Sport24 Superbru pool update

2011-09-19 14:55

Cape Town – The Sport24 Superbru Rugby World Cup megapool table experienced a massive shake-up after the second week of games in New Zealand.

Trevor Doyle, also known as Allen, from Somerset West, Cape Town, shot up the rankings after correctly predicting 10 out of the 11 World Cup matches that were played since last Monday.

Doyle would have had a perfect record if it had it not been for Ireland’s unexpected 15-6 victory over Tri-Nations champions.

However, his predictions were enough to see him top the table with 25.50, just 0.25 points more than Theo Venter, or “Rampie”, - who came in second with 25.25 points.

Kobus Bisschoff, also known as “Sir Sjoffies”, who lead the pool last Monday after the first round of fixtures, has dropped out of the top 100, while last week’s runner-up Chris Pretorius, or “Chris LeMac”, fell down to 94th.

Meanwhile, things have not improved for pool captain and Sport24 editor Tank Lanning who has dropped down 1 000 places from the position he held last week.

Tank was positioned at number 1131 of the 2571 players in the pool at that stage, and is now placed at number 2049 out of 3062 players currently in the pool.

There are still many points to be won and anyone could still win the pool and a one year Virgin Active membership.
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  • hansbull - 2011-09-19 16:00

    Watch out for hansbull in future rounds.

  • DeonL - 2011-09-19 16:43

    Oops, also made a few wrong choices with the Curry Cub.

  • 722 - 2011-09-19 21:06

    One of the best games I have played. Love it!

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