Blitzbokke worked hard: Treu

2013-02-11 08:06

Johannesburg - South Africa coach Paul Treu was delighted and relieved after his side won their first Sevens World Series tournament in two seasons on Sunday.

The Blitzbokke beat series leaders New Zealand 40-21 in the cup final on the third and final day of the USA Sevens in Las Vegas.

"I'm just so glad for the guys. They deserve this win because they work so hard during training," Treu said.

Chris Dry, who secured a brace, Warren Whiteley and Branco du Preez all scored converted tries in an action-packed opening period as the South Africans romped to a 28-0 half-time lead over New Zealand.

Two more tries after the interval, scored by Du Preez and Stephan Dippenaar, stretched the total to 40 points.

The Kiwis hit back late in the second half, scoring three tries through Pat Lam, Tim Mikkelson and Gilles Kaka, but the Blitzboks held on to win the Las Vegas tournament for the second time in three years.

South Africa had earlier defeated Samoa 12-7 in extra time in their cup semi-final.

Cornal Hendricks scored a try to put the Blitzbokke ahead as early as the third minute, which was converted by Du Preez, but Tulolo Tulolo hit back for Samoa shortly before the half-time break.

Lolo Lui missed a penalty for the Samoans in second-half injury time, and with scores remaining level at 7-7, the match was extended to sudden death extra time.

Seabelo Senatla dived over a little more than a minute after the restart to secure the win.

"We set such a high standard for ourselves and we need to come out and perform like that every time," said Blitzboks veteran Paul Delport.

"This is huge for us. We put in so much effort back home - there are just no words to describe this winning feeling."

South Africa climbed to second place in the overall standings, though they remained 23 points behind New Zealand, with four legs left in the series.

The next tournament, another three-day event, will be played in Hong Kong starting on March 22.


  • gavin.lott.9 - 2013-02-11 08:12

    As a Kiwi I'd like to say well done didn't start out well but you sure did came back!..congrats!

      alfred.killian - 2013-02-11 08:22

      Gavin, you still beat us at modesty

      fanie.viljoen.73 - 2013-02-11 08:43

      Best match against the Kiwis yet. Well done Bokkies.

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 08:47

      They worked hard? Really? thanks for that revelation paul treu. PS it's spelled T-R-U-E

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 08:47

      parents couldnt spell obvs

      danalexsmith - 2013-02-11 09:51

      @simone.dechandra - if you're from thailand, why are you on

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 09:58

      is it limited to people in certain countries? what a dildo comment

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 11:24

      mr bean mate what about the vaste ses?

      sean.bagley.50 - 2013-02-11 11:24

      The Boks were leading New Zealand 35-0 in the match at one time.How often does that happen?Almost never.Quick fired tries and conversions by New Zealand in the space of 3 minutes was quite something to behold and I thought the comeback was on.The Boks made sure of it all,so that was never gonna happen.Branco du Preez you're the man,bigtime mate.

  • patrick.m.ellis.7 - 2013-02-11 08:21

    Gracious and sporting words Gavin.

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 08:47

      brown noser

  • Marinus - 2013-02-11 08:25

    Well done Boks - you made us proud - but indeed well deserved.

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 08:47

      you made us proud but indeed well deserved. when you say but, it kind of doesnt flow that you say its well deserved. weird post

  • adriaan.albertyn - 2013-02-11 08:40

    What a game...!

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 08:48

      thanks for that adriaan vaste ses

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 08:48

      dude you are skinny - 2013-02-11 09:26

      I bet you fantacy is to vaste ses it with 6 guys...

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 09:40

      no im not a man from cape town - 2013-02-11 10:22

      The lads from Ct are awesome should try'em!

  • - 2013-02-11 08:45

    and not too long ago some fans wanted Treu sacked for a new coach coz we lost two pool games. ai ai ai... well done BlitzBokke!!!!!! i need to check out that highlights package!

      nico.eksteen.7 - 2013-02-11 09:52

      No because we haven't won a tournament for two years. That's not good enough with all the resources being pushed into the sevens. - 2013-02-11 11:16

      poor argument when we've been ranked in the top 5 teams (currently #2) for the last two years out of 100 teams! NZ have had an insane few years, thats why others including us have been so quiet

      nico.eksteen.7 - 2013-02-11 11:34

      What do you mean by 100 teams? There are only 16 teams ever competing at a tournament. Winning one tournament in 2 years is simply not good enough for a country with SA's rugby resources.. - 2013-02-11 12:39

      yes 100 teams. please check IRB world rankings. #1 spot is only a few points away!

      gavin.lott.9 - 2013-02-11 16:49

      Wesley the 100 teams is for the 15 man game....7s is 19 in total.

  • ettienne.hawley1 - 2013-02-11 09:20

    Guys, could we all please move our attention to exhibit A.... Poor Simone so desperately wants attention that she tackles everyone in the comments list just to be acknowledged.... Yes simone i am the first to appluad you on your idiocy and lack of grey matter in your bid to so desperately get the attention you were denied while growing up... these people are congratulating a team that played a wonderful game. so what if they make typo errors... stop trolling and go get a life you miserable little worm...

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 09:40

      *typing errors

      ettienne.hawley1 - 2013-02-11 09:59

      Yes yes Simone, you are correct, should of just said typo.... Well done for getting one strike against me. You are a true literary genius!

      david.s.duncan.1 - 2013-02-11 10:44

      It's the closest she will come to having friends

      simone.dechandra.7 - 2013-02-11 10:51

      *should have strike 2

  • - 2013-02-11 09:26

    Well done bokkies and PT ! Must say I thought you were on the same path as Bafuna but alas, you showed true character!

  • brian.dureuck - 2013-02-11 09:40

    not 2 bad for a team with so many quotas ... but they won't win anything for the rest of the year ..

      nervern - 2013-02-11 09:47

      Get a life bra...

      danalexsmith - 2013-02-11 09:54

      @brian.dureuck. funny, the best player in the team is black. without him the whities would be lost.

      BlouMasjien1 - 2013-02-11 10:42

      Why would the whites be lost ?They have been to Las Vegas several times before and there's shuttles to their hotel and the rugby stadium.

      david.s.duncan.1 - 2013-02-11 10:44

      Good to know that you don't limit your trolling to the cricket pages

      nico.eksteen.7 - 2013-02-11 10:47

      Can someone please teach Delport how to tackle otherwise he is OK.

  • taki.rasi - 2013-02-11 10:24

    Well done Guys , we love it and you make us proud

  • clint.skinner - 2013-02-11 10:46

    Was late but so worth watching! Well done guys... 2nd place on your own now so keep flying.

  • timothy.smee.5 - 2013-02-11 11:26

    The Blitzbokkie blitzed The All Blacks Well Done Boys let's go on and try and win the next four tournaments to snatch the series trophy from New Zealand.

  • jurie.ludwig - 2013-02-11 11:58

    Well Done

  • hugh.olphart - 2013-02-11 13:24

    Well done guys, you owed it to yourselves.

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