Samoa stun the Wallabies

2011-07-17 08:40

Sydney - Samoa stunned Australia 32-23 in a one-off rugby Test on Sunday, scoring four tries to two to produce one of their most memorable international victories.

Powerful winger Alesana Tuilagi and fullback Paul Williams crossed in the first half and lock Kane Thompson and center George Pisi scored tries in the second. The Samoans led from the third minute against a below-strength Australian starting lineup that was missing most of its Super 15-winning Queensland Reds and playing its first test of the season.

The Wallabies scored 13 of their points in the 10 minutes when Samoa were down to 14 men, with lock Daniel Leo in the sin-bin.

Matt Giteau, playing flyhalf in the absence of Quade Cooper, scored 18 points from a late try, two conversions and three penalties for for Australia. His opposite, Tusi Pisi, landed two penalties and three conversions for the Samoans.

Samoa fielded a completely new team to the on that finished last in the recent Pacific Nations Cup tournament, while Australia had frontline players on the bench or out injured only a week after Queensland wrapped up the Super 15 title.

Renowned for heavy defense, but often inclined to fade at the end of matches against the top nations, Samoa held it together throughout the 80 minutes against the Wallabies only a week out from the Tri-Nations and just months before the World Cup kicks off in New Zealand.

Samoa's biggest previous victory was against Wales in the 1991 World Cup — one of three test wins over Wales in all — and they had never previously beaten one of rugby's five top countries.

The Samoans took a surprising 17-0 lead inside half an hour; Pisi's long-range penalty goal in the third minute, winger Tuilagi's long-range try against the run-of-play in the 11th and Williams try in the 29th when he charged down an attempted clearance kick from scrumhalf Nick Phipps and pounced on the loose ball as it rolled in-goal.

For Tuilagi's try, Australia turned over the ball in a ruck inside the attacking quarter and Seilala Mapusua popped a pass between his legs for the unmarked Tuilagi, who sprinted down the left touchline and stepped through Giteau's attempted covering tackle before swan diving over for the first try of the match.

The Australians had dominated possession to that point but lacked finish and were being bustled off the ball in the rucks and mauls.

The committed Samoan tackling was also unsettling the Australians, with center Seilala Mapusua directing the midfield defense and Tuilagi smashing Mark Gerrard with a perfectly timed hit in the 33rd to shut down a scoring chance.

After turning down the chance for points at three penalty goals within easy kicking range, Giteau then took a shot from 45-meters in the 25th minute, but missed.

The Wallabies scored 10 points in the three minutes before halftime when Samoa was down a man, cutting the margin to seven at the break. Digby Ioane chimed in from the blind side wing from a five-yard scrum and strolled into a yawning gap between the halves to score under the posts in the 38th minute. Gitteau landed the conversion and a stoppage-time penalty.

Giteau added another penalty two minutes after the break to make it 17-13 but the Samoans hit back in the 46th, still with only 14 men on the field, when lock Kane Thompson finished off some good leadup work from flyhalf Pisi and No. 8 George Stowers.

The Samoans went ahead 29-13 in the 55th minute when George Pisi was awarded a try amid a ruck in the left corner after the Australians fumbled Tuilagi's downfield kick.

Giteau scored in the last 10 minutes, while Will Genia only got on the field late, but the Australians were chasing the game for the last 20 minutes and the Samoans managed to hold firm.

Samoa, who had lost all four previous tests against Australia, let themselves down with some poor discipline before the break with Bordeaux-based lock Leo sent to the sinbin for hands in the ruck as the Australians were inches from scoring, and fullback Williams was penalized after the siren for a dangerous tackle which gifted the Wallabies three points.

Referee Marius Jonker awarded a stream of penalties to Australia for Samoan infringements, but it didn't slow down the visitors.

In the Australian starting XV, only Elsom, Giteau, hooker Stephen Moore and lock Nathan Sharp had previously played Samoa; all were involved in the 74-7 win at Sydney in 2005 in the previous test between the two countries.


Samoa 32 (Alesana Tuilagi, Paul Williams, Kane Thompson, George Pisi tries;i Pisi 2 penalties, 3 conversions)
Australia 23 (Digby Ioane, Matt Giteau tries; Giteau 2 conversions, 3 penalties). Halftime: 17-10.


  • knalpot - 2011-07-17 08:50

    Are you Wallies not happy were sending our B squad now? bwaahhaaa

      rockster666 - 2011-07-17 09:07

      I guess Samoa and the Boks are in the same pool in the World Cup wow scary stuff for the Boks. They wont make it to the second round Samoa will smash them.

      Dwarslat - 2011-07-17 09:09

      Die uitslag lees soos 'n fabel. Jy kon net sowel vir my vertel het dat Julius Malema by die AWB aangesluit het. Absoluut ongelooflik.

      Mike Webber - 2011-07-17 10:50

      Ja, let's see if they can rise up the challenge of the Boks' B-team. The Aussies need to fix there forwards pack. While they're at it, they should fix their Quantas Airlines planes too!

      Sharkie4ever - 2011-07-17 17:10

      We're not sending our B team as everyone thinks, we're sending most of our probable A team. think of how many of the current Boks that are not going over that will be leaving after the WC.

      Backstabber - 2011-07-17 22:35

      Rockster666 = Tsheps = BCC = Kok = Legend = legend Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  • goofree - 2011-07-17 09:00

    well done Samoa the doors open for south Africa to hit them where it hurts that forward pack Rocky has too go. and please Ozzie fans don't come up with that it was only your B team A boys came on things got worse talk about the moment em from the reds went out the window South Africa has to take advantage of this loss.

  • PMG - 2011-07-17 09:02

    Early days folks - I wouldnt read too much into that scoreline.

      Black Beauty - 2011-07-17 09:06

      I dissagree PMG, it highlights Ozzies lack of depth and Elsom as captain

      Bumblebee - 2011-07-17 10:16

      Have to agree with PMG. The RWC is won at the end of October not the middle of July.

      Black Beauty - 2011-07-17 10:39

      @Bumblebee, I agree with you and PMG regarding the difference between that game and the RWC but I still reckon the Manu Samoa v OZ game highlighted the Wallabies depth and Elsom doesn't seem to lead the team, I noticed that when the Wallabies had a huddle it seemed the players were not interested in listening to what he was saying, seemed to be lip service. But yes, it will be a different OZ team playing in future games also remembering that this is the first run out as a Wallaby team this year.

      Kleinboet - 2011-07-18 02:27

      Black Beauty, how often has the Samoan team played together this year? It was a big hiding and don't you try to water it down. It is you guys who wrote that SA is making a mistake in sending a so-called second string team overseas for the tri-Natios; because loosing badly now will adversly affect our chances of winning in the World Cup - you know, self-doubt and panicking and things like that. Well, let me tell you, this is where self-doubt starts crawling in for the Ausies, resulting in weird changes in the team and things like that. You guys are in for a hard time, because our so-called second string team would have taken notice of what it takes to thrash you soundly. And they are better equiped than the Samoans to do it!

      MB1810 - 2011-07-18 08:01

      I have to agree, it is the Wallabies' first test this season, Samoa had some match practice in the Pacific Nations Cup, and while I by no means think it was a second string Aussie team. I think perhaps a combination of over confidence by the Aussies, lack of proper preperation (they only had a week together) and extreme determination form the Samoans led to the upset. Well done to Samoa, but I'll most certainly not write of the Aussies based on what was most likely a fluke defeat.

      Black Beauty - 2011-07-18 08:09

      @Kleinboet, where am I watering it down? I'm a kiwi, Maori infact. I knew the Samoans would be competitive, most of the Samoan players play proffesinally overseas in fact a lot of the players are infact born in NZ, raised in NZ, learn their rugby craft/skills in NZ and play for Samoa because of their Samoan heritage. Where have I been trying to water it down? Maybe you're confusing me with someone else. NZ celebrated Samoans victory because of the vast amount of NZ's especially in Auckland with Pacific Islands ancestry lines.

  • Black Beauty - 2011-07-17 09:18

    Does this now mean that SA are now ranked 2nd in world rankings after this match?????? I think the IRB show rankings at 12pm GMT on Monday (11pm NZT?) ???, not sure about Saffa time.

  • GraemeBB - 2011-07-17 09:43

    @Wallaby - what happened Wally?

      Black Beauty - 2011-07-17 09:59

      Wally and Gromet

  • coenie.koch - 2011-07-17 10:24

    Don't read to much in this. Next week they will field a different looking team, and will perform much better. What's wrong with not showing all your cards in a once-off game ahead of the start to the Tri-nations. But it's not going to help them much, because we're still going bto hammer them!! Go for it, Bokke!

  • jochem - 2011-07-17 10:45

    Let's not read too much into this result, folks, this was no real Aussie team. They will probably take it out on the understrength Boks now!

      Mike Webber - 2011-07-17 10:55

      No real Aussie team? How so, cause Cooper didn't play? This was the Wallybees mate. Good on ya!

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-17 11:37

      @Mike - like when the Scotish beat us, be had several 1st choice players injured - BUT, we will never forget when the Boks lost to Scotland.

  • springbokke - 2011-07-17 11:03

    Come now peiple , dont get 'hood winked'.......did you notice the players sitting it out?....

      GraemeBB - 2011-07-17 11:35

      Yes, but it is still a loss under the Aussie flag, isnt it?

      springbokke - 2011-07-17 12:34

      Aussie flag?...with all respect Graeme, it's For your flag and country, if only that were the case..

  • Noitol - 2011-07-17 12:01

    Not all surprising really. In a team sport like rugby there are just too many variables and anything can happen on any given day. And to underestimate those Pacific Islanders can be very dangerous, as the 2007 WC Boks found out very nearly to their cost against the Fijians.

  • cupid - 2011-07-17 12:42

    Im so VERY dissappointed that the wallabies thats the type of sentiment I felt when I was watching the game with my aussie mate. Deep down inside me I was HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHHA HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHAHA lLOLOLOOLOLOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. What happen to all the Hype about the wanabies and Reds.LOL

  • Anneck - 2011-07-17 12:49

    Best not to read too much into this result. Wallabies played possum that is for sure...

  • silverflash - 2011-07-17 14:06

    The Wallabies got owned big time !!! lol ..Tie a wallably down X2 bwahahahahahahah

  • willbill - 2011-07-17 15:10

    Tie those Kangaroos down mates...

  • Joe Soap - 2011-07-17 15:56

    While some Ozzie supporters are playing down the loss. I'd much rather have been in the Samoan change room after the game than with the Ozzies! I think Robbie deans gave those Bruces a blasting of note. Ozzie need to do something about their scrum, fast!

  • Kleinboet - 2011-07-17 20:42

    I suppose now they will say they picked a second string team because of injuries, etc. If they do, I suggest they investigate themselves instead of the Boks. They can use their middlefinger and shuff it up their you-know-what to do the self examination.

  • Kleinboet - 2011-07-18 02:08

    The Wallabies are chokers, just like the Kiwis. No scary stuff because we are in the same pool with Samoa - we won't lean back and be their bitches like the Ausie team was.

      Black Beauty - 2011-07-18 08:18

      You're a bad sportsfan Kleinboet. Generally speaking I find that people who speak with venom in their tongues with the aid of a keyboard are more than likely not to speak venom in person and have never played hard physical rugby. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.

  • Hannes Visser - 2011-07-18 07:45

    Why care about the Aussies, remember we have Samoa in our Group, so a loss against them and Wales which is quite realistic with all the old warhorses going to the RWC, we will not even make play-offs!

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