Six All Blacks in Maori side

2010-05-30 14:47

Auckland - Six discarded All Blacks have been selected for the New Zealand Maori side named Sunday to play Ireland and England next month.

The 26-man squad, to be coached by former All Blacks forward Jamie Joseph, includes two players who have yet to break into rugby at Super 14 level and four who played Super 14 for the first time this year.

Experience comes from hooker Corey Flynn, wing Hosea Gear, loose forwards Liam Messam and Tanerau Latimer, lock Isaac Ross and midfield back Luke McAlister, who all have All Blacks pedigree.

The team will be led by Messam, who was co-captain when the New Zealand Maori won the Pacific Nations Cup in 2008.

This year marks the centenary of the New Zealand Maori rugby team and Joseph described the squad as an "exciting mix" capable of continuing the side's reputation for running rugby.

"We are lucky to have a lot of experience in the team and they will ensure that those new players are quickly brought up to speed," he said.

"They will be challenging games and will give players the chance to really make their mark and play the style of rugby the New Zealand Maori side is famous for."

New Zealand Maoris: -

Backs: Stephen Brett (Canterbury), Hosea Gear (Wellington), Jarrad Hoeata (Taranaki), Sean Maitland (Canterbury), Luke McAlister (North Harbour), Willie Ripia (Taranaki), Robbie Robinson (Southland), Aaron Smith (Manawatu), Chris Smylie (North Harbour), Dwayne Sweeney (Waikato), Andre Taylor (Manawatu), Jackson Willison (Waikato).

Forwards: Ben Afeaki (North Harbour), Colin Bourke (Bay of Plenty), Dane Coles (Wellington), Jacob Ellison (Wellington), Corey Flynn (Canterbury), Romana Graham (Waikato), Tanerau Latimer (Bay of Plenty), Karl Lowe (Hawke's Bay), Liam Messam (Waikato, captain), Bronson Murray (Northland), Clint Newland (Hawke's Bay), Daniel Ramsey (Wellington), Isaac Ross (Canterbury), Hayden Triggs (Otago).


June 12 - NZ Maori v NZ Barbarians, Whangarei
June 18 - NZ Maori v Ireland, Rotorua
June 23 - NZ Maori v England, Napier


  • ASAFFERBOYTILIDIE - 2010-05-30 17:51

    Gee, and there I was thinking that sports teams choosen on racial lines were a no-no...silly me!

  • wondernet - 2010-05-30 18:32

    Gee, why cant they join in super ? Force and Lions hopeless They will gell nicely for lot of good reasons !!

  • LDC - 2010-06-02 02:48

    The NZ Maori team are a tradition going back 100 years (this year is their centenary hence the games against ireland and england). It is NOT a national representative team (like the all blacks or springboks) - that is why it is very different from apartheid south africa picking only whites to represent south africa. Players who play for the maori are also eligible for all other teams. Normally the AB's get first pick of players, the junior AB's the next, and then the Maori can pick from the maori qualified players left over - not exactly too contentious really. It is only an issue with red necks over here (mostly the pig ignorant types who moan about the Haka or having to sing a verse of the national anthem in maori). Looking forward to the Maori-England game...should be awesome!

  • James - 2010-06-03 02:07

    The title of the team is NZ Maori - they are a national team representing our country. It is absolutely apartheid albeit not in its most sinister form. I love the haka and all of our rugby traditions. But... NZ has practiced various forms of apartheid ever since I can remember. e.g. we have St Peters Maori Boys College in Auckland and as a non Maori I could not attend the College. At least be honest in your assessment and aknowledge that as a nation various form of apartheid are practiced here - or keep your head in the sand and delude yourself and continue to deny it. Note this is a statement of fact not just my opinion.

  • Umanga - 2010-06-09 15:32

    Then why did the NZ boycott our rugby in the 80's if they did the same thing and are still doing it!!! Racists!!!!

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