Sport24 Superbru pool results

2011-09-12 14:34

Cape Town - Kobus Bisschoff, also known as “Sir Sjoffies”, claimed an early lead in the official Sports24 Rugby World Cup Superbru megapool after the first round of matches.

“Sir Sjoffies” tops the pool on 13 points, after picking up eight win points, four margin points and one grand slam point, but failing to secure any bonus points.

Chris Pretorius, or “Chris LeMac”, currently holds second place in the pool, after also racking up thirteen points by scoring eight win points. Pretorius missed out on the top spot after only scoring 3.5 points, 0.5 less than the pool leader.

Bisschoff is currently ranked at number one out of 124 707 Rugby World Cup players on Superbru, while “Chris LeMac” comes in at 47th, meaning he still falls in the top one percent.

Pool captain and Sport24 editor Tank Lanning significantly lower down in number 1131 out of the 2571 players in the pool.

However, there are almost two months and a lot more games to go before the end of the tournament, meaning that anyone could still win the pool and a one year Virgin Active membership.

Good luck and happy predicting.