Stormers to stay focused

2010-04-14 22:31

Stephen Nell

Cape Town – The Stormers’ tendency to sometimes follow up an outstanding performance with a mediocre one has been a big talking point in their camp ahead of Friday’s Super 14 match against the Chiefs in Hamilton.

Allister Coetzee, coach of the Cape side, realises that the big challenge this week is to ensure that the Stormers pitch with the same intensity as in last week’s 33-21 win over the Blues in Auckland.

“We sometimes disappoint after a good performance by not pitching with the same focus. It’s something we have talked about the whole week,” said Coetzee.

“It was pleasing, therefore, to see the players’ intensity in our training sessions. The manner in which you train is a good pointer to how you will play, and I’m satisfied with the players’ focus.”

Coetzee’s concern is probably rooted in the Stormers losing 17-19 to the Brumbies six days after they thrashed the Waratahs 27-6 earlier in their campaign.

The only other defeat in their campaign – 15-16 against the Western Force in Perth – came in the wake of three successive wins at Newlands.

At that stage the Force were rock-bottom on the log, which again shows that any team can lose to any other in the competition if they don’t pitch mentally.

With the exception of JC Kritzinger, who replaces Argentine prop Eusebio Guinazu on the bench, Coetzee has opted for the same squad as last week.

JD Moller therefore retains his place at loosehead prop after performing well against the Blues.

“JC is more athletic than JD and I believe he will make an impact off the bench,” said Coetzee.

“When JD was injured two years ago, it was a setback for our campaign. I’m glad that he is playing with that kind of confidence again.”

The Chiefs had no option but to make a change in their front row, with 21-year-old Toby Smith set for his first start after Sona Taumalolo sustained a shoulder injury.

At the back the Kiwis look well-equipped even without Mils Muliaina and Sitiveni Sivivatu, but the key for the Stormers will be to exploit their weaknesses up front.

“The set phases are important throughout the competition. We have to scrum well again and be very accurate in the lineouts,” said Coetzee.

“You look for accuracy against attacking sides and cannot give away possession with errors.”

It can be of decisive importance for the Stormers to put pressure on the Chiefs in the lineouts.

“There is no way we can afford to ease up,” said Coetzee.

“The Chiefs have outstanding backs that look for the opportunity to take you on. They try to work a one-on-one and then beat you with skill. Their backs are their strength.”

Chiefs v Stormers, Hamilton - 09:35

15. Tim Nanai-Williams, 14. Lelia Masaga, 13. Richard Kahui, 12. Stephen Donald, 11. Dwayne Sweeney, 10. Mike Delany, 9. Brendon Leonard, 8. Sione Lauaki, 7. Tanerau Latimer, 6. Liam Messam (captain), 5. Culum Retallick, 4. Craig Clarke, 3. Ben Afeaki, 2. Hika Elliot, 1. Toby Smith

Substitutes: 16. Vern Kamo, 17. Nathan White, 18. Romana Graham, 19. Colin Bourke, 20. Junior Poluleuligaga, 21. Callum Bruce, 22. Jackson Willison

15. Gio Aplon, 14. Sireli Naqelevuki, 13. Jaque Fourie, 12. Juan de Jongh, 11. Bryan Habana, 10. Peter Grant, 9. Dewaldt Duvenage, 8. Duane Vermeulen, 7. Francois Louw, 6. Schalk Burger (captain), 5. Andries Bekker, 4. Adriaan Fondse, 3. Brok Harris, 2. Tiaan Liebenberg, 1. JD Moller

Substitutes: 16. Deon Fourie, 17. JC Kritzinger 18. Anton van Zyl, 19. Pieter Louw, 20. Ricky Januarie, 21. Willem de Waal, 22. Tim Whitehead


  • bulawayo-based-bok - 2010-04-14 23:20

    if Bekker/Burger/Habana and Fourie give 100% into this game, they should win it!!!the stormers need their boks to come out all guns blazing and really dominate the chiefs!........and the Chiefs can't complain about injuries as thw Stormers are also missing two key players in Joe Pietersen and Wicus Blaauw!! a 100% boot from Grant should also seem them win this weekend so hopefully he can keep up this newly-found boot!!! the Stormers have the potential to smash most oppositions, they just need the right mental attitude!! looking forward to Fourie getting the better of another all black centre in Kahui, after being better then both Conrad Smith and Rene Ranger in previous rounds!!!......stormers by 8

  • Wagga - 2010-04-15 05:10

    The outstanding performances of the Stormers is only a once off occasion, from now on it is going to be uphill for those has been mercenaries, I hope they loose all their remaining games just so that those demented toothless supporters can shut their traps.

  • Blue Bull Hater/Anti-Blue Bull - 2010-04-15 06:04

    This is the STORMERS, we'll win this game and get a bonus point!!! Tomorrow you'll also have the rare opportunity to see the next S14 champions in action, and how they'll BEAT the HELL out of a NZ team!! Because come May 15, die WEERLIG STRALE gaan BLITS op NUWELAND KAAPSTAD!!

  • Storm - Warning - 2010-04-15 06:13

    Mediocre performances seem to happen when we rotate players for no reason! Keep Ricky January of the pitch! In actual fact PLEASE phone the coach of the coach of the Ospreys in Wales and ask if they want him back! He is too fat & too slow & too unfit for super rugby!!!!

  • InnocentBystander - 2010-04-15 07:51

    So the Stormers' loss is attributed to a lack of mental presence now? The bias in these articles!! Its unbelievable living in Cape Town right now; the Stormers have already won the bloody thing

  • Laeveld Stormer - 2010-04-15 08:15

    Hey Wagga, lose is with one o. If you can't even spell, how can you know anything about rugby? I agree with Storm-Warning, just keep RJ off the field. Dewald has been brilliant, if it is not broken....

  • Carl Muller - 2010-04-15 08:20

    Go for it Stormers. We like to win a good team. We are waiting for May. Bull supporter.

  • Weepee - 2010-04-15 08:22

    They will need to maintain the defensive effort that has been so good up to now. There was no doubt that they started slipping tackles against the Blues and it took some serious scrambling and luck to keep them in the game. I hope Alister has not forgotten what got them to this point. Please Lord don't give us Dickheadson again.

  • die yster - 2010-04-15 08:35

    They should attack - attack - attack. Thats the key. When they spread the ball in the previous game the team looked dangerous. Defence, as outstanding as it is - should be a standard feature.

  • Kolkas - 2010-04-15 08:35

    @wagga. You must be from Blue Bull country, because like all the other inbreeds up there, you can't count. Once off??? Explain "once off" please. A brilliant win against the Waratahs 27-6, Highlanders 35-0, beating the Blues at home and 3 others this year. I await you mathematical, logical or just common sense answer with great anticipation.

  • Laeveld Stormer - 2010-04-15 08:39

    Hey Wagga, lose is with one o. If you can't even spell, how can you know anything about rugby? I agree with Storm-Warning, just keep RJ off the field. Dewald has been brilliant, if it is not broken....

  • STORMER - 2010-04-15 09:45

    @Wagga - mate, win-lose or draw my TOOTHLESS trap will be still be here daily tormenting you. I know your obsession with our toothless traps has plenty to do with you "fantasising" about our toothless traps around your studio......Latent latent latent...

  • DF - 2010-04-15 10:28

    Hey Wagga, I would much rather be toothless than brainless like you. Go Thtormers!!!!

  • Province - 2010-04-15 10:29

    @wagga: Although your comments have no relevance and your obsession with passion gaps are disconcerting, I see you my man from the North, dressed in your Idler shoes and picking up girls from Visserhok in your Jurgens caravan during December holidays. Only 8 months to go, buddy, the jintoes are waiting for you!

  • Waqgga - 2010-04-15 10:58

    You stormbarian supporters is really commin, Shame, How do you spell loose, with one O Shame. You are a bunch off losers ( note, one O ) I hope you get realy hamered in your remaining games, Get real. You got a kak team that got lucky in some games. Luck is running out Mate.You in for a rough ride now. @ leaveld Stormer poepol, Gaan kak in jou ouma se yskas

  • @ Wagga - 2010-04-15 11:34

    How stupid can one guy be.....haha! You sound like an Afrikaans guy writing in English, so let me translate and tell you wat "loose" and "lose" means in Afrikaans. Loose = los, bv, "dis nie vas nie, maar los" Lose = verloor, bv, "jy het jou verstand iewers verloor" Is that clear enough? No offense to Afrikaans people..I am also 100% Boer.

  • Cliff Bradley - 2010-04-15 12:02

    Waqgga: Damn maar jy steek al die Blou bulle in die skande met jou dom antwoorde as die ouens jou probeer reghelp. Jy veroorsaak dat die ander ouens die blou bulle dom noem.

  • Stoffel - 2010-04-15 12:18

    @wagga, jy is `n k*nt! jy maak ons Blou Bulle se naam gat!!!

  • hardiblu - 2010-04-15 13:15

    This is a game that the Stormers should win by all accounts, but it is exactly these games that can trip you up. The Chiefs never really looked dangerous against the Bulls and had Sreyn not missed a "few" then the score line would have been in the forties to the 19 scored by the Chiefs, saying all that though The Chiefs are not a team that you can simply turn up to. To secure that elusive bonus point they may have to take a few more chances at the risk of conceding a few, rather than what seems to be happening which is securing the win, (which is understandably also important), but then defending that margin at the expense of the bonus point? You chaps are 4th, just one measly bonus point earlier would have put you 2nd, as important as it may seem, an impressive points against record wont mean anything if you find yourselves 5th at semi time.

  • JJ - 2010-04-15 13:34

    @Stoffel You either love them or hate them. This is the debate that will go on forever. Bulls vs Stormers. We are experiencing a great super 14 and unfortunately it is the supporters that spoil everything. I am no Bulls Curry Cup fan but damn, come Super 14 I enjoy seeing any of our teams win. Wagga is like Malema, ignore him and he will stop writing hogwash on this forum. I am not prepared to associate myself with “common” supporters amd Stoffel, although I am a Stormers supporter, I will gladly watch a Bulls Stormers game with you over a few beers.

  • Bloke - 2010-04-15 15:36

    Stormer hoe proe gister se snoek leftovers ?

  • Kolkas - 2010-04-15 15:37

    @JJ You are 100% right. I am a Stormer through and through, but was 100% behind the Blue Bulls last Friday, and will be supporting them again this weekend. But some supports, eg Wagga, well, the less said the better. Enjoy the games this weekend boys. Good luck to all, and we await the outcome of the Lions v Sharks game. Thats another one on my agenda for the weekend.

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