Burger may miss England Tests

2012-04-23 23:01

Cape Town - Stormers captain and flank Schalk Burger could possibly be sidelined until July, which would see him miss the Springboks' three-Test series against England.

Burger has been missing from the Stormers side since tearing medial ligaments in a knee during their Super Rugby opening-round clash with the Hurricanes at Newlands on February 25.

Stormers coach Allister Coetzee has, on a few occasions, stated that Burger could return for their home game against the Cheetahs on May 12.

However, Die Burger has been reliably informed that Burger's knee injury is far worse than initially stated and that he's actually in a race against time to make the England series, which starts on June 9.

The newspaper states that Burger will in all likelihood only be ready for action in July, which will see him miss all three Tests against England.

Burger is a strong candidate for Bok captain and this explains coach Heyneke Meyer's eagerness to lure lock Victor Matfield out of retirement.

Meanwhile, eighthman Duane Vermeulen, who captained the Stormers in their 23-13 win over the Reds on Friday, also looks set to be sidelined longer than initially anticipated.

He landed in Cape Town on Monday and still needs to undergo a scan but indications are there that he'll be out for between four and six months due to a knee injury.

Wing/fullback Gio Aplon also returned home after picking up a hamstring injury against the Reds. He will, however, be ready for the clash against the Cheetahs.

Centre Jean de Villiers, who captained the team in Burger's absence before injuring ligaments in his hand against the Crusaders, is expected to be ready for the clash against the Waratahs on May 19.


  • Anet - 2012-04-23 23:04

    Agggg Shame!

      Jack - 2012-04-24 07:39

      Don't worry - Schalk's place in the Bok team can be filled by the same man filling it at the Stormers - Siya Kolisi - the man has Springbok written all over him!!!

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 07:39

      Isn't it a bit presumptuous assuming he will be in the Bok team??? I believe the "chain of thought" of the average blog rugby specialist is to bring in the fantastic great young talent, such as Kolisi, CJ, Derrick Minnie, Arno, Jacque Potgieter to name but a few! Anyway, get well soon Schalk, as a Bull supporter, I rate you, BUT not as the Captain for the Bokke!

      David - 2012-04-24 08:34

      Marcell Coetzee to take over. Best open side flanker in SA on current form.

      Jason - 2012-04-24 08:39

      Kolisi - Is a machine of rugby science.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 08:50

      @David, he has been playing great rugby! I think poor HM will have a hard time choosing!

      Japjapjap - 2012-04-24 09:45

      Heineke gaan geen AA spelers kies ni...dus schalk, as 'n getroue dienskneg van sitbok rugby, kan jy halftyd lemoene op di veld dra, vir di regte springbok rugby spelers??

  • Franklyn - 2012-04-23 23:37

    you cant mess with medial ligament ruptures,they stabilise the knee....this takes a long time,different strokes for different folks,though im sure he has top class medical care, besides,Schalk is a proven world-class mullet ! i would be wary about him reporting for duty saying he is 100%. He cant help himself,anyone who still has "Elvis" sideburns needs supervision. He is our next bok captain....still want to play dice ?

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 05:15

      Ek het myself amper natgemaak soos ek gelag het vir jou grappie. Bok kaptein? Whaak hak hak hak hak!!!! Bul groete.

      Jed - 2012-04-24 06:37

      1. Bouvitrioel, piss off cause you know nothing about rugby. Another Spies groupie......Burger IRB player of the year 2004. Best candidate for captain.

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 06:51

      2004? Dis amper so lanklaas as wat julle laas n beker gewen het, donkie jare terug. Baie water het in die see geloop van toe af. Bul groete.

      Jed - 2012-04-24 07:33

      Who was our best Loosie in the World Cup.

      Marius - 2012-04-24 07:35

      Die Bokke het die Britse Leeus en die drie-nasies gewen in 2009 toe hy nie gespeel het nie. Die oomblik toe hy terug was, het ons alles weer begin verloor. I rest my case.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 07:47

      @vallemj, good morning to you!! Which W/C are you referring to?

      Lionel - 2012-04-24 08:40

      Raven,morning to you,take those Blue glasses off my friend then the typo's won't happen:):):)

      Lionel - 2012-04-24 08:59

      Actually referring to your typo on Schalk's name,jees but you lot are sensitive,someone steal your breakfast or what???

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 09:01

      Spot on @Raven!

      Japjapjap - 2012-04-24 10:09

      I see @franki, you and schalki both had ligament ruptures... between your ears?? @vallem- he was def the best loosi- ..this is when he loosi the ball on the bokke's own try line, that is what you mend, right??

      Stirrer - 2012-04-24 12:33

      Raven, Raven Raven... Jy ondersteun die Bulle EN jy het 'n Blackberry - lyk my om die verkeerde span te back is 'n chroniese probleem by jou! :D

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 13:36

      Oh Please Dr. Francis...

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 13:37

      Vallemj.... Clown You must still be high on something since 2004 old chap. We are in 2012 now IDIOT!!!

      Marko - 2012-04-24 13:40

      I remember mighty Shalk eye gouge the British Lions prop in front of the cameras for the whole world to see and still got away with it.

  • stephen.eriksenmiller - 2012-04-24 00:49

    This guy should be called Schalk "Sicknote" Burger. He is injured more than he plays!

      Lionel - 2012-04-24 07:12

      Have you ever thought why he gets injured,let me tell you why.....Schalk puts his body on the line not only for the Stormers but for his country week in and week out, more than what we can say for a lot of other show ponnies...he was SA's player of the tournament at last years WC!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Colin - 2012-04-24 07:52

      Stephen with all due respect I disagree! Do yourself a favour and read Jake White’s book where he states that Schalk is by far the player with the highest pain barrier he has ever coached. You are talking about the guy who finished a 20 min halve against the Sharks with a broken rib, the guy who finished a halve with a broken thumb and you are also talking about the legend who dam nearly broke his neck, STILL FINISHED THE GAME and after a op returned better than ever! This guy is throwing himself at the opposition no matter what the cost and he doesn’t stay off the pitch unless the coaches and doctors order him to do…..

      Jason - 2012-04-24 08:42

      Schalk burger is a legend. only a fool or a bulls supporter would disagree.

      Japjapjap - 2012-04-24 10:18

      that's is the problem @lional- schalki must not put his body on the line- because, then his out!...firstly, he must stand up- then move towards the middle of the field- then to the opponent try line!! In short he must do his job??

  • jacques.weidemann - 2012-04-24 04:41

    I sometimes wonder, with all the high intensity rugby being played, what the average life-span of a player will be in say the next 10 years. You need a squad of 30 plus equally good players and you have to rotate. SANZAR players are being played into the ground, and this will result in us never being able to see the best 15 boks vs the best 15 AB's. Stormers already on half their second team and its only April!!

      Jeffrey - 2012-04-24 08:37

      Agree with you Jacques. The amount of top-level rugby these guys are playing is ridiculous.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 09:19

      Way too much rugby, this year alone there are 10 Test games, 16 Super and throw in a couple of Currie Cups for good measure. You will need about 3 brilliant players per position to be successful in the long run. I've said it in the past, the Super series is way too long (this thing that we have to play our local teams twice, is just stupid, we have the CC for that). Anyway, just my take on it!

      Japjapjap - 2012-04-24 10:34

      @jacqi- do weepee have a first team?? and if they do, why don’t they play them?? -om altyd hierdi 6de span coconut sitbokke te sien speel, maak mens net bietji moeg...

      Stirrer - 2012-04-24 12:36

      @JapJap: Ons speel maar die 6de span om die ander spanne ook 'n kans te gee, maar dit werk nie. Ons sal moet afgear na 'n 11e of 12e span. Ons raak al gatvol vir wen.

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 18:15

      Toemaar Stirrer. Julle wenne is al amper op 'n einde dan kan julle weer miserable wees. Die refs gaan nou na hulle loopbane begin kyk en meer fair wees. Julle hulp het opgedroog!!!

  • Hein - 2012-04-24 06:49

    Schalk Burger is lazy, he is hardly in the loose scrums,hes a good actor.Its good he must stay on the farm and milk the cows

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 06:55

      Stem volkome saam. Bul groete.

      Lance - 2012-04-24 10:57

      Am I sensing some sour grapes because their team has a bodybuilder who hangs around the loose rucks with his hands on his hips, pulling "tough guy" faces..? I dont even have to mention this posers name... Schalk might be too lazy to brush his hair, but thats where it ends.

  • Jandl Reevo Reeves - 2012-04-24 07:34

    He's not the best we have by any means.he's not a loss and we could do with out penalties away and thinks he can run through brick walls.on occasions he drips the ball and vital periods of the game.brussow is a must hands down and then you got the likes if youngsters coming through like marcel Coetzee that gets over the advantage line 9 out 10 times and has a turn of pace.burger is not a wing and should be in the engine room where he belongs .....

      Saffa - 2012-04-24 07:53

      Sharks fan..........

      Jandl Reevo Reeves - 2012-04-24 09:05

      Chief ,you bet.i mention a player that has stood out and has proved his worth.dwayne vermulem another, goosen they all have to name a few including marcel Coetzee .not a biased outlook but what the hell has burger much hype about a player that isn't actually such a star

      Marko - 2012-04-24 12:04

      Jandi, I'm surprised that the stormers supporters havnt started insulting you like they do any person who makes a good statement like yours. Lucky boy.

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 18:21

      Tokolos agree with you Jandl Burger is overrated just like the whole Stompies team!

  • warren.j.ashton - 2012-04-24 07:55

    The only reason why he is a springbok is because daddy paid SARU for his little boy to play

      Jason - 2012-04-24 08:49

      you need to have your brain just saying!

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 09:43

      Watchman, deel jy, dom Schalk en dom Duanne n brein? Bul groete.

      Marko - 2012-04-24 12:00

      Amazing how Warren makes a innocent comment and then the stormer supporters start getting nasty and personal.

      Stirrer - 2012-04-24 12:39

      @Watchman: Not possible! You cannot share a single brain cell.

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 18:25

      Yes Marko... Touchy bunch these Stompie supporters! I don't see anything wrong with Warren's statement. He is actually right. Daddy couldn't even play a proper game of rugby himself in his heyday!... but he owns a wine farm. Just like in school... if your dad sponsor the sheep you're golden!

  • Haha - 2012-04-24 08:00

    Burger must first earn the right again to play for the Bokke. He can't be injured for months and then expect to walk straight into a Bok jersey.

      Jason - 2012-04-24 08:50

      But its ok for Victor Matefield?????

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 09:02

      Matfield is nie beseer nie. Probeer asb n positiewe bydra lewer. Bul groete.

      Jason - 2012-04-24 09:22

      My point is how can Burger be expected to prove himself after being injured for months, but its ok for matefield after being RETIRED for months!!!

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 09:27

      Ek weet Jason. Trek maar net jou sokkies. Bul groete.

      Marko - 2012-04-24 11:55

      Schalk deserves it more than Victor because he has played 15 minutes more rugby sinse the World cup.

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 18:31

      Jason... Why so touchy? Blou actually have a point there. All you guys call for Victor not to play because he was off the field for so long. (without injuries and actually keeping fit) In the same breath you call for a guy who has been injured and had most probably less training than Vic. Out of retirement or return from injury with the same time period off rugby.... same thing! No difference. Lionel, Don't hate, Appreciate!!!

  • Colin - 2012-04-24 08:25

    Att Rene… as a SA rugby fan I can mostly relate to what you are say because you comment on rugby, not on stupid arguments. I don’t always agree as I am a Stomers suporter and you are a Bull, but never the less I can respect your opinion. I would just like to know from you, don’t you think some of these comments are MOER short sighted? This guy blouviterjool or whatever he calls himself is making such an ass out of you Bull supporters and it is really spoiling this platform where we actually want to debate about our beloved game, and not about bull-dung… (pardon the pun) I find it strange that most people who uses this platform to talk nonsense is either a Bull or a Stomers supporter and it really embarrasses me when it’s coming from a Stomer! You almost never read a comment from a Cheetahs supporter that’s arrogant or off the topic… do you agree with me on this???

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 08:37

      Dis n forum, nie n platform nie. Bul groete.

      Nayrb - 2012-04-24 08:55

      Colin, well put and about time.He seldom post's anything of substance ar validity. But give him credit he is usually quick with a response and always stands up for his BULL'S.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 08:59

      @Colin, it normally takes two to tango, I don't like the tango! A lot of the comments are mostly 'tongue in cheek' and should not be taken seriously, I don't anyway! Different strokes.... What I don't enjoy, is when people get personal & insulting... (then again, not all have the same upbringing and come from the same background - to be expected!!) It's rugby, it's fun, people get WAY too serious!!

      Jandl Reevo Reeves - 2012-04-24 09:01

      Bul groete ,bul groete , bul groete is getting a bit boring and tired now.

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 09:04

      Reg Jan. Bul groete.

      Colin - 2012-04-24 09:04

      immm Blouviterioel ek het dit letterlik bedoel as n platvorm/geleentheid as jy wil. ekt gedink jy sal die verskil kan verstaan, ou Bul. weereens comment jy op stupid issues in stede van Rugby. word groot ouboet. vertel ons eerder oor die goeie vorm waarin Hougaard is of so iets!

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 09:27

      Hougaard is op goeie vorm. Wat wil jy nog weet? Bul groete.

      Ren%c3%a9 - 2012-04-24 09:48

      @guido, never seen/read any of your comments! Skipping school again??? Good bye kiddo!!

      Marko - 2012-04-24 14:41

      Haai guidrdp, jy praat van ander maar daar kom jou ware kleure ook te voorskyn. Slaan my altyd stom as mense soos jy will belangrik lyk. Soos ek altyd se as jy niks het om te se nie hou jou bek!

      Tokolos - 2012-04-24 18:35

      Colin.... I assume you are a young guy! Stop commenting and reading the comments here then. You are going to end up in an old age home before you are 40. Get some humor and some oemf in your life. You must be bored like hell!

  • Darren - 2012-04-24 10:30

    From a Bull supporter…I miss watching Burger play…get well mate…need you back in the game…for the love of rugby!

      Japjapjap - 2012-04-24 10:52

      @darren- mis ons sy oog gaffellary?? of mis ons wanneer hy af gestuur word in di eerste 5min?? of mis ons sy verwarde "kyk" op di veld, met di vraag-"waars ek mamma"?? of mis ons sy kommentaar na di wedstryd met- di ref was onregverdig- hy coach di ander spanne en ni vir ons ni- nou hoe gaan ons span iets leer van rugby"?? ja hoop jy geniet hom, (net in weepee land asb..)

  • Craig - 2012-04-24 10:36

    He won't be missed too much. Many quality loosies in SA at the moment, and quite frankly, he wouldn't be my first choice

  • Jovan - 2012-04-24 11:28

    "Die Burger has been reliably informed..." I would like to know who is this reliable informant or where does the reliable info come from??? Really how reliable is this then?? And I see this comment game is also doing well, close game between the north and south. I have some empty cans at home, think i can contribute? Is there an app for filtering out worthless and unnecessary bantering and comments?? Pleeeaaassseee???

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 11:46

      Nee daar is nie. Leef maar daarmee saam of bly weg. Bul groete.

      Stirrer - 2012-04-24 12:53

      @Jovan - For once I agree with "Slappies" Blouvitrioel. The bantering might be worthless, but it's innocent (mostly) and great fun. If you want serious rugby discussions, you'll need to look somewhere else, you won't find it here. There are some commenters who tend to spoil it for everyone else, like Brainless Terence (what happened to him, even his FB page has disappeared?) and that idiot without a personality or friends, Dr Death, the Butcher of Vancouver a.k.a. Fake Saffa. Best is to ignore them. Stormer groete.

      Blouvitrioel - 2012-04-24 13:04

      Jy stem saam met my? Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! Bul groete.

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