Scots can top Boks - coach

2012-12-04 22:23

Cape Town - Scotland's attacking coach Scott Johnson believes they are capable of overcoming South Africa at the Rugby World Cup in 2015.

The Scots were on Monday drawn in Pool B, alongside South Africa and Samoa for the 2015 showpiece event. The other two qualifying teams for the pool are likely to be Japan and Canada (or the US).

And despite Scotland currently ranked at a lowly No 12 on the IRB rankings - 10 spots below South Africa and five below Samoa - Johnson is confident that his men can top their pool.

“We’ve shown form in the last few years that proves we can take the scalps of the big teams,” he told the website.

“Trying to determine what theirs or our side will look like in three years’ time is like determining how big, fat and ugly I’ll be in three years’ time, which isn’t easy.

“The fact is if we get our parts completely right, we’ll take on anyone on any given day. That’s what we’re aiming to do."

Johnson is a contender to take over as head coach after Andy Robinson recently resigned.

While South African fans might expect the Boks to cruise into the last eight, captain Jean de Villiers remains wary.

“Being used to the conditions definitely gives Scotland an advantage,” said De Villiers.

“It’s not too far from home for them so they’ll have a lot of support. We’ve had Samoa in every World Cup we’ve played. That will be another tough one.

“World rugby is getting closer and closer together and the guys are getting more competitive so by the time we hit 2015 it will be a great show for world rugby.”

The Boks beat Scotland 21-10 on their recent European tour.

Full RWC 2015 draw:

Pool A - Australia, England, Wales, Oceania 1, Repechage winner

Pool B - South Africa, Samoa, Scotland, Asia 1, Americas 2

Pool C - New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Europe 1, Africa 1

Pool D - France, Ireland, Italy, Americas 1, Europe 2


QF1: Winner of Pool B v Runner-up Pool A

QF2: Winner of Pool C v runner-up Pool D

QF3: Winner of Pool A v Runner-up Pool B

QF4: Winner of Pool D v runner-up C


SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF2

SF2: Winner QF3 v Winner QF4


  • mark.wilkinson.37604 - 2012-12-04 22:40

    Funny guy!

      koos.tonteldoos.1 - 2012-12-04 23:21

      If they can do that, then they can win the RWC altogether... not!

      squeegee.pilot - 2012-12-05 05:51

      Where are they ranked again? hahaha...12th! Below Tonga... Need I say more?

      ruan.smith.14 - 2012-12-05 07:42

      Mark, you took the words out of my mouth.

  • - 2012-12-04 22:57

    He is new and has to say the right thing, consolidating his pay cheque ! I would too ??

      daniel.malan3 - 2012-12-05 03:58

      He should consider standup comedy if he wants to say stuff like that though ha

  • stanton.clarke - 2012-12-04 23:03

    Dream on, Some Ouens are going to donner you anyway.

  • james.s.bishop.7 - 2012-12-04 23:25

    S.A 39 - 23 Samoa S.A 22 - 9 Scotland S.A 46 - 13 USA S.A 45 - 23 Japan Then we either play England/Wales/Australia in Q'ters.

      dhirshan.gobind - 2012-12-05 09:09

      have we ever played japan before?

      justin.curtis.3576 - 2012-12-05 10:43

      avatar Philosopher - December 4, 2012 at 23:25 S.A 24 - 8 Samoa S.A 32 - 9 Scotland S.A 52 - 6 USA S.A 60 - 9 Japan

  • sean.bagley.50 - 2012-12-04 23:28

    The Scots should first try to beat Tonga on their own homeground before talking about beating the Boks in a World Cup?Scotland don't have the brutal forward power of the Boks neither the skill laden abilities of the All Blacks or the Wallabies.They consistently finishes at the bottom of the Six Nations and since the era of professionalism,Scotland has gone backwards.Scotland's performances in that competition is of a team that knows nothing else but incompetence.

      Flemstone - 2012-12-04 23:46

      They beat Australia in terrible conditions.

      Flemstone - 2012-12-05 10:40

      And Australia only just beat Italy by 3 points. The point is that any team can have a good day and beat one of the top sides. Lets not forget that Scotland beat SA not long ago.

  • tertius.aswegen - 2012-12-05 00:01


  • tertius.aswegen - 2012-12-05 00:03

    They lost to italy this year if i have it correct.... yip, scottish rugby on the up . Lol

      joubert.joep - 2012-12-05 00:22

      This guy is nuts! I will more worried about Samoa - injuries and stuff. Scotland will be like a fart in the shower - again.

  • Riaan Van Der Walt - 2012-12-05 00:21

    what a dickhead...

  • claude.felbert - 2012-12-05 05:25

    We all have dreams and aspirations but this guy takes the cake! Maybe he is just trying to hang onto the job for as long as possible - I understand the coaches get paid rather well.

  • CJHoy - 2012-12-05 05:39

    hehehhe, thats funny

  • karen.nortier.1 - 2012-12-05 06:11

    Wow he is smoking powerful stuff. Yes and the purple penquins will be floating on strawberry flavoured clouds as well.

  • johan.wilsnach - 2012-12-05 07:01

    Even this guy started smoking funny stuff!!!

  • robert.reeve.7564 - 2012-12-05 07:05

    Can they?

  • gvangreunen - 2012-12-05 07:07

    Someone gave that man one too many Bells!

  • robert.reeve.7564 - 2012-12-05 07:18

    Scotland played really well against us with a fair referee, who saw England demolish the All Brats. Let's see how the wee laddies do against England before they get too smart - bearing in mind that we beat a spiteful Welsh nig-nog's whistle to win against England by only one point, when we should have scored more on a bad day.

  • jeremey.northcote - 2012-12-05 07:29

    Yes they can beat the Boks......when cows start flying...!!

  • jeremey.northcote - 2012-12-05 07:30

    Yes they can beat the Boks.......when cows start flying...!!!

  • rishaal.sewpaul - 2012-12-05 07:38


  • andre.nell - 2012-12-05 07:50

    Well can you expect anything less from a new coach ?

  • keegan.adonis - 2012-12-05 07:53

    lol the way boks are playing at the moment it could be quite possible. boks need to up their game and quickly. and even the fact that jean de villiers is talking about the conditions and what not may indicate he will be playing........ coming from WP he is way past his use by date. very average tour. in all our matches the other team played better than us. once again abs get an easy draw.

  • john.thelps - 2012-12-05 08:00

    He must be Irish!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christo.bokhorst - 2012-12-05 08:01

    The world does not fear and respect the Boks as they use to, the only team demanding that kind of respect is the All Blacks. I believe we have the coach and players to do that again.

  • frans.visserdsb - 2012-12-05 08:02

    Who would want to pick a winner in pool A?

  • leo.pieterse - 2012-12-05 08:06

    I think Pat (baby) lambie is pissing himself

      Felix.gumbi1 - 2012-12-09 11:19

      He doesnt have to worry much,easier bieng nervouse from the bench!

  • robert.p.gemmell - 2012-12-05 08:07

    can someone give this guy a head smack and tell him to come back to earth really Scotland to beat the springboks at the world cup not going to happen unless bryce lawrence is the ref and it may affect NZ from winning the world cup and if we suffer 55 injuries in the earlier games ha ha maybe Trevor Noah needs a comic to stand in for him please

  • vickers.vermeulen - 2012-12-05 08:18

    Yea and this Christmas it will snow in Upington

  • manuel.p.quintino - 2012-12-05 23:23

    Yes, the Scots are capable of beating the Boks. At a whiskey drinking contest that is...

  • deanmpeters - 2012-12-06 07:36

    Great PR exercise for Scotland.

  • joe.massa.92 - 2012-12-06 09:07

    FAT F__CKING CHANCE!! Must be suffering from haggis poisining!

  • eugene.brink.9 - 2012-12-06 12:55

    In what world?! This guy is on another planet.

  • christopher.collings.9 - 2012-12-13 07:29

    Someone should tell this ou that hagiss should not be smoked!

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