Smit offers support to Joost

2011-07-29 10:39

Wellington - Springbok captain John Smit has come out in support of Joost van der Westhuizen after the former halfback was given two-to-five years to live.

Van der Westhuizen, a Rugby World Cup winner and 89-Test Springbok veteran, was recently confirmed as suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable motor neuron disease, by an expert in the United States.

According to the Dominion Post website, Smit told reporters in Wellington that the Springboks would do whatever they could to help Van der Westhuizen.

"It's tragic for a guy of his stature. I've been in touch with Joost quite a bit and it's sad to think about what he was and what he's going to be,” said Smit.

"I spoke to him some weeks ago and you can see the deterioration already. It's traumatic for an individual like that, a young father. We'll do whatever we can when we get back to support him."

Van der Westhuizen won the 1995 World Cup in South Africa and captained the Springboks in the 1999 tournament in Wales.


  • Redwine - 2011-07-29 11:04

    What does Shaik, Lockerbie bomber and Joost have in common? A good spin doctor!

      BiggestBull - 2011-07-29 11:06

      Redwine, it is now time for you to take your Lithium.

      Staalbal - 2011-07-29 12:49

      You are a d!ck with no clue of this disease. Rather shut up

  • RobinHood - 2011-07-29 11:15

    Truely a tragedy, Nice gesture SpungeBOB but what can you guys really do?

      Rolie - 2011-07-29 11:41

      Prayer is a good start!!

      Shazred - 2011-07-29 14:22

      Do fundraisers, I am sure that on top of fighting the disease, he doesn’t need to worry about money, and it is said that he is battling at the moment financially..

      BiggestBull - 2011-07-29 16:10

      Shazred - are you a Vet?

  • Lefty - 2011-07-29 11:40

    Kan Sport 24 nie die idiotiese blogs van ouens keer nie. Regtig om te dink dat iemand - waarskynlik in werkstyd - die snert kan kwytraak is onverstaanbaar en onverklaarbaar!

      cheetahkonin - 2011-07-29 11:44

      @Lefty - Ek stem, dis belaglik. Ek hoop hulle word uitgevang by die werk vir daai tydmors!!!

      jipeejip - 2011-07-29 12:57

      Jammer om te hoor julle het nie werk nie...!!!!!!!!

      BiggestBull - 2011-07-29 13:45

      Ek stem saam.

  • Nikki - 2011-07-29 11:45

    ...let me guess Redwine - from the Cape are you? Any person that names himself after a (womans') drink leaves me to make the conclusion that you must be under the influence what with all the CRAP you write here...BiggestBull asked a simple question in a polite way you morons (Cheetah/Redwine/Saffa-kak etc)! Grow up! Joost my thoughts are with you pal...for all the wrongs you commited I am sure you pay your dues...but you never deserved this one can take away your achievements and what you meant for SA rugby...remember that chief! Peace brother!

      cheetahkonin - 2011-07-29 11:54

      @Nikki - thanks for the sound advice, I will stop my nonsense immediately!!! By the way, why poor Saffa, did not see a comment from her at all??

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-07-29 11:58

      @Nikki - you have hurt my feelings - I am going to sob myself to sleep......another Bulls fan doesn't like me :( **sad face, weeping, howling, waves goodbye**

      Brannas - 2011-07-29 12:11

      Bye SAFFA, good riddens, please take your own advise and disappear, you had to much of that sniff/tik/Ecstasy or what ever you take or smoke. Good luck Joost and you will only be remembered for your rugby achievements by our rugby supporters .

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-07-29 12:19

      @Brannas - no chance chum chum. PS: All I did was send my best wished to Joost and his family, and that's a bad thing? Must be something in the water up north.

      BlueSperm - 2011-07-29 12:37

      @SAFFA-CAT..... I will recommend that you take the good advise from Brannas and disappear. It's nothing to do with the water or anything up North, it's your presence on this forum and your snotty remarks that pee people off. I wish Joost and his family all the best in this hard times.

      jk - 2011-07-29 13:22

      brannas- where do you come from swaer- los vir saffa uit- haar comments is heeltemal te lank, maar ten minste skree sy vir die PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      jk - 2011-07-29 13:23


      Brannas - 2011-07-29 13:53

      @jk. SAFFA-KAK is n' horrible persoon, snotty en altyd persoonlik.

      jk - 2011-07-29 14:59

      brannas- saffa never snotty to me...

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-29 22:51

      @SAFFA - I am sure that your best wishes come from a good place. JK - jy is n kind. En een van die domste PROOOOOOOOOVINCE supporters wat ek in n lang tyd gesien het.

  • TC - 2011-07-29 11:46

    come on guys, show some respect here.

  • Jon JJ - 2011-07-29 12:13

    Keep Amor away from his money..

      Maori - 2011-07-29 12:30

      You mean his 50% of the joint estate! Probably already blown on strip joints.

      BiggestBull - 2011-07-29 13:45

      "joint" estate? Like in weed?

      Maori - 2011-07-29 14:31

      @BiggestBull - you will never get it, shame!

      BiggestBull - 2011-07-29 16:11

      Maori = Moffie. FACT

      Maori - 2011-07-29 16:43

      BiggestBull = Moffie - Proven

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-29 22:55

      @Maori - your comment is in poor taste.

  • Ranobrike - 2011-07-29 12:16

    I hope his ex wife feels guilty for saying he was lying about his condition, and looking for attention.

  • Ingie - 2011-07-29 12:21

    Well done Smit..this is what friendship and comradeship is all about - SUPPORT as trust he will need this towards the end.

  • happycamper - 2011-07-29 12:31

    it's unbelievable... Thanks for all the great rugby memories Joost. I will pray for you.

  • Fedup - 2011-07-29 12:42

    Redwine your a f&*()_)g pig man, I have lost 2 people dear to me over this, its very painful and sad, man I hope this happens to you .......... pig

      Staalbal - 2011-07-29 12:53

      I lost my father to it a month ago. People have no clue what awaits Joost and his family.

  • Johan - 2011-07-29 15:07

    Is there a a support group or something like that. I would like to send joost some stuff to help him cope (if its possible) with his situation? To the guys knocking Amore, cmon guys In times like these let them try and resolve whatever difficulties is between them and carry on their seperate lives.. To Joost; Thank you for the good memories, and remember that your life is not over yet. Keep on doing the good things in life .

  • Fools - 2011-07-30 09:25

    Unfortunately the 'high' life, women, drink and 'coke' will take their toll!!

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