Chiefs' Nemani suspended

2012-06-03 16:02

Cape Town - SANZAR Duty Judicial Officer Mike Heron has accepted a guilty plea from Chiefs winger Maritino Nemani for contravening Law 10.4 (j): Lifting a player from the ground and either dropping or driving that player’s head and/or upper body into the ground, after he was cited during their Super Rugby clash against the Blues on Saturday.

Nemani tackled Blues winger Rene Ranger so that his upper body came into contact with the ground while his legs were still in the air.
Nemani has been suspended from all forms of the game for three weeks up to and including 23 June.
The incident occurred in the 35th minute of the match at North Harbour Stadium, which the Chiefs won 41-34.


  • paul.sdoow - 2012-06-03 16:28

    that's just a bit dumb? how many chiefs games does he miss then? talk about justice . he should be punished in games not in weeks due to the three week international period?

  • Pierre - 2012-06-05 10:46

    Chiefs nr 4 Fitzgerald repeatedly punched Sali of the Blues.. Surely this must lead to a suspension if the rules are to be applied equally. From commentary of the game as on SuperXV in the 58th minute. “58.00: A BIG fight breaks out so there will be a break while this is sorted out. The result is a yellow for Michael Fitzgerald who threw about 10 or 12 punches on Peter Saili. He is shown a white card as well. Chiefs down to 14.” ( Repeated punching but where is the suspension? He should have received a red card for that, but he got a yellow and a white card that implies a post match investigation. Surely such repeated punching should receive a suspension.

      Pierre - 2012-06-05 10:49

      The one guy from the tip-tackle misses no game time, the other one throwing punches just walks away absolutely free. Great.

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