Treu bitterly disappointed

2012-05-13 20:37

Cape Town - Springbok Sevens coach Paul Treu could not hide his disappointment with his team’s very indifferent season.

A Matt Turner try seconds after the final hooter gave England a dramatic 19-17 victory over South Africa in their Plate semi-final clash of the London Sevens at Twickenham on Sunday afternoon.

South Africa got their day off to a disappointing start when arch rivals New Zealand outplayed them 36-0 in the first of the four Cup quarter-finals. The Kiwis never allowed the South Africans any sort of possession and pinned the Blitzbokke for much of the match in their own half.

The victory also allowed New Zealand to clinch their tenth World Series title.

“After a disappointing performance against New Zealand we played much better against England and were unlucky not to win," said Treu.

“I realise our overall performances this year were not good enough and it was disappointing for our many fans in South Africa and also those who follow us abroad across the World Series.

“We lost several key players and introduced a number of new ones. Some of them found the pace and intensity difficult to handle while others showed that, with a couple more chances, they can establish themselves in this demanding arena.

“The squad will now take a break and when we re-assemble we will start from scratch. We will have an honest assessment and then start on preparations to get us ready for hopefully a much more successful new campaign next season."

Meanwhile, the South Africa women’s team finished in seventh place in the Women’s Challenge in London after losing their Cup semi-final 17-0 against England and going down in their Plate semi-final by 19-14 against Russia. They then finished the tournament on a positive note with a 14-7 win over France.

They now travel to Amsterdam for another outing next weekend.


  • John - 2012-05-13 20:44

    Time for Treu to move on there is so much talent in south africa and given that these 7 aside players are all professional and the results are still crap time for him to move on. Dont understand why he is not picking up young six foot plus fast players. They is plenty of them going around he should have watched the affies vs gray college game. New Zealand keep winning because they keep picking young strong players of which they is plenty in your time is up.....

      johan.joostesnr - 2012-05-13 21:14

      Agree, South Africa is lagging behind when it comes to size, but that's not all, they just haven't a play-maker like Cama and that's also a major drawback. I also think Treu must do the Honorable thing and step down. Time for a fresh new approach that will bring results.

      Skhona - 2012-05-13 21:27

      I agree 100% Our guys are too tiny they can't even tackle those huge islanders we need strong guys with pace as for treu his time is over no more excusses

      rboy24 - 2012-05-14 08:57

      I Totally Agree with John,,I watch the Affies and Grays School Boy Rugby game, Affies number 11, that kid Run's 100 M in under 10,5 Sec,,and he is Big 2,,,look at the Affies 12 and 13, they Huge for their AGE,,,Whoever is doing the Scouting for the SA Seven's, is defnitely not doing their Job properly...

      Brendalene - 2012-05-14 12:59

      As a team, we need a combination of power, strength, exposive speed, flat-out/top-end speed, ball skills, play-making and SAS-like determination. The days of midgets are gone - we are being steam-rolled by bigger, faster players! We should be searching for these qualities in youngsters; those under 21 years of age. Keep Mr Treu as he has the knowledge and leadership to bring back a medal at the 2016 Olympics too; however we need the NEW talent!

  • Blue - 2012-05-14 01:12

    Mr Treu, we are also dissapointed but not only in this season! In all your tenure as you have failed to make us a consistent side in world 7's! Its time to move on and let someone else have a go...

  • Koos - 2012-05-14 01:42

    Who picks the players? Selectors or coach? If the coach get the players that he wants then the buck stops with him.

      Emile - 2012-05-14 09:19

      In 7's, the coach (Treu) basically picks the players. Problem is not the players. The problem is Treu has been the coach for so many decades now without really achieving anything. I don't think he has much to offer the team anymore and you could see it in their mindless play the last couple of years. Now they even built a multi-million rand indoor high performance centre for these 7's players - Why??????

      Brendalene - 2012-05-14 16:39

      @Emile. You right, he is the selector and should stop finding, grooming and selecting midgets (albeit fast midgets - as per ljmostert). Yes SA is 15-man rugby mad (well deserved); however as an Olympic Sport from 2016, 7s needs to get the deserved focus. Investing in the high peformance center is a good thing and at least its fwd thinking. Awareness (A) and interest (I) need to be driven by winning.; but you cannot win the new 7's style of rugby (Fiji, NZ etc) with our current midgets. Maybe increase A and I by having a few matches prior to local S15 or Currie Cup games will help bring about desire!

  • ljmostert - 2012-05-14 06:06

    There is a saying - 'n goeie grote is altyd beter as 'n goeie kleintjie!' Ons moet ontslae raak van die stofpoepertjies! Ons moet vinnige groot manne kies - Pierre Spies-tipe manne wat vinnig is en verdedigers kan afstamp. Ek weet min van 7's rugby maar daar is niks verkeerd met my oe nie! Rassie en Francois Pienaar help tog!

  • Hannetjie - 2012-05-14 07:22

    Against Nieu Zealand we looked like real amateurs - no flair, skills lacking and our players much too slow for the current pace of the game. Against England we looked a bit better but still definitely not on the level we should be to win against the top teams - Paul Treu must study the methods used by the Kiwis and Fidji and get our players on the levels they are else we have no chance.

  • Ettiene - 2012-05-14 07:31

    Treu is dissapointed every time and then before very tournament all of the sudden they are ready he talks as if they gonna take it. Please wake up Treu. You are not good enough and will never be good enough!!! Blitzbokke = Failure

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-05-14 12:31

      Will never be good enough?? We won a series under Treu, he does not get much support as the best players are gobbled up by the 15 man code. Treu has done fantastically considering the limitations placed on him, the lack of interest in 7's generally in this country. We are highly competitive year after year.

  • Trevor - 2012-05-14 08:17

    Well Paul Sa 7's needs new coach with new ideas and new players some of our current players are too big and slow for 7's. They could be props in the modern 15 man game. Thanks Paul you did well, time to move on.

  • SJ - 2012-05-14 08:27

    Ek dink dis tyd vir paul true om te tatta!

  • Emile - 2012-05-14 09:14

    7's Boks really need a new coach. Paul has been the 7's coach since we started playing 7's. Why is it that he has a "permanent" job, while all other national or franchise coaches struggle to keep their jobs for 4 years. The 7's Boks need new guidance. After being the coach now for 79 years, I think Paul doesn't really have much more to offer.

  • mparrster - 2012-05-14 09:55

    Treu has been the coach for quite a while now and only once has brought home the goods. He has done very well in 7's without much support but he has reached his ceiling in this form of the game and we need new blood and new thinking to maximise our potential. Being drubbed consistantly by NZ, Fiji and Samoa and England and Australia is no longer accepatable. New coach PLEASE.

      Chumscrubber1 - 2012-05-14 12:36

      I hope a new coach will make a difference, but I wonder if we have anyone in the country that understands 7's better than Treu. I think all the criticism he is receiving is simply unfair. NZ consistently beat us, none of the other teams you mention have consistently "drubbed" us. NZ consistently beats us in the 15 man code as well, and that is where we put all our focus on. Maybe it's time to accept that NZ happens to consistently be the best rugby playing nation in the world, it is not a statistically arguable point.

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