Div: SBW will be exposed

2011-05-10 09:24

Cape Town - Springbok coach Peter de Villiers has launched a scathing attack on Crusaders star Sonny Bill Williams, describing his flamboyant offloading style as "nonsense" and a poor example for young rugby players.

According to Rugby Heaven correspondent Marc Hinton, De Villiers's latest assault on the All Black Rugby World Cup certainty comes in an interview for a South African online website magazine. It follows comments he made previously to South African reporters suggesting the Crusaders No 12 would be found out when he had his space cut down.

Williams, though, was brilliant in the Crusaders' gritty 20-14 Super Rugby victory over the Stormers in Cape Town last Saturday, cutting the competition's best defence open with his offloads, ball-strips and power running.

"I hope he will mature his game," said De Villiers. "He's doing everything wrong what rugby principles require of you in the game.

"Backhand passes shouldn't be the norm... it has become the norm, now everyone wants to do that kind of nonsense.

"This kind of non-rugby stuff he's doing, if it comes off it's brilliant, but do you have control over these kind of things? If you get to the international level where people work you out, then you have to be in control of what you're doing."

De Villiers said a youngster watching Williams in Super Rugby would get the wrong impression of the core skills needed.

"He'll spend hours and hours on the things that are not important and never master the most important things of rugby."

Asked if he'd worked Williams out, De Villiers said: "If you close down his space, put pressure on him and hit him hard, and if you don't dance around with him like he does, then no way..."

De Villiers's comments should, of course, be taken in context. The Boks coach has long been renowned for verbalising his bizarre thoughts, and it just may be that he has identified Williams as a clear threat to his team's World Cup defence later this year.

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  • Johann - 2011-05-10 09:29

    Well done Snor. That made no sense.

      Whistleblower - 2011-05-10 09:34

      What Snor is saying is: “This man is not normal, therefore it is wrong. A number 12 must run head first in every tackle situation … If you pass I will sub you.”

      Will99 - 2011-05-10 09:45

      Div is confusing me! lol

      So What? - 2011-05-10 09:50

      Have tried to make sense of it as well - if I recall Steven Larkam also did those fancy little back passes - so did he also not have the basics of rugby - crumbs some of our international players cannot even pass the ball properly - look how WP threw away tries by passing behind players. Maybe SWB just needs to find his players and where they are then he will not make those 4 mistakes. As far as I know in rugby one should play into space and not try and not try and run over an opponent. If SWB can draw one or two players and pop his pass to someone in space, is that not what the idea is????

      YourNightmare - 2011-05-10 10:07

      oh goodness PDV, Sonney bill is awesome with his offloads he is a freak to the game, i dont think anyone will master him... against the stormers his offloads were spectatular... PDV you no sh1t man...the game is changing moving on from the basics its time you and your team move on as well and adapt.... i see a big hiding this world cup with your team getting bliksmed left right and centre....

      FatMole - 2011-05-10 10:26

      @YourNightmare - I agree. The game is changing and the Bokke need to adapt. If we keep playing Bulls rugby at Bok level we'll end up like... well, the Bulls

      Jack Turner - 2011-05-10 11:08

      Has he ever made any sense....P.D.V. is already making excuses as to what might happen when The Boks play N.Z in the semis...thats if we make it that far.Let alone when we meet them in the Tri-Nations....

      Carlos - 2011-05-10 11:17

      Snor are speaking the english tale very deliciously, ne?

  • GILLBERT - 2011-05-10 09:31

    gotta love someone throwing stones in a glass house..... snorre aka bozo...... the dancer did dance and the boxer did box last saturday...... jean de villiers the worlds best centre lol lol lol i told you SBW is gonna date rape the stormers

      Hybrid - 2011-05-10 10:01

      From a neutral supporter I thought Fourie looked more dangerous than SBW he had a couple of good line breaks I don't remember of any real line breaks from SBW. SBW does have some fancy skills but I believe he also gives the opposition a lot of opportunities for possible interceptions.

      Tamzien - 2011-05-10 10:13

      The tackle on Aplon was inspired. The thing is he has incredible ball skills but has the physicality if he gets in trouble to power through. I was a detractor but he is better than I gave him credit for.

      Julz - 2011-05-10 10:19

      Hanjo JdV did miss SBW.SBW went right over him, go take a look!

      Maarten - 2011-05-10 12:29

      Hanjo, I would put it to you that you are looking at life though a set of Blue and white stripped glasses. JDiv was terrible this weekend! J Fourie had ONE decent break..... Where do you find "did not disappoint"?and just before you start...... I DID watch the game, several times.

      Hanjo - 2011-05-10 13:12

      Marteen, he in fact had a few, breaks, also scored a try, if they were so useless, why did the stormers go down by less than 7 ? SBW and fruean are dangerous, and neither scored a try, don't you think the stormers did a pretty good job? at the end, it could've gone either way, as the stormers were looking to score, and possibly take the lead...your the only biased one here...perhaps, watch the game before commenting on it,

      HanHan - 2011-05-10 15:28

      Hanjo, the Crusaders ended up with a quite patched-up backline, but that never prevented him from proving his class. We shall have our work cut out to keep him at bay.

      Mickey Fin - 2011-05-10 23:15

      @Hanjo. I agree with Maarten. You are looking at the game with blue and white stripped glasses. Just look at your comments twat! You say the Stormers centre pair are the best in the world in your opinion. The Crusaders is not the All Blacks centre pair and yet they got the better of the Stormers pair.(My opinion) The Crusaders dropped the ball on three occasions with an open try line. This could have made the score line look horrible. The Crusaders was for all intense and purpose was a "B" team no matter what anyone says. The "A" team would have destroyed the Stormers. Also strange how every knowledgeable rugby brain in the world is ranting about SBW and along comes Snorre and criticises him. Snorre is to stupid to see that it is the Boks under his leadership that needs a wake up call and idiots like you that actually know stuff all about rugby that support him. But continue with your ranting and raving and see just how far your Stormers and then the Boks actually go.

      Russell - 2011-05-11 06:22

      If SBW can stop the shoulder charges off the ball, then he will end up being one of the great centres of world rugby. I did not like him at first, mainly because he is a NZ'er, but I have to admit that he is very good. He should make the AB line up, and that worries me immensely. I do not think we have a centre combination that can handle him. The Sharks couldn't and neither could the Stormers. OUCH!!!

      Met Uysh! - 2011-05-11 08:39

      I am getting a bit tired of this crusaders B team and "missed opportunities" and If if if. Last year the Stormers convincingly destroyed the co-called Crusaders A team, who is to say what would/could have happened had Carter and McCaw actually played? Maybe they would have had an off day, maybe the interplay between Carter and SBW would have been rusty because of Carter's injury, who knows? And injuries is a part of the game. Say what you want. The Stormers could also have had many injuries but they didn't. The Crusaders did have injuries during the game and they showed class to carry those injuries through. They won despite the injuries and the Stormers employed the wrong tactics, going up against the forwards instead of a depleted backline. Stupid and says much about their adaptability during the match. The Stormers also had many missed opportunities, probably more than the Crusaders. IF those went to hand or got converted to tries it also would have seemed a different game. Nonetheless, it was a great game to watch and all of you dissing Jean and Jaque for their superb play are very cynical and its quite disappointing to read. Jean stood his ground against the mythical and fantastic wunderkind SBW and well done to him for that. He did not have Grant next to him who is always clinical in defense. Yes, SBW did "bump "Jean once but Jean still held on to that tackle.I doubt anyone can really say who would have done what had both teams been at full strength. Maybe semi's?

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-11 18:05

      Met Uysh - agreed, why harp on this B team thing when it was their C team. And you are correct in saying that JDV was knocked onto his butt. The thing that I didnt see, and niether did you, is JDV breaking the line, or creating opportunities. Should we mention home ground advantage? And if these two teams meet again, where will it be? I think it is fair to put these different debates out there. I think that your comments are on the average quite good. I also think the Stormers did actually let this one through their fingers. But, there is definately hope. This battle is far from over. Take the good, sort out the bad, and try beat them again.

  • Bulls Suck - 2011-05-10 09:32

    Net voor Marcell en sy Boyfriend Lloyd weer kom K@K praat wil ek net gou vir hulle se... Julle weet NIKS van rugby af nie. So asb spaar ons julle comments. Dankie

      Marcell - 2011-05-10 12:45

      Ek het gedink die basiese reels van rugby is om meer punte as jou teenstanders aan te teken? Dis duidlik dat PdV net so verward is as die gemiddelde strompies ondersteuner.

  • Uneducated - 2011-05-10 09:32

    Div are you really watching the game ....I dont think so !!

  • Marx - 2011-05-10 09:34

    Snorre, how's Alice doing there in Wonderland??

  • JIMBO99 - 2011-05-10 09:38

    So in other words, play boring one pass rugby and don't attempt anything slightly different.. Come now times have changed, the bulls don't exist anymore and running, innovative teams will rule the game.

  • Mac - 2011-05-10 09:39

    This is the genius that is taking us to the WC.....he never had a clue and he never will...i still laugh when i hear the comment --- helium filled clown

  • Will99 - 2011-05-10 09:44

    Welcome young and old to the Snorre Comedy Show!!! Div! Somebody has to work SBW out first and even then he will still be a factor.

  • Met Uysh! - 2011-05-10 09:46

    Makes sense. Remember a guy called Carlos Spencer?

      Larry - 2011-05-10 12:36

      I dont think so Met Uysh. Yep SBW reminds me a lot of Spencer and very similar in terms of flamboyancy. This man was highly revered as KING Spencer & one of the worlds best flyhalves. So what PdV is talking is absolute non-sense. Was Spencer ever worked-out?

      Met Uysh! - 2011-05-11 07:45

      @Larry From what I recall he was a shining star for long but was overlooked for the more ortodox Andrew Merthens. I don't think he was ever really revered as one of the World's best ever flyhalves, he certainly was flamboyant and great to watch, but his greatest weakness was his downfall, his poor defense and his poor goal kicking. Not dissing Spencer at all, but saying that ortodox was in the end chosen ahead of creativity and I think that is what Div is alluding to.

  • Lennox - 2011-05-10 09:47

    I love the way he plays, not trying to bash through opponents but always looking for the gaps and then offloading to the runner off his shoulder. How many times did he have the Stormers defence at sixes and sevens by that subtle offload in the tackle? This is what all our players lack, yes even Jean & Jacques. Div should look at Lionel Messis for Barcelona, being doing the same thing for years now and they are still trying to work him out!

  • CM - 2011-05-10 09:47

    Foot in it p divvy, I would love to believe that SBW is not as good as he is made out to be, but he is

  • Player23 - 2011-05-10 09:48

    "But he’s doing everything wrong (according) to what rugby principles acquires (sic) of you" Peter, you are doing everything wrong (according) to what rugby principles acquires (sic) of you"

  • scud - 2011-05-10 09:48

    This is conclusive proof that not only have the aliens landed,they are coaching the Boks.

  • StBad - 2011-05-10 09:50

    Crap, these 'back-end passes' are hardly non-sense... they are a natural evolution of the game as we know it. It excites me at least!

  • Grunk - 2011-05-10 09:51

    What has Springbok Rugby done to deserve this man? SBW is bringing a totally new facet to the game which is going to make all participants have to raise their skills levels to adjust as it is such a try scoring gambit (as well as being the best entertainment that Rugby fans have got for many a season) - and this bloke says that "it's against rugby principles" and "high risk". It's the latter only if your colleagues are not up to scratch - which is the wonderful part of the exercise - everyone has got to raise their game. I agree that defence measures will be found to counter eg depth of defence rather than rush defence etc - but that again will bring about not having to watch stereotyped rugby moves day in and day out. LONG LIVE SBW AND THE POSITIVENESS HE'S BRINGING INTO THE GAME - A HELLUVA LOT MORE THAN THIS IDIOT.

  • ettienne.leroux - 2011-05-10 09:57

    DIV - You are really stupid.. I am a springbok supporter and when i see talent even if its not in my own team I will acknowledge it.. SBW has everything you want in a centre!!!

  • denman - 2011-05-10 10:00

    SBW is one of the most creative rugby players around, forcing opposition to think him out. I don't think rugby is ready for him yet. I'm sure he will stand out big time come RWC 2011

      Mac - 2011-05-10 13:32

      i absolutely needs more SBW's....that is one of the reasons why all the tickets were sold out @ newlands can't wait to see what he does in the WC

  • Wayne Bickerton - 2011-05-10 10:00

    Wow, absolute nonsense! How much longer will be as South Africans tolerate this man?

  • Raka13 - 2011-05-10 10:01

    And the Goose Step? Carlos Spencer's chips to his wings? Rassie Erasmus's lights on the roof? What is next? Probably Jonty Rhodes's dive in the 1992 World Cup not Cricket principles? Ai tog!!!

  • sonnyg - 2011-05-10 10:01

    How on earth did we ever appoint this guy as our national coach. Gave him the benefit of the doubt for the first couple of years but statments like this show his Naivety and lack of knowledge of the game.

  • rainman - 2011-05-10 10:06

    these sound so much like the ramblings of a confused man. SBW is poetry in motion. He makes rugby look so easy. The thing that you can clearly see is that he is enjoying every moment of what he is doing. What is even more worrying is that the Saders and AB have such depth. So many players out, and still they remain a formidable force. I am no rugby pro or analyst, but if we continue like we do now and play such flat boring...and for want of a better word , traditional rugby we are in for a bit of a hiding. SBW is only one of their "full of flare" glitzy players. There are many more...and thats what worries me....just the ramblings from another confused man.

  • eben - 2011-05-10 10:06

    Snorre is bang.Punt

  • craig.scannell - 2011-05-10 10:06

    Ah come one guys - he is not all that wrong. SBW is a faze - like the Bieber!! Snor is wright, once you work him out he will be gone. If you put in 1 big takle on him, he will be so scared and will go back into his shell. Good example: Jonah Lomu, was a faze. We worked him out and he was history. We done PDV...good one!!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-10 10:42

      I agree to an extent. I refuse to raise SBW to demi-god status until I have seen him in the tri-series, and the WC to follow. Super talented he doubt about that. But I do expect him to have a mare of a game somewhere, which will make folk realise he is after all human......Let's wait and see what he does in the tri-series first.

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-10 13:41

      Check youtube, he has been throwing this pass for years, and knows what he is doing. The springbok centres are not even good at conventional passing. Jean has passes the ball once per game, and it is often badly timed - to a player in a worse position.. We are falling behind.

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-10 15:17

      @craig.scannell - what utter rubish! Lomu was a phase? He was a factor, and so is SBW. We are perhaps the only team that Lomu never scored against, and that was through planning. There was nothing to work out, just tackle him low and hard, and cover the first tackler - and that is what we did. SBW is another athlete to contend with. He has the ability to open gaps - how I wish we had someone who could make opportunity where there is none. If you allow him to run into space, you will be punished - and remember, Carter makes this happen for him. Pay credit where it is due - and perhaps we will credit ourselves later this year being the only team that can kill his threat.

      Crusader Man - 2011-05-10 23:47

      @Graeme Spot on comments. Its silly really for all these supporters comparing SBW with Lomu. All players will have games where they will get shut down. As did Lomu in the odd game. The difference is that Lomu would have been far better if he didn't have that horrible illness. For most of his career he was only playing at 80% max. SBW is something else and he may not stay in rugby after RWC as he is getting big offers overseas to play. Rugby and League. Its quite simple to stop him.. Get one player to tackle him. One player to run on either side of him lol.. Might make a few gaps elsewhere but it will stop him.. They played over here all the copycat players from all teams with behind the back passes on weekend .. Its great to see. Really i think all teams will try there own offloads in tackles. Its going to make for interesting rugby..

      Bumblebee - 2011-05-11 10:51

      Yeah Craig IF your sister had balls she would have been your brother.

  • Buck - 2011-05-10 10:08

    This is exactly what is wrong with South African rugby, no creativity or imagination.SBW is no better than many of our back-line players, maybe not even as good, but he is more creative than any of them. We are still playing that muscle-it-up the middle rugby and unfortunately our opponents got the measure of us a long time ago. Imagine if we suddenly started to spread the ball more and allowed the back-line to take more chances, I wager we would penetrate even the best defences, especially as it would be a surprise tactic. We're just too predictable.

      Grant - 2011-05-10 11:52

      Agreed - BUT we cant just "suddenly" do it. Butch James used to pull off passes like that all the time, but the players around him were never expecting the passes, and usually went to ground as a result. Making the pass is only half the job - the other half is COLLECTING it - and for that, the whole team's mindset needs to change. Conservative approaches kills talent. International sport is no longer about waiting for the other team to make a mistake - its about TAKING the game!

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-10 12:04

      Our players have similar skills to the Kiwis - fact...It's not their fault it is COACHED out of them from age group level. Jean Div passed like SBW when he was younger (19/20/21) - fact. I suggest we look at coaching in SA, from AGE GROUP level, all the way up. Age group level should be the main focus though - as it is hard to regain that natural flair if you are already a robot by the time you reach senior levels.....Morne Steyn was a highly creative flyhalf when he warmed the bench up north - where is that now? GONE-coached out of him.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-05-10 12:09

      Added to that (the coaching at age group level) - We(SA) don't have the LEAGUE influence.Most Aussie and Kiwi players are exposed to League at some time in their careers/lives. Either as spectators of active participants - so the League influence is there - we don't have that. And League is where the creativity lies in terms of attacking play - end of.

      Crusaderinvader - 2011-05-11 01:00

      @'s not so much a league influence that produces the flair evident in our players but more likely the touch rugby boom that we have experienced the last 20 odd years or so. Players have to be able to slip through a gap untouched and it has turned into a great skill for our players young and old, female and male. Even average players over here know about running lines and putting people into space, we learn that at a young age..running the ball is the core of our game at all levels. As for SBW, in his league playing days he was 'the man' at offloading in the tackle.League is a game where a large percentage of attack is built around the offload and all teams focus their defence on shutting it down..SBW wasn't shut down and I can't see PDV finding the solution either as even in a good tackle he can slip the pass. Also, the three wise men that make up the ABs coaching staff will be plotting moves to exploit his talents and I ask you, who would you rather have guiding your team Graham Henry or PDV??

  • sonnyg - 2011-05-10 10:08

    "But he’s doing everything wrong (according) to what rugby principles acquires (sic) of you" Are the priciples of a backline player not to draw and pass. That is what I remeber being taught. SBW does exactly that but takes it a step further. SBW is a legend.

  • denman - 2011-05-10 10:08

    It's the first time I've heard of a coach criticize a player's brilliance. He is really just that stupid as everybody thinks. And this mongrel is taking our guys up to New Zealand to play rugby? Oh crap...

      rainman - 2011-05-10 10:12

      maybe his snor is blocking his vision...also maybe too much helium. his still trying to keep up with the big dogs remember.

      denman - 2011-05-10 10:27


  • Gorilla - 2011-05-10 10:10

    "I’m looking forward to seeing Sonny Bill against a Jean de Villiers and a Jaque Fourie, who can cut down his space, and on the inside you’ve got big, hard tackles coming in from a Schalk Burger" ... so I wonder what he thought then - after the weekend? Hy is nou n beitjie tjoepstil.

  • georgemtem - 2011-05-10 10:13

    P, Div im flabbergasted by your nursery skool cheap talk especialy coming frm a Boks coach. SBW is doin everything ryt. Basic rugby principals say: run @ spaces and not faces. Thats why Boks loose coz spies, botha & danie all run @ faces and they hit brick walls of defence and loose the ball in contact. The purpose of rugby is to score tries. how and in what manner is a secondary matter. If a backhand pass results in a score why not do it? If drawing 3 defenders and offloading in a classy manner results in a try, why nt do it? I would luv to see a combination of SBW and Tana Umaga. Im sure it will b lethal.

      Grunk - 2011-05-10 10:31

      SBW & Tana Umaga together - stuff of dreams for spectators, nightmares for the opposition!!

      Maarten - 2011-05-10 12:33

      I personally think that Umanga is way over rated. I rate Fruen much higher.

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-10 13:48

      Maarten, Sonny Bill is making Fruen look good. Umaga is probably too old now, but one of the best centres of all time.

  • Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-05-10 10:19

    As one of Div's harshest critics I sincerely hope he is right and that he knows what he is talking about. In 1995 we were the only country to effectively handle Lomu, let the spirit of '95 reign - let's take the Sunny Boy down :)

      saburger - 2011-05-10 15:29

      But the difference is that Kitch never criticize his opponents. He analyzed and made a study of them, and surprize them on the rugbyfield.

  • Ghecko - 2011-05-10 10:32

    Of course it makes sense to a Neanderthal or a circus clown. Pdiv please shut up and stop mouthing off you are embarrassing

  • RL - 2011-05-10 10:52

    no surprise how the pale clowns couldnt wait to have a swipe at div. i feel sorry for all the gardener's and car guards you take your racist prejudice out on during the off season ... sbw is a good player but has not done much to set the rugby world alight like christian cullen or even jonah did back in the day and thats div's point. the tackle and steal on gio was impressive but lets keep in mind the 30kg difference between the players and players have moments of brilliance in games sbw did not event that. even todd blackadder said the centre stand off was even at the end of the day and the truth is the stormers should have won the game but lost due to our own incompetence and not owing to the crusaders or sbw brilliance ...

      RL - 2011-05-10 11:53

      ps. reading all these insightful comments i wonder how sbw could have been so amazing having apparantly upstaged our lads and at the final whistle there was a 6 point difference and we picked up a point for finishing within 7? simple point is there was nothing in the game and it could have gone either way. the crusaders held their nerve on the day and deserved the win.

      rainman - 2011-05-10 12:08

      ok now RL, why bring race into it. I dont remember seeing in this post that Helium is kak because of his colour. It is his ability to coach that is in question and his outrageous comments that make him the laughing stock. Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, we have the best coach here in the Cape, and even he is not interested in helping Piet out. Alister should have been in that post long ago. Look at what he has achieved here in CT. Also look at Alister when he gives interviews. He doesnt make a horse ass of himself every time he opens his mouth.

      RL - 2011-05-10 12:23

      although it might be convenient for you to claim its not about race however when we wiped the floor with everyone in world rugby div was a clown and credit was given to the "white" man, when we lost momentum was div was a clown. there's simply no winning. coaches talk kak all the time remember jake the fetcher and the beer? sir alex, jose mourinhio, maradona? it is not unique to div.

      ZandbergJans - 2011-05-10 12:39

      Have you got a chip on your shoulder?

      StaalBurgher - 2011-05-10 13:12

      Playing the race card again I see. Our apologies. Div is not white therefore should be sacrosant. Where were you when these same people were lambasting Bakkies, John Smit, Meyer Bosman, Potgieter, Spies and many other white players?

      rainman - 2011-05-10 13:31

      it appears as if my response miraculously disappeared. your response to my comment is very true that all coaches have a bad day and the ability have foot in mouth disease. but the issue here is that div does it whenever he is interviewed. div was not only nec a clown for losing momentum, it was his ridiculous decisions come substitute time during crucial matches that were alarming. anyone with experience at national level should not be making crazy decisions like those. granted, it is coaching staff and not just div that make the decisions, but that is why the whole coaching complement should have gone in my opinion and not just div. I agree with you, this match could have gone anyway and we did pick up a point, but it really pissed me off was when we had the match by the scruff, and we let it go. we bought on de jongh far to late to make any difference, which I know he can. I still stand by Alister as national coach. The only problem is that we will have to find a replacement in CT. Breyton proved that you can box above your weight by sorting Jonah Loma out. Lets just hope that we can find another fearless bliskem that can sort goliath out. Personally I would give that job to Aplon, Rossouw or de jongh because the stormers have one of the best defences out there.

      RL - 2011-05-10 13:37

      @zandbergjames - are you still living in the 80's? @steelburgher - those players were all judged on performance, no one criticised them for sounding like down syndrome kids when giving interviews in english.

      RL - 2011-05-10 14:16

      @rainman - bloke you raise good points and at the same time you criticised ac's tactics but didnt call him a clown of a coach. i just hope that the same premise will apply to div. its a big year and we cant be focusing on a civil war when we're prepping for a world war and war it will be ... whether it the sharks stormers or bulls ha ha we need a spot in that final maybe even two. even though we lost on saturday i liked the look of sadie and even koster, besides the regulars so i think we're on a good wicket going in to the overseas leg.

      HanHan - 2011-05-10 16:42

      @RL - can you remember how many pale clowns coached the Springboks in the past? Quite a number and they were also nailed. Why may Pdiv do as he wishes and any comments are then seen as racist? Get real!

      RL - 2011-05-11 08:09

      @hanman i'll get real if you get out the closet - a certain sector of the population has been criticising div from day one even when we were winning and breaking records, you chose to give credit to jake and senior players. then when the team lost a few on the trott all of the blame has to be shouldered by div? so please spare me your "neutral objectivity". as much as it pains me this is exactly why half the crowd at newlands were screaming for the crusaders because due to certain attitudes it is easier to identify with a maori than certain white south africans.

  • The Goose - 2011-05-10 10:52

    I saw that Gilbert. The Aplon tackle.After seeing that i knew what the SBW fuss is about.The guy is providing something different or new to the modern game.

  • Razz-ma-Tazz - 2011-05-10 10:57

    PdV & his BOK supporters would luv to hav a BRILLIANT player like SBW. Sonni's play is AWESOME like Matfields says. Look what he did to poor Gio. South Africa nor the world have'nt seen a move like that. Thats why the ALL BLACKS are known as innovative and smart rugby players. Rugby is not just being played with strenght, like the BULLS. Watch-Out Bok supporters you in for a BIG surprise this year.

      Howzitekse - 2011-05-10 13:56

      I wish I could disagree with you. Damn.

  • disagecko - 2011-05-10 11:10

    Got to agree with Hybrid - JF was more impressive. No deniyng, SBW is a scary bliksem, especially those awesome offloads - but for the 1st time ever, Snor actually made sense for once. I seem to rember a certain NZ wing with the same rep, until Tinus and Joost used him as a tackle dummy...

      HanHan - 2011-05-10 16:37

      SBW is a big, strong and fast playmaker with excellent all round skills. whereas Lomu was big, strong and fast. Much easier to plan for Lomu and do remember that we won in 1995 because Christie was a master strategist.

  • Staalbal - 2011-05-10 11:17

    SBW obviously made an impact on the clown

      GraemeBB - 2011-05-10 15:22

      Correct, why would he try convince us otherwise?

  • Gavin - 2011-05-10 11:24

    I wish PDV will start giving credit where credit is due. Admit that you are very very worried about SBW, and with the team you want to send to the WC.........who knows, maybe the Boks will not even play the AB after there early departure. I hope I'm wrong though.

  • pcpcoetzee89 - 2011-05-10 11:25

    Good heavens ... P DIVVIE at is absolute best ... a rugby genius who's BOK team lost against the SCOTTISH during the 2010 end of year tour!!! P DIVVIE ... rest assure the whole, wide world of RUGBY PLAYING NATIONS ... are hanging on to your wise rugby lips!

  • roboman1 - 2011-05-10 11:25

    PDV, you the man. You go boy! Sonny Boy will laugh all the way to the world cup, but hey, who cares really, you are entertaining and that is good

  • mursebul - 2011-05-10 11:28

    Snorre my Hellium maatjie, die Oos Kaap het nog nooit so speler gesien nie, en ek dink die naaste wat jy aan hom gekom het was die replay op die tv's want die bokkies het nog net sy rugkant gesien. Die man kan dans, hy was hoeveel keer verby die land se 2 beste senters, oops, en hy het die bal versprei ook as hy dit gedoen het, tackle van Schalk? Ooops, dink nie kakebeen was vinnig genoeg nie.... en glo my, ek het gewens CJ wil hom agter die nek met die elmboog slaan soos vir Daniels, hy sou lekker gek#k het!! As ek raad het vir jou sal dit die volgende wees, kom weg van Rugby af, jy is besig om die spel in ons land te verkrag

  • Bigboet - 2011-05-10 11:29

    PDV is really stupid, trying to figure out SBW, first he have to figure out where Carter is going to pass the ball to him, (still trying to figure out Carter). Then there is four other backline players of the All Black running on the ball of SBW and all into gaps and you will never figure that out until it has passed you, so its pointless, the only thing to make your players step up to the challenge with there own attack.

  • toberin - 2011-05-10 11:34

    Remember Jonah Lomu! he was dangerous too.. but once he was closed down! bye bye Lomu. I get his point.

      Deon - 2011-05-10 13:55

      Lomu was not a skilled player like SBW but just a strong player. Lomu could just run over opponents but SBW makes plans every time he gets the ball. BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE 2 PLAYERS.

  • bill - 2011-05-10 11:35

    Well done dik div , you know how to make us look ridiculous.There happen to be 14 other All Blacks aiming to drill us.Your precious Schalk will be binned in any case for head-hunting.

  • Beedyeye - 2011-05-10 11:43

    Twakkie you are an idiot of the highest order and i don't bestow this honour on just anybody. I watched the Stormers game and SBW was outstanding and he played some of the best Rugby i have seen in ages. Who are you trying to fool? yourself? Jean De Villiers, Jaque Fourie and Schalk dumb as a plank Burger were on the field and i didn't see them nullify this threat. Kudos where kudos are due my friend.

  • bill - 2011-05-10 11:46

    High risk are the rubbish passes of Januarie and Schalks high tackles , divs selections and substitutions....and.....and.What a twat!

  • Rammsteen - 2011-05-10 11:46

    Now try and win a World Cup with this intelligence...

  • JR - 2011-05-10 11:48

    Wat het Forrest hese? Stupid is as Stupid does!

  • CharlSkeptic - 2011-05-10 11:50

    SBW is redefining the way midfield rugby is being played. Much the same as Adam Gilchrist changed test cricket, when nobody believed for hundred years that you could average 5+ rpo. Lomu also made an impact. The world caught up with Gilchrist, Lomu etc but the question remains if we will catch up with SBW before he gets to win the World Cup! I hope the stuff PDV is smoking will not make him forget to make a plan THAT WORKS against SBW!

      Grunk - 2011-05-10 16:36

      Unfortunately it is not a plan that has to work against SBW personally - it the runners off him that you've got to guard against. Somewhere you have to get a layered defence drifting across to get the player he has passed to rather than SBW himself. We can only afford one (magnificent) tackler to play him because the others must watch the other men - not the ball - because like the magician he is, he disguises where he is going to pass so well. How you get this right I don't know as this, in itself, will lead to a few tackles without the ball - but that's what (good) coaches are for - not just to say that "it's not rugby"!!!

  • Martin - 2011-05-10 11:55

    mmmmmm, ok...

  • Jp - 2011-05-10 11:56

    so when brussow made that back hand pass for the cheetahs on friday night against the lions which ended in a try is against the rugby principals then he must not be part of the springboks! Go and coach primary school rugby where they maybe wont laugh at your stupid comments..

  • Luckybugger - 2011-05-10 12:05

    What can ii say, Snor you should be writing comedy, you are so funny, no wonder the overseas press love you, I am convinced it is a ploy by our beloved ANC to embarrass they rugby supporters, as it is not a sport that is supported by the bulk of their electorate

      Roger 01 - 2011-05-10 12:33

      Trying to get to the level the "most supported", sport no doubt? Quite a long way to go!