Sharks launch mobile app

2012-10-25 10:18

Cape Town - Already a leader in South African sport, the Sharks have entered the world of mobile technology by becoming the first South African sporting franchise to launch their own interactive mobile app game with the arrival of Sharkie!

Sharkie is a super-charged rugby game which is both interactive and fun, and aimed at Junior Sharks or any adult that loves mobile games. With the game you can take control of Sharkie as he runs, dives and bashes his way to the tryline in 80 levels of non-stop action.

You can also pit your skills against other gamers and track them on the worldwide leaderboard as you try and unlock all 36 achievements along the way. This side-scrolling platform game will give youngsters a great chance to learn about the game while having fun, as they dodge Shark cages and tackle bags to get to Boerie rolls to up their power. As in any game of rugby, the object is to score tries and here you can help Sharkie achieve his goal in a fun way.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being an innovative rugby franchise,” says Sharks marketing manager Mike Ablett. “The arrival of Sharkie is just another way we like to connect with our core base of rugby supporters while looking for new ones at the same time. Sharkie is not merely a game, but rather a way of connecting with our youth base of supporters so that they may have a unique connection to the team we all love.”

The game was developed by Sunrise Productions, who researched what children in the target age-group wanted from a game, while integrating the values of The Sharks brand and lessons from rugby into the final product at the same time.

“When designing a game for Sharkie, the most important thing for us was to make it fun. The Sharks have a lot of fun with their brand and mascot, so we definitely wanted to carry that through into his first interactive outing. He's quite a cheeky, confident character but he's also a bit ridiculous, so we wanted to bring that into the game as well,” Dave Heckler from Sunrise Productions explains.

The new Sharkie game will be available on iOS with Android following soon, as well as on Sharkie's new website, The global leaderboard will allow you to compare your scores to other players on GameCentre (for iOS) and on his website.

The Sharkie game can also be found on itunes store at

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  • AgileBee - 2012-10-25 12:45

    Sounds pretty cool. Just hope that the character in the game looks and behaves better than the current mascot that waddles around Kings Park. Prefered the old 'Sharkie' - he was edgie & fun. This new mascot reminds me of Quasiemodo!

  • TravieGrif - 2012-10-25 15:29

    Good work, Sharkies. Have always done a good marketing job. I am sure my kids will love this game, as they love Sharkie.

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