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Super Rugby

As it happened: Bulls 13-17 Hurricanes

2015-02-20 21:35
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20 Feb 20:59
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20 Feb 20:56


Julian Savea is the man of the match.

20 Feb 20:52



The Hurricanes have held on for another victory on the South African leg of their tour.  A error strewn game from both sides, but the Bulls could have stolen it at the death after Hattingh managed to get over in the left hand corner, but his left hand was touching the whitewash as he attempted to score the try.

20 Feb 20:49
79' - The Hurricanes keep possession now and look to run down the clock...
20 Feb 20:48
78' - The Bulls are straight back onto the attack and Paige  is pulled into a ruck, the ref rules he knocked it on... poor decision that.  Scrum to the Hurricanes.
20 Feb 20:47
77' - NO TRY!  Hattingh was the Bulls player, his left hand was touching the line as he went over, he will be kicking himself.  22m drop out to the Hurricanes.
20 Feb 20:45
77' - TMO DECISION!  The Bulls are over in the left hand corner, but was the player out?  His hand might just be touching the line...
20 Feb 20:44
76' - The Bulls are back onto the attack, just outside the Hurricanes 22m area.  This might be their last chance of the match.
20 Feb 20:41
73' - The Bulls take the ball through a number of phases and are now into the Hurricanes 22m area... but then Libenberg loses its forward.  Too many errors from the Bulls tonight.
20 Feb 20:39
71' - Hurricanes knock on just inside their own hadlf as Shields drops an easy pass. The Bulls have a scrum feed, around 45m out and in the centre of the field.
20 Feb 20:35

68' - Barrett cannot convert the try. 


20 Feb 20:34
67' - TRY to the Hurricanes.  Savea takes a quick tap and go and forces his way over from 5 metres out.
20 Feb 20:33
66'  - PENALTY to the Hurricanes, the Bulls were offside.
20 Feb 20:33

64' - Strong scrum from the Hurricanes and the go to Savea on the left hand side, but the defence of the Bulls brings him down.

20 Feb 20:32
63' - Perenara kicks into acres of space, the Bulls have a defensive lineout which they cough up to the Hurricanes who are on the attack, only 5 metres out.  The ball won't emerge from a ruck and the referee rules a scrum to the Hurricanes, 5m out from the Bulls line.  
20 Feb 20:29
62' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes, this time the Bulls are penalised for scrumming inwards.  Barrett clears to the halfway line.
20 Feb 20:27
60' - Poor lineout from the Bulls and the Hurricanes snaffle the ball and kick ahead.  The Bulls are straight back onto the attack again as they make a number of metres, but then knock it on...
20 Feb 20:25
59' - PENALTY to the Bulls after they monster the Hurricane in a scrum!  Pollard sets up an attacking lineout just on the Hurricanes 22m line.
20 Feb 20:23

56' - The Hurricanes cough up the ball at the lineout and Pollard gets a little lucky as his little kick ahead rolls out into touch.  It wasn't a great effort by the youngster.  

20 Feb 20:21
55' - PENALTY to the Hurricane. The Bulls launch a number of attacks that take them into the Hurricanes half but then are penalised for not releasing.  Barrett clears to inside the Bulls 22m area.
20 Feb 20:18

52' - Pollard lands the penalty.  The Bulls lead again.


20 Feb 20:17
51' - Bull substitution.  Greyling replaces Mellett at prop.
20 Feb 20:16
51' - PENALTY to the Bulls as the Hurricanes infringe in the lineout.  Pollard will kick at goal.
20 Feb 20:16
50' - PENALTY to the Bulls.  They managed to get their hands on the ball while the Hurricanes where on the attack just inside the Bulls 22m. Pollard clears to the Hurricanes 10m line.
20 Feb 20:14

49' - Brilliant steal from Matfield, but the Bulls can't work the ball free and the Hurricanes have a scrum feed.

20 Feb 20:13
48' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes as Hougaard takes out Jane in the air.  The Bulls discipline is still a problem for them tonight. Barrett sets up a lineout in the Bulls half.
20 Feb 20:12

47' - Barrett slots the penalty.  The Hurricanes are back in front.


20 Feb 20:11
45' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes.  Nyakane is penalised at the ruck.  Barrett will kick at goal from around 30m out and slightly to the right of the uprights.
20 Feb 20:10
44' - Pollard misses with his long range penalty attempts. The Hurricanes run it straight back at the Bulls and up to halfway.
20 Feb 20:09
42' - PENALTY to the Bulls!  Nyakane makes and excellent tackle and he is up quickly and over the ball. Broadhurst not releasing.  
20 Feb 20:07
41' - Kriel does well to field a Hurricanes kick ahead and also to ensure the Bulls win the ball at the resulting ruck.  Pollard clears deep, but not out and the Hurricanes look to build from halfway again.
20 Feb 20:05


Barrett gets us underway for the second half, the Hurricanes are playing from left to right.  Pollard collects and clears to the halfway line.

20 Feb 19:56


The Bulls lead by 10 - 9 after initially struggling in the first 20 minutes.  The Hurricanes had a number of penalties and went into an early 6 - 0 lead, but the Bulls came back into the match have scored the only try of the match so far through Pollard.

The scrums are an area of concern for the men from Pretoria, they have given away two penalties for scrum infringements.

20 Feb 19:53

40' - Barrett slots it through the middle and the whistle goes for half time.  


20 Feb 19:51
40' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes as Mellett is penalised for collapsing the scrum.  Barrett will kick at goal.
20 Feb 19:51
39' - Attacking scrum to the Hurricane, around 15m out from the Bulls line, with a blindside to work with. The Bulls were called for numbers in the lineout.
20 Feb 19:50
38' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes after a very strong scrum.  Nyakane is penalised.  Barrett sets up a lineout in the Bulls 22m area.
20 Feb 19:48
37' - Scrum on halfway to the Hurricanes after Basson is judged to have knocked on while contesting an up and under.  Barrett knocks on this time.  Bulls have the scrum feed in a great attacking position, centre of the field around 40m out.
20 Feb 19:46
36' - Barrett has missed again, this time pulling it across the face the uprights.   The Bulls still lead by 4.
20 Feb 19:46
34' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes as the Bulls are penalised at ruck time.  The ref ruled that Labuschagne was not allowed to play the ball. Tight call.  Barrett will have a shot at goal.  This is from the right hand side of the field around 45m out.
20 Feb 19:44
33' - The Bulls control the kickoff and Pollard makes a brilliant clearance into the Hurricanes half. The youngster is featuring more and more as the game goes on.
20 Feb 19:43

32' - Pollard converts his own try.  The Bulls take the lead at Loftus.


20 Feb 19:42
31' - TRY to the Bulls! They managed to keep the possession this time and eventually Pollard goes over right under the posts!
20 Feb 19:41
30' - The Bulls are immediately back on the attack after Kriel has a great little run from the deep Hurricanes kick off.  
20 Feb 19:40

29' - No mistake from Pollard.  The Bulls are on the board!


20 Feb 19:39
27' - PENALTY to the Bulls!  The Hurricanes knock on in midfield and the Bulls get hold of the ball.  The Hurricanes backs are all offside.  Pollard will go for goal from the half way line and straight in front.  
20 Feb 19:38

26' - PENALTY to the Hurricanes as Engelbrecht is penalised for not rolling away after making a tackle.  The Hurricanes clear to just inside the Bulls half.  

20 Feb 19:36
25' - Unfortunately for the Bulls they turn the ball over in midfield as they cannot control it and knock on. Hurricanes have the put in on their own 22m line.
  • 80'

    Slow and patient from the Canes as they wind down the clock here, using their forwards well as Perenara directs his troops. Have the Bulls turned it over though? Not this time! The Hurricanes win on the road at Loftus, their second win in SA this year. Another home defeat for the Bulls, a tight contest eventually won by the side from New Zealand thanks to Savea's try.

  • 80'


  • 79'

    Strong carry up from Pollard but then the Canes get away with playing the scrum-half, winning a scrum. Looking to get as far away from their try line as possible.

  • 78'

    NO TRY! Hattingh's hand touched the sideline as he went to ground the ball, so the score is ruled out! The replacement will be kicking himself. Canes drop out.

  • 77'

    Canes going backwards in defence and now the Bulls have a huge chance to attack! Nyakane rumbling forward as they breach the 22. Wide passes from Pollard and Englebrecht, Hattingh could be in at the near corner for the try! Or is he? The TMO is having a look.

  • 75'

    Canes clear but back come the Bulls strongly with Englebrecht. The ball though is loose at the ruck! Shocking timing and the Canes win a vital scrum.

  • 73'

    Strong carry from Spies, as the Bulls make it over the 22. Lost though by Liebenberg, with Savea's kick ahead causing some chaos as Pollard knocks on. Error count creeping up for the Bulls.

  • 71'

    Hurricanes with the scrum inside their half. Good contest from both sides but then Shields drops a simple pass, giving the Bulls a scrum.

  • 69'

    Barrett can't add the conversion as the Bulls look to regain their lead.

  • 67'

    TRY, HURRICANES, SAVEA! 13-17: Bulls quick up to stop Savea one-on-one, going offside in the process. Back we come for that penalty - what will the Canes do? Tap and go, try to Savea! Smart, ruthless play from the All Blacks winger, going through three tacklers.

  • 65'

    Loose lineout from Visagie and the Canes are five metres out! Multiple carries but the ball is lost in a ruck, scrum to the visitors. Big chance here.

  • 63'

    Bulls penalised for driving in on the angle at the scrum, Barrett with the touchfinder. Crashed up by Nonu, Bulls defence holding firm. Clever kick over the top from Barrett pins them back.

  • 61'

    Van Zyl's high kick causes some confusion but the Bulls recover. Knocked on though by Greyling, Canes scrum. Visitors under the cosh a little here.

  • 59'

    Bulls with a scrum just inside their own half and it's a rare penalty for the hosts! Franks the man penalised as the Bulls get some momentum going. Turned over though by the Canes who promptly clear their lines.

  • 56'

    Canes can't secure the lineout, handing the Bulls a chance to clear. Nonu tries to reply with a long, low kick that just bounces too far.

  • 54'

    Bulls with a scrum outside their 22. Reset, free kick to the Bulls. Strauss through the middle! Good carry from the Springbok. Penalty though to the Canes, Strauss isolated. Barrett finds touch in the Bulls half.

  • 52'

    PENALTY, BULLS, POLLARD! 13-12: Sweet strike from Pollard and the Bulls are back in front.

  • 51'

    Matfield takes the lineout and the Bulls get a penalty for the Canes interfering with the man in the air. Pollard grabs his kicking tee.

  • 50'

    Long attack from the Canes who make good ground up to the 22, but the Bulls win the breakdown penalty. Pollard kicks to touch.

  • 48'

    Lineout stolen by Matfield! Van Zyl though is set upon by the defence and the Canes win a central scrum inside their opponent's half.

  • 47'

    Hougaard takes out Jane in the air so the Canes immediately have a penalty, Barrett finding touch.

  • 46'

    PENALTY, HURRICANES, BARRETT! 10-12: Another good strike from Barrett and the lead changes hands.

  • 44'

    Pollard hits the post from 58 metres out! Unbelievable strike but no luck with the woodwork. Canes attack hard in response, Thomson over the gain line. Advantage to the Canes, lost forward and Barrett will go for the posts to put his side ahead.

  • 43'

    Canes really trying to get Savea on the ball, spreading the Bulls defence around. Penalty won by Nyakane, great work at the ruck. Pollard to go for a very long shot at goal.

  • 42'

    Simple start as Pollard clears to touch, right back to halfway. Carries from Nonu and Woodward making ground. Coles with a grubber ahead and Kriel just about handles it before the Bulls recover. Pollard slips before kicking but does get it away.

  • 40'

    PENALTY, HURRICANES, BARRETT! 10-9: Another scrum penalty for the visitors and Barrett goes for the posts, adding the kick from out on the right. Kriel's breaks aside, this has been a fairly even half, with both sides' handling letting them down at times. Here's to a more clinical second half.

  • 40'


  • 40'

    Both sides back out on the field as Barrett prepares to kick off. We're underway!

  • 39'

    Overthrown by Coles! Bulls though with too many numbers in the lineout, so it's a free kick. Scrum taken, out wide on the far side so with plenty of field to work with.

  • 38'

    Great scrum from the Canes and they win a penalty, Nyakane under real pressure. One last chance perhaps before the interval.

  • 36'

    Basic error from the Canes as Barrett drops the pass off the back of the scrum. Central position for the Bulls to attack then as the clock winds down to half-time.

  • 34'

    Tough kick and Barrett can't make it. Bulls to drop out. Savea under pressure and the Bulls seem to dislodge it with their chase, but it's knocked on. Canes scrum.

  • 33'

    Bulls clear their lines but the Canes are back on the attack, Labuschagne penalised for not rolling away. Long strike for Barrett on the angle, about 55 metres.

  • 30'

    TRY, BULLS, POLLARD! 8-6: Great break from Kriel, scorching upfield through the tackle of Franks. Bulls all the way up to five metres out, can they score? Forwards driving from close range and then Pollard at speed hits the line to score! That's a try for the home side.

  • 30'

    CONVERSION, BULLS, POLLARD! 10-6: Simple conversion for Pollard and the Bulls lead by four.

  • 28'

    PENALTY, BULLS, POLLARD! 3-6: Huge strike from the young star and the Bulls have something on the board.

  • 27'

    Canes get the ball away from the scrum and then win a penalty after the Bulls fail to roll away. Barrett punts it to touch. Savea crashing up in midfield but the pass to him is poor, knocking on as a result. Bulls attack and win a penalty on halfway against Nonu for offside. Pollard will go for the posts.

  • 25'

    Good counter-drive from the Canes as the Bulls go to maul again, learning their lesson. Lost forward, scrum to the visitors on their own 22.

  • 24'

    Good rolling maul from the Bulls, eating up ground as they move over halfway. Tempers fraying a little as the Bulls get a penalty, Pollard kicking to touch.

  • 23'

    Canes going for the maul again but they're rightly penalised for obstruction, allowing the Bulls to clear.

  • 22'

    Matfield penalised for pulling down the maul, as the penalties really rack up for the hosts. Canes go to the corner.

  • 21'

    Scrum to the Hurricanes on halfway, who have had 63 percent of the possession so far. Down the blindside, Jane chipping over the top. Kriel gathers but is thrown into touch, winning the Canes a clever lineout.

  • 19'

    PENALTY, HURRICANES, BARRETT! 0-6: Simple stuff and the Canes double their lead.

  • 18'

    Hurricanes hitting top gear now as Nonu does well, releasing Broadhurst into space. Danger signs for the Bulls and the visitors win their third penalty in a few minutes. This should be easy for Barrett.

  • 16'

    That effort, from a similar position to his first kick, drops short and right of the posts. Bulls to drop out.

  • 15'

    Du Plessis pinged for playing the man in the air at the lineout, chance for Barrett to extend the lead.

  • 14'

    Canes counting up the phases with good quick ball, reaching halfway. Jane making ground as Basson tries to go for the interception and misses! Canes press on and Savea is put into space, but the defence catches up with him. Bulls lineout.

  • 12'

    PENALTY, HURRICANES, BARRETT! 0-3: The All Black continues his form from last week to put the visitors ahead.

  • 11'

    Some territory at last for the visitors, who steal the Bulls lineout and then force Kriel to find touch inside his own half. Spreading the ball wide and the Canes win a penalty at the ruck, Stegmann punished. Barrett to go for the posts.

  • 9'

    Box kick from Perenara taken by the Bulls who run back with purpose, over halfway. Pollard darts through a gap, Bulls ten metres out. Good counter-rucking from the Canes to turn over and then clear to safety.

  • 8'

    Lineout is good but the Canes then lose possession at the ruck - danger now for the visitors. Van Zyl pounced on at the ruck but we play on, Strauss carrying but brought down and knocking on. Canes clear, but only to Kriel but Serfontein is in touch when he takes the pass. Canes lineout.

  • 6'

    Couple of resets at the scrum slow things down a bit. Pressure from the Canes but the Bulls clear, Pollard with a great kick into the corner over Savea. Canes lineout close to their line.

  • 4'

    Brilliant hands from the Canes, upping the tempo with short passes. Overlaps, Jane and Coles exchanging passes before the ball is lost forward. The Bulls snatch it and clear again. Barrett gathers the high kick but knocks on in the tackle, Bulls scrum in their half. A breathless few minutes!

  • 3'

    Promising attack for the Bulls, Kriel on the ball before the Canes turn it over through Savea and Barrett clears to touch. Still a good position for the Bulls.

  • 3'

    Taken at the front and the Bulls maul tries to get going. Poor pass from Pollard knocked on, Canes hacking forward and chasing. Serfontein tidies up on his 22 and the Bulls recover and clear.

  • 2'

    Hurricanes keeping the ball in hand, trying to run out of their 22. Finally kicked and it ends up in touch, on the full by Barrett, handing the Bulls a good lineout position.

  • 0'

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of this Super Rugby clash between the Bulls and the Hurricanes at Loftus Versfeld.

  • 0'

    BULLS: Regular captain and number eight Pierre Spies is back at the helm of the Bulls, taking over the captaincy from Victor Matfield and the number eight jumper from Arno Botha. The injury to Werner Kruger means Trevor Nyakane shifts to tighthead with Morne Mellett coming off the bench. Kriel replaces Jurgen Visser at full-back.

  • 0'

    HURRICANES: The Canes have named a largely unchanged side although Nonu starts, making his 145th Super Rugby appearance. Full-back Jason Woodward is the only non-All Black in an impressive backline. Manawatu flanker Callum Gibbins is set to get his first start for the Hurricanes.

  • 0'

    Not long not until kickoff at Loftus - good conditions ahead, dry and minimal wind to contend with.

  • 0'

    Referee is happy, the teams are happy - Pollard to get proceedings underway. Here we go!

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Bulls Hurricanes
  • 1 Tries 1
    • 30' Handre Pollard
    • 66' Julian Savea
  • 1 Conversions 0
    • 31' Handre Pollard
  • 2 Penalties 4
    • 28' Handre Pollard
    • 51' Handre Pollard
    • 11' Beauden Barrett
    • 18' Beauden Barrett
    • 40' Beauden Barrett
    • 46' Beauden Barrett
  • 0 Drop Goals 0
  • 0 Yellow Cards 0
  • 0 Red Cards 0
Team Line-ups
  • Morn? Mellett
  • Adriaan Strauss
  • Trevor Nyakane
  • Jacques Du Plessis
  • Victor Matfield
  • Deon Stegmann
  • Pieter Labuschagne
  • Pierre Spies
  • Piet van Zyl
  • Handre Pollard
  • Francois Hougaard
  • Jan Serfontein
  • JJ Engelbrecht
  • Bjorn Basson
  • Jessie Kriel
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  • Reg Goodes
  • Dane Coles
  • Ben Franks
  • Mark Abbott
  • James Broadhurst
  • Brad Shields
  • Callum Gibbins
  • Blade Thomson
  • TJ Perenara
  • Beauden Barrett
  • Julian Savea
  • Ma'a Nonu
  • Conrad Smith
  • Cory Jane
  • Jason Woodward
  • Callie Visagie
  • Dean Greyling
  • Grant Hattingh
  • Hanro Liebenberg
  • Rudy Paige
  • Jacques-Louis Potgieter
  • Jurgen Visser
  • Dayan van der Westhuizen
  • 16
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  • Brayden Mitchell
  • Jeff Allen
  • Chris Eves
  • Ardie Savea
  • Victor Vito
  • Chris Smylie
  • James Marshall
  • Matt Proctor

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