Aussies bristle at Joseph jibe

2011-05-19 15:09

Sydney - Reds coach Ewen McKenzie has hit back at Jamie Joseph after the Highlanders coach branded Super Rugby matches between Australian teams as "school stuff" while likening New Zealand derbies to "war".

This year's version of the southern hemisphere's provincial championship features more local derbies under a national conference system, which former All Black flank Joseph thinks is tougher on New Zealand teams.

"We played four New Zealand teams in a row - that's a big ask because they are very physical," Joseph told New Zealand's Dominion Post newspaper.

"You watch the Waratahs play the Reds and it's different rugby... it's like school stuff while we are at war."

McKenzie, whose Reds team top the standings after 13 weeks of the championship, said Joseph was mistaken, at least where last month's 19-15 victory over the Waratahs was concerned.

"He obviously didn't watch the game if he is saying that," McKenzie told Thursday's Australian newspaper.

"In terms of physicality, I don't know if we have made more tackles this season than we did in that match. We had no ball and we were getting worked over at scrum time."

Waratahs coach Chris Hickey agreed.

"School stuff? Looks like there's trouble in the playground," he told the paper.

"I find it really strange that he would say that. I felt the game we played against the Reds at Suncorp Stadium was like a test match in terms of intensity and physicality."

The Reds, like the Highlanders, have a bye this weekend before taking on New Zealand's seven-time champion Crusaders on May 29 in what will be a major test of their title ambitions.


  • Dal2000 - 2011-05-19 15:17

    This new format absolutely SUCKS! Iv'e lost so much interest. All these local derbies are pathetic. I watch the Super 14 because different teams from different countries took on each other all the time. Now it's a longer, watered down load of boring Rugby/Rubbish.

      ssrabits - 2011-05-19 16:14

      true, if I wanted to see the local derbies I would watch Currie cup or the NPC. Pointless in super rugby really

      StaalBurgher - 2011-05-19 16:17

      Agreed. Thumbs him up people so that we can get out from under this media induced smoke screen that the new format is popular!

  • ssrabits - 2011-05-19 16:11

    well its obvious the new format favour the aussie teams. Why should the NZ and SA teamhave to play thier own domestic comps before playing the new super rugby format and get bashed again by the same local team in the space of few months. Obviously it would take a toll on the players themselves and it has the protential to have SA and NZ top teams knock themselves out of contention for the playoffs because they play each other twice. I wish my team can play the Brumbies, Rebels, Force and Waratahs twice. Thats a lot points on offer.

      john.swanepoel - 2011-05-19 17:50

      I couldnt agree more...

  • terry - 2011-05-19 17:03

    If I remember correctly, SARU tried to resist this new structure, but the NZ and Aussie rugby unions ganged up on us, and we were forced into it. This whole thing has been devised by the Aussies for the Aussies, because they don't have any equivalent tournament to our Currie Cup. It is time we went back to a Super 12 - with 4 teams from each country, and each country has their own competition to (like the Currie Cup) where the teams compete for the top 4 places in order to be in the Super 12 competition.

      Makutu - 2011-05-19 17:24

      I think Super 15 is fine but not with teams playing each other TWICE in ONE competition. And then they'll have to play each other again TWICE in the Currie cup... Why not Super 15 but with teams playing each other only once. That would be interesting!

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