SANZAR reject T20 concept

2010-07-22 09:12

Johannesburg - SANZAR will not support or endorse the Twenty20-style rugby tournament concept as proposed by individuals in South Africa as reported in various media in recent weeks.

Current SANZAR CEO Steve Tew, said SANZAR's representatives have met with the promoters of the competition to better understand what was envisaged and because they are always open to any ideas that might help promote rugby in the three countries.

"We were told we would then receive a formal proposal and this has not happened.

"However, having considered the concept and the way in which it has been developed; SANZAR has decided it has no interest in any further discussion of the proposed competition."

Tew said the SANZAR Unions had discussed the concept with its Super Rugby teams and the feedback was overwhelmingly negative due to the potential impact on the preparation of teams for Super Rugby in 2012.

SANZAR is also concerned about the impact on player welfare given the period identified for the alternative competition is the main rest and conditioning period for the All Blacks, Springboks and Wallabies players.

"We do not see any benefits for SANZAR and we have also expressed our strong disappointment to those involved that approaches were made to players in the SANZAR countries without the courtesy of informing the SANZAR member unions in advance," Tew said.

The International Rugby Board executive committee and management have also declined to support the proposal.

All rugby competitions require the prior approval of the game's world governing body.


  • good..!! - 2010-07-22 09:17

    ....GOOD, ...RASSIE ERASMUS IS A POOOOOPHOLE...!! ...typical stormbarian stupid ideas...

  • TonyC - 2010-07-22 09:44

    Thank goodness - this would undoubtedly have been a cash-motivated comp with no regard for the welfare of the already over-players players. Enough is enough. Already we've seen declines in attendances at matches. This is NOT because fans don't like going any longer, but because they now see so much rugby that they've become selective.

  • jammin - 2010-07-22 09:48

    "We don't see any benefits for SANZAR" meaning you aren't getting ALL the money. Idiots, aren't we supposed to look at benefits for RUGBY. Maybe this concept wasn't the right one, but that's not the point, getting rugby to grow a bigger world audience is!!!

  • FP - 2010-07-22 10:25

    Thank goodness sanity prevailed. Rasie can hardly get the 15-man game right now he is trying to introduce this "new concept". Other than filling the pockets of a few individuals. i cant see how this would benefit the global appeal of rugby or the players.

  • John - 2010-07-22 12:27

    People who use the so called betterment of rugby as an excuse for greed need to be banished from the game.

  • fortune seeker - 2010-07-22 13:30

    Rassie Erasmus = Fortune seeker = Tappet = Stormbarian loser

  • Dankie pappie - 2010-07-22 14:19

    Dankie tog!! Weereens n paar sogenaamde oud rugby entrepeneurs wat wil geld maak. Waneer is genoeg genoeg?? Is toe nie n gaping nie

  • The Godfather - 2010-07-22 17:41

    Well done SANZAR. Rugby isn't nearly as boring as cricket and we don't need to change it any further. Rugby has already made too many law changes in the last couple of years. Rassie your a schmuck...

  • Leon - 2010-07-22 22:34

    Thank the Lord. @jammin. Why dont we just play our guys in their m***r. Suck the living daylight out of them so that they can make the extra buck. If you want a bigger international rugby audience then send your big teams to compete against each other in countries where rugby is still growing. At least NZ and Aus are starting to do it.

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