England down Bok Sevens

2010-12-11 14:33

George - The Springbok Sevens squad were knocked out of the Cup competition of the Emirates Airline George Sevens when they lost 19-10 to England in a dramatic final on Saturday.

The Boks were first to score at the Outeniqua Park stadium - which was nearly filled to capacity - but were in the end outsmarted by the current series leaders.

In the opening phase of play Cecil Afrika cut through the English defence with his first touch and was later rewarded with the opening try of the match.

A crucial lapse in concentration at a ruck cost the Boks dearly and with only Pieter Englbrecht to beat, England added their first five points through John Brake.

The Boks bounced back on the stroke of half-time when the nippy Bernado Botha ran in his team’s second try which gave the hosts a 10-5 lead.

Despite having many opportunities to do so, the Boks could not score in the second half and instead had to watch in despair as the visitors took control of proceedings.

With two minutes left to play, England’s Isoa Damu levelled the scores.

Ben Gollings converted and England had a crucial two point lead.

From that point it was clear the next team to score would win the match and again it was a case of England showing greater composure under pressure.

Brake then waltzed over for the match winner which silenced the previously vocal South African supporters.


10(10): Tries – Cecil Afrika, Bernado Botha.

19(5): Tries: John Brake (2), Isoa Damu. Conversions. Ben Gollings (2).


  • ChumScrubber - 2010-12-11 15:07

    Fine line between winning and losing in this form of the game. Pity, I think our guys blew it. Must admit, the local support for the All Blacks has an annoying racial edge too it, puts a damper on the event being hosted in George. (Don't try - I know this game was against England!)

  • m.borchards - 2010-12-11 15:15

    We dont have such a great team now! need more game breakers like GIO APLON. I dont think this team can compete with the likes of Samoa, Fiji and NZ. We definitely wot win anything if we play like that! maybe team needs more time to gel. Bring the 7's to Cpt Stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hendrik - 2010-12-11 17:53

    Can't be. No way!! according to to the Media we were going to win the Tournament. No way!!! It is the Ref!!!! (as usual when we lose!)

  • Rossman - 2010-12-12 11:32

    We did not deserve to win this game in any case. They played well untill they fell behind on the score board and then the wheels came off. We played this game with less than half the intensity with which we payed the pool games. It was pathetic really. England deserved this win and deserved to go to the final.

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