Bulls wary of expansive Lions

2013-02-01 16:11

Johannesburg - As the Golden Lions fine-tune their selections for the season, the Bulls will use their Gauteng Cup warm-up match in Soweto on Saturday to test their depth and new combinations.

The Bulls return to the scene where they clinched their third Super Rugby title in 2010 and they will hope for the memories of that momentous day to inspire a new crop of players.

Bulls coach Frans Ludeke said this week they would rely on their extended squad this season to ensure the team remained competitive throughout the Super Rugby competition.

The youngsters and fringe players in the squad could do themselves some favours by showing Ludeke that they should be considered for the Bulls side for the 2013 campaign.

“It is a great test for us, to see where we are and areas we would like to adjust and fine-tune for the next game next week,” Ludeke said.

The Pretoria side were mindful of the Lions’ expansive style of play, which would test their defence.

“They are a very exciting team. They are not afraid to throw the ball around, they play a ball movement type of game,” Ludeke said.

The Lions got their season off to a solid start with a 51-13 thumping of Russia, which they followed up with an impressive performance in their 33-17 victory over the Cheetahs last week.

While the Lions impressed with their display of running rugby against both teams, Ludeke believed they also won the physical battles among the forwards.

“Against both teams, Russia and the Cheetahs, I thought the Lions had the better up front, and especially in the lineouts against Russia. Last weekend they were very competitive in the scrum,” Ludeke said.

Though the contest was viewed as a pre-season match, Lions coach Johan Ackermann said they were hungry for another win.

“I spoke to Frans (Ludeke) and he said they were already analysing us, and while it is still pre-season, I trust both teams will put an emphasis on winning,” Ackermann said.

Soweto, on the outskirts of Johannesburg, is technically Lions territory, but the Bulls have converted many supporters from this area into loyal fans.

Lions captain JC Janse van Resburg said they hoped to reclaim their Soweto fan base.

“Soweto still falls under the Lions, and while the Bulls might not think so, we want to play a good match on Saturday," Janse van Rensburg said.

"When we return we want to see all these supporters in Lions jerseys."


  • nico.pretorius.946 - 2013-02-01 17:45

    GO LIONS!!! Lets make it 3 in a row :) If we win tomorrow we will have a lot of momentum for next weekends game. Should be able to dominate the scrums and our loose trio also looks good, so might win the breakdown as well. GO LIONS!!!

  • dirkjohannes - 2013-02-01 18:21

    Ja, die Bulle sien hulle Loftus is nie meer die veilige hawe wat hy altyd was nie, want hul verloor al hoe meer games daar. (vra die Stormers). Nou wil hulle in Leeu wereld hulle eie stukkie grond kom eis. Klink soos die spul wat die grond van die boere wil af vat. Dit bly Leeu wereld en julle gaan pak kry. Go Lions!!!!

      slp.mulligan - 2013-02-01 20:06

      Lions have famously given all the Super teams 'pak'. That's why they spent so many years at the bottom of the Super log. Leeu wereld. I ask you with tears in my eyes. From laughter.

      dirkjohannes - 2013-02-01 21:55

      As jy nie Afrikaans so lekker verstaan nie dan kan ek jou nie help nie Mr Mulligan. Ek gese Stormers het hul op Moftus gewen en die Leeus gaan hul more pak gee. Van lekker lag kom lekker huil. Wag net vir more dan sal jy sien wat ek bedoel. Stormers 2013 champs.

      slp.mulligan - 2013-02-01 22:44

      Ek vestaan Afrikaans baie goed, en dit is presies wat jy probeer se, nl dat dat die Leeus 'n moerse span is wat die Bulle 'n les gaan leer, want, onder andere, dis Leeu wereld. Dan is daar allerande irrelevante twak oor grondeise ens. My punt is, dit is nie Leeu wereld nie, want byna elke Super span het in 'Leeu' wereld teen die magtige Leeus gewen. Derhalwe neem ek jou nie te ernstig op nie. Onthou maar 'van lekker lag kom lekker huil', want moontlik is dit ook op jou van toepassing. Lekker slaap ou grote. So. Thanks for your time old bean. Perhaps not perfect, but 'nie te sleg nie'. By the way, I'm a cheat; I did spend 5 years at Tuks, and I have lived in Pretoria my whole life, but then in your passion that may not have crossed your mind.

      dirkjohannes - 2013-02-02 06:55

      Pragtig Mr Mulligan. Enjoy the Bulls / Lions (Lions by 10 ) game. Not to bad for an Englishman:D. We will chat again during the Super games. Still early days, but i'm sure that the Bulls will not be as competitive as you guys hoped for in this years Super tournament. Stormers will be S.A's top team and I am sure of that. Enjoy the games old chap.

      Threetimeschampions - 2013-02-02 09:21

      Eish, nog n' delusional storma sapota 2013 champs bwaaahaaaa haaaaa!!! Janee randfontein se uraan water het beslis jou aangetas ou maat. As jy nou vir n MRI scan gaan breek jy die masjien. Wat doen jy vandag, tune jou Datsun vir tarlon se racies?

  • - 2013-02-01 22:09

    Mayons 25 - Nulle 20.

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