Cipriani fined for 'stealing'

2011-03-01 07:26

Sydney - England's Danny Cipriani was fined a match fee by Vodacom Super Rugby team the Rebels on Tuesday after allegedly being kicked out of a nightclub for stealing a bottle of vodka.

The talented but wayward star apologised for the incident, which followed the new franchise's defeat to the Waratahs on their competition debut, and pledged to suspend himself from the team if he steps out of line again.

"I have apologised for my actions and I regret any embarrassment my behaviour has caused for the Rebels," the flyhalf said in a statement.

"I am looking forward to putting this incident behind me, focusing on my rugby and contributing positively to the team's culture.

"As my behaviour was not in line with our pledge, if anything else happens along these lines again, I have agreed with the players that I will stand down for an appropriate period of time."

Cipriani, 23, who has a playboy reputation, is one of the Rebels' marquee recruits but was benched for last month's hotly anticipated clash, when the Melbourne team was embarrassed 43-0.

Reports have said Cipriani has infuriated Melbourne staff and players with his off-the-field antics, as well as by turning up late for training, which resulted in a discussion with senior players.

But he showed his worth on Friday with a last-gasp penalty which sealed a one-point win for the Rebels over two-time champions Brumbies.


  • Alwyn - 2011-03-01 07:40

    Now whats wrong with that,people,,,,SORRY Stormer supporters also do it ,they only steal Papsak wine from the cellars

      Oukoos - 2011-03-01 13:58

      Sjoe, jy is 'n snaakse outjie - seker die voorste grapmaker in jul graad 8 klas.

  • seeps.mazi - 2011-03-01 07:41

    The Hershelle Gibbs of Rugby perhaps? Hugely talented yet lacking in self discipline in his personal life. Get it together man and become the legend that you are touted to become in English rugby

  • Durasmart - 2011-03-01 08:20

    I didn't know that the English are still sending their criminals to Australia.

      Waleed - 2011-03-01 12:27

      lol.. brilliant

      Shells.K - 2011-03-02 09:45


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