SARU agrees with NZ concerns

2011-10-05 16:25

Cape Town - The SA Rugby Union says it will raise concerns around the Rugby World Cup's commercial restrictions but will only do so at a suitable time.

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The New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) has threatened to withdraw the All Blacks from the next World Cup unless the commercial model is reviewed, which prompted IRB boss Mike Miller to say the All Blacks are not irreplaceable.

NZRU chief Steve Tew was earlier reported as saying that the unprecedented step would be "the very last port of call" but could not be ruled out, as current arrangements meant his organisation posted a loss every time the quadrennial tournament was held.

SARU Deputy President Mark Alexander told Eyewitness News that they understand and support New Zealand's grievances, but believe the timing of the remarks were out of sync.

ā€œI think we have an opportunity when we have the IRB conference on 18 [October] to raise these issues,ā€ said Alexander.


  • jacques - 2011-10-05 16:46

    Sounds to me like the IRB and FIFA is one and the same thing?

  • MDK - 2011-10-05 16:53

    Money, money, money.....that's what sport's all about these days. Pathetic....

  • Phillip Carlisle - 2011-10-05 16:58

    Why not just ask oom Rupert to sponsor the whole bloody show, but with SA rules and fair refs. Also no Samoa, and no drinking and kissing for the English, and no in-fighting for the French, and no we-the-best-in-the-world Irish commentators. New Zealand should raise money through a sheep-tax or a 5 dollar donation per person, a religious tiding.

      rob barrie - 2011-10-05 20:02

      Well said Phillip but regretable the brain-power does not exist in this set up - real fart gang

      Black Beauty - 2011-10-06 05:32

      Perhaps NZ should stop funding SA's aids foundation, thanks for donating to the CHCH earthquake foundation but your Aids foundation is on-going. Perhaps if your GDP was eventually/ evenly distributed amongst SA citizens your Govt may produce results per population. GDP amongst the few compared to GDP spread amongst the masses ie Health and education actually shows the true value of tax and where the dollars actually go. Health and education in SA are fundamentally the laughing joke of the world hence your 3rd world status. What are you going to tax next and for WHOM?

  • Philip - 2011-10-05 18:57

    if ozzies , AB and boks started their own RWC...other teAMS would follow me thinks!

  • RowRobCk - 2011-10-05 19:56

    semis A1+B1 --C1 +D1 final C1+D1 Result verrry close with an observant ref... Saru then start talking about the monies for the next WC keep your focus on the WebbEll for now.

  • Clark Kent - 2011-10-05 20:33

    To all of you South African Knockers who rubbished NZ for bringing this up with the IRB ,are you going to rubbish your rugby union too.Some are born to be leaders like NZ ,and some are born to be led like the proteas

      Gary - 2011-10-05 20:51

      Hey why dont you go to the stand in black website and keep your comments for the pacific islands and allblack invitation team , go the world champs ,bokke

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-05 22:08

      Gary Am trying to organise a return match for the proteas against Samoa in Apia. I know you guys love playing them so much ,and would love to travel there. Last time the All Blacks played them in Apia we scored 108 point, with no whingeing like spoilt kids , and no injuries. How ever we all know thats the All Blacks the Supermen of the Rugby World

      Kris - 2011-10-06 10:12

      Clark you certainly don't deserve to be Superman, my word, i don't understand why you consistently post negativity about the SPRINGBOKS, on SOUTH AFRICAN news websites. The filth you spew from your unmitigated disaster of a maw, personally offends me as a die-hard springbok supporter. I don't post often on these blogs, but I read them consistently, and I cannot understand you, I have the utmost respect for the All Blacks, and am just wondering what your problem is, are you just a drone posting vitriol, in other words trolling, so that you can generate controversial responses? Are you paid by news24? Because this unprovoked aggression is completely uncalled for.

  • ObieKonobie - 2011-10-05 21:10

    SARU drops its panties for the Kiwis and Aussies again

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-05 21:22

      No not quite true but they know if the Aussies ,and the All Blacks wanted to plan their own world cup all of the other team except for England would come anyway. They know we are the true power base of rugby. They love visiting New Zealand, and Australia as they feel so safe and are made welcome. I guess the Proteas dont want to be left in a competition where they just play England. They know the All Blacks is the biggest brand in world rugby by far, and it attracts the TV dollars, so they want some of the crumbs from the masters table

      radar - 2011-10-05 22:59

      @Clark Kent - for your info the number one tv rights generator is the UK, France 2, and South Africa 3rd. New Zealnd does not register on the tv rights revenue as their measly total population of 3 million counts for nothing - and half of them are sheep farmers without TV's. All Blacks may be the greatest rugby nation , but smallest commercial market on the planet alongside Fiji, Tonga and Samoa. Remember money talks!!

      Clark Kent - 2011-10-06 05:50

      @Radar You silly little man who creates the ratings obviously the biggest brand in World Rugby, The most successful team of any sport in the World the All Blacks. Its a bit like going to Mcdonalds and not being able to buy a burger have put it in simply so you might understand

  • maycenz - 2011-10-05 21:35

    Picked it like a snotty nose in the other article. I wonder if the same people who were attacking the NZRFU are going to start attacking SARU? hmmm think not.

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 22:57

      I think its a case of "egg on their faces " so they wont comment at all. By this time last week there was over 30 negative comments condeming the NZRU for their individual stand. It took saru that long to do the math and come to the same conclusion.Cant wait for the IRB response now.A rwc without the tri nations will be a 6 nations tournament.

  • Christopher - 2011-10-05 23:20

    Maybe they should withdraw. Was it not NZ who lobbied for the removal of the Springboks back in the day when they were banned from international competitions? We did fine without them then lets see if they can do the same which i doubt! Then again Paddy O'Brian & the IRB are the biggest buncha fools in the modern game!

      Black Beauty - 2011-10-06 04:34

      Once again another thick comment, please pissedapher, look up facts, actually NZ wanted SA playing. No wonder SA is low on the totem pole regarding education yet NZ is 4th regarding education world wide. You're most welcome in NZ but don't expect favours as your so-called qualifications aren't worth the paper they are printed on.

  • Black Beauty - 2011-10-06 04:03

    Sorry boys girls and ball boys aka J.Wilkinson, the amateur era is officially over. The IRB are only interested in the dosh as is SANZA. It's been great knowing ya but I'm more interested in our NPC as I'm sure your Curry cup holds substance but then again.............GO THE MIGHTY ALL BLACKS. The All Blacks are the most successful team in history at ANY sport world wide, FACT

      Hannes Perth - 2011-10-06 07:05

      Not in the World Cup- only winning when SA is not there. Is that the real reason why you do not want to play in 2015?

      Black Beauty - 2011-10-06 08:06

      Hannes in Perth (typical), At any and ALL sports, NZ are numero uno, Here's a simple question and I suggest using google... what team on a global scale is the most successful team in the World? Google is fun wouldn't one think? Here's a simpler question.....What team world wide is the most successful? LOL LOL DUMBO

      Black Beauty - 2011-10-06 08:10

      BTW 'Hannes' in Perth, was Perth the closest or did you row there, are you a refugee or just looking? GO ANZACS

      Kris - 2011-10-06 10:24

      NZ are the most successful in all sports? What are you smoking? In cricket they are barely mediocre. Yes they make it to the quarter finals and semi's occasionally in the world cup, but their BMT is shocking. Just like their rugby team. YES, our cricket team (The Proteas) certainly do not have BMT either, and are completely shocking in world cups, but we will thrash the black caps in ODI/Test series 90% of the time. I have been watching South Africa play cricket for over 16 years and while I have respected the Black Caps I have never worried about us getting whitewashed against them. These are head to head stats in TEST Matches SA vs NZ - Total played: 35, SA - won 20 NZ - won 4 Draws - 11. head to head in ODI's -Total played: 52 SA - won 30 - NZ - won - 18. NO result - 4. Now please tell me how if Australia are better than us, and we're completely ahead of NZ in cricket wins in tests and odi's are NZ the numero uno in all sporting codes? Please go troll somewhere else Black Beauty. Source:

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