BJ may play for Stormers

2010-04-27 12:06

Gavin Rich

Cape Town - Springbok prop BJ Botha is the player that the Stormers are hoping to bring to the Cape to bolster front-row resources for the last few Super 14 matches.

It is understood that the Stormers are in negotiations with Botha and his Irish club, Ulster, with the aim to have him released for five weeks from his European commitments.

Botha is an old boy of DHS and has played all his rugby in South Africa for the Sharks. He left to further his career overseas in 2008 and was sidelined from international action until he made a successful return to the Springbok team during last season’s end of year tour.

The Stormers are not yet in a position to confirm Botha’s signing, but they are confident that a deal can be worked out.

The SOS to Botha comes because of the injuries that have cut into the Stormers’ front-row depth. JC Kritzinger is out of Friday night’s game against Crusaders at Newlands and may be sidelined for a bit longer than that.

“JC has a calf injury and will definitely miss the Crusaders match. He is about 5/50 for the match against the Sharks the following week,” said Stormers coach Allister Coetzee.

Wicus Blaauw, the first choice loosehead prop, is not expected back during the Super 14, although there is a faint glimmer of hope that he may be able to play in the play-off fixtures should the Stormers get that far.

“The splint has been taken off Wicus’ hand, but everything will happen gradually and we will only know later whether he might be ready before the end of the season,” said Coetzee.


  • Malcolm - 2010-04-27 12:31

    Typical of the Stormers! They cant develop their own talent anymore. Instead they buy players from elsewhere. Habana, Januarie, Grant, Fondse, Fourie and others. And yet people accuse the Sharks of buying so many players? Well the Stormers are the worst! BJ is a Durbanite through and through. Come home BJ! You'll always be welcome at home- IN DURBAN!!

  • Scaramouche - 2010-04-27 12:37

    A 5/50 chance does not sound very promising!!

  • Joker - 2010-04-27 12:42

    Haha, what a headline!, How can his parents give him such initials or is Bj in Afrikaans different.

  • Joker - 2010-04-27 12:44

    Haha, what a headline!, How can his parents give him such initials or is Bj in Afrikaans different.

  • James - 2010-04-27 12:46

    Great decision, over the past year the stormers/wp pack have into there own with the help of Matt Proudfoot and Chris Jack and having another experienced guy like BJ coming in and giving advice can only be good. the last time the province pack dominated was between 1999-2001 when we had the likes of Toks, Cobus & Charl in the front row and its great to see it happening again and long may it last, i cant wait till the 29th May when the stormers take on the bulls in the final in CT. Go Stormers!!!

  • Wagga - 2010-04-27 12:57

    Yeah, thats the way to go, buy more players Stormbarians, but it is too late now, the downhill spiral is already there. The Stormbarians can buy who ever they want to, it will not save them from losing their remaining games, panic station has set in now, buy a couple more players urgently, HAHAHA. Bye Bye assholes, try again next year

  • Sports Fan - 2010-04-27 13:37

    Malcolm, your memory is stunted by the poor showing of the Sharks. For years - if you can remember - Natal only ever played B section rugby until they plundered Free State rugby that still dominates their team. Take the log out of your one-eye...good for the Stormers that the money is now shifting elsewhere!

  • Gustav - 2010-04-27 14:09

    StormBarians... But you can never purchase pride & heart. Bulls forever!!

  • Wagga - 2010-04-27 14:25

    Yeah buy more, the writing is on the wall and the Stormbarians in going down in a big way. For sure they going to lose their remainig games and the management can see that, now panic stations is setting in. Face it. the Stormbarians is on their way out very fast, the honeymoon is over. Buy who ever you can, but it won't help you this year, try again next year

  • Rugby Supporter - 2010-04-27 14:50

    To Wagga I think with your comment you are the biggest asshole they say in Afrikaans wie laaste lag lag die lekkerste ons sal sien wie lag die lekkerste. Jul is net n klomp suur g........

  • Rugby Supporter - 2010-04-27 14:53

    My antwoord op Malcolm, Jul Sharks ondersteuners se geheue is maar swak of jul het nie so iets nie, hoeveel van jul spelers is slegs van Kwa Natal, my inligting baie baie min, so wat wil jy eintlik se?

  • Fleckie - 2010-04-27 15:16

    Malcolm take a pill. You Sharks are the worst wen it comes to buying. Grant left for wp straight after school so relax.Look at your whole front row, both flanks Jean and Willem alberts are both from Lions. Lets look at backs, Ruan from Free state, Goode ??? haha Straus is also from Free state. Dude i could go on and on.

  • Jack - 2010-04-27 15:21

    @Wagga I've seen your pointless comments on this site before and in the past I've refrained from commenting, but this time I feel that I have to say something. You must have a desperately unhappy life for you to be able to constantly spew the offensive nonsense that you do. Acquiring BJ is a short term solution to replace two of our other home-grown props who have been injured, JC and Blauww. I therefore don't see how WP is unable to grow its own talent, or how this translates into "panic" induced behavior? As for Malcolm's comment about the Stormers not being able to grow its own talent, you must not have watched the Varsity Cup mate. The WP has one of the richest talent pools in the country, both Maties and UCT destroyed all in their paths to reach the final, so I think we're doing just fine. The Sharks are the traditional pillagers of the Free-State, so I wouldn't be so smug if I were you Malcolm. Your biggest hero, Andre Joubert, was a Free-State player before he was snapped up by the Sharks. Also, at least the Stormers have never contracted a no-Goode British flyhalf, because we don't lack talent as the Sharks do.

  • Cheeseboy - 2010-04-27 15:29

    The Stormers don't need to pitch for the last 3 matches cos they are already in the final. They can perhaps let Maties play against the Saders, Ikeys against the Sharks and give Durbanville/Belville a run against the Bulls. Surely if they can stood up against them, then there are a slim chance that they can weather the Storm(ers).

  • Mac - 2010-04-27 15:31

    It is the age of professionalism - get over yourselves! Did you hear? The Stormers are signing a player from Mars next year.

  • James - 2010-04-27 15:44

    gustatv before you carry on about pride and heart, have you ever thought about where matfield, bakkies, jaco pretorius, steenkamp, bees roux, wannenburg and stegman to name a few come from , they definetly dont come from Pretoria. so before you make some stupid comment, get your rugby stats correct! Go stormers!

  • GT - 2010-04-27 16:10

    Gustav - you are palooka

  • Malcolm - 2010-04-27 16:21

    Jack did you say the Sharks snapped up Andre Joubert? I guess you are ignorant of the fact that Free State snapped him up before he returned HOME to the Sharks! The guy's from Ladysmith which happens to be in KZN. Fleckie you are the most one-eyed Stormbarian supporter one can hope to find. The Stormbarians have always and will always pilfer from other provinces. Back in the 90s they were already poaching guys like Muir, Small, Kempson and Stransky from elsewhere. At least the Sharks dont have a no good wing from the other side of the world. And if the talent pool in the WC is so big, then why isn't it being utlilised? You obviously aren't aware that some of the Maties and Ikeys players aren't from the Cape anyway.

  • Carl Muller - 2010-04-27 16:25

    The Stormers can buy anyone they want. Like any other team you sometimes have to make a plan when your people are sidelined due to injuries. You cannot grow a prop in 3 weeks. Leave them be. You all are like a bunch of babies with wet diapers. Bull.

  • HPD - 2010-04-27 17:58

    @Jack I cannot agree more about Wagga. It is a looonghhh wekeend and he probably ran out of Coke. Ons suip nou skoon and now we are trying to comment in Ingels as well....Vrou where art you, I want to moeret you!!!What a laugh!!!!

  • STORMER - 2010-04-27 18:01

    Oh dear...this type of story really yanks the Blue Ava-TARDS few remaining neurons. Professionalism folk...sigh it must be really lonely cruising around in the Dark ages. Medieval times for medieval minded morons....

  • Chomma - 2010-04-27 18:19

    1st u steal peter grant from us now bj!!

  • What is their problem - 2010-04-27 20:39

    All the Unions buy players!? Bulls bought Bryan from Tvl. Lets not start bout the Sharks. This year we got a few. Now we a Barbarian team!? Get a hold of yourselfs! Bulls kyk mooi waar die meeste van jul spelers af kom. Beslis nie van PTA nie! go STORMERS!

  • George - 2010-04-27 23:13

    @gustav: you are one to call the Stormers stormbarians!! Have you ever counted to see how many Bulls players are from the Stormers recruiting area... You bloody tool!

  • Wagga - 2010-04-28 00:57

    The Bulls get ( or buy, whatever you want to call it ) their players from a young age and then they devellop them into superstars, I've got nothing against that, that players I will call true Bulls, does not matter where they come from. The stormers buy seasoned players and hope to be on the winning path imediately, it does not work that way, players need to be built and the same with the team as a whole. You do not buy players, chuck them together and then think you got an winning team.All those players that KNOW ALL JAMES mentioned, was groomed in the Bull Ring with the exception of Pretoruis and Steenkamp.You can buy who ever you want, but to win need more than buying players.I must say, I am enjoying to watch the Stormer games more than any other game, it gives me great pleasure to see them getting thumped.

  • Tommygun - 2010-04-28 01:42

    Wagga! Pull up your pants and give your mouth a chance.

  • Jeff Aucamp - 2010-04-28 08:23

    Thats it Rassie,develop the local talent!

  • Neil - 2010-04-28 08:41

    As was mentioned , this is the professional era . As was also mentioned , it is a temporary solution for the stormers . So sharks please just because your current team can't give you any bragging rights don't take it out on the Stormers for a player you couldn't even hold on to . Personally I feel the more over seas players we get back before the WC the better , to give us a true indication of the players we have available . Jean de Villiers , BJ Botha and Frans Steyn are probably still the best we have in those positions but it would be good to be able to give people like de Jong , Joe Peterson and Brok Harris a go at them to show if they can take over those positions . Where ticket sales and extra revenue for play-offs rule the world , buying players can never be critisized , as long as we have all the best pread out between our top unions , that is the best for SA rugby . ( Bulle Bo !! ) :)

  • Kube$ - 2010-04-28 08:53

    DHS old boy, need we say rest, best school in SA........

  • STORMER - 2010-04-28 08:55

    Wagga's problem in short is: He finds himself attracted to Stormer players & CT men. Unaware of how to deal with these feelings, he attacks..... The closet is one dark & scary place to be.....

  • DF - 2010-04-28 09:02

    @Wagga, hahahahah!, you really sound like an idiot. You need to stop drinking Brandy & Coke boet, you obviously have no braincells left. Wagga W@nker.

  • IVAN - 2010-04-28 09:03

    BJ Botha needs game time in S14 especially with Tri-Nations coming up, the other two props, Wickus Blaauw and JC Kritzinger are true WP boys from school level already, Stormers have an opening for him, look at the bigger picture, for the good of Springbok rugby, it's not about who played where and all that provinsialism nonsense, Vlok Cilliers and Pieter Rossuow are doing a good job at the Bulls, they took the oppertunity and are doing well, nothing wrong with it, and good luck to them and all the other players who enjoys the benefits op professionalism in rugby

  • Schabir - 2010-04-28 09:03

    The stormers buy has-beens. The Bulls buy young talent and then develop them into Springbik-players. Spot the difference..??

  • HENDRIK - 2010-04-28 10:08

    When are Joe Pieterson comming back???

  • Unabashed Dutchman - 2010-04-28 11:13

    @ Ivan: Even though I do agree with most of what you said, you do have one fact wrong: Wicus Blaauw is not a WP Boy from school level. He's an import from Namibia, and a very foul-mouthed one at that, LOL! Stormbarians! To all of you complainign about the Bulls importing players, just look at the amount of players emanating from the Northern Provinces (Gauteng North, Mpumlanga, NW and Limpoop), seeing that the Stormers' fans also count the whole Western Cape (comprising SWD, Boland, and the Cape Metro) as part of the Stormers' sourcing base: Gary Botha (Waterkloof), Werner Kruger (Jeugland), Bakkies Botha (HTS Middelburg - Mpumalanga), Victor Matfield (Pietersburg), Pierre Spies (Affies), Fourie du Preez (Affies), Wynand Olivier (Affies), John Mametsa and Chilliboy Ralepelle (Limpopo), Gergard vd Heever (Affies), Danie Rossouw (Witrivier - Rob Ferreira), Flip vd Merwe (Potch), Jaco engels (Potch), Derrick Kuun (Affies), the list goes on. Count these players and it will be evident that the amount of "local" players in the Stormbarian side don't even come close. Bulleeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle Scott - 2010-04-28 11:15

    BJ? The Stormers players must be looking forward to it!

  • ed - 2010-04-28 11:42

    @ HENDRICK -Joe was meant to join at the end of the tour, but rehab is going slowly. is looking doubtful and even when he comes back I doubt they will drop Aplon.

  • Wagga - 2010-04-28 11:43

    I support all South African teams except for the stormers, then all Australian teams and then the New Zealand teams, only then the stormers get on my list, so I support all the teams playing against the Stormbarians.I hope the Stormbarians get hammered in their remaining games,

  • tannit tokkie van PRETORIA - 2010-04-28 11:59

    @Stormer real men it steak and TBone and drink beer "Hier in Pretoria" , i went to the cape once and you guys eat snoek drink wine and smoke weird stuff that can affect the braincells was a nice weekend though but it cant be repeated week after week as i mentioned it affects the cells and judgement .....just read the stormer supporters comments and you might agree (I mean you havent won the Super 14 but you going on as if you are defending champs ?

  • Wagga - 2010-04-28 12:02

    @ Unabashed Dutchman. Well said Mate, well said. The Stormbarian supporters must see it for themselves now. They are playing with a bunch of has been imports with a reputation and that is all. Reputations don't win games, you have to be smart and play for it, That smart part is lacking badly down in the Cape, that goes for the supporters too.

  • @Shabir - 2010-04-28 12:36

    Ja Shabir, u r exactly correct & spot on: "Springbik"....Blue Bull moffies who like to drop the soap in the shover and buk for 1! Seems u had 2 much SA Bier to drink. Ur loftdoftus blokes are hilarious!!!

  • Schabir - 2010-04-28 13:45

    If you can't beat them, them..!! .....Buy,,!!

  • @Wagga & Stormer - 2010-04-28 13:47

    Agreed Stormer, Wagga's closet is about to break...... Be carefull, Wagga, u'll end up being caught with your panties around your ankles and your lipstick still stuck in your chocolate starfish......

  • BlouBloed - 2010-04-28 14:20

    Ja-nee Wagga, ek kan sommer sien jy is n man wat saam met my n glasie kan klink. Ek is nou wel n trotse Suid Afrikaaner maar ek ondersteun eerder die my werkers hier op die plaas se sokker span as vir die Stormbarians. Hulle is n klap in die gesig vir SA rugby. Jy moet van jou looitjie getik wees om hulle te ondersteun wat nog gesê van hulle games te kyk, of, wag n bietjie, ek geniet dit nogal...... Stormers, sterkte vir die res van die toernooi, julle gaan dit werklik baie nodig kry, julle klomp blou gum, knoffelkoppe.

  • Wagga - 2010-04-28 14:41

    Shame, we are all talking rugby and the Stormer supporters is only talking about moffies, lipstick in you ass ect, is it a matter of practice what you preech, it seems to me you guys got a lot of knowledge about that subject, definately more knowledge of moffies and their doings than rugby, you just gave your own game away now. I always suspected that from those toothless backwards Capetonians but now you just emphasized it. You Cape idiots definately knows more about " Druk n' droll" than "Druk n' drie " I rest my case

  • lk - 2010-04-28 15:50

    Al jul feedback oor die Stormers wat gekoop word is om van naar te word. Die speler is tog die een wat die keuse moet maak of hy die Stormers wil join of nie...wys net hoe dink sommige van julle !.Laat my wonder hoeveel "rugby-kennis " hierdie "slim" mense het wat so baie te sê het....

  • Toit - 2010-04-28 17:42

    Sommige spanne koop spelers, ander koop afrigters. Wat is die verskil, as jy geld het koop man. Dit is 'n profesionele era, word wakker.

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