Tattoo for a Stormers ticket

2010-05-18 07:24

Cape Town - The task was quite simple - Cape Town radio station Heart 104.9fm's Breakfast team had 3 sets of tickets to give away to the Super 14 match between the Stormers and the Bulls last week. Since these tickets were very hard to come by, they asked listeners what they would do to get their hands on them.

The answer to this question brought surprising and very entertaining results.

One listener, a 9 year old boy, exchanged his Soccer World Cup ticket for a set of Stormers tickets. Another listener came into studio and planted a kiss firmly on the morning sports reporter Nick Feinberg's behind.

And the most surprising... and possibly the bravest listener came in and had a tattoo artist place a reminder of his dedication on his right cheek (not the one that shows his dimple when he smiles).

A tattoo artist came in to the studio with all of her equipment and tattooed Phat Joe’s lips and the names of all of the members of the breakfast team, Julian, Phat Joe and Nick on his bottom.

Can you imagine what this guy would do to get a ticket to a possible Newlands final?



  • Amelam - 2010-05-18 08:18

    I won't take a a tattoo for a million rand. It's common, vulgar, deprived, etc, etc. I'd rather listen to the match over the radio.

  • Lekka Stormer supporta!!! - 2010-05-18 09:09

    My two front teeth, ek seg my china???

  • stupid - 2010-05-18 10:37

    ook net in die kaap - lekker commen!

  • Blouwildebul - 2010-05-18 11:06

    Lekka Lekka Tappit!! Ook net in skaapstad!! Wat is volgende n paar voor tande vir n kaartjie? OOooooo Sorry julle het alreeds nie voortande klaar uit gebyt teen n wyn bottel se nek!!!

  • STORMER - 2010-05-18 11:35

    Ooh the jealousy.....Chaps get over it. CT IS THE PLACE...even Victor thinks so, which is why he will retiring in the Boland and not Tswane...(that must be such a klap in the face to you Tards who made him rich, only to have him spend your cash buying shares in Boland and a home down here...leaving you lot to stay up North cos u can't afford to move down here..) Hehehehehehehe - simpletons the lot of you.

  • ALLAN - 2010-05-18 12:15


  • Bulls fan forever - 2010-05-18 12:19

    @STORMER. Hey genius Cape Town and Boland and Western Province and Boland are NOT the same places. Again you have entertained us with your substandard brain. Thanks skaap from skaapstad.

  • Nic - 2010-05-18 12:24

    20 years from now who is going to remember the Stormers beating the Bulls B team, or who Phat Joe is....what a tosser

  • vanessa - 2010-05-18 12:30

    i wouldnt go so far as a tattoo, thats just wrong tattoos, but I can say this it is easier to give blood than get Stormers tickets for the SEMI final. COMPUTICKET IS COMPLETELY USELESS WHEN are we going to get rid of them.?????? If you didnt sleep at the stadium you wont get tickets Pissed off i didnt find a man to sleep at the stadium now the only game i wanted to go to and take my mother tooo and i organised a babysister i can go! Thanks SA SPORTING ORGANISER AND WP for your incompetents in using computicket. Whom are K@#K

  • The Doctor - 2010-05-18 13:37

    hahaha. speaking of common (that's how you spell it by the way, not commen). what about all the witbank tapids that paint there houses blue and have blue bull weddings etc? And what about all the obese men and women sitting at Loftus every Saturday, with horns on their heads and their faces painted blue? and most of them are just drunk anyway. so how is that not common? This comes from an article in The New Zealand Herald earlier this week: “This game isn’t going to be at the Afrikaner citadel (Loftus), populated by all those large men, and women, wearing blue horns as if at a fancy dress party with a theme which never changes." At least the rest of the world is not laughing at us here in the Cape, and they actually enjoy coming here

  • @Bulls Fan forever - 2010-05-18 19:17

    I think you need a lesson in Geography or just a map. Boland is on Cape Town's Doorstep - in fact, the Stormers are comprised of Boland and WP players. So I do encourage you to get your facts straight before you publically embaress yourself. Go Stormers, Go Bulls - SA home semi for the fans!!! This post is by a Stormer's fan - notice the lack of vulgar insults? Keep it Clean :-)

  • Blue Jake - 2010-05-19 05:16

    Now that is scraping the barrel. Typical Stormer supporter. Niks gewoond nie.

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