Strauss determined to leave SA

2011-02-01 22:32

Hendrik Cronjé

Bloemfontein – Richardt Strauss has said he sees his rugby future in Ireland, and not even an invitation to the planned Springbok trials later this year in Port Elizabeth will convince him otherwise.

The Southern Kings want to play a Premier XV in Port Elizabeth on 4 June. The Premier XV will include several overseas-based Springboks, as well as South African players like Strauss that are starring in European leagues and the Heineken Cup.

Strauss and Schalk Brits are deserving of invitations, but Strauss told Sport24 on Tuesday that he would not do anything to jeopardise his chances of playing for Ireland one day.

The 24-year-old brother of Springbok centre Andries Strauss will qualify to play for Ireland in November 2012.

He played for the Free State Cheetahs in the Currie Cup final against the Blue Bulls in 2009.

Irish rugby writers and supporters have been very excited about the hooker’s form - in 2010 he was named Leinster’s player of the month for September and October.

It is an achievement considering that top players such as centre Brian O’Driscoll, lock Nathan Hines, flyhalf Jonathan Sexton, prop Heinke van der Merwe and wing Isa Nacewa play for Leinster.

“I have a good opportunity here that I did not get in South Africa. I have committed myself to playing here and am very happy.

"If it goes well and I get to play for Ireland, I will consider it a big honour and privilege. I will grab the opportunity and do my best to stay in the team in such an event,” said Strauss.

His older brother, Andries, earned his Bok colours at the end of last year.

“Andries’s Bok colours are something special for our entire family. After Atter (Adriaan Strauss, hooker) he is the second one in our family to achieve that. I am delighted, especially as he was unlucky not to play for the Sharks more often.

“It just shows that he is a guy who stuck to his task, kept working and stayed positive. His success was not a bigger motivation for me as I have always wanted to play at the highest level.

“Hopefully my dream comes true. If we are fortunate, we may still play against one another in a Test. That will be something special. But all that is still just a dream. It will require hard work from my side to turn it into reality.”


  • - 2011-02-01 22:48

    Bitter dragon

      Johnny - 2011-02-02 08:43

      ......with 2 quotas hookers in the Bok team, Richardt doesn't stand a chance to play for the Boks any way....... ...........quotas = Fat Boy Smit and Allways Injured Ralepelle....

  • wouter.debruin - 2011-02-01 22:57

    As long as Chilliboy can run or manage a wheelchair no young white hooker will see a Springbok team. Go for it Richardt !!

      Dan - 2011-02-02 07:34

      What is he complaining about? What about Botha and Schalk Brits. Surely he doesn't rate himself above them and they had to sit back year after year while second rated hookers like Smit and kie get Bok colours. Not to mention that both Botha's understudies at the Bulls get selected test after test.

      Johnny - 2011-02-02 08:44

      ....and quota Fattie Smit....

      tokora - 2011-02-02 08:56

      hey ladies! is Fat Boy Smit a quota system player????? what happened to South Africa? if John is quota player what is the fuss all abt????????he is white u know and World Cup, British & Lions, TRI Nations winning captain.

      Andy49 - 2011-02-02 13:57

      @tokora - fat s(h)mit is an overated, lazy,incompetent, passed his sell by date, has been who is still being hyped by your ilk as "the greatest captain ever" time to move on. This whole S(h)mit thing is reminiscent of the hype regards Mandela. - 2011-02-02 14:37

      Andy49, you're a tool.

  • mike - 2011-02-02 01:02

    We need overseas hookers, I think not. Got more then enough playing here and of great quality. Straus wont come to the Boks cause he knows he will play second fiddle to the likes of Bismark etc. Go play for Ireland, your only chance to see International rugby.

  • Tc - 2011-02-02 06:46

    Richardt, go for Ireland! Focus, we will support you.

      Johnny - 2011-02-02 08:45

      ....yes, go for it Richardt...!!

  • Devon - 2011-02-02 06:58

    better than playing for england. that would tick me off

  • PrefabSprout - 2011-02-02 07:33

    Who? Bye Bye.

      Jim - 2011-02-02 08:20

      You might be saying bye bye to your own arse one day,who ever you are.

  • Patrick - 2011-02-02 07:39

    Who is Richard Strauss?

      Rugby Sage - 2011-02-02 07:41

      A player with brains,

      Dan - 2011-02-02 08:39

      Good one Patric. I had the exact same reaction. Does this little twit really thinks he is a Bok contender. He is not even on the radar in SA rugby.

      Johnny - 2011-02-02 11:00

      ...he is just another "quota" victim....

  • robertldon - 2011-02-02 07:47

    Ag shame Boetie got his first so I'm going to be the first Irsh Player in the family, how pathetic.

      JustinD - 2011-02-02 15:09

      Ja and what have you achieved in your miserable life???? Dickhead!!

  • knorpantoffel - 2011-02-02 08:06

    Richardt don't come play for the Boks, they will let you play for 10mins and then you won't be able to play international rugby ever again for any country. It has happened to players before

  • FuzzyStorm - 2011-02-02 08:29

    We are blessed with great hookers and I dont blame him for wanting to furtehr his career overseas.

      CharlSkeptic - 2011-02-02 14:35


  • tokora - 2011-02-02 08:50

    he will not be the 1st one to leave....was he good though?

      Hanjo - 2011-02-02 10:06

      not good enough...every union i SA has at least one better hooker at the moment.

  • pikejuan - 2011-02-02 09:04

    i dont get you oukes, a very tiny percentage of the population will play for their country, the rest will stay in provintial/franchise for the rest of their career, the guys that get selected, are generally there for a wile, so that lessens that percentage even now we grill the guys that leave to go play for other countries. Of the 30+ world class hookers, 5 will play for SA in the next 5-8 years, what should the other 25 do? youre being a bit selfish dont you think? let him do what he wants to.

      Craig - 2011-02-02 10:39

      There is a sad bunch of people who know they have no chance of getting a job oversees, so they begrudge anybody who does, who cares what the wankers think, Freestate, Ireland and many other knowledgable rugby fans know who he is and why he made this tough decision, goodbye and good luck.

  • goyougoodthing - 2011-02-02 11:25

    Not to be funny but who cares.

  • Mushin - 2011-02-02 14:09

    Honestly you South Africans are pathetic IDIOTS!!! You're still moaning about sh*t you won't change, i mean crap Europeans started in the first place. Make your minds up! Are you South Africans or not? If you are, where the hell is your PATRIOTIC spirit? Don't they teach you anything in kindergarten in South Africa? PATHETIC I tell you! Seriously all countries have thier own problems. Get over it!! - 2011-02-02 14:39

      Hey Mushy, go have a drink dude, you've got some serious tension.

  • Theuns - 2011-02-02 14:13

    Go for it man......! jy gaat meer geld verdien! Money talks Bulsh*t walks!

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