Grant pivotal for Stormers

2011-06-19 17:50

Cape Town - There's no doubt that the Stormers have missed flyhalf Peter Grant in recent weeks, especially in their defeat last week at home to the Bulls.

Grant showed his worth with a stellar man-of-the-match performance in the Stormers' 44-34 win over the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein.

And there's no man more happy for Grant's return than Stormers coach Allister Coetzee.

Coetzee lauded Grant's performance after the win in Bloemfontein.

"Having Peter Grant back was great. We knew how important it would be to have someone of his experience in the side and he proved that today. He is very influential and he handled the Cheetahs rush defence very well. There are a few things he can brush up on, but that is to be expected after having been out of the game for over a month. Nevertheless we were very happy with his kicking at goal, his general play and his defence," Coetzee told the Stormers website.

The Stormers will now enjoy a much-needed bye next weekend, as they prepare for their semi-final at Newlands in a fortnight's time.

They did, however, suffer a potentially crucial injury blow when eightman Duane Vermeulen went off with a knee injury in the second half in Bloemfontein.

Vermeulen will undergo a scan to his knee this week to determine the severity of the injury.


  • WPBEFONK - 2011-06-19 18:16

    Fantastic Player, YES what a player. I was in the stadium and he controlled that game like the MASTER he is. OVERALL the BOYS had a GREAT game. Duanne Vermeulen was vir my die PICK van die BOYS, hy was op sy skitterende BESTE en op sy hakke as usual was Scalla, Flo, Andries etc. Brian Habana is a hardworker. Hy't gister weer gewys dat hy, jean, jaque, juan ,gio ens ens nie hul gelyke in SA het nie, indien nie dalk in die wereld. Duanne Vermeulen is a MUST for the RWC, now that Spies will go back to the CCup. Well done BOYS, I am so Proooooooooooooud of you. And I don't want to see ANY Blue Bull comments until NEXT year...

      Frik - 2011-06-19 18:32

      Ok geen bull comments nie... Go SAders!!!!

      Kaapie - 2011-06-19 18:41

      Grant was good. Still not Bok material for me. I prefer Lambie. What we need is to sort out that front row and the lineouts. period!

      Logoll - 2011-06-19 19:03

      @Kaapie, well just before Grant got injured even old Naas said he should be flyhalf. @wpbefonk, don't worry the Bulls supporters are probably all still sleeping off their hangovers hoping that when they wake up it turns out to just have been a bad dream :)

      WPBEFONK - 2011-06-19 20:40

      Dit bly maar ELKE Blou Bul se droom om vir die WP en STORMERS te speel!!!!!!!

      MaestroX - 2011-06-19 20:47

      Have to agree WP, Duanne was massive, any news on him? Is his injury bad? Spies Is not in the same league on heavy fields, on fast fields yes and against weaker team he will be perfect, however on heavy and wet NZ fields, Duanne might be the better choice! The again I would rather see Schalk, Juan and Heinrich!

      WPBEFONK - 2011-06-19 20:50

      @MaestroX - I've just read on the Stormers Facebook page that he is going for a scan tomorrow. Maar hy is 'n YSTER!!!!!!!!!!

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 21:00

      @WPBEFONK Absolute droom ja, ons almal wens ons kan vir 'n hele dekade nooit,ooit 'n beker wen nie.

      Frik - 2011-06-19 21:31

      @WP nee my maat ons spelers hou van girls met tande...

  • jontheb - 2011-06-19 18:35

    Shoe, maar die vlou nul fans is maar stil vandag...shame...en volgende jaar is daar nie meer 'n Matfield, of 'n Botha (Gary of Bakkies), 'n Danie Rossouw, of 'n Du Preez...te minste het hulle nog vir meisiekind...

      WPBEFONK - 2011-06-19 18:39

      Miskien gaan Meisiekind, Zane, Hougaard en Spies maar na ander provinsies trek...

      Kaapie - 2011-06-19 18:40

      Meisie gaan hul kaptein wees.. can you imagine..!

      Frik - 2011-06-19 18:53

      Meisiekind is steeds beter as Jean "meer highlights in sy hare as in enige game" de Villiers...

      Capso - 2011-06-19 19:05

      Hulle moet meisiekind eerder Bostick noem want hy pass nooit die bal nie. @Frik, dis duidelik jy ken nie rugby nie my maat, enige iemand wat rugby kyk sal vir jou se di ou is nie senter se gat werd nie man. Om hom met Juan te vergelyk is verregaande, Juan is ligjare beter as hy. O ja, jy gesien die flou nulle het verloor gisteraand, jy weet, daai blou spannetjie vir wie meisiekind speel. Dalk het jy dit gemis, dog ek laat weet maar net.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 19:30

      I reckon the Bulls next captain is Dewald Potgieter, or rather, if I were a Bulls fan, I would HOPE Dewald P took over the captaincy. Knowing those chaps though, they will appoint Spies as captain.....

      Frik - 2011-06-19 19:40

      Ag nee Capso? Was in Witbank en het die uitsending gemis... @ Saffa ek hoor in die gange die nuwe Kaptein is Chiliman Ramafele...

      WPBEFONK - 2011-06-19 20:18

      @SAFFA-CAT. I'm not a Blue Bulls Supporter but I would agree that between Dewaldt and Spies they can choose a captain.... @Frik- If it is going to be Chiliman Ramafele, let's respect that. Go Sharks !!!!!! Go Stormers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Hart, My Siel, My Lewe en My Alles is Blou en Wit GESTREEP(Blue and White Hoops) vir die afgelope 40 jaar. WP jy bly maar 'n LEKKA DENG!!!!!!!!!!!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 20:34

      @Frik - Chiliboy would not let the Bulls down as captain mate. He has been groomed for a captains position somewhere (if one looks at his career thus far). Chili would be a better captain than Spies (as I always reckon your captain HAS to be one of finest PLAYERS, and NOT just a great leader), BUT: as a total neutral, I just like the look of Dewald as a captain....hardest working and GUTsiest Bulls player by a long stretch, very calm, writes and speaks beautifully, intelligent etc etc etc. If Dewald was a Stormer, I would be actively campaigning for him to captain.

      Frik - 2011-06-19 21:36

      @WP wat van papsak? @Cat ons sal seker maar moet wag en sien wat die ou oompies besluit... Maar wie dit okal gaan wees het 'n groot taak voor hom om Oom Vic se skoene vol te staan...

  • SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 18:51

    Good evening winners and losers. See Bulls chaps the sun DID come up today! Once again congrats Sharks and STORMERSSSSSSSSS. The interesting thing about BOTH of those teams performances yesterday - the starting 15 for both teams, was spot-on. Plumtree and Alistair BOTH got it right. Allistair and Fleck - keep that backline as is for the semi chaps - Aplon belongs at 15, and Juan belongs on the field - no matter where he plays. Proudfoot - sort the scrums out quickly comrade, no rest for you this week! Then SIR Duane Vermeulen (and I know you chaps are fed up with me promoting Duane's cause) but honestly - no team going to war can be without him. The injury could be pretty serious...but tomorrow we'll all know - holding thumbs for you Duane! Thank the rugby gods for Koster as a replacement. Bulls chaps, did you manage to watch young Schreuder? I told you chaps he was a classy 9..... That all said - I am going to enjoy the Stormers BYE this weekend as much as the team will. PS: Have they managed to find the emotionally stunted sewer rat with his frikkin laser beam in Tswane? And how do you chaps explain all the BOO-ING? Tsk tsk. (And yeah Bullies, it was sad seeing the end of an era at Loftus-I've moaned about em for years - but ALWAYS respected them, Victor, Bakkies, Du Preez and Danie....)

      Grunk - 2011-06-19 19:01

      And at this rate we are going to have to apologise to Habana if he can keep up the improving performances - but he's not there yet.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 19:27

      @Grunk - Habs is 'peaking' at the right time :) I would still have liked to see Sadie start in lieu of Habs on Saturday - but all in all, the backline was pretty damn effective. Hope it stays that way! ** Message to BROK and WIKUS - get out of the backline chaps.....and yes I KNOW your 'slick' hands contributed to one try yesterday - but more often than not, you BIG chaps lose the frikkin ball - a la Spies style. Keep the &^))*&) out of the backline!!!!!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 20:45

      @Dowwe Duane - You hope Duane is badly injured you say? You know what I hope? I hope that you will be forgiven.

      MaestroX - 2011-06-19 20:53

      Have to agree SAFFA, why is Brok always in the back line, in defense and attack!!!! Dowwe Duane please go in the traffic!

      Ace Ventura - 2011-06-19 21:07

      I agree with SAFFA (Did I just say that?). Duane, I also hope you will be forgiven.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 21:08

      @Maestrox - drives me loco sometimes, those 'larger chaps' in the backline. The only one I don't mind seeing there is Deon for the rest - eish. It's almost as though our 'big boys' don't trust our backline to do anything with the ball. Every prop is a centre at heart I suppose. - 2011-06-20 05:34

      Dowwe. You are a disgrace. I love it when WP wins but I also love it more when SA wins. I have the utmost respect for opposing teams such as the Bulls. They have produced many great players and great moments. Their true supporters must be cringing when they read your comments. You have dragged this blog into the gutter. Please go. - 2011-06-20 07:40

      Dowwe Duane , I reckon even if they amputate his Leg , he will still play better than Spies. lol.

  • Kuppy - 2011-06-19 18:57

    Yes Allister we know how good Grant is but could you please please explain your thinking about Earl Rose being on the bench (maybe you have caught the Pvd brains in a**s sickness) If Rose comes on he could cost us the game, i have seen enough games where he passes these long passes to a player which get intercepted by the opposition + he cannot tackle to save his life. Please Allister Coetzee don't destroy all your hard work just to destroy your reputation by choosing Rose to be in the squad otherwise your detractors will just cement there believe that you will allways just be an assistent coach and that you are just Rassie's sidekick.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 19:22

      @Kuppy - Earl genuinely only travelled to Bloem as Player 23 for the Stormers. Dewald was touted to start at 9 and provide cover for 10 up until Friday. Dewald's late withdrawal left the management with some thinking to do. Johan Sadie 'filled' in at flyhalf for Maties 2008 and 2009 I think (but is not known for his kicking). The other talk was Jean or Conrad covering 10 if Grant had to leave the field, and I thought that young Schreuder (who has played flyhalf) might possibly cover 10 as well after Dewald was withdrawn. Fact is - however 'ridiculous' some fans find Earl Rose, the man has experience, and can kick - so I reckon the coaches did the wisest thing possible, and put him and his boot on the bench. Imagine we needed to covert a try to win the game - with not ONE recognised goal kicker on the field? Mayhem! Earl will fall out of the mix now, as Dewald should be fit in 2 weeks, and Grant IS fit. Lionel Cronje I reckon might also be fit in 2 weeks...not sure.

      Aitsa - 2011-06-19 22:02

      Nobody that underestmiates Allister Coetzee should be taken seriously and I'm pretty sure the man is sleeping soundly. As well he should.

  • Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 19:54

    Pivotal for what? Making sure they get crushed by the Crusaders?

      Northern Stormer - 2011-06-19 22:37

      Hy soek aandag - verworpe etter !!! Scumbag en ja nog baie meer wat n mens nie hier kan noem nie !!!

  • Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 20:04

    Ai, nou begin die groot lekkerte vir my, om als teen die Stormers te ondersteun. So vir 'n begin cheer ek Crusaders, waarskynlike semi. Ek gaan ongekende vreugde ervaar as die Jokers van wereldrugby op hul geliefde Nuweland sneuwel. Die Crusaders is bekend dat hul bekers wen, EN, nog beter, "gracious" is EN, nog beter, weet om hulle bekke te hou as hul nie bekers het nie. Jy sal hulle nooit sien rondloop en die hele wereld vertel hoe goed hulle is as hulle in 'n dekade absoluut f@kk@l gewen het. GO CRUSADERS

      Frik - 2011-06-19 20:17

      Kan ook nie sien hoe dit nie die SAders gaan wees nie...

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 20:18

      @Lord My toilets get cleaned by my 2 full-time maids in my million dollar Vancouver mansion. Thanks for asking

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 20:19

      multi-million dollar I should say

      Staalbal - 2011-06-19 20:23

      Ag shame Ou Dowwe Dolla se hartjie is so seer dat sy bulletjies verloor het.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 20:48

      Dowwe Duane/Effel/Spier/Oupa Eiloe's entire "life" in Canada is a lie folk. It's a delusion born from the womb of his imagination.

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 21:08

      Ok SAFFA Jy's mos nou die outjie wat als weet en kyk, NIEMAND kan vir SAFFA iets vertel nie, kyk jy weet, jy weet selfs waar ek bly, wat ek doen en verdien. Moet nou nie weghol nie, kom ons vat mekaar bietjie, uitgesproke klein twat. Wat kan ek doen vir jou om te bewys: Ek is 'n ortopeed in Vancouver Ek bly in 'n huis met see-uitsig wat meer werd is as wat jy in 40 jaar kan verdien. Ek het 'n 2010 Aston Martin en 2011 ML 63 AMG Ek verdien rondom $2mijloen per jaar (R 14milj) en ek merk 9maande vd jaar Toe moet nou nie maak soos jy altyd maak en weghardloop, OF, die onderwerp heeltemal vermy en 'n ontoepaslike chirp maak nie. Kom Einstein, kom ons praat

      Lord Haw-Haw - 2011-06-19 21:09

      @Dowwe, oh please you fat liar, you have to have some brain cells to go to Canada, which you quite clearly dont have. I am guessing you are from Boksburg or Benoni or some place where the mullet is still considered fashionable

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-19 21:11

      @Lord See the post I just wrote to SAFFA and let me know

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 21:21

      @Dowwe Duane - Your life is a lie mate - end of. You know it, I know it, and most here know it. You are now embarassing yourself. You have put your "caviar life" out there for all to see, now back it up, and give us your name then "Dr". Then we may search for our own confirmation - yes? It helps little that you make all these 'grand claims', yet hide behind 700 fake profiles.........reveal yourself "O sewer rat".

      Lord Haw-Haw - 2011-06-19 21:25

      @dowwe, well i am a brain surgeon living in Monaco earning 5 million euros a year. I drive a Bugatti Veyron and have a yacht.

      Mikey - 2011-06-19 21:27

      Dowwe D@@s - hulle sĂȘ : money talks. wealth whispers, maar jammer ou beesblaas - jou commongeit skreeu ten hemele. Ortopeed in Vancouver se gat, spanner boy in Springs, etter.

      Lord Haw-Haw - 2011-06-19 21:37

      @Mikey -, lol

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-19 21:43

      And now you have run away @Effel/Dowwe Duane/Spier/FAKE. Well cheerio then DR Zhivago. Unlike you, I have to be in the gym at 5am. Over and out you tosspot.

      Mike@CapeT - 2011-06-19 22:01 sound f%@king delusional to me!

      Aitsa - 2011-06-19 22:11

      Dowwe Duane, and I am only on a brief visit to Cape Town to hang my Nobel Peace Prize on the walls of my Clifton beach apartment before I whizz over to Rome and Paris in my private jet to pick up the Pope and Carla Sarkozy on my way to Wimbledon, where Scarlett Johansson is possibly already warming the burgundy satin sheets of my Chelsea flat. Why restrict yourself to Vancouver and Aston Martins, Buddy?

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-20 01:30

      @SAFFA HA HA HA As expected, you'll keep avoiding the questions, and you'll keep thinking you the man. Anyway, believe what you want, what will I gain out of this to lie about what I'm doing. Once again, no one in the world knows more than you, cuz if SAFFA has decided then SAFFA has decided. All I can do, for what's it worth. I swear the above is true. And at Mike@CapeT, the most laughable idiot on this blog, you reckon I'm delusional??? HA HA HA

      Dowwe Duane - 2011-06-20 01:40

      @Mikey Ai, lekker kry ek nou, jealousy mikes, sorry, makes one nasty hey?!

      Cadder - 2011-06-20 02:33

      Enigiemand wat sy eie "marble so polish" in die openbaar lei aan 'n hengse grootheidswaan. Dink jy enigeen van die kommentators hier gee om wat jy doen en hoeveel jy verdien? Ag siestog ...

      frans.visserdsb - 2011-06-20 05:19

      Hoe sad... ek is n Stormers fan, maar het gehoop die Waratahs verloor sodat die Bulle ook kan inkom. Want ek is n SA rugby ondersteuner. Die tipe mentaliteit wat nou teen ander SA spanne draai omdat sy span uit is het ons regtig nie in SA nodig nie.

      LouisFLY - 2011-06-20 08:33

      manne haha..emosioneel..@Dowwe Duane shame dude. vee jou trane op. Jou span het verloor, nou hou op jou naam gat maak hier en gaan dokter bietjie iets, begin sommer met jouself. Bad sport much? Sour loser? Windgat? Lekker Stormers!

      PDP - 2011-06-20 10:33

      Van brain surgeon in PTA tot ortopeed in Canada!

  • Philip - 2011-06-20 09:08

    @Dofgat Duane (ag ek meen Dowwe Duane - seriously consider changing your name doc, you should know these things as a certified medical professional - a hospital pass can cause you concussion...). For someone with so much intellect, simply oozing by each sweathole (oops, I didnt mean to insult your hygiene, it came out naturally), you sure as oats have a peanut sized rugby brain. Its quite alright, you have another 9 years without a trophy coming up. I suppose thats what you do when your team is out, you take great joy in ripping apart the teams which took your team out. Its natural to be envious of winners, it makes you feel good when your team is useless to say that the other teams are useless. As Naas said, look at the scoreboard. No matter how many eyetests you have to take to see the winning team, it will ALWAYS say Sharks. And no matter how much of a sore loser you really are, you dont have a chequebook big enough, or a mansion tall enough to change the outcome...

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