Cheetahs lose Brussow again

2011-05-16 14:09

Brenden Nel - SuperSport

Johannesburg - Still on a high after beating the Crusaders this past weekend, the Toyota Cheetahs were dealt a double blow as they lost two of their stars from the performance to injury.

Springbok Henrich Brussow is the biggest casualty, his second since returning to the field a few months ago as he pulled a hamstring and is set to miss the next three to four weeks of Vodacom Super Rugby action.

Brussow had returned from a long term injury a few weeks into the competition, and injured himself again. This time he had only been on the field for three weeks, but thankfully for his Springbok aspirations the injury isn’t too serious.

The Cheetahs also lost lock Waltie Vermeulen, who has concussion after falling badly in a lineout.

This leaves coach Naka Drotske with a bit of a headache after the victory, as he would ideally have liked to keep the same team together for this weekend’s clash against the Melbourne Rebels. If the Cheetahs take the scalp of Super Rugby’s newest team, they will score their fourth straight win in the competition.

“Its disappoint for us, but I think even more frustrating for Heinrich,” Drotske told about Brussow’s injury.

While their team will only be known Tuesday, it seems as if Martin Muller will return to the lock position for Vermeulen, while Johan Wessels will come onto the bench for the Cheetahs to cover Brussow’s injury, with Kabamba Floors likely to slot into Brussow’s place in the starting line-up.

The only other possible change could be Corne Uys’ return for Barry Geel, who played excellently against the Crusaders in Uys’ absence.


  • A.K - 2011-05-16 14:14

    what are the Cheetahs doing (or not) that is making their players break down every few weeks....

      Gorilla - 2011-05-16 14:42

      I think they are trying to get a Land Rover sponsorship.

      Johnny - 2011-05-16 14:53

      @Gorilla, you the funny man !! lol

      Eugene - 2011-05-16 15:04

      Very sharp Gorilla

      Kaapie - 2011-05-16 15:36

      They need to send him to Biokineticist.. a decent one so he doesnt breakdown constantly

      Peter Britz - 2011-05-16 15:42

      It's rugby guys! It's a contact sport, not ballet. Injuries are quite normal, nothing different to any other team. Crusaders had 4 injuries in one match against the Stormers, and there are numerous teams that have many players in and out injured. Brussow is just unlucky I guess. The wet and slippery field, didn't help I am sure!

  • GILLBERT - 2011-05-16 14:17

    this is the story of the cheetahs life..... i dont think there is one team that has had as many injuries as the cheetahs the past 4 or 5 years when it comes to super rugby

      Carl Muller - 2011-05-16 18:46

      The biggest injury is someone with money buying their best players.....

  • Rob van den Heuvel - 2011-05-16 14:28

    Ag nee, nie weer nie! These so-called professional sports stars of today spend too much time in the gym! Injury Brussow has been more off the field than on the field over the past 18 months. Let's just hope he is ready come RWC. He had a good game on Saturday, more than a couple of good 'steals'.

      Met Uysh! - 2011-05-16 15:03

      Just hope he doesn't get picked only to get injured in the first 10 minutes of our first test in the WC!!!

  • Spinnie - 2011-05-16 15:20

    Brussow was a victim of dirty tricks. He was blindsided by huge hits no where near the a couple of times. NZers are scared of this man.

      Blougroen - 2011-05-16 18:33

      Dont know about the dirty trick - but the loose ball is where NZ must dominate to play their game - it depends on it - and Brussow ever so slightly takes the edge off their dominance in this facet of play - with a resultant domino effect.

  • Wow! - 2011-05-16 16:06

    Go Cheetahs!!! We need to get Heinrich back into shape properly. This guy sis still a fromidable flank AND I agree that the NZ teams woudl preefr him not be around. I guess that is like us not wishing Carter, MaCaw or Sonny Boy in our oppositions teams.

      Wow! - 2011-05-16 16:07

      Spelling spelling. Sorry readers.

      Carl Muller - 2011-05-16 18:47

      He is not formidable, he is one of the best in S A today.............

      Carl Muller - 2011-05-16 18:48

      If you red underline, right click and get the correct spelling, good luck....

  • Steve - 2011-05-16 16:07

    So now both Drotske & Vermeulen have a headache?

  • MaestroX - 2011-05-16 16:11

    It’s a real shame, I rate him so highly, imagine him playing with Jean, one of the two are always injured. (Now both are injured again) The Cheetahs are such a breath of fresh air, their attitude and style of play is awesome, I wish them all the best.

  • Johann - 2011-05-16 16:13

    What a pity, the man is brillint!! Hope he will be OK for the greater things to come

  • molefeP - 2011-05-16 17:14

    As much of a Brussow fas as I am, I have to say that Kabamba filled his shoes admarably this weekend. The man's workrate was phenominal! Imagine Juan with Kabamba and Ashely Jonstone. I would love to see that!

  • Lloyd - 2011-05-16 17:20

    This oke is worse than Andre Pretorius.

      Carl Muller - 2011-05-16 18:48

      Plays 100 % better.....

      Raeez - 2011-05-17 08:49

      hahaha, you took the words right out of my I think they should send Josh Strauss to the WC instead of Brussow.

      MaestroX - 2011-05-17 09:33

      No one in the world, for that matter, any sportsman, woman, dog, snail or goldfish has as many injuries as Andre Pretorius!!! Must be the weakest, softest rugby player in the history of the game!

  • BLOUBOK - 2011-05-16 20:30

    This is the problem at the Cheetahs. Barry Geel combine perfectly with the twins and Naka want to drop him. Can for the life of me just don't understand this. Just a quick question. Isn't it funny that only the Freestate guys, and not the Griquas players gets hurt.

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