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Super Rugby

As it happened: Force 6-13 Stormers

2015-04-18 15:35
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18 Apr 15:38

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In next weekend's action, the Stormers will host the Bulls at Newlands, while Force travel to Hamilton to tackle the Chiefs.

In later games today, the Sharks host the Bulls in Durban (17:05) and the Cheetahs entertain the Reds in Bloemfontein (19:10).

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18 Apr 15:32

An ugly win for the Stormers but a win nonetheless. A win characterised by another courageous defensive effort.

They end their Australasian tour with two wins from four matches and will return home to Cape Town with 10 points.

18 Apr 15:30
FULL-TIME: Western Force 6-13 Stormers
18 Apr 15:29

81'- NO TRY!

The TMO says he cannot see anything and rules that it was held up. That's the ball game folks...

18 Apr 15:29
81'- This is going to be very tough for the TMO to see...
18 Apr 15:28


Force fulback Dane Haylett-Petty is over the line, but looks to be held up. However, the TMO must decide...

18 Apr 15:27
80'- Huge scrum from the Stormers, but the Force get the ball out...
18 Apr 15:26
80'- Again, the Force opt for a scrum. This will be the last act of the game...
18 Apr 15:25
79'- The Stormers again caught off-side, with 20 seconds left...
18 Apr 15:24
78'- They're 5 metres from the Stormers line and opt for a scrum...
18 Apr 15:24
78' - After 17 phases of attack, the Force win a penalty...
18 Apr 15:23
76' - The 14-man Force are now inside the red zone. Can the Stormers hold on?
18 Apr 15:22

75'- Force 6-13 Stormers

A Force player tried to charge Coleman's kick but he didn't let it distract him.

You're not allowed to charge a penalty, of course...

18 Apr 15:21
75'- PENALTY slotted by Coleman.
18 Apr 15:20


Force centre Luke Burton is sent to the sin-bin for cynically going off side.

18 Apr 15:20
74'- After 12 phases, they can't force their way through and the referee goes back for a penalty...
18 Apr 15:19
73'- The Stormers have a penalty advantage close to the Force tryline...
18 Apr 15:18
72'- However, a terrific Stormers scrum forces a turnover and the Stormers counter up-field and into the red zone...
18 Apr 15:18
72'- Stormers subs: Burger off, replaced by Notshe.
18 Apr 15:17
71' - Oh dear, Carr knocks it on at the base of the scrum. More pressure...
18 Apr 15:17


Force 61%

Stormers 39%

18 Apr 15:16
70' -The Force have possession just inside Stormers territory, but then a forward pass from Burton to Brache brings more relief for the Stormers...
18 Apr 15:12
66'- After several phases of attack, the Stormers again concede a penalty when they hold on too long on the ground. Ball retention a real problem for the men from the Cape today...
18 Apr 15:10
65'- A brilliant turnover won by De Allende brings relief for the Stormers, who quickly kick up field... The Force then kick it out on the full to give the Stormers a lineout just outside the Force 22m area...
18 Apr 15:09
64'- Force now back inside the Stormers 22...
18 Apr 15:08


Force 3

Stormers 5

18 Apr 15:07
62'- But they concede a penalty in front of the Force's posts as Vermaak holds on too long on the ground...
18 Apr 15:07
62'- Stormers attacking inside the red zone...
18 Apr 15:06
61'- Stormers subs: Malherbe and Botha off, replaced by Koch and Kleyn.
18 Apr 15:04
60'- Stormers subs: Schreuder and Catrakilis off, replaced by Groom and Coleman.
18 Apr 15:04
60' -After 6 phases of attack inside the red zone, the Force knock it on...
18 Apr 15:01
57'- Force back inside the red zone after an impressive run out wide from Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins...
18 Apr 14:59
55'- But the Stormers have at least now improved their territory and possession stakes in the last five minutes...
18 Apr 14:57
53'- But the Stormers again cough up possession... things just not working at the moment it seems...
18 Apr 14:56
52'- Stormers into the red zone after Kolbe brilliantly collects his own chip kick...
18 Apr 14:54
51'- Stormers subs: Kitshoff and Mbonambi off, replaced by Ntubeni and Vermaak.
18 Apr 14:54
51'- A torpedo clearance from none other than Schalk Burger brings some relief...
18 Apr 14:53
50'- Another knock on by the Force close to the Stormers line....
18 Apr 14:51
49'- But the Stormers aren't playing here. They better wake up soon...
18 Apr 14:51
48'- However, from the ensuing scrum, the Force knock it on under the Stormers posts and Catrakilis clears to bring relief for the Capetonians...
18 Apr 14:50
47' - Burton's penalty attempt hits the posts. It takes the Stormers by surprise and Malherbe is caught in possession. He is tackled hard and dots it down dead. Five metre scrum for the hosts...
18 Apr 14:48
46'- Burton will line up a kick from close to the touchline...
18 Apr 14:48
46'- Penalty to the Force after a high tackle from De Jongh...
18 Apr 14:46
45'- Another free kick at the scrum for the Force...
18 Apr 14:45
43'- Catrakilis fails to hang on to a high kick from Ebersohn and it gives the Force a scrum inside Stormers territory...
18 Apr 14:44
42'- Some silky skills from Burger in midfield as his flick back-pass finds Catrakilis, who swings it wide... but again the Stormers lose possession...
  • 80'

    The Force are practically on the line and there is a massive pile of bodies. Fraser goes upstairs to the TMO to look for the try.

  • 80'

    On the replay, Etzebeth puts in the big tackle and the ball cannot be seen. Fraser says no try and calls it day.

  • 80'

    It was a challenging second forty for the visitors as the Force certainly got some great momentum and nearly stole it at the end. Thanks for joining us!

  • 79'

    It''s a clean scrum and they knock it on! But again the Stormers were too quick off the line and Fraser penalises them. The Force go for another scrum as the hooter goes.

  • 78'

    Offiside from the Stormers! The Force are just 5m out and they opt for a scrum. Not sure about that one, though it does give the back lots of space.

  • 77'

    The home side has one last crack at the line here and they are being patient about it. They are camped in the Stormers 22m and keeping it close to the forwards. 17 phases and counting...

  • 75'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, COLEMAN, 6-13: Easy three pointer for the pivot.

  • 74'

    YELLOW CARD, FORCE, BURTON. The centre was judged to be cynically offside by Fraser. He trundles to the side line.

  • 73'

    Boom! The Stormers blast through the Force pack to get the turn! They are hot on attack via Notshe and rumble it up to the Force line.

  • 72'

    Wow! They knock it on at the back of the scrum and we will have our fifth scrum in the last 5 minutes.

  • 71'

    There are a few reset scrums before the Force finally get the ball out, but a forward pass means they have to scrum down again. This time, it is the Stormers ball.

  • 68'

    Catrakilis goes for the deep kick but it turns into an up and under, which all the chasers misjudge and it is left to bounce. Van Wyk snatches at it and knocks it on. That was some very average play.

  • 66'

    Now it''''s the Force''''s turn! They rumble it up and get within striking distance but de Allende forces a great steal under his own poles. Kolbe takes it quickly and drills it downfield as there is no-one home. Morahan has no choice but to kick it into touch, 30m out from his own line. That is a massive turn around.

  • 63'

    The Stormers identify the space on the outside and take it up through some great interplay with Kolbe and Lends. They bring it inside and get to within 5m of the Force try line, but they fail to let go of the ball. The Force breathe a sigh of relief.

  • 62'

    The Stormers clear and Haylett-Petty tries the up and under, but the ball drifts out on the full. That is a big let off for the visitors, who set-up an attacking line-out on the halfway line.

  • 60'

    After a sustained period with the ball, the Force run out of room on the outside and are forced into touch. Play resumes with a line-out 15m out from the Stormers try line.

  • 58'

    It''s Cummins with the break on the outside! Valuable meters there for the Force as they keep the ball in hand well. But the Stormers defence remains resolute.

  • 56'

    The kicking battle resumes and Catrakilis has the final say, setting up a line-out on the halfway line.

  • 55'

    Eventually Kolbe gathers and chips and chases well to get a kind bounce! He is brought down after 20m and a couple phases later the Stormers knock it on at the back of the ruck.

  • 51'

    The Force run it back but again their hands let them down. It is a scrum on the Stormers 22m, from which Catrakilis kicks deep. A kicking battle ensues.

  • 50'

    But the Force are back on attack as Coleman runs it up. Again they get within five and they knock it on. Burger decides he has had enough and goes for the touchline with a wonderful punt, but it is not out.

  • 49'

    de Allende forces a fantastic turnover on the line and Catrakilis clears the pressure.

  • 47'

    Burton hits the post! It falls onto the try line and Malherbe finds the ball in his hands and he is tackled on the line. It is a 5m scrum for the home side, the crowd go wild.

  • 46'

    After some enterprising play, de Jongh is penalised for a high tackle and the Force will have shot at goal.

  • 44'

    This a good start to half from the home side as they mange to get across the advantage line. There is another chip but this one is re-gathered after it was knocked on from a Stormers player.

  • 43'

    The Force try to run it up but again its s soft turn over and the Stormers counter, entering the Force's half. A silly knock on leads to another scrum.

  • 41'

    Ebersohn kicks off the second half from left to right. It goes deep and Catrakilis eventually clears on his own 10m line.

  • 40'

    The Stormers have the lead but they will feel as though they deserved more points as they have dominated the territory and possession stats. The Force have hung in there, but their set-piece remains a bit of a lottery.

  • 38'

    A smashing run from Carr sees the Stormers on the line but the Force steal it! Wow they dodged a bullet there. The ball is cleared to touch. But what a run from Carr, he even stepped the fullback. Amazing.

  • 36'

    PENALTY, FORCE, BURTON, 6-10: One against the head! The Stormers are penalised for not binding at scrum time. Burton chips it over.

  • 34'

    Another steal at line-out time! The Force looked lost standing in the line there and they paid the price for it. The visitors rumble it up.

  • 33'

    The Force almost get the turnover at line-out time but the South African teams secures possession and Catrakilis clears to touch.

  • 32'

    There is quick line-out from the Force and they take it up the Stormers 22m through Mathewson. Cummis has a dart down the line but is bundled into touch on the Stormers 5m line.

  • 30'

    Cummins grabs a loose ball and de Allende comes in from the side. Ebersohn sets up an attacking line-out, from which he puts up the bomb but it is too deep as Kolbe calls a great mark.

  • 27'

    The Stormers attack down the blind side through Schreuder and Etzebeth picks it up and is somehow held off the ground by the Force defence. That is a monumental effort. But now they have to scrum and the home side has been going backwards.

  • 24'

    The Force scrum down on their own 10m line in the middle of the park. Again their attack is under pressure from the Stormers defence so Ebersohn sends it deep with the boot.

  • 20'

    But it''s a steal! Great work at the line-out there. It goes down the line and de Allende tries a grubber kick but its charged down. Kolbe cleans up in the 22m before Catrakilis relieves the pressure, sending play back to the 10m line.

  • 20'

    There is break in play as Force captain Wykes leaves the field with a left ankle injury. Cottrell replaces him.

  • 18'

    The Force enjoy a couple phases after the line-out before loosing the ball in the tackle. They scrum down in front of the poles and 15m out from the try line. Catrakilis then hacks it into touch on his own 10m line.

  • 16'

    Ebersohn sees nothing is on and chips the ball deep into the 22m. Kolbe allows it to bounce, putting his side under pressure. Catrakilis smuggles the ball out just 10m from his line.

  • 14'

    Oh no1 Burger creates some confusion and puts van Wyk in a hole but he drops the ball! Surely that would been another five pointer. Burger throws his hands in the air.

  • 13'

    The Force enjoy some possession in the Stormers' half bu never really trouble the defence, until they are penalised for holding on. Catrakilis sets up the attacking line-out on the Force 22m.

  • 10'

    CONVERSION, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS, 3-10: The pivot chips over the extras.

  • 9'

    PENALTY TRY, STORMERS, 3-8: The visitors get the big shove on and it starts to turn. Fraser believes the Force are scrumming in and that a try would have definitely been scored.

  • 7'

    The Stormers are hot on attack just 5m out from the force line. They take it through 12 phases before the Force infringe at ruck time. Plenty hands in there. Interestingly, they opt for the scrum right in front of the poles.

  • 4'

    PENALTY, FORCE, BURTON, 3-3: What a strike by the centre! He was over 50m out on the angle and he hit it high and handsome for three points.

  • 3'

    Burgers is pinged for going off his feet and the Force opt for the long range kick.

  • 2'

    And its a great grab from the Stormers, who secure possession on the Force 22m line. After eight phases, they earn a penalty. Catrakilis lines it up.

  • 2'

    PENALTY, STORMERS, CATRAKILIS, 0-3: That is 19 from 19 for the number 10.

  • 1'

    Mike Fraser signals the start of play, with Catrakilis kicking off from left to right.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our coverage of the Force and the Stormers, taking place at nib Stadium in Perth.

  • 0'

    Western Force boss Michael Cheika has made just one change to his run-on side with Chris Alcock starting on the openside flank in place of Kane Koteka who is sidelined due to concussion. Amongst the replacements, former Australian U20 player Ross Haylett-Petty is set to make his Super Rugby debut.

  • 0'

    Meanwhile, the visitors have made four changes to their starting XV. Up front, hooker Bongi Mbonambi, lock Ruan Botha and flanker Siya Kolisi come in to the side as replacements for Scarra Ntubeni, Manuel Carizza and Michael Rhodes respectively while in the back-line Louis Schreuder is preferred to Nic Groom at scrum-half.

  • 0'

    Conditions tonight are absolutely perfect for rugby, no excuses off the boot tonight.

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    • 9' Penalty Try
  • 0 Conversions 1
    • 9' Demetri Catrakilis
  • 2 Penalties 2
    • 4' Luke Burton
    • 37' Luke Burton
    • 2' Demetri Catrakilis
    • 75' Kurt Coleman
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 1 Yellow Cards 0
    • 74' Luke Burton
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Pekahou Cowan
  • Nathan Charles
  • Tetera Faulkner
  • Sam Wykes
  • Adam Coleman
  • Steve Mafi
  • Chris Alcock
  • Ben McCalman
  • Alby Mathewson
  • Sias Ebersohn
  • Nick Cummins
  • Luke Burton
  • Kyle Godwin
  • Luke Morahan
  • Dane Haylett-Petty
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  • Frans Malherbe
  • Eben Etzebeth
  • Ruan Botha
  • Siya Kolisi
  • Schalk Burger
  • Nizaam Carr
  • Louis Schreuder
  • Demetri Catrakilis
  • Dillyn Leyds
  • Damian de Allende
  • Juan De Jongh
  • Jacobus Van Wyk
  • Cheslin Kolbe
  • Heath Tessmann
  • Chris Heiberg
  • Oli Hoskins
  • Ross Haylett-Petty
  • Angus Cottrell
  • Ian Prior
  • Solomoni Rasolea
  • Marcel Brache
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  • Siyabonga Ntubeni
  • Alistair Vermaak
  • Vincent Koch
  • Jean Kleyn
  • Sikhumbuzo Notshe
  • Nick Groom
  • Kurt Coleman
  • Huw Jones

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