Sonny Bill needs to be loved

2011-11-01 13:00

Cape Town – It appears as if All Black and new Waikato and Chiefs centre, Sonny Bill Williams still has some way to go to be appreciated by his compatriots.

The New Zealand Herald website suggests that Williams has acted in a disrespectful manner towards the hallowed All Blacks jersey.

The reason for this may be because Williams has only signed on to stay with the NZRU for a single season after he had become the last member of the All Black rugby World Cup winning squad to commit to any future plans, leaving many in the dark.

Although he had to attend to family commitments, his apparent absence from the three official victory parades held around New Zealand did not sit well with the public.

Often called “Money-Bill” by naysayers after he defected from rugby league to rugby union in 2008 via a big money move from the Bulldogs to French club, Toulon, Williams has not done himself any favours by choosing to continue his boxing career while being contracted to the NZRU.

According to former All Black legend, Jonah Lomu’s former business manager Phil Kingsley Jones, Williams actions has shown his disregard to New Zealand rugby.

"You don't disrespect (rugby). Sometimes Sonny's attitude, or his manager's attitude of 'we'll let you know, or we'll get back to you', people who love rugby can't fathom it.

"And he's signed for one year and he's not giving everyone a chance to embrace him. And he's got to be upstanding every game.

"By signing for one year and saying I'll let you know again next year what I want to do, people are saying just don't let him in. He's not really one of us.''

Kingsley Jones continued, saying that even though Lomu was a very marketable player, like Williams is now, they did not make it publicly known that there were other options for the giant winger.

"We didn't bandy it around in front of everyone, and shake it as an excuse to get more money.

"If Sonny Bill's future is in New Zealand ... he needs to be loved.''


  • Wilbur - 2011-11-01 13:39

    Not sure why this story's been posted. Sonny Bill's an anomaly; but he's right. He's a risk taker and thrives on being on the edge; and if he's so bad, then NZ RFU can let him go. But they won't, because he's good. Why should he be embraced and loved by signing for two years, and then have no pressure to perform?

  • Nazmin - 2011-11-02 02:44

    Go sonny!!!! You deserve better than these so called fame people... You are the best!!!

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