RWC 'awesome for props'

2011-09-21 07:30

Auckland - Springbok prop Gurthro Steenkamp says the way the scrums are being refereed at the Rugby World Cup is 'awesome' for props.

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Steenkamp said on Wednesday he is delighted with the way referees are officiating scrum time at the tournament, although the Wallabies may disagree after their try-less 15-6 loss to Ireland last weekend.

"Ireland were spectacular, and at the end of the day the dominant scrum should be rewarded, and be able to launch attacks better and definitely the way it's been reffed at the moment is awesome," Steenkamp said.

"It's keeping the guys honest and ensuring the strongest scrum to dominate.

"At the moment and it's making it awesome for the props because you know that if you are stronger than your opponent you're going to get the better call."

South Africa forwards coach Gary Gold said the teams with the stronger scrums were getting their rewards at the World Cup.

"A lot of people predicted that scrums were going to be a factor in this World Cup," he said.

"The teams that have scrummed well have been able to launch well from those scrum plays and it has seemed to have paid dividends for the teams who have stronger scrums."

Gold said he was encouraged by the refereeing performances at the tournament.

"For me across the board I think the referees have been really good in rewarding the stronger scrums," he said.

"The guys who have come out and wanted to scrum and have been legal at it have been rewarded accordingly."

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  • OU AAP - 2011-09-21 07:46

    Hoekom awesome ?,is hamburgers op n special?

      Etienne Oosthuizen - 2011-09-21 08:04

      google "awesome" ... then you will know why he used it ... its not rocket science, maybe for you ... ????

      OU AAP - 2011-09-21 08:05

      Thumbs down jou ouma man,dit is n blerrie goeie comment

      cj - 2011-09-21 08:15

      OU AAP, alles is mos deesdae "awesome", weet nie hoe die wereld sonder daardie uitdrukking klaargekom het nie.

      Pete OJ - 2011-09-21 08:43

      Ou Aap; lyk my jou ogies het ook nou opgepak met jou ouderdom. Ettiene se sussie is 53 en weeg 145kg (die gedeelte wat op die skaal pas) (Ettiene; 'skuus maar die Ou Aap is regtig ene)

  • Neutralist - 2011-09-21 08:03

    Awesome for props but very unawesome for spectators

  • JACQUES STRYDOM - 2011-09-21 08:14

    Don't be supprised if this is a awsome interview.....but dont be supprised if its not!!!!

  • GROEN BLOED - 2011-09-21 08:18


      OU AAP - 2011-09-21 08:26

      Gas a 2 Hamburgers kan nogal stink

  • Plato - 2011-09-21 08:53

    Hope our coaching team took notice. That will be the only way to beat teams like Oz and AB. Dominant upfront. Starve their backs from quality ball – worked against Fiji. At the same time it gives our backline the space to play like they really can. The test will be against Samoa and our last change to get combinations right. It is going to be a nerve wrecking 4 weeks!

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