'Spectacular' opening for RWC

2011-09-02 09:17

Wellington - Rugby World Cup organisers say 4 000 tickets are still available to the tournament's "spectacular" opening ceremony.

The 30-minute ceremony will precede the tournament's opening match between New Zealand and Tonga on Friday at Auckland's 60 000-seat Eden Park.

Organising committee chief Martin Snedden said the ceremony "will tell the story of New Zealand and its unique place in the Pacific, and represent the coming together of countries from around the world in New Zealand in pursuit of rugby's greatest prize."

Snedden said the ceremony would feature "special recognition of Christchurch, which lost its role as a host city for RWC 2011 following February's tragic earthquake."


  • Jay - 2011-09-02 09:23

    Cant believe there are still tickets available and 4000 of them!

      Bootman - 2011-09-02 09:37

      I know........This thing should have been sold out weeks in advance, right? If this was in SA, people would have been standing in line to get tickets. Come NZ. You're hosting a WC. Show some enthusiasm.

      BardofAvon - 2011-09-02 12:56

      @ Bootman: Maybe the NZ public knows something we don't? Hint: *kof*

  • Chief Kok - 2011-09-02 09:24

    Can't wait.

  • Chief Kok - 2011-09-02 09:47

    For the next 8 weeks I will only be drinking Coke (because of the colour of it). Black is black!! And I am All Blacks!!!

      donkerhond - 2011-09-02 09:52

      Brannas en Coke...

      Bootman - 2011-09-02 10:00

      Looks like you've been sniffing coke for the last 8 weeks.

      Lebo - 2011-09-02 10:00 have your coke, I'll have my 'springbok' shot,tastes much better :)

      Timothy - 2011-09-02 10:02

      Kok you are not an Allblack you will never be an Allblack. The only way you can be an Allblack is if you have new zealand citizenship which I dont believe you have. Get it.....good

      Shawn - 2011-09-02 10:14

      @ Tim, does this apply to supporters of Man U, Chelsea Liverpool etc??? can they never be supporters to? I bet after Bafana got knocked out of the WC you supported your real team Spain,Brazil Germany etc, does this make you Spanish, Brazilian etc too??? get the it ...good....

      Ryno - 2011-09-02 10:17

      You mean choke!!

      werner.smidt - 2011-09-02 10:26

      @Shawn Actually, it does apply to those supporters too. Especially those little brats from Cape Town ;-)

      Shawn - 2011-09-02 10:43

      aaaaahhh here we go with the rest if SA vs cape town again... Why do you guys envy CT so much, is it beautiful scenery, the mountains, the beaches, the women??? leave us, let us be, you never hear the Capetonians starting the regional wars...once thing is for sure though, we got style unlike you guys. Every year when you a*holes visit our beautiful city you come with your "big city" attitude as if we dont know can have all the money but you got no style...all the top bands (Goldfish, Lochnville, Parlotones, Jack Parow) are from CT all the top retailers in SA ( Pik and pay, woolworths, shoprite, truworths) from Cape town...what do you have Kurt Darren and Vernon Werner pull up you Khaki Kouse and get with the times bra, CT is the place to be!!!!

      Chief Kok - 2011-09-02 10:50

      Thank you Shawn. Nicely put. To these people it's not about supporting other teams. It's a matter of hating those (Cape Town coloured people) who don't want to submit to them and stand for what they stand for. I will ask this question again: Why not a fuss over the SA whites who support the ABs?

      Shawn - 2011-09-02 10:56

      Or the Durbanites who support the Indian/Pakistan cricket teams...

      Nathan V Alexander - 2011-09-02 11:00

      Even a Kiwifruit is green on the inside :-)

      Kevin - 2011-09-02 11:01

      Wear a black choker. 1991,1995,1999,2001, 2005,2007 2011

      BLOODY AGENT - 2011-09-02 11:16

      Kokkie ek glo jy sal beter lyk met n Black Lable court in die hand,maar aan die ander kant as hy leeg is en jy is gesuip mag jou vrou se kop dit dalk ontgeld

      roth.eugen - 2011-09-02 11:52

      So Chief Kok you have really admitted that you support the AB because you hate whites. So who is the racist now?..... 'It's a matter of hating those (Cape Town coloured people) who don't want to submit to them and stand for what they stand for. I will ask this question again: Why not a fuss over the SA whites who support the ABs?'

      Shawn - 2011-09-02 12:27

      @Eugen, I understand the hate that kok has, its the same my father has for Afrikaners (not all whites). I don't agree with it at all but I understand it... My father played for WP schools and could have made SA schools too if it were`nt for apartheid. it was said he and his friends were fairly good but were unable to compete because of there skin color. if you research your history, you`ll see that there was a SA colored team too( I bet a few never knew this) which they were banished to and unable to play internationals.His family and friends were forcefully removed from their childhood neighborhood in District 6(near cape town city center) and forced in what we call the cape flats today. The All Blacks(rebel version) was the only team who toured and allowed SA to tour in their country and to many Capetonians, the AB`s were seen as there heroes to see the Boks get "gemoer" by the NZ`s... So its easy to sit there on your perch and say this and that if you personally haven`t experienced what most colored ppl had to endure during Apartheid, yes its 17years since we`ve become a democratic SA but the hurt still lingers inmost sectors of CT. oh and as a matter of fact, theres quite a bit of Ozzie supporters in CT to, with a fan club etc. why not hate on them??? PS. Eugen, hows the weather in Spain???

      Vusi9 - 2011-09-02 12:40

      Ag Kok, why are you such an attention seeker? The actual all black fans wont think anything of you for supporting the wrong team, you will only make it obvious to them that you are a loser. Never trust a man that cannot accept where he comes from.

      Chief Kok - 2011-09-02 13:27

      @roth.eugen: There is something terribly wrong with your reading ability. Where did I say that I hate whites? I never said that. There is even no reason for you to make such draw to such a conclusion. Go back to school dude.

      Chief Kok - 2011-09-02 13:32

      @Shawn: Exactly my bru. I always tell them to come live this side of the railway so that they can experience what I experience(d). And what about the Aussie supporters???!!!! No, coz they hate the All Blacks rugby team for being superior than the boks and so they hate all who support the ABs. @Vusi: Ag plz dude. What do you know? Get a life.

  • G4E - 2011-09-02 12:51

    It's sick that certain people change each and every news item into a platform to shout their racist ideas to each and everyone. I don't give a rat's eye ball whether you and your grandma like or dis-like whites / browns / blacks / greens / yellows, whatever. If you want politics, do it on political items. We just want to enjoy the rugby, dammit !!!!!!!

  • Franklyn - 2011-09-02 12:55 have the freedom to choose who you wish to support,but sometimes i think we should just set more of an example to the laaities and show a bit of pride in our own ! Most ethnic groups have suffered to various degrees in this country....our history is littered with racial and ethnic intolerance,lets get over it and back our own...GO BOKKE !

  • roth.eugen - 2011-09-02 13:53

    So Chief Kok I guess I was wrong. You actually dont hate whites. So then why do you actually support the AB? @Shawn.... you also admit that you support the AB because you hate whites. Guess what...not all whites supported Apartheid. My background was CBC and UCT...hardly Apartheid supporters. Also as a WP supporter since 1971 I can honestly say that most supporters at Newlands loved to see the likes of Errol Tobias and other 'coloured' players in a WP jersey. The weather is great in Spain. You should come and visit some time...

      Chief Kok - 2011-09-02 14:24

      Looks like you have an "admitting" problem. i support the ABs becoz they have a haka.

      Shawn - 2011-09-02 14:31

      for a UCT student you really are ignorant, not at any point did I say I hate whites and support the AB`s, reread the thread you douche... I`m actually and avid WP/Stormer supporter and love both NZ for there style and fierce rivalry with SA and Love SA because I`m a patriot. the only reason you know of Errol "ja boetie" Tobias is because his on TV what about the other stars, and he was not from the Western Cape, he played for EP, dumbass. You pretend to be all patriotic but you probably jumped the first ship when the ANC was voted into power...reason for being in Spain... Listen here, you and all you nay-Sayers that fled to Aussie, England etc when the tide turned don`t deserve to have an opinion based on SA politics/sports. YOUR WORDS ARE IN VAIN like Amy Winehouse`s is in Rehab !!!! You must really miss SA that you need to post comments on an SA forum, is your Spanish not good enough or are you to proud to make the return to a prospering country....

  • roth.eugen - 2011-09-02 14:41

    @Shawn.... Errol Tobias comes from Caledon!!! Anyway too much hatred for are right I'll keep off this site. By the way...I did not leave SA for political reasons. I guess you are proud of your ANC buddy Mr Malema (future president of SA).......... Cry the Beloved Country!

  • harry.booth - 2011-09-02 15:11

    @Shawn you are seriously deluded if you think S.A is a prosperous country. You can still have a view about countries that you don't live in, don't be ridiculous. Should we not have a view about the war cause its not where we live... You can be patriotic about a country and its rugby team from where ever, a persons circumstances don't suddenly change their pride or love for something. In fact its unfortunate other countries don't have stronger views/feelings towards S.A then maybe they would take over and sort the place out, make use out of all Its strengths instead of wasting them.

  • Antara - 2011-09-02 23:05

    i am so excited for that............ to know more information about opening ceremony..visit here

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