Bekker a big sensation in NZ

2010-04-13 22:35

Stephen Nell

Cape Town – The Stormers’ Springbok lock Andries Bekker is a sensation in New Zealand.

Veteran writer Keith Quinn, writing in the authoritative magazine Rugby News, has likened Bekker to legendary All Black lock Colin Meads.

Meads, who is knows as Pinetree, is viewed by supporters as the best player in New Zealand’s history and was named their player of the century in 1999.

When approached for comment by Sport24, Meads said from his home in Te Kuiti in New Zealand that Bekker had impressed him.

“He’s playing very good rugby and has really come on in leaps and bounds. Andries is especially good running with the ball. The problem he has is that he has to play Victor Matfield out of the team!”

Meads added that he had generally been impressed by South Africa’s forwards in this year’s Super 14.

“They are particularly good in the lineouts and scrums, and have the other countries whacked. They’ve also got the maul working. The South African forwards are dominant.”

While Bekker has been criticised for popping up in midfield from time to time, it is that aspect of his game that prompted Quinn to liken him to Meads.

“Bekker is a man mountain at 2.08m and 118kg, but he is expanding as a playing talent all the time. Not only was he a massive influence in the lineouts, but around the midfield he played with a Meads-like imposing presence,” Quinn wrote of Bekker in commenting on an earlier performance against the Hurricanes.

He followed this up with an e-mail to Sport24 when asked to expand on his thoughts.

“His method of running with the ball and causing mayhem among the defences is reminiscent of the way I used to see Meads play. Andries is way bigger than Meads was, but in his time Meads was totally dominant as a physical presence. And that is the likeness I have noted,” said Quinn.

While South Africa have a number of talented locks, New Zealand are hoping that the injury-prone Ali Williams will be fit for next year’s World Cup.

“With the kind of form he (Bekker) showed, the big guy might become a damn nuisance for New Zealand at a higher level than Super 14,” wrote Quinn.

“Does New Zealand possess a really good huge man in the second row? Oh yes, we have Ali Williams, but …

“How good might Bekker be by World Cup time next year? How reliable will Ali Williams’ fitness be then?”


  • Matfield overrated - 2010-04-13 23:04

    Matfield is hopelessly overrated so is Spies and John Smit. Luckily we will see the last of the Matfield, Vuilgat Bakkies, John Smit era at the 2011 WC at the latest. Botha wanted to leave SA 2 years ago already and is on his way to France (hulle gaan hom dik bliksem daar) Bekker is by far the best lock in SA at the moment but the likes of Matfield, Bakkies, Smit, Spies, AD Jacobs to mention a few get pick because of who they are not what they contributes....typical Africa problem. Rossouw, vd Merwe AND Fondse are all better than Bakkies grootoor.

  • Deonic - 2010-04-13 23:27

    Have you noted the respect that New Zealanders display when it comes to talent and prowess of opposing teams. They are a lot more reasonable than some of our one-eyed lot. Here I refer specifically to my fellow Stormers supporters who are so irritatingly arrogant now that we are in with half a chance. Please guys, note how many times the Bulls supporters appreciate the fact that the Stormers are showing some form now, and the NZ guys showing some respect as in the above article. Be a bit more mature please. Let's play the game and not the ball.

  • Stephen Nell Overrated - 2010-04-13 23:37

    Bekker is a good player but this must have given old Stehpen Nell a hardon. Nell you still a useless writer who should at best write a fan column in the stormers programme, if that. only going for you is your bias towards the stomers. You actually turn people against them with your bias

  • Chris - 2010-04-13 23:39

    @ "Matfield overrated". You have obviously very little to do in life, but berate some of the best rugby players of all time. Maybe you are attracted to negative criticism on the forum, or, more than likely, you have never touched a rugby ball in your life. Your comments are not only uncalled for, but show your lack of knowlegde in rugby. Why not start passing comments on Jukskei and Ten pin Bowling. That should be right up your alley. I would like to see you personally tell Bakkies that "hulle gaan hom dik bliksem" in France.

  • Will - 2010-04-13 23:39

    Wot a load of codswhallop. Those overated players won the RWC. The majority of those overated players won 2 super14 titles in last 3 years. I watch the top14 and Heineken Cup, The French & Irish boys particularly are good, but none of those teams would stand up to semi final Super 14 teams. Theres a lot of "for show" aggression, a la Paul O'Connell, but very little under the surface. I would say Bakkies is the opposite of that.

  • john - 2010-04-13 23:40

    great player and def a mix of matfield and botha, he is not a matfield because his allround play is better and more aggresive, great form since the end of year tour

  • William Shakespeare - 2010-04-13 23:43

    @Matfield overrated: I suppose you think the whole Springbulls team is overrated, right?

  • Jacques - 2010-04-13 23:49

    @Matfield overrated. WTF are you on about. Three of the people you mentioned were instrumental in the last world cup victory. They are also respected all over the world. No one reads the oposition line out like Matfield. No one shows better leadership than Smit and now one shares the same intensity than Bakkies. Spies is one of the best the world has seen. Typical African problem is people like you that talk and believe themselves as being right when they actualy dont know WTF they are talking about

  • @ matfield overated - 2010-04-13 23:59

    spies overated? do u even watch rugby? that guy is the form no 8 in probably world rugby & would make any world team - go watch some tapes of springbok games or maybe the super 14 final last year & get glasses

  • Go WP! - 2010-04-14 00:01

    Even as a Stormer supporter I have to admit that Matfield is still in a different class, especially at test level. His experience is immense and his presence in the line-out cause havoc. I remember him taking 7 steals in the WC07 final and he did the same against the Aussies and All Blacks last year. Bekker is good back-up, but Matfield has to start in the tests. Bekker should come on when the game is loose as he likes to run with the ball.

  • @Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 00:04

    Yet another couch rugby player! all the players you mentions are or have recently been the best at what they do (except Jacobs!). From flank to lock to captain. you obviously a bit thick, so let me remind you they won the world cup. That's the cup for the best team in the world. which generally means best players, best captain...

  • bulawayo-based-bok - 2010-04-14 00:09

    @matfieldoverrated.......are you p****???? do u have no idea what Matfield,Spies,Smit have done for Bok rugby in the last couple of years?? all of them have contributed to the WC win/Lions win and tri nations wins!!!fair play with Adi Jacobs, he really is quite useless but that is all i'm agreeing about!!.......looks good 4 the future when you have arguably the best lock in the South(bekker) and the best lock in the north(kruger)!!!!

  • Mike - 2010-04-14 00:10

    Bekker is way better then Matfield and Bakkies. It is a pitty that those two has such a strong hold on the Bok positions but Bekker can run, jump etc he has almost a complete game compared to the other two. But I asume they will soon move on and then Bekker will be the main man for many years to come.

  • WP bo! - 2010-04-14 00:41

    Even as a Stormer supporter I have to admit that Matfield is still in a different class, especially at test level. His experience is immense and his presence in the line-out cause havoc. I remember him taking 7 steals in the WC07 final and he did the same against the Aussies and All Blacks last year. Bekker is good back-up, but Matfield has to start in the tests. Bekker should come on when the game is loose as he likes to run with the ball.

  • Realist - 2010-04-14 01:40

    @Matfield - Are you perhaps Malema? Just asking because you also don;t know what you are talking about. Bekker is a fine player, but so are the likes of Matfield and Bakkies. Spies is an excellent rugby player and John Smit the most successful captain South Africa has ever had. The time of Bekker, v/d Merwe and Fondse will come. Be thankful that South Africa is so blessed with all these womderful athletes. Please stop puking or perhaps your real name is Luke?

  • Bob - 2010-04-14 04:16

    How can you A-**es keep on criticizing Smit? He is the WORLDS best captain and a solid player! He is not an "image kid" or "glory boy", he is consistent and plays hard rugby! He might not be the very best player but he holds the Boks together and he is respected throughout the rugby world!

  • Whindy - 2010-04-14 05:53

    @matfield overated. You obviously know absolutely nothing about Rugby, Victor Matfield has created mayhem all over the world with his uncanny lineout ability and is acknowledged as the best in his position throughout the world, so where do you get off saying he is overated. Take off your “Stormer” blinkers and then maybe you will see how good he is. No doubt Bekker is the heir apparent, but he will only become no. 1 when Matfield retires after 2011. I bet you cheered loudly in 2007 when these self same guys brought home the world cup, now you slate them, don’t comment if you don't know what you are talking about you tend to make a fool of yourself!!

  • overratedmyarse - 2010-04-14 06:00

    If Bakkies, Victor JOhn etc are so overrated, how come we are unbeatable at the lineouts? YOu sound as if you have sour grapes , NOw sit down before you hurt yourself. Bleddie Agent!!

  • Paul - 2010-04-14 06:00

    @Matfield overrated I suppose you are THE authority when it comes to rugby, better than anybody else in the whole wide world, seeing as every rugby playing nation's rugby fundies, see Matfield and Botha as the best lock combination in the world, but HELL what do they know, right! As for John Smith, he is one of the better Springbok Captains this country has seen, and Jake White needs some credit here. I do believe that Bekker is a great player, but so is No.8 for the Sharks (Sorry, I can't spell the surname) all the names you mention are great players. Also don't like AD anymore

  • Bok - 2010-04-14 06:06

    Yes that's a very well founded statement... of course these players have achieved nothing with the springboks. They have never won a World Cup or a Tri-nations tournament. Mate there's a reason why you watch rugby from your living room and not the side of the field

  • @Matfield Overrated - 2010-04-14 06:17

    How boring to wake up and find another wynvlieg drunk and biased and with a non rugby brain making comments. Read what Colin Meads say, if you can read, and weep.

  • JanRatkas @ Matfield overrated. - 2010-04-14 06:28

    Kak my bru. Bakkies is magic. So's Matfield. Bekker has had a good season thus far, agreed, but comparing him to Colin Meads is a bit premature methinks. Smith's inclusion in the Bok team has been discussed to death - and we cannot do without him as a Captain. Agree to AD not making the cut though. Anyway, anybody knows where can I get a live size poster of Brian Habanna in a province outfit?

  • whitetrash - 2010-04-14 06:33

    I certainly was humbled in my rugby knowledge by Jakes 2007 campaign. I realised the value of a team with vast experience and leadership. For that reason, Im happy with those senior players staying till after the w-cup. Their value cannot be overlooked just because we have a few talented players coming through who are playing fantastic rugby right now. Experience is like cash in the bank!! It is king, and when the chips are down, they are the ones who will help stop the rot.(if any). Im not a huge jon smit fan(as a hooker or prop), but value his presence and leadership more. Same for about 5 or 6 others players.

  • Pedro - 2010-04-14 06:36

    Matfield overated?...picked for who they are? This post is final proof that Dagga fries the brain

  • Peter - 2010-04-14 06:36

    @Matfield overrated: you must be joking! You think that Matfield and Bakkies are overrated?! There is a reason why the Springbok and Bulls' lineouts are the best in the world, and it is those two! But my favourite is that you think Spies is overrated, the man is dominant! Have you been watching any Super14? John Smit has never been the top hooker in the country but his leadership qualities warranted his selection (not sure that this should still be the case). The one point i do agree with you on is that AD Jacobs is useless! Well done guy...1 out of 4.

  • DB - 2010-04-14 06:49

    Sadly this is how some people think. So sad.

  • Just Rugby - 2010-04-14 06:55

    @Matfiel overrated. I wonder how you would stand up against the likes of the Matfields, Bakkies , Spies if you had to play against them. I wonder if you ever pulled any Bok , Bulls , Stomers or anykind of rugby Jersey over your head to go and play rugby. They play in the bok jersey because they are good and desreve it. And yes Bekker is just as good and maybe even better, and that is why he is part of the South African outfit. And this should make you actually very happy because just look at NZ, they do not have the pull of players as we do. I think you should rather look at the positive side of things then to bring the negative to Africa.

  • @ Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 06:58

    Thank goodness the rugby world doesn't share your pathetic views. Let me guess.... You are not an emotional Stormer supporter right? I guess all teams have their fair share of "kak" surporters. I wonder how many people in the real world don't rate Spies as one of those once in a lifetime freaks of nature. The Lomo, Danie Gerber, Cullen, Edwards, etc. type of players. For some reason we have a couple of local "educated" surporters that have some hidden gayish crush on Spies and you my friend in probably the leader of the pack. Always writing under different names, but the content of your rubish comments is always the same.

  • Emile @ Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:01

    Dream on boet. I will reply to your comments once you have something meaningful to say. You are wasting all the bloggers time. Hope you feel a bit less constipated after all this shit you just wrote. Goodness my friend, if you know nothing about rugby, read more or ask for help.

  • Jou_Ma @ Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:02

    I agree that Matfield might be overrated; Smit is not the best front row; Bakkies is 'n vuilgat; On Spies, well I think you should stop smoking that green stuff so early in the morning; What you fail to mention is that Matfield and Bakkies are the best lock pairing. Look at what they have achieved. Smit is the best captain we have ever had. Spies is the best number 8 by far. Show-pony Kankowski is as full of flair as he is full of shit on defence, and there is no other number 8 in SA that is as dominant on attack and defence as Spies.

  • Mario - 2010-04-14 07:05

    You must be watching rugby through your ass!!!!!!!!! the whole world including journalists rate Matfield, Bakkies, Spies & John as the best in their positions you p???!!hole.

  • @ Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:05

    What utter rubbish you write? Were you intoxicated when you devised your comment? Let me tell you what "they contributes"... Matfield and Botha is the most experienced lock pairing the world has ever seen and in a World Cup that's exactly what you need, Bekker's time will come but you cannot replace experienced guys like Smit, Matfield and Botha with youngsters in a World Cup. Ask Nick Mallet about dropping Teichman and picking Skinstad in '99. Your view is short sighted to say the least!

  • monster - 2010-04-14 07:07

    Agreed, Matfield is now way past his best, and the position should go to Bekker. Victor is starting to play on his reputation, and so will be considered for the World Cup as a reward for being a long time contender. Willem Alberts is a way better no8 than Spies, who is at best, probably second best. As for John Smit, he is better off left at home in Durban, where he can guest speak at retirement homes.

  • @Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:08

    Maybe you should stick to Cook24or Knit24 because you clearly know nothing about rugby!

  • Christo - 2010-04-14 07:09

    @matfield overrated, you do forget very quickly, all those overrated players beat NZ 3 times last year, won a world cup, Tri Nations en Brittish Lions team (with the most brutal onslaught maybe ever in pro rugby, after the 2nd test they had 5 guys in hospital), damn how much we suck with our overrated players, chomp, get a life!

  • Jonno - 2010-04-14 07:14

    @Matfield overrated... I suppose that most of the rugby commentators and fans are wrong in saying that Bakkies and Victor are the most dominant lock pairing of their time. i suppose they are ALL wrong and only you are right, right? And I am convince that ONLY you think that Spies doesn't deserve his Springbok jersey. Jacobs and Smit are debatable...but Spies??? C'mon, stop posting comments so late at night and get some rest ok? Unless you are from overseas and your negative opinion doesn't count anyways...

  • Blue Bull Hater/Anti-Blue Bull - 2010-04-14 07:14

    I agree with this article. Andries is currently on form a BETTER player than BIG Vic. Where Vic is only excellent at line out time, Andries has shown to the world that his alround play is better than that of Matfield, he's also way bigger than Victor and Bakkies. Victor was a best number 5 lock up to 2008, and for that I SALUTE him. He will continue to be a MASSIVE influence at number 5, but I don't know how ANDRIES will be kept out of the SPRINGBOK starting line up this year and henceforth. My comments does not overlook the MASSIVE role that Victor has played over the years and his contribution towards line out play , but let's be realistic. All I'm saying, it will be very difficult not to start with Andries in 2010. But I SALUTE both of them!! I also STRONGLY DISAGREE with the comments that Matfield was/is overrated. In the Prime of his play days, he was the BEST no 5 lock in the WORLD.STORMERS FOREVA!!!!!

  • Jim - 2010-04-14 07:14

    Hey, the guy calling Matfield overrated - stick to netball or field hockey because it sounds like you know zip about Rugby!

  • um - 2010-04-14 07:20

    @Matfield overrated, good thing you are not the coach or anyway involved in selection.

  • StuartW - 2010-04-14 07:20

    @ Matfield overrated....I don't agree with you 100%, Matfield was for some time our best no. 5 lock, but I believe that Andries has no staked his claim on that no. 5 Springbok jersey. The same goes for Bakkies, he has served SA well over the past years, but injuries is starting to get to him, I would like to see Bekker and Anton van Zyl take over as no. 5 & no. 4 for the Bokke....

  • Simon - 2010-04-14 07:24

    Spies overrated - what rugby have you been watching. He is one of the standout players of the Super 14 so far!!

  • Charles - 2010-04-14 07:26

    Ditsem my pal! Almal n klomp skouponies....veral Spies! Matfield maak plek vir baas Bekker!

  • @ Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:26

    You speak crap. Rather go and watch the SWC, as clearly your rugby knowledge is limited. Go and watch the rugby world cup final again and watch closely who controls the game from within the Springbok team. Victor and Bakkies are legends and probably the best lock pairing the game has ever seen. There is also a reason that the Bulls have been so dominant over the last decade and Victor and Bakkies are at the core.

  • @Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:27

    Is it raining in CapeTown? I don't like rainy days in Cape Town because then all the StormersInATeaCup fans have time to write nonsense all over. @Editor: please check weather conditions in SlaapStad before positing rugby related stories, please.

  • Stephan - 2010-04-14 07:29

    @Matfield overrated.. Ja nee boet ek sal ook eerder onder 'n skuilnaam wees as ek sulke onbenullighede oor Bakkies kwyt raak....lekker bang ne?

  • STORMER - 2010-04-14 07:29

    Bekker's S14 thus far has been far superior to Matfield's. Fact. More steals (most in the tournament in fact), more tackles made, less tackles missed, more gains over the advantage line.

  • matfield overrated??? - 2010-04-14 07:31

    wth bru? did big vic steal your lunch money at school or something? with bakkies' help? they've been consistently rated as the best lock pairing in the world the last 5+ years - a potent combination of brain&athleticism with bulk&muscle. sure, victor is nearing the end of his career and bekker is a fantastic replacement! let's hope the likes of adriaan fondse can also step into bakkies' big shoes...

  • WPBOY - 2010-04-14 07:37

    The article is about Andries!! Leave the rest of the players out of this!

  • Rudy - 2010-04-14 07:39

    @Matfield overated, Jy is net n ou fokken suurgat, jy wil komentaar lewer maar is te slap gat om jou eie naam te gebruik, 99% Rugby Joernaliste en regte Rugby Kenners beskou Matfiels en Botha die beste wat daar tans is, maar n mens kan sien jy is weer een van daai simple draad sitters, bly eerder stil jy maak jou naam gat,

  • @ Matfield overrated - 2010-04-14 07:41

    What irritating/mindless nonsense!!!