New Sevens event for George

2012-02-12 19:39

Cape Town - The South Western Districts Rugby Union and the town of George are set to host a brand new super-rich Sevens rugby tournament.

The Rapport newspaper reports that the competition, which will apparently be managed in a manner similar to the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket event, is expected to be staged a week after the South African leg of the IRB World Sevens Series in Port Elizabeth.

This will be a welcome boost for the SWD Rugby Union after it lost its right to host the SA leg of the Sevens World Series.

SWD's president Hennie Baartman confirmed that the union, along with sports promoter Willem Strauss, will host the event which the South African Rugby Union (SARU) has already approved.

The event is expected to be made official on Tuesday.

Competing teams will be funded by private businessmen and organisations and will contest for a huge winning prize. The winning team could win as much as R1 million, while thousands of rands will also be dished out to lure star players.

Rapport reveals that some players could earn as much as R100 000 to play in the tournament.

At least six franchises have apparently already been bought by businessmen.


  • Blip - 2012-02-13 05:50

    George is one big boring yawn.

      John - 2012-02-13 06:59

      Jealousy makes you nasty.....

      Peter - 2012-02-13 08:54


  • Willie - 2012-02-13 06:16

    To apply the IPL cricket concept at 7s rugby sounds super, if cricket can make a huge success of it, I'm sure 7's rugby can also. A spin of will also be that the base of 7's players will be broadened

  • Nikki - 2012-02-13 09:50

    Wow!! "a player in the tournament could earn as much as a full R100 000!" ....Thats huge - NOT! Prediction: FAIL... Honestly, compare the money in IPL to this sham... Sorry George/SWD for too long has the Sevens been neglegted in your neck of the suck it up you lost it and deal with should see the size of event it is here in Dubai...MASSIVE...why on earth was it ever taken to George in the first place?

      matthewrh1 - 2012-02-13 12:39

      When last did you earn R100,000 in a weekend, Nikki? Even in Dubai I'm sure that's a stretch... Oh, and speaking of Dubai: you're a long way from home, boytjie. Scared?

      Nikki - 2012-02-14 21:36

      ...not really a stretch Matthew, maybe for you used to peanuts...Oh and speaking of South Africa...I'm returning In December - Permanently! Scared? ...rather: Done and achieved my boet! You should try it....or are YOU scared?

  • cleov - 2012-06-20 12:43

    this is going to be awesome

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