Fans win big with S15 bet

2012-03-28 15:53

Cape Town - The past weekend saw 50 South African rugby fans celebrating not only the wins of the Bulls and the Stormers on Saturday, but their own massive cash earnings from premier sports betting site,

A multiple bet, which required four predictions across different games in Round 5 of the 2012 Super Rugby competition to come true, paid off and rewarded punters handsomely.

“The bet had a 1% chance of coming off, so the 50 people who put a total of just R6 000 on this particular market have enjoyed winnings amounting to approximately R600 000,” says Sedley Barr, chief bookmaker at Cape Town-based “This is similar to winning the lottery in the sports betting world!”

The multiple bet, published on the website in conjunction with, required:

The Sharks to score first with a try against the Waratahs
The Bulls to score first with a penalty against the Reds
The Stormers to score first with a try against the Lions
The Cheetahs to win or lose by less than 16.5 points against the Crusaders

Incredibly, all four predictions were realised, igniting huge excitement among winners and from members of the public.

“Our biggest winner bet R700 and won R70 000, one person bet R500 and claimed R50 000, and several put down as little as R200 or less, each winning 100 times what they had bet,” Barr added, explaining that is committed to great customer service and to the speedy transfer of all winnings.

Neil McWilliams, a delighted winner who received prompt payment of his 100/1 payout into his bank account said, “These things never happen to me!”

Dominique Dhotman remarked that his win was totally unexpected: “I saw people chatting about it on Twitter and I was blown away when I checked my account to see I had won! I am going to treat my wife to a spa day.”

On Facebook, winner Dayne Gillham commented, “(The) best R10 I ever spent, regret not putting down more... (with) such great odds (I) didn't think it would happen.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter others bemoaned not having taken a punt on the multiple bet. “Kicking myself for not putting R300 on @2oceansvibe 75/1 bet on Friday,” said a Twitter user. “Could [have] been a nice holiday away!”

Barr notes that the digital era has seen sports betting become a form of entertainment for a much younger set of tech-savvy sports lovers - both male and female. Around 30 percent of the bets placed on the multiple rugby prediction last weekend, for example, were made by women.

“Gone are the days when people needed to go out and find a sports betting shop - you can do this all in less than a minute by signing up, depositing, betting and cashing out your winnings on an online betting platform such as It’s a much cooler and more convenient proposition than in the past.” is the country’s leading mobile and online sports betting site, and is the first operator in South Africa to offer live betting on over 600 events per month. Sports betting is the only form of online gambling that is currently legal in South Africa, and is fully licensed and compliant with the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board’s betting regulations. simplifies online sports betting and gives punters instant access to live betting on local and international sport. The site aims to offer a user-friendly and highly entertaining betting experience, adding to the excitement of any sports match or tournament.

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