Hanazono - USA coach Gary Gold boasted Sunday that America could do a similar job hosting the Rugby World Cup as Japan, stressing the impact it would have on the game in the potentially lucrative market.

After seeing his side lose an entertaining 31-19 final Pool C match to Tonga, Gold said hosting the World Cup would mean a "tremendous amount" to the USA, currently 17th in the international rankings.

"The minute it was announced that Japan was going to get a World Cup, the game has changed amazingly in this country," said Gold.

"Just look at these amazing supporters and the people in the streets. The whole event has been amazing here in Japan. And I think the US would be able to do a very similar job and it would have the same effect on our game as well," added the coach.

The United States lost all three of their matches in a tough pool at the Rugby World Cup, going down 45-7 to England and 33-9 to France before Sunday's defeat to Tonga.

"This year unfortunately we've learned some harsh lessons. We've played some really good teams in this Rugby World Cup," said Gold.

"I think after the disappointment has died down, we'll reflect and we'll learn lessons."

The South African has been tough on his team at the World Cup, describing the loss to England as a "calamity in Kobe" and calling on his players to improve "every aspect" of their game.