Tindall's wife flies to NZ

2011-09-21 17:32

Auckland - Zara Phillips, the granddaugher of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and wife of England rugby captain Mike Tindall, is in New Zealand for a charity fashion show.

The 30-year-old Phillips, an international patron of the event, attended the show held by CatWalk Spinal Cord Injury Trust.

Last week, Tindall was caught on a hotel's security camera talking to a woman in a bar. He briefly held her hand, and she kissed him on the top of his head.

Tindall and Phillips were married on July 30.

There was no immediate word if Phillips intended to visit Tindall in Dunedin on the South Island, where England plays its next match Saturday.


  • Whistleblower - 2011-09-21 17:53

    Now the offfff hits the fan!

      Dazbo - 2011-09-21 18:20

      Shame man.....would definitely not want to be in his shoes......You just know he's going to get all types of sh*t moered into him !!!

      Thomas - 2011-09-21 21:33

      She's come to throw him like they did the dwarfs!!!

  • bapsfontein1 - 2011-09-21 20:33

    All Pommies cheat and swap wives so NO PROBLEM MAN. She was probably getting it from the gardener while he was away lol.

      brinjal - 2011-09-21 21:12

      You know this from experience?

  • nzbro - 2011-09-21 22:20

    sounds like the queen advising her grandchild to go to nz and keep an eye to avoid another royal scandal. do wish the media could just leave these guys in peace.

      Bandleader - 2011-09-21 23:22

      Yup, she's there for a charity fashion show, and charity begins at home, they say!

  • Jacques Ackermann - 2011-09-21 22:40


  • Agent Rascal - 2011-09-22 06:18

    Who cares!!

  • Ockie - 2011-09-22 07:07

    Is this Sport? Or is it Sports?

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