Blitzbokke move up rankings

2012-02-13 06:16

Johannesburg - South Africa finished fourth at the USA Sevens in Las Vegas on Monday morning after the Blitzbokke lost their Third Place playoff by 21-15 against Fiji.

Despite their defeat, the Blitzbokke managed to move up one place to third overall on the HSBC Sevens World Series log with 76 points.

Samoa beat New Zealand 26-19 in a thrilling Cup Final to deny the current World Series champions a third successive tournament title this season. The Kiwis increased their lead in the standings to 92 points, followed by Fiji on 87 and then South Africa.

Frankie Horne opened the scoring against Fiji when he raced 40m to score in the corner, but Setefano Cakau scored two quick tries to hand Fiji a 14-5 lead. Stephan Dippenaar crossed over for his first try in Las Vegas to reduce the margin to 14-10 at halftime.

After the break, Cecil Afrika, the IRB Player of the Year, finished a sharp move for his seventh try of the tournament. However, Levani Botia shattered the Blitzbokke’s hopes when he raced through for the third Fijian try.

Earlier in the day, the Blitzbokke lost their semi-final clash 20-7 against New Zealand.

South Africa, who finished the pool stages unbeaten and eliminated Argentina 24-5 in the quarterfinals, made too many errors against their traditional rivals.

Kyle Brown crucially lost the ball in the offload just meters from the Kiwi try line, and New Zealand used the turn over to send Bryce Heem over for their first of three tries in the first half. Tomasi Cama scored in the corner despite the desperate efforts by Afrika while Mark James crossed for the Kiwis’ third try before the break.

DJ Forbes crashed over the in the corner to extend the New Zealand lead to 20-0, but Branco du Preez burst over with seconds left on the clock to score a consolation effort for the South Africans.

The final results on match day three in Las Vegas:
Bowl Final
France 22, Scotland 7

Shield Final

Canada 19, Australia 17

Plate Final

Kenya 21, Argentina 7

Third Place Playoff

Fiji 21, South Africa 15

Cup Final
Samoa 26, New Zealand 19.

The next two tournaments take place in Hong Kong on 23-25 March and Japan from 31 March to 1 April.


  • Citizen - 2012-02-13 07:12

    I love to watch the Blitzbokke but when up against Fiji, AB's and England they just get held up in the tackle and turned over, they are just physically too small to compete against the 'big' boys'.We are still proud of them, just frustrated that we dont have the necessary players to win the tournament...Well done anyway..

      Tandas - 2012-02-13 15:19

      The Blertsbokke are not in the same league as NZ and Fiji! NZ/Fiji deserve top spots, the rest will always follow. But OK, in all competitions you need the other teams to make up the rest of the field. Ha ha!

  • sonnench - 2012-02-13 07:38

    I think it's time for Treu to go. We have the best player in the world, but ALWAYS struggle against NZ, Fiji etc after smashing everyone else in pool play and always looking the ''form team''.

      Hugh - 2012-02-13 13:01

      Maybe we struggle because the NZ 7's are a really great team, and seriously, to loose against Fiji isn't an embarrassment. They are an awesome combination. Paul Treu is the man for the job, No question.

  • Koos - 2012-02-13 08:04

    The problem is BMT and choking

  • Bokfan - 2012-02-13 08:12

    Eish! Coughing up the ball, getting yellow carded, passing to the opposition - manne this is not the way to win a big playoff. This team needs composure and confidence then the attacks will be more flowing and not so forced and error filled.

  • Danie - 2012-02-13 08:27

    I just don't understand how the Blitzbokke has won in the past....... They are way to small...... If you look at the size of the AB'S and Fiji, even England,then we are way behind....

      Christie - 2012-02-13 08:55

      Agreed, the dynamics are stuffed.

  • Robert - 2012-02-13 08:59

    Blitzbokke, normal Bokke and the Proteas Cricket team. All professional chockers. Only Bafana have not ever chocked - because they have never been there! ha ha ha ha

  • Wimpie - 2012-02-13 09:19

    BMT !!!....where is it?

  • Brycie - 2012-02-13 09:46

    So far so good, it's coming to plan nicely.

      kevin.rack - 2012-02-14 00:02

      Oooh look another Kiwi troll with a fake facebook page. Please try somethng new as there are about 25 spineless other Pakeha trolls with fake FB profiles trolling South African websites. Grow some spine Pakeha or be a real man like the Maori. I wonder if NZ is the most broing country on earth or that Kiwis are tossers. Since I do have a lot of kiwi mates it seems that its just Pakeha trolls that are tossers. Back to 7's. We do need bigger players. Paul has now had too many chances too and it might be time to look at some new perspective.

  • GrootWitHaai - 2012-02-13 10:56

    The Blitzbokke has resorted to only defeating the weaker nations these days. They just can't get past Fiji, New Zealand and Samoa anymore. Time for their coach to move trick pony.

  • Jock - 2012-02-13 13:44

    Watch the NZ game and see how bigger players all taught to step and attack gaps. The whole team does it effortlessly. SA with smaller players does not match those skills. Treu over-emphasising a physical approach, when we should at least match softer skills of other nations.

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