Cheetahs snatch last-gasp win

2013-02-02 19:45

Bloemfontein - The Cheetahs snatched a victory in the dying seconds of their Super Rugby warm up encounter against the Stormers on Saturday, beating the visitors 27-26 in the Free State stadium in Bloemfontein.

Replacement back Hansie Graaff kicked a 55-metre penalty after the hooter sounded to give the Cheetahs a much needed victory in the warm up to their Super Rugby campaign. The Stormers will feel devastated after they were in control for much of the game.

The visitors made all the hard yards in the first half and made the most of their possession, scoring 11 unanswered points via the kicking boot of fly half Kurt Coleman and a try by flanker Nizaam Carr.

VIDEO: Cheetahs vs Stormers - highlights

The Cheetas struggled in the line outs, especially trying to counter the Stormers on the rolling maul. It was from such a facet of play that Carr scored the visitor's first try. The hosts simply could not counter the Stormers and Carr burst over in the corner in the 30th minute.

The Cheetahs started the second half at a better pace, bolstered by the introduction of replacements Frans Viljoen and Springbok flanker Juan Smith. Fly half Riaan Smit helped settle the nerves with a penalty, but his side kept on infringing and playing offsides.

Their defensive pattern was unimpressive, with the likes of Springbok centre Juan de Jongh and eighth man Duanne Vermeulen finding numerous holes in the midfield.

The Stormers looked the part in the scrums, and from five metres out, Carr scored his second try of the afternoon.

The Cheetahs awoke from their winter sleep and Sarel Pretorius dove over in the corner after flanker Francois Uys caught the Stormers defenders napping around the blind side. Replacement fly half Elgar Watts converted. That inspired the hosts to more attacking phases, the rolling maul this time the Stormers' undoing. Replacement flanker Frans Viljoen grunted over after his tight five did all the hard work. Watts converted to put his side in the lead for the first time in the game.

The Stormers regained the lead when Coleman kicked a penalty in the 66th minute and stretched it even further to nine points after centre Damian de Allende followed up a clever little chip kick by Coleman. The latter converted.

The Cheetahs sneaked in for a final try after Stormers winger Bryan Habana was sin binned for kneeing a player in the face. Cheetahs winger Rocco Jansen went over in the corner after the hosts made use of the overlap. Watts converted to leave his side trailing by a mere two points. Graaff got an opportunity after the final whistle to give his side the victory, and he kicked the penalty with ease.



Tries: Sarel Pretorius, Frans Viljoen, Rocco Jansen.

Conversions: Elgar Watts (3).

Penalties: Riaan Smit, Hansie Graaff.


Tries: Nizaam Carr (2), Damian de Allende Conversions: Coleman.

Penalties: Kurt Coleman (3).


  • seanread.crisp - 2013-02-02 20:07

    Hard luck boys...good to see the running rugby back in cpt though! Looking forward to the season!!!

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-02 21:10

      What, running back TO capetown with their tails btw their legs?

      jed.vonallemann - 2013-02-03 08:09

      When last have the Bull's the whipping boy's of rugby won anything?

      stompies.hattingh.5 - 2013-02-03 12:26

      So, die stormers verloor teen die cheetahs wat teen die lions verloor het wat ge'demote" is! hoe werk dit? O ja, dis mos net opwarmingswedstryde!

      Eric - 2013-02-03 13:10

      Ja stompies. As jy nie gesien het nie, het die Stormers ook net 24 manne in die span gehad waar Cheetahs 27 gehad het. Dit was n opwarmings wedstryd. Dis sodat die ouens wedstryd fiks kan word. Niemand sal juis hulle beste wys nie.

  • waynemegganw - 2013-02-02 20:08

    So what!! Means nothing in the bigger picture.

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-02 21:11

      Suurgat plank

  • julius.malememba.7 - 2013-02-02 20:09

    The BULLS win and the stormpoppies lose ... perfect weekend result thus far ... I will be enjoying many more of these week-ends this SR season ... and Sakkie and Stirer sit op die FLATS met n papsnoek op die skoot en n papsak onner sie arm

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-02 21:01

      Die ape se bekke is stil ou maat, soos gewoonlik vol stories, ek wonder wat daai snotkop Christina te se het moreoggend, hulle het mos die hele week gese dis n moerse sterk span blah blah blah

      ralph.gibson.96 - 2013-02-03 09:43

      There we go one warm-up game and the Bulls are world champions again? Fools, the Stormers win demolish you in the S15 competition.

      gert.swart.393 - 2013-02-04 00:33

      @ralph.gibson.96 Before you also have 3 super trophies in your cabinets, you stormers just are in no position to be loudmouths. Talk is cheap. Trophies in the cupboards are everything and the Bulls have 3 - the only SA team to ever win a super trophy.

      brilloks.bittergal - 2013-02-04 12:40

      Shame Gert I agree. Even the relegated team has won a Super Rugby Trophy, but not the Stormers....

  • julius.malememba.7 - 2013-02-02 20:11

    Die oomblik was weer te groot ... en die briekmerke in die onnie soos die strepe op die jersey ... Habanana kry toe ook n geelkaart ... nog beter!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2013-02-02 20:11

    CHEETAHS JOU DORING kom stormers ek soek eintlik die arrogante bliksems wat my laasnaweek so sleg gese oor ons teen die lions verloor het en hoe jul nou praat oor my span jul gewen het een raad moet nooit vooruit preek nie en jul weet presie wie jul is klomp imbosiele

      Nighthawk.Wild - 2013-02-02 20:18

      Geluk Cheetahs Bul Groete

      heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2013-02-02 20:31

      Nighthawk was n goeie game gewees maar te danke aan jul bliksems skuld ek my werk maandag lunch maar bja geluk met jul wen

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-02 21:02

      Hein, dis stirrer roeraap, she is here loslappie, karavaan bul wit rommel, die sakkie aap was te dom om web te Bly vanaand

      franklyn.davies.1 - 2013-02-02 21:08

      it was a warm-up guys,word julle ook so excited as julle blanks skiet ?

      heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2013-02-02 21:48

      Whateva franklin en ju bek was net so groot toe cheetahs teen lions verloor maar nu dat ju stompies verloor nu ewe skielik dt n warmup game word wakker en kry n lewe ek my punch gevat soos n man maar jy kom met n storie shame slapgat

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-03 09:13

      Tune die aap Hein!

      JacoKloppers - 2013-02-03 11:23

      lol Franklyn, jy moet bietjie minder wyn suip en by kom. Seker as jou spannetjie gewen het, het mens nooit die einde daarvan gehoor nie.

  • Jimmy NZ - 2013-02-02 20:18

    Stormpies only score about 3 tries a season, think those may have been them...

      warren.vanwyk.3 - 2013-02-03 22:04

      Ha ha ha, I think you're spot on!

  • heinrich.vanjaarsveld.52 - 2013-02-02 20:19

    Nou vir die ernstige saak wat demoer soek sadie by vrysstAat hy was nerens te sien of te hoor ni gn terug stompie land tu en habbana moet di hele jaar geskors word vr blatante vuilspel die gemors het hom ni in sa nodig ni en die ref was pateties teen albei spanne

      Trevor - 2013-02-02 20:32


      niel.walt - 2013-02-03 10:49

      Sadie wil graag hardloop rugby speel en dis hoekom hy geskuif het

  • jaun.pienaar - 2013-02-02 20:31

    Hahahaha...LOVE IT.

  • Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-02 21:18

    Expect mr bean to write a full blog by Monday, and ol' Robbie how a full page report that will just say that the stormers will anyway the SR this year

      chrisin.oz.1 - 2013-02-04 02:19

      Tienkie Winkie is weer lekker grootbek. En na die Bulle weereens pakslae kry teen die Stormers verdwyn jy seker weer vir twee weke waar jy terugkruip in jou gat en huil.

  • brian.dureuck - 2013-02-02 21:54

    2 many quota players fo rthe stormers... There goes coetzee and wakefields dream of a stormers team with 7 plus quotas.... Fail!!!!!! - 2013-02-03 06:50


      Positive Minds - 2013-02-03 10:28

      Hey Brain D#3KHead its people like you that makes me F**k#N P_ke !! racist !! so F--k u and your Racist Dad that makes you believe your better then anyone else , just to remind you D##k Breyten , habana , aswin willemse , amla , philander , gibbs, ntini , chester Williams, were all Quota players in White F##ks like you , but highly respected in the world stage , so keep on telling yourself they stole our country because you wont get it back

      Positive Minds - 2013-02-03 10:47

      Brain D11khead I bet you never played rugby , should stick to Playing Hockey , you AWB (Another Whitey Bit3-ng should Shut the F-Ek up remember you can Bi3ch and Moan on this forum but we dont give a F-#k about what you think

      niel.walt - 2013-02-03 11:07

      Positive mind, are u sure u don't care?

      JacoKloppers - 2013-02-03 11:30

      Shame, I think Positive Minds forgot to take his meds this morning.

      paul.ramncwana - 2013-02-03 11:31

      Shame Brian looking 4 attention becoz your sister left you 4 your father and my mom is dating the gardener. If u wnt more attention go 2 Pollsmoor. U chop!

      bjorn.muller.94849 - 2013-02-03 19:42

      Positive Mind. With such vulgar language you cant br serious about being positive. But in the blind country the one eyed are king. Sies man.

      brilloks.bittergal - 2013-02-04 11:05

      I think he should change it to Positve Blind.... If he wasnt so positively racist, I would have thought that he was actually angry.

      bheki.cele.1650 - 2013-02-04 13:41

      I love it when the Racists use their real profiles, just makes it easier for me to find you and murder you on your farm:-D MR Niel van der walt and his pic of his girlfriend hmmmmmm. What about you Brian, put yours on so we can come for you also.

      bheki.cele.1650 - 2013-02-04 13:53

      Mr Niel van d Walt and his girlfriend from fichardtpark, Bloemfontein. Any of you other racists wanna give up your information. You live in Africa, you will never win, you will always be last. This is our country, theres no place here for people like you and your friends Brian.D!

  • sean.bagley.50 - 2013-02-03 00:10

    The Stormers first competitive outing this year and we lose by a single point.We expected that the boys would be a bit rusty to begin with.Congrats to the Cheetahs with that win and well played to snatch it at the end there.I'm glad to see your captain Juan making a comeback after nearly 2 years out of top rugby.For the Cheetah's,Hansie Graaf & Elgar Watts certainly looked that they can cut the mustard at top level rugby. It being a Pre-season game it's good that Coetzee was giving some looses much needed game time.Especially Damian de Allende.Have to say de Allende has a lot going by the looks of things and can be a fantastic player for us.

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-03 07:18

      A whole lot of nothing once again

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-03 09:16

      Yip, like I said mr Bean with his blog, now wait for Robbie's report people

  • Cliff - 2013-02-03 11:21

    A good warm up game from Cheetahs , lets see the real Super 15 Then We talk !!!!!

      danie.fick.98 - 2013-02-03 15:16

      Cliff,tjom,met al daai name kon julle niks doen in die agterlyn nie,weer net voorspeler driee.... Habana gaan die seisoen hard gemoer word,en ek hoop dis HARD...!!!!!

      Cliff - 2013-02-04 05:25

      danie.fick.98 -Did I Ever Deny That Fact , Stormers Played Way Below Their Ability !!!

  • hendrik.schutte.3152 - 2013-02-03 11:57

    GO Cheetahs!!! Go.

  • stompies.hattingh.5 - 2013-02-03 12:26

    So, die stormers verloor teen die cheetahs wat teen die lions verloor het wat ge'demote" is! hoe werk dit? O ja, dis mos net opwarmingswedstryde!

  • Kykweer - 2013-02-03 14:10

    Die Stormers supporters het so hard gewens dat die bulle moes verloor hulle het van hul eie span vergeet het.

  • danie.fick.98 - 2013-02-03 15:15

    Wens so Frans Viljoen het Habana so hard gebliksem dat hy nooit weer op n rugbyveld draf nie..... Die windgat etter!!!!!

      niel.walt - 2013-02-03 17:38

      Ek ook! Hy like van warm lug blaas en geraas maak.

  • eugene.brink.9 - 2013-02-03 16:18

    Lions beat Cheetahs, Cheetahs beat Stormbarians, Bulls beat Lions. Bulls = best!

  • gavin.simpson.0 - 2013-02-03 17:34

    lol. well done cheetahs. keep it up.

  • joe.dewit.9 - 2013-02-04 08:13

    Die game tussen die 2 traitor spanne in SA Rugby... who cares!!!

      johan.botes.12327 - 2013-02-04 10:24

      Lions who?

      niel.walt - 2013-02-04 11:36

      Man hou op moan, as julle nie so gesuck het nie sou dit nooit tot by n vote gekom het nie.

      danie.fick.98 - 2013-02-04 11:37

      Goed gestel niel

      niel.walt - 2013-02-04 11:55

      Dankie :D

  • marc.grondein - 2013-02-04 10:30

    CHEETAHS love it

  • bheki.cele.1650 - 2013-02-04 13:36

    Very early still!

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