Bekker quits WP for Japan

2013-03-15 10:15

Cape Town - Andries Bekker, the most-capped Stormers player in the history of Super Rugby, will move to Japanese club Kobelco Steelers at the conclusion of the 2013 Super Rugby season.

The 2.08m-tall lock, who has 29 Test caps for the Springboks, aims to prolong his professional rugby career with the move to Japan.

"I'd like to thank everyone at Western Province for their incredible support over the years," said Bekker.

"It will be a sad time when I do leave Cape Town, but my wife, Elaine, and I are excited about the adventures that lie ahead.

"I'm particularly excited about joining up with my fellow South Africans at Kobelco Steelers - players like Peter Grant and Jaque Fourie have had nothing but great things to say about the club," added Bekker.

The 29-year-old will finish his 2013 commitments with the Stormers before departing for Japan, which means that he will be available for the knockout stages of the Super Rugby tournament, but this move does mean that his Springbok career will be on hold for now.

"It was a tough decision for me to make," said Bekker. "I've spent my entire professional rugby career in Cape Town, but, at this stage of my life, I felt it would be best to further my career abroad and to embark on a new adventure - both as a person and a rugby player.

"That said, we're just three games into the 2013 Super Rugby season... it's still a long season ahead of us and I'd love nothing more than to end my Stormers career on a high."

The mobile second rower made his Stormers debut in 2005 and is on the verge of playing his 100th match for the Super Rugby franchise (he is currently on 97 caps), which would make him the first Stormers player to reach this incredible landmark.

Bekker, South Africa's Super Rugby Player of the Year in 2010, has also made an additional 38 appearances for Western Province, since 2004 - scoring 12 tries for WP and a further 12 for the Stormers.

Western Province Rugby CEO Rob Wagner commented: "The Bekker name is synonymous with WP and Stormers rugby - through Andries and his father Hennie, before him. It will be the end of an era when Andries departs for Japan.

"We have seen Andries grow from a gangly schoolboy into a strapping Springbok. However, at this stage of his career a move abroad is in his best interests, so we wish him and his family well in the next exciting chapter of their lives."


  • Chris Gill - 2013-03-15 10:21

    Farewell to the world's tallest wing.

      Pietskiet Springbok - 2013-03-15 10:29

      Big in Japan. Maybe stormers wings will get the ball. Not really JDV still there. Parkbankie enjoy the sushi.

      Ian Calder - 2013-03-15 11:02

      Indeed big in Japan. He won't have to jump for the lineouts, and he is going to collect a million yellows for high tackles. Good luck Andries!

      stirrer.stirrer - 2013-03-15 11:12

      Thomas, you know why Wynand is called the widowmaker? Lots of guys have died laughing at his ineptitude.

      Tappet Henning - 2013-03-15 11:18

      Sad day for SA rugby.

      Pierre Rear Spear - 2013-03-15 14:11

      Wie ga nou vlenter speel?

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 15:24

      And thickest

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 15:26

      @stirrer About 90 min internet time left for you my friend, better start chirping

      Blou Beskawing - 2013-03-15 17:57

      Ek dink hy wil sy rugby verbeter?? nee nee gee my nog 'n kans.... hy wil ni meer geintimideerd voel ni?? nee nee gee my nog 'n kans.... hy wil bietjie 'uistaande' rugby begin speel?? nee nee sy 'nuwe' parkie bank skelempie dryg met 'n volgende reeks foto's- hoor dis di gemmerbrood mannetjie?? nee nee hy het steroides begin gebruik om beter by di stilstaande agterlyn aan te sluit- 3 pakkies jellytots 'n dag?? Aag ok, maar hoekom quit hy, was hy ooit betrokke by rugby?? Weepee jou leke deng

      Blou Beskawing - 2013-03-15 18:34

      ag nee, di werklike rede hoekom Bekker waai is, hy is skaam vir weepee rugby, ja hy skaam hom vir weepee se afgelope 50jaar van geen prestasies ni?? hy is skaam dat hy week in, week uit, vir dieselfde stoomer loser span moet opdraf en afdraf?? hy is skaam vir di bestuur en afrigting by di stoomers?? hy is skaam vir di lee super trofee kas wat 'n plastiek tee stel huisves?? hy is skaam vir sy mede vlou spelers wat ni weet watter lyn is di doellyn ni?? hy is skaam vir di swak gehalte bankies langs di veld en in di parkie oorkant nuweland en laastens hys skaam vir daai platperg en stink see?? japan hier kom 'n telefoon paal sonder enige lig??

  • Praben Manuel - 2013-03-15 10:27

    Sad news for a WP and stormers supporter; but you have done well for your franchise and we salute you for your service.

  • Jacques - 2013-03-15 10:33

    Sad he was so injury prone... Cheers, andries. Bull groete.

  • Jimmy Moustache - 2013-03-15 10:37

    cheers, lekker oor jou voete gaan val in Japan.

      Lodie Greeff - 2013-03-15 11:12

      Ou jimy kenebak baja komentaar v imand wat gestremd is wat pal oor hule voete val heh

      Tappet Henning - 2013-03-15 11:19

      One of the best players I have ever seen.

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-03-15 11:33

      Well lucky for Bekker, when he is in Japan the spounge they use at half time has more brain cells than anyone at the Bulls.

      Jimmy Moustache - 2013-03-15 11:41

      Lodie, jy het n lekker chick ou! Jou spelling is vrot, ek weet nie eintlik wat jy gese het nie, ek kan nie "brakpan taal" lees nie. Ek neem maar net aan jy is van Brakpan met daai gold chain van jou?

      Tieno Bloubul - 2013-03-15 11:52

      En hy ry seker met baseball bats rond in sy 1990 nissan champ

      Lodie Greeff - 2013-03-15 11:55

      Hahah thanx vir di kompliment... En dis n silwer chain nar?? Brile werk vir slegte oe hoor nou vir ou tieno blou tril gooi hy sy laaste 5c in jy mt hule spaar v brood seen mama gaan kwaad raak

      Jimmy Moustache - 2013-03-15 12:07

      OK sorry. Dis nie dat ek n bril kort nie. My 1996 computer screen het ek by Rodepoort se Cash Crusaders gekoop en omdat ek in hulle in gunsies betaal het, was daar n no return policy. Hy maak so snaakse pers kleur op die skerm as ek n please call me op my Nokia 5110 kry. Toe jy met Tieno gepraat het is ek seker jy het "seun" bedoel en nie "seen" nie. Glo dit of nie daar is nogal n groot verskil in die twee. Of het jy bedoel hy moet die brood seen? Amper soos n tafel gebed?

      Pierre Rear Spear - 2013-03-15 14:13

      I agreee wif Tappet. Best playa. Japanese girls, watch out!

      Tappet Henning - 2013-03-16 10:17

      Bekker one of the best Locks in the country...... no bull player even gets close.... bulls going to wallop the saders..... 3 cups to 0.....

  • John - 2013-03-15 10:38

    There is so much talent at the stormers at the moment i think this should be a good move for both parties involved.......

      sean - 2013-03-15 12:19

      @John Black Ruan Botha(2.04m tall & 113 kg) can replace Bekker I reckon.We do have a good supply of locks coming through in the Stormers camp.

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 15:27

      @john Stormers will probably buy a lock from Fidji or Canada. One who is already on diesel

  • Jacques Shreky Stander - 2013-03-15 10:40

    Sad !!!

  • Gary Doyle - 2013-03-15 10:44

    Money talks in that Jap crap league, they get paid big $ to play much less rugby than they would in Europe.

      Jimmy Moustache - 2013-03-15 11:35

      The currency in Japan is ¥, not $.

  • Louw Coetzee - 2013-03-15 10:46

    Andries is going to be the tallest person in the whole of Japan!

      Johan Lensley - 2013-03-15 12:33

      He will replace Jacque Fourie as the tallest person in Japan? Lol

      Kobus van der Mey - 2013-03-15 15:15

      incorrect, the tallest person currently in Japan is Yasutaka Okayama former NBA star 7 ft 6 in (2.28m)

  • Andre Malherbe - 2013-03-15 10:51

    I didnt know that the Kobelco Steelers needed a partner for Jaques Fourie. They will have the tallest centre in the world playing for them.

  • sean - 2013-03-15 10:51

    So that's Bekker and Juandre gone in quick succession.Any other Springbok locks that are leaving that we know off and do we still think super rugby provides South Africa with an endless supply of decent players?Springbok and even New Zealand rugby are bleeding from a big stream of players going overseas.Locks,even props and hookers like the Du Plessis brothers who were talked up about leaving and that are still unsure about their future.

      Pierre Rear Spear - 2013-03-15 13:48

      Albei van hulle maar nie so watse nie.

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 15:27

      We should feed our logs more turbo-diesel

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 21:23

      @FAKE Sean Stick to the Afrikaans boet, jy piets jou naampie met 'n plank. Of if is dit 'n diesel pyp.

  • leo.pieterse - 2013-03-15 11:39

    @ stephen . So not traveled yet and already fighting the cheatas for botom spot . Spounge coment is funny . Just whant to say the smartes guy in the wp will strugel getting that comment

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-03-15 11:48

      They definitely wont get your skillful spelling

      Shoosh - 2013-03-15 20:44

      @leo - is this the new language being spoken in Tshawne by trailer park trash Bulls supporters?

  • Donovan Hendricks - 2013-03-15 11:41

    What a huge loss for WP Rugby,I hope they have big enough parkbenches in Japan for the big fella!

  • Tieno Bloubul - 2013-03-15 11:54

    O hel, die stormers gaan nou beter word met die aap uit, en dank die vader hy is nie meer in die bok mix nie. Die ou was meer bek as binnegoed, good riddance

  • chris.booise - 2013-03-15 12:02

    His knees will last very long now, because I doubt if it will ever be necessary for him to jump in line-outs with those small Japanese players.

  • Mhluleli - 2013-03-15 12:18

    let him leave he was overrated anyway.......stompies supporters they thought he was gonna be Victor but he could'nt match up, Victor is miles better than him........EK IS BLEU BULL till we claim other supper rugby cup.

      Hans Oosthuizen - 2013-03-15 12:26

      Is the Bleu Bull a new team?? Typical of a bulls supporter.

      Erick Vogel - 2013-03-15 12:46

      When somebody start commenting on spelling, then that person cannot write a sensible comment. Typical of a brainless bokkom vreter

      Mhluleli - 2013-03-15 13:01

      actually is quite an old team that only South African team to win the supper rugby twice........wanna be clever.

      Praben Manuel - 2013-03-15 13:17

      A supporter that can't even spell his teams name????; damn

      Regardt Boonzaaier - 2013-03-15 13:37

      Mhluleli,Stormers have cordon bleu bull for supper.

      Shoosh - 2013-03-15 20:48

      You can see why this dof Bull has a problem with his spelling, he is thinking of food all the time "EK IS BLEU BULL till we claim other supper rugby cup." Cordon Bleu for the new supper rugby cup, maybe it's also edible?

  • eugene.brink.9 - 2013-03-15 12:30

    And there goes the Stormers' best centre.

  • Lwazi Sithole - 2013-03-15 13:18

    such a girlie move!! Eben is better than him anyway

  • Lourens van der Vyver - 2013-03-15 13:51

    Letterlik n groot slag vir WP rugby. Dankie vir jou bydrae AB. Een van SA se beste slotte gewees het as maar net topfiks kon bly. WP sal oraait wees,want EE is nou daar en tegnies n 5 slot! RE maar na SR15 weer daai kg terug sit en terug skuif na 4. Cheers AB en WP se lekker ding groet...

      Jimmy Moustache - 2013-03-15 14:09

      Ja AB was goed, nie so goed soos RT en BU nie, Dalk in diesefde klas WD en PI. Maar aan die ander kant FG, NM en SO het in n ander era gespeel. Suid Africa moet net die youngsters soos VF, KL, RT en iemand soos WS baie mooi oppas. Wie weet dalk kan hierdie jong groep groot name word soos TvdW, BP, JA, SvW en HKGK.

      Lourens van der Vyver - 2013-03-15 17:02

      Dankie vir julle rugby menings. RB die paar games wat hy fiks was vir Bokke was hy net so goed soos Matfield. JM ek is nie bekend met daai slotte,so sal nie kan se nie. JJ as daar so n lock-wing posise was dan sal Bekker seker die beste gewees,want net hy word genoem

  • jean.rossouwsa - 2013-03-15 14:08

    Nou waar gaan hy n groot genoeg bankie in n parkie in Japan kry???

      Donovan Hendricks - 2013-03-15 14:35

      LMGA Jean! Ek het dit eerste genoem ma ek dink nie my mede bloggers het dit gevang nie,of hulle vind dit nie snaaks nie, lees my kommentaar,he he he

      Tappet Henning - 2013-03-15 15:02

      And this coming from people who have never played rugby or done anything wrong in their whole life. Everybody must be perfect. no, It is just us bulls that win all, never make mistakes and are perfect.

      Donovan Hendricks - 2013-03-15 15:34

      Ag Tappet it was meant to be a joke,don't be so uptight man,humor is very good for all of us in this violent and corruption ridden society of ours.

  • Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 15:25

    Wonder of die openbare parkbankies waarop hy tog so graag paar lank genoeg sal wees in Japan.

      Stephen Axtell - 2013-03-15 17:33

      What level of inbred loser must one be to create phony Facebook account. Why are you such a loser Sean Diesel. I guess to much steroids like your hero Pierre "Slow" Spies

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 20:05

      Tell us about steroids baby stevie, what do you know about it?

      Stormers Fanbase Full - 2013-03-15 21:41

      Net as jou sussie en ma albei op hom moet sit.

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 22:52

      Hy's te lig vir hulle. Sy ruggie en toontjie pyn dan na elke wedstryd.

  • Mike Suter - 2013-03-15 21:40

    Go enjoy . Make good bucks . But please remember . Playing in Japan , is like playing 1st team club ruby here . All the players that go there are tired of having to train hard and play hard . Have had enough of having no life outside of BEEN A HERO . Don't expect to wear the Green and Gold again Bekker.

  • WEERMAN - 2013-03-15 22:19


      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-15 22:54

      Is he really from Plumstead? bwa ha ha ha ha ha OK, everything explained then, shame I feel bad making fun of the poor inbred now. Danville looks like Beverly Hills when compared to Plumstead. wha ha ha baby stevie

  • Jacques Le Roux - 2013-03-16 01:29

    He will stand out like a sore thumb...

      Sean Diesel - 2013-03-16 02:25

      More like a sore little toe. U know, the one that kept him off the field for a month. bwa ha ha ha mof

  • Sboniso Gumbi - 2013-03-16 07:53

    Stormers have lots of backup,time for Dries to make some money also,hopefully we'll see him soon.

  • Jacobus Wynand Rautenbach - 2013-03-16 13:14

    sterkte bekker, stormers gaan jou mis

  • Naithan September - 2013-07-04 02:38

    Andries we will always love you,you will have a special place in our hearts,go fulfill your life in japan and hope you do much more as you did for the stormers good luck and dont forget the cape.frm Naithan september

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