' - Brumbies substitutionsAlaalatoa is replaced by Smith. Alexander is replaced by Smith

16 May 18:13
49' - The Lions just cannot keep the ball. The Brumbies turn the ball over after excellent work by Speight. The Lions are forced back into their 22m area after an excellent kick into space by White. 
16 May 18:12
48' - The Lions win another scrum penalty. The Brumbies scrum could not stay square. Jantjies clears to the Lions 10m line. 
16 May 18:10
46' - The Brumbies are straight back onto the attack, they are making metres at will. Tomane throws a bit of a wild pass, it was forward as well. The Lions have a 5m defensive scrum. 
16 May 18:08
44' - More unforced errors from the home side, this time they gift a penalty to the Brumbies as two players collide, the referee ruling obstructin. Mogg will kick at goal from 54m. It sails wide!
16 May 18:06
43' - The Lions have a chance to clear further upfield after winning another scrum penalty. Jantjies kicks the ball out just inside the Brumbies half. 
16 May 18:04
42' - The Lions are force to defend for their lives and they do. Whiteley does brilliantly to keep a Brumbies player off the ground, winning possession for his team. The Lions have a scrum feed just inside their own 22m area. 
16 May 18:03
41' - A poor mistake by the Lions a foot in touch gifts the ball to the Brumbies just outside the 22m area of the home side. 
16 May 18:01
Lealiifano gets the second half underway. 
16 May 18:01
The Lions have trailed at half-time in 8 of their last 9 matches. They have won 7. It will take a special effort tonight to turn this around. 
16 May 17:49


Lions 6 Brumbies 22

16 May 17:49

40' - Jantjies effort is away to the right as the half-time hooter sounds.

16 May 17:48
39' - Excellent defence by the Lions as they get men to the breakdown and turn the ball over. They clear upfield. The Lions are awarded a penalty for obstruction as the Brumbies try to run the ball back. No time to setup a lineout and the Lions will kick at goal. 
16 May 17:46
38' - After numerous resets the Brumbies scrum stands firm! They make a number of metres to just outside the Lions 22m area. 
16 May 17:44
36' - An excellent attacking move by the Lions comes to an end after  Voster loses control of the ball down the left-hand touchline. 
16 May 17:42
34'Lealiifano drags his attempt wide of the uprights. 
16 May 17:42
33' - The Brumbies move onto the attack again. They are just outside the Lions 22m area. Pocock and Vaea surge into the 22m.  Janjtjies is penalised for hands in the ruck. Lealiifano will have a shot at goal. 
16 May 17:39
29' - Nothing comes from the lineout for the Lions. 
16 May 17:37
28' - The Lions need to get back into this and quickly. They receive a penalty as the Brumbies are penalised for side entry into a maul. Janjtjies sets up a lineout deep in the Brumbies 22m area. 
16 May 17:35

26' - TRY to the Brumbies!

Another try to the visitors. A terrible floated pass from the Lions allows Lealiifano to snaffle the ball and run through without a Lions player touching him.  He converts his own try.

Lions 6 Brumbies 22 

16 May 17:33
25' - The Lions win another scrum penalty, Alexander pinged for collapsing. 
16 May 17:32
23' - Brumbies substitution. Toomua is replaced by Coleman (injury).
16 May 17:31
 23' - The Lions just struggling to get their hands on the ball at the moment. 
16 May 17:30

20' - TRY to the Brumbies!

An excellent try from the visitors after they attack from very deep. Speight kicked ahead and secured the ball setting up a succession of rucks.  Eventually Vaea crashes over. Lealiifano converts. 

Lions 6 Brumbies 15

16 May 17:27

17' - TRY to the Brumbies!

The Brumbies take the ball through numerous phases after an initial break by Tomane. They work their way into the 22m area for Kuridrani to eventually force his way over from in close. Lealiifano cannot convert. 

Lions 6 - 8 Lions

16 May 17:24

15' - PENALTY to the Brumbies!

Lealiifano hits back straight away for the Brumbies as he slots a penalty. Kriel was the guilty party, entering the ruck from the side. 

Lions 6 - 3 Brumbies

16 May 17:20

13' - PENALTY to the Lions!

Combrinck has knocked that through the middle from almost 60m!

Lions 6 - 0 Brumbies

16 May 17:20

12' - The Lions have another penalty, again for a ruck infringement from the Brumbies. Peyper has a chat to Moore. I would call that a warning. Yellow might be the colour in the Brumbies future if they carry on like this. 

Combrinck will have a shot at goal from 59m out!

16 May 17:18

10' - The Brumbies turn the ball over, Hollenbach caught and Pocock is all over the ball.  The Lions player is penalised for holding on. Mogg will have a go at the posts from 65m! 

He has the distance, but the ball sails wide of the uprights. Wow, Mogg has a huge kicking boot!

  • 80'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, VAN DER WALT. 20-30. Jaco van der Walt adds the extras which narrows the gap to 10 points.

  • 80'

    Harold Vorster makes a break and is soon inside the Brumbies 22! He is brought to ground by Mogg and the visitors secure a turnover. The ball comes out to Michael Dowsett who boots it into touch. That's the final act of the match and the Brumbies have secured a deserved victory! The Lions made a fight of it in the second half but, in the end, the visitors did enough to hold on.

  • 80'

    Lions 20 Brumbies 30

  • 79'

    TRY, LIONS, A COETZEE! 18-30. The Lions are hammering away at the Brumbies' tryline! Ross Cronje then throws a pass out to Andries Coetzee, who shrugs off a challenge from Lealiifano before crossing over!

  • 76'

    PENALTY, BRUMBIES, MOGG! 13-30. Mogg finally lands a place kick from inside his half! This one is from about 55 metres out after Ruan Dreyer is pinged for playing the ball from an offside position.

  • 73'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, TOMANE! 13-27. The Brumbies get a good right shoulder at a scrum inside the hosts 22 and White offloads to Mogg who throws a long pass to Tomane, who dots down in the left-hand corner! Lealiifano's shot at goal strikes an upright.

  • 71'

    The Brumbies are on the attack at a ruck deep inside the Lions' 22. MB Lusaseni tries to win a turnover but knocks on in the process. Scrum to the Brumbies.

  • 69'

    The Lions are pinged for illegal scrummaging and Lealiifano puts the ball out inside the hosts'' 22 as the Brumbies go in search of their try-scoring bonus point.

  • 66'

    CONVERSION, LIONS, JANTJIES. 13-22. Jantjies makes no mistake from the kicking tee!

  • 65'

    TRY, LIONS, KRIEL! 11-22. The Lions are giving their all as they try to get something from this game. Kriel then bursts through a ruck just outside the Brumbies' 22 and shrugs off a tackle from White before crossing over under the posts!

  • 63'

    Lealiifano is in the clear down the right-hand touchline! He kicks ahead but the ball rolls over the Lions' tryline where Coetzee dots down.

  • 60'

    The Brumbies forwards are pinged for deliberately collapsing a maul. Combrinck kicks for touch and puts the ball out on the Brumbies' five-metre line.

  • 57'

    Coetzee tries to gather a Brumbies kick on the edge of his 22 but knocks on!

  • 54'

    Lionel Mapoe runs onto a pass from Faf de Klerk, just inside the Brumbies' half but gets smashed in the tackle from Sam Carter!

  • 52'

    White tries to launch an up-and-under close to the halfway line but is caught in possession by Coetzee. He does well to offload to Tomane who sets up a ruck.

  • 50'

    The Lions attack from inside their 22 and Jantjies offloads to Alwyn Hollenbach. He makes some headway but is stopped in his tracks by a text-book tackle from Kuridrani.

  • 48'

    Tomane makes a bustling run inside the Lions' 22 and offloads to Mogg but the ball bounces into touch from the fullback's hand!

  • 46'

    Mogg takes a shot at goal from 55 metres out after Julian Redelinghuys is pinged for obstruction. His kick easily has the distance but is just wide of the uprights.

  • 44'

    The Brumbies take the ball through the phases inside the Lions 22 but Warren Whiteley does well to hold Alexander up in the tackle and when the ball doesn't emerge, the Lions have the put-in at the scrum.

  • 41'

    Lealiifano gets the second half underway! His kick is gathered by Andries Coetzee inside his 22 and he offloads to Jaco Kriel, who goes to ground close to his 22-metre line.

  • 40'

    A couple of Brumbies are pinged for obstruction after a strong run from Tomane and Jantjies lines up a shot at goal. His efforts is to the right of the uprights, however and the half-time whistle goes shortly afterwards. It's been an entertaining 40 minutes and the visitors are in control. The Lions will have to cut out the unforced errors after the break if they want to win this game.

  • 40'

    Lions 6 Brumbies 22

  • 39'

    The Brumbies attack from a scrum close to the halfway line and Lealiifano, Pocock and Vaea all handle the ball and they are soon just outside the Lions' 22.

  • 36'

    Lealiifano lines up another shot at goal after the Lions backs are straying offside on defence. His kick is wide of the mark, however.

  • 34'

    The Brumbies attack deep inside the Lions' 22 and Kuridrani, David Pocock and Vaea are all prominent ball carriers.

  • 31'

    The Lions attack from the line-out on the Brumbies' five-metre line and the ball comes out to Coetzee who knocks on! Speight gathers and goes to ground and the ball comes out to Lealiifano. He puts it out just inside the home side's half!

  • 30'

    Allan Alaalatoa is pinged for side entry at a maul inside his half. Jantjies kicks for touch and puts the ball out deep inside the Brumbies' 22.

  • 27'

    CONVERSION, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO. 6-22. Lealiifano slots another two-pointer and the visitors have a commanding lead now!

  • 26'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO! 6-20. The Lions try to attack from a line-out and Robbie Coetzee throws a long pass which Lealiifano intercepts before going over under the posts!

  • 25'

    Ben Alexander is pinged for dropping his bind at a scrum inside the Lions 22. Jantjies puts the ball into touch on his 10-metre line.

  • 24'

    Mogg launches an up-and-under which Jantjies allows to bounce inside his 22! He gathers in front of his try-line but is caught in possession by Joe Tomane. Jantjies tries to offload but knocks on.

  • 22'

    CONVERSION, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO. 6-15. Lealiifano adds the extras to extend the visitors' lead.

  • 21'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, VAEA! 6-13. Henry Speight runs onto a long pass from Mogg and kicks ahead. He regathers inside the Lions' 22 where the ball is recycled and Lealiifano is stopped just short. Ita Vaea then gathers from White and crashes over!

  • 18'

    TRY, BRUMBIES, KURIDRANI! 6-8. The Brumbies attack close to the Lions' try-line and Tevita Kuiridrani runs onto a flat pass from White for the game's first try! Lealiifano misses with the shot at goal.

  • 16'

    PENALTY, BRUMBIES, LEALIIFANO. 6-3. Christian Lealiifano narrows the gap with a three-pointer for the visitors after Jaco Kriel is pinged for entering a ruck from the wrong side.

  • 14'

    PENALTY, LIONS, COMBRINCK! 6-0. Ruan Combrinck lines up a shot from 60 metres out and his effort has the distance and the direction!

  • 12'

    Alwyn Hollenback is penalised for holding onto the ball on the ground. It's from about 65 metres out and Jesse Mogg opts to take a shot at goal! His effort has the distance but is to the left of the uprights.

  • 9'

    The Brumbies' front row are penalised for illegal scrummaging inside the Lions' 22. Faf de Klerk plays quickly but the visitors aren't 10-metres back and Jantjies kicks for touch. He puts the ball out close to the Brumbies' 22.

  • 7'

    PENALTY, LIONS, JANTJIES! 3-0. Jantjies opens the scoring from the kicking tee after Scott Fardy is penalised for illegal play at a ruck.

  • 5'

    The Lions launch a drive from a line-out close to their 22 and win about 20 metres on the drive! Rory Arnold is then pinged for collapsing the maul illegally and Elton Jantjies puts the ball out close to the Brumbies' 22.

  • 3'

    Ruan Combrinck is pinged for entering a ruck from the side and Nic White puts the resulting penalty out just inside the Lions' half.

  • 1'

    And we're off! Elton Jantjies gets us underway from right to left and Scott Fardy gathers midway between his 22 and 10-metre line where he goes to ground.

  • 0'

    Good day and welcome to our live coverage of this Super Rugby hit out between the Lions and Brumbies from Ellis Park in Johannesburg. We'll return shortly with team news.

  • 0'

    The Lions have made five changes to their team. In the pack, Martin Muller starts at lock and Robert Kruger comes into the run-on side on the blindside flank. The backline sees three changes with Faf de Klerk starting at scrum-half, Elton Jantjies returning at fly-half berth and Lionel Mapoe, after recovering from injury, starting on the right wing.

  • 0'

    For the Brumbies, prop Allan Alaalatoa makes his first start while Matt Toomua returns from injury at inside-centre. The duo?s inclusion means JP Smith and Robbie Coleman drop down to the replacements bench.

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Lions Brumbies
  • 2 Tries 4
    • 64' Jaco Kriel
    • 78' Andries Coetzee
    • 17' Tevita Kuridrani
    • 20' Ita Vaea
    • 25' Christian Lealiifano
    • 72' Joseph Tomane
  • 2 Conversions 2
    • 65' Elton Jantjies
    • 79' Jaco van der Walt
    • 21' Christian Lealiifano
    • 26' Christian Lealiifano
  • 2 Penalties 2
    • 6' Elton Jantjies
    • 12' Ruan Combrinck
    • 15' Christian Lealiifano
    • 75' Jesse Mogg
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Schalk van der Merwe
  • Robbie Coetzee
  • Julian Redelinghuys
  • Martin Muller
  • Franco Mostert
  • Jaco Kriel
  • Robert Kruger
  • Warren Whiteley
  • Francois de Klerk
  • Elton Jantjies
  • Ruan Combrinck
  • Alwyn Hollenbach
  • Harold Vorster
  • Lionel Mapoe
  • Andries Coetzee
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • Allan Alaalatoa
  • Stephen Moore
  • Ben Alexander
  • Rory Arnold
  • Sam Carter
  • Scott Fardy
  • David Pocock
  • Ita Vaea
  • Nicholas White
  • Christian Lealiifano
  • Joseph Tomane
  • Matt Toomua
  • Tevita Kuridrani
  • Henry Speight
  • Jesse Mogg
  • Armand van der Merwe
  • Jacques Van Rooyen
  • Ruan Dreyer
  • Luvuyiso Lusaseni
  • Warwick Tecklenburg
  • Ross Cronje
  • Jaco van der Walt
  • Howard Mnisi
  • 16
  • 17
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23
  • Josh Mann-Rea
  • Jean-Pierre Smith
  • Ruan Smith
  • Jordan Smiler
  • Jarrad Butler
  • Michael Dowsett
  • James Dargaville
  • Robbie Coleman

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