SBW's opponent 'on welfare'

2011-06-02 12:31

Wellington - The professional boxing career of All Blacks and Crusaders star Sonny Bill Williams faces a new credibility test after revelations his next opponent is on welfare for a disability which prevents him from working.

VIDEO: Sonny Bill Williams trains for his fight

Williams will face 43-year-old Tongan gospel singer Alipate Liava'a in a six-round heavyweight bout in Auckland on Sunday. Liava'a is now being investigated by New Zealand welfare authorities as he claims he can't find a job because he has tennis elbow.

Sunday's bout will be the fourth of Williams's professional career and follows fights with a New Zealand nightclub bouncer and an Australian forklift driver.

Liava'a stands to earn 6 000 New Zealand dollars ($4 900) from the fight and intends to use the money to finance an album of gospel songs.


  • ZAPMAN - 2011-06-02 12:34

    Bwahahaha like playing rugby agaist a blind person

      sparkster - 2011-06-02 12:43

      more like playing rugby against the Blue Bulls.

      Hilton H - 2011-06-02 13:12

      He's 5'7", weighs 120 kg and has tennis elbow, and there I was thinking that Jabba the Hut was a fictional character.

      SAFFA-CAT - 2011-06-02 13:13

      @Sparkster: Or taking part in the final of a Spelling Bee competition, and finding Lloyd and Alwyn are all that stand in your way of being crowned champion.....or taking sweets from a kiddie, or taking the ball from Spies in a tackle...etc etc etc. Not good SBW, shame on thee....tsk tsk. (Having watched the video of SBW training - even I that have a limited boxing knowledge can see that he is technically KUK) Have a good weekend all. Enjoy.

      Johan van Zyl - 2011-06-02 13:14

      @sparkster - We shall talk again when the Bulls lift the trophy, yet again.

      sparkster - 2011-06-02 13:34

      Johan, what trophy you planning on lifting, Alwyn by his ears for the most useless Bulls supporter!!

      ZAPMAN - 2011-06-02 13:36

      IF winning 3 Super titles is the same as being blind,please give me my walking stick,,,Sparky still as stupid as ever i see

      sparkster - 2011-06-02 13:58

      ZAPMAN......Stop living in the past numb nut.Its like when you married you wife so many years ago she was weighing in at 100kg, now years later she is 150kg.You cant look back at what you fell in love with years back, you gotta love what she is today!! Get it dumb ass??

      ZAPMAN - 2011-06-02 14:05

      ME fink Saffalis and Sparkplag is to stuped mapompanes

  • Met Uysh! - 2011-06-02 12:52

    "Sunday's bout will be the fourth of Williams's professional career and follows fights with a New Zealand nightclub bouncer and an Australian forklift driver." So, a professional boxer prefers to take on disabled amateurs? This is not really unexpected. Having looked at his previous opponents, really, they've all been disabled.

  • Robbie.wp - 2011-06-02 12:55

    he can't find a job because of his tennis elbow... but he can box?!?!?! LMAO

  • Paul - 2011-06-02 13:12

    SBW is n haas

  • Obama Bin Laden - 2011-06-02 13:15

    What? Couldn't he find a dwarf? I hear PDivvy doesn't pull any punches. Maybe we can set that one up.

  • Sandile - 2011-06-02 13:18

    SBW should focus on his rugby. Heard later this year he will is againt a pregnant woman with sinus problems.. HA ha ha ha

  • Sandile - 2011-06-02 13:20

    SBW should focus on his rugby. Heard later this year he will fight againt a pregnant woman with sinus problems.. HA ha ha ha. Excuse the bad grammar, I cant stop crying (with laughter)!

  • bill - 2011-06-02 13:21

    Immagine if he loses to a one -armed dude old enough to be his father !

  • Marshall - 2011-06-02 13:29

    SBW had said the bout was to raise money for charity! Guess we have different definitions of charity.

  • Derek Chapma - 2011-06-02 13:32

    Bigshot All Black picking on invalids, very very manly>>>

  • Chronoman - 2011-06-02 13:34

    I saw SBW's previous fight and it was laughable. He was so careful he ran all the time and stayed very far away from a boxer who has clearly seen a better day. I want to suggest that his boxing "career" is more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

  • StaalBurgher - 2011-06-02 13:38

    Dirty free loaders.

  • Met Uysh! - 2011-06-02 13:46

    A church singer? Gives new meaning to "Battle for Christ Church"

  • Hannes Visser - 2011-06-02 13:46

    So, he is going to fight a gospel singing, old man (with one bad arm) on pension? Damn!

  • Staalbal - 2011-06-02 14:00

    He wants to fight a disabled gospel singer twice his age? What a tough SOB you are Sonny. This guy has been so hyped up and to be honest, I'm sick of reading these stupid stories on Sonny Bills boxing. Put the guy in the ring against a professional boxer and lets see what happens, not against bouncers, forklift drivers and gospel singers .

      Robbie.wp - 2011-06-02 14:08

      BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA!!! Couldn't agree more...

      BOKLDN - 2011-06-02 14:08

      Ja, and he has done nothing recently.

  • Paul - 2011-06-02 14:40

    Check waar slaan die ballie SBW se tatoos van sy arms af.

  • Dr. No - 2011-06-02 15:15

    Where are all SBW's disciples? Normally when I have the nerve to point out the obvious i.e. that he cannot box and his 'professional boxing career' is nothing more than a circus act, I get slammed. Any disciples out there that wish to comment now?

  • silverflash - 2011-06-02 15:57

    Lets set up a Bout ! Bok vs Nz in the ring .. that would settle it ..

  • silverflash - 2011-06-02 15:58

    any current Bok who would last against SWb ? i think not

      Paul - 2011-06-02 16:23

      Schalk sal hom slaan laat hy pis.

      PMG - 2011-06-02 16:23

      What about falling over my own feet,losing the ball in the tackle,outsurance guy Spies?

  • silverflash - 2011-06-02 16:00

    Get the man a real opponent.

  • FactFile - 2011-06-02 16:41

    So why do u guys just go on and believe everything you read - especially sensational stories from news24 that is a SA site that hates the ABs? Do u all know if this is facts?? Just sayin'...

  • Dal2000 - 2011-06-02 17:02

    A professional Super Rugby player taking on forklift drivers and gospel singers? Pathetic to the point it becomes a joke...

  • Eugene - 2011-06-02 17:24

    Is this a joke?

  • JC - 2011-06-02 19:17

    @Sparkster... Jou selfbeeld is so klein jy moet altyd die Bulls of Stormers in bring om jou egotjie bietjie op te bou. Shame man. Net die mense wat dieselfde probleem het as jy gee om wat jy sĂȘ. Gaan maak bietjie 'n draai by die sielkundige dat hy vir jou medikasie kan voorskryf en dan deel jy dit sommer met al die ander ape wat aandag soek hierop. Jy is nie spesiaal nie, jy is niks.

  • Piet Vark - 2011-06-03 18:23

    Bakkies sal hom met die kop moer dat hy sal wens hy het eerder skaap gaan naai in Nz

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