No IRB action against Lawrence

2011-10-11 08:47

Brenden Nel

Johannesburg - No visible action will be taken against New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence after his refereeing performance in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final on Sunday.

Lawrence, who many South Africans blame for the loss for failing to control the breakdown and allowing Wallaby flank David Pocock the freedom of the park will no longer be involved in the World Cup, but the International Rugby Board will not allow any comment on his performance.

IRB Referees boss Paddy O’Brien seemed more than willing to chat about Lawrence, but asked that all enquiries go through IRB Communications manager Dominic Rumbles on the matter.

Rumbles simply repeated the IRB mantra of “We don’t comment on individual refereeing performances”.

However, behind the scenes it seems that Lawrence has been hauled over the coals for his performance, which was seen as one of the worst in the tournament.

The question marks are still there whether he should have been at the World Cup in the first place.

Lawrence was lambasted after his handling of the Sharks v Crusaders game in the Super Rugby qualifiers, so much so that SANZAR referees boss Lyndon Bray admitted he probably wouldn’t have got the Super Rugby final if the appointments were announced later.

Lawrence is of course, the son of New Zealander Keith Lawrence, who is the former boss of referees in the country and now heads the IRB’s refereeing development office.

Australia were angry at Lawrence’s rulings in the scrum in their loss to Ireland, so much so that he admitted “making key mistakes” in the game that forced them into the showdown with the Springboks.

And after Saturday Lawrence will not have many fans in South Africa, where days after the loss he is still being blamed for the Boks' exit from the tournament.

A Facebook "petition to stop Bryce Lawrence from ever reffing a game again" had garnered more than 41 000 likes in its first day on the internet.

And the final word was left to outgoing Bok captain John Smit, who summed up Lawrence's performance well.

"Bryce is not difficult to communicate with, he just doesn't seem to listen very well. The one positive is that I won't ever have to be reffed by him again," Smit said on arrival back in South Africa.


  • Sharkbite - 2011-10-11 08:53

    Still angry about this, something needs to be done in rugby that refs don't get away with murder. There is no doubt in my mind that he cost us the semi spot.

      Grey B - 2011-10-11 09:02

      @ Ozzymate Just one question. Would the Boks have won this match if the Ref had done his job. The answer is undeniably, YES, YES, DEFINATELY YES

      Patat - 2011-10-11 09:15

      I agree. Sure we had a few chances, but the other 100 try scoring chances were denied by an incompetent ref.

      Dal68 - 2011-10-11 09:17

      bryce lawrence should only be allowed to ref in idiot ref for a lot of idiot supporters.

      Sharkbite - 2011-10-11 09:20

      Ozzymate, you were NOWHERE in this game! The only thing that won this game for you was Pocock's illegal play. If it wasn't for him, you would've lost. Therefore, if it wasn't for the ref, you would've lost. If you're happy with winning due to illegal play, then that's on you. The All Blacks are going to crush you, you have a proper ref in that game who won't let Pocock steal the ball illegally. As for your other comments, how does it feel to be completely dominated in every facet of the game by a team that is as cr@p as you make us out to be?? Must suck!!

      Shadow - 2011-10-11 09:21

      @ozzymate. Well done on copy and paste from the unlucky nr 13 blog posted. Luckilly plagiarism doesn't really work on blogs. :-) As for your beloved Ausies. Deep down they also know they weren't the better team or really beat the World Champions. Is going to be a watered down Semi without the boks

      Blondie - 2011-10-11 09:21

      two words for you Ozzymate F@@k u! Justice will prevail....GO WALES

      Steyts - 2011-10-11 09:24

      @Ozzymate - We had a few chances thatt we should have taken, like the first penalty where we should have kicked for tthree points instead of going to touch. But you can't disagree with me that lots of our attacking chances were spoiled illegally by Pocock and co. at the breakdown... We were dominant in the scrums where your flanks have broken off it long before the ball was out!! ettc. etc.

      GeeBee - 2011-10-11 09:27

      Agree with you sharkbite. Only problem is the head is Paddy O'brien. Also a new zealander and also when he refereed not to good when seeing things. I say bring a system in place where referees can get sited after a game. I know it won't change the outcopme of the game but at least he will be taken off the panel and not referee. This will mean that he doesn't get income. Maybe they will then wake up. Too many double standards when it comes to referees, because they know nothing will happen. To ozzymeid. Shame whatever you are. You are really a confused whatever. If penalties were awarded when your team transgressed we would have won easy. Yellow cards could have been issued for repeat offenders. Things like this actually changes games.

      Coconut - 2011-10-11 09:29

      The issue is very simple. It is called MATCH FIXING. An audit must be done on Bryce "A$$HOLE" Lawrence's assets over the next couple of months and then again in 12-18 months. The All Blacks did not want to play the Boks in the semis so they developed a plan and the plan was Kiwi ref Lawrence.

      Christo - 2011-10-11 09:32

      Hitler reacts to loss at the hands of Bryce

      kiwi - 2011-10-11 09:33

      luck not going your way my friend? the boot is on the other foot now ........ suck it in sharkbait suck it in

      Sharkbite - 2011-10-11 09:34

      One transgression by a referee in a game can be excused. But this was the entire game, every single breakdown. We were about 2 meters from the line (if that), after a powerful run by Schalk. We were right in front of the posts. Lawrence was standing on the side of the ruck where someone (probably Pocock) was lying down and in clear view of all fished the ball out of the ruck from our side. That was a CLEAR penalty right in front of the posts. I can carry on all day. 2 clear high tackles, penalty opportunities, went unpunished, so many infringements at the breakdown that I lost count, that should've been penalised / yellow carded, these infringements not only slowed down our ball and took possession away from us, but also cost us countless opportunities to go for posts. This refereeing job cost us the game. Yes, there were errors on our part, but we were the better team on the day and deserved to win. And that's what makes this so much harder to bear.

      Gomez - 2011-10-11 09:39

      It is clear that the Allb's did everything in their power to avoid the Boks.Only one thing can be said about the ref,he has no b a l l

      ozzymate - 2011-10-11 09:45

      @Shadow thanks mate. I will thank mclook next week when I fly across to auckland for providing me with his honest own goal ammunition to enlighten the great unwashed on this site.I just felt compelled to share as I know not many know how to explore this site effectively aye? so Im glad to help. Not a watered down semi at all without the boks mate. Im sure you dont even remember how long ago it was since the boks beat ozzy. So beating you again was like a daily routine for oz aye just suck it in mate, suck it in

      Shnez - 2011-10-11 09:48

      Woji - 2011-10-11 09:57

      @ ozzymate ('ing with a sheep). Why dont you simply just F O!!!!!!

      Mrgreeky - 2011-10-11 10:00

      @ozzymate. your 14 point wannabe expert opinion refers! Hell no, that a lot of crap. Lets see what real experts have to say. Andre Watson (two time world cup final ref) talks about how appalled he was at the refereeing. The panel of experts identify 27 Transgressions he ignored. Lets make a deal, you keep 25 we'll take just two. Burger tackled charging off our line, Pocock coming in at an almost 90 degree angle to the ruck standing on the bok side and kicking the ball out of the ruck, Aussie pickup and try. Secondly Burger tackled inches from the line, Pocock never released him, off his feet, plays the ball in the ruck with his hands and channels it back, prior to that it shows that tackler was way offside. 3 transgressions there, give us one penalty its under the post, 3 points. the rest you can keep because we have a 10 point swing on the scoreboard. As for the crap you on about, how does that refer to a team who totally outplay Australia. Please, Please don't repeat, you may find the urge to add more drivel. Lastly we not your mate, matey or even your tjommie, now take your notebook and focus on the AB's. Problem there for you mate, I hear there is a real ref officiating.

      AMS-Dammer - 2011-10-11 10:07

      Bryce Laurence has been GIVEN THE KEY TO AUSTRALIA.... and WILL BE A KNOWN "WALLY" for the rest of his MISERABLE LIFE!!!! Hopefully all the FLEAS in IRAQ infest his armpits.... and SCROTUM! - 2011-10-11 11:10

      Ozzymate How much did sheep Sh@@@@s pay the Ref.

      Clive - 2011-10-11 11:20

      While Ozzymate makes some highly valid points (and talks some nonsense), it turned out to be a very tight game - even if it was only Bok silliness that made it so - and the refereeing decided the outcome; this should worry the IRB and Paddy No'Brain. Bryce had an equally poor game in the Crusaders-Sharks play-off earlier in the year, but the NZ team was so superior that his performance made no difference to the result, perhaps only the margin of victory. See the difference, Ozzymate?

      Justin - 2011-10-11 11:21

      @ozzymyt . All you Australians that cheered for the fake win are losers. Karma will come back to bite you. You cannot win fairly, and are obviously absolute low life losers. Take your spineless stinky face somewhere else. You wouldn't be so vocal if you were in SA, cause any of us will rearrange your face. You and your g @ a $ y buddy Bryce need to be necklaced. Either way you will burn...

      Wallaby - 2011-10-11 12:09

      I concur ozzymate! All true. Well, Sunday is Sunday. Hope Kurtley is fighting fit and Quade sorts himself out. Can't afford to make those kind of mistakes against the AB's (yes, he was able to get away with it against the Greens for reasons you mentioned above but against the Blacks - totally different ballgame). Therefore, I hope I hear this from Clarkie all the time on Foxtel Sunday night: "Cooper, Cooooper, Coooooper, Cooooooooooooooper, try!!!!"

      Rugby Fan - 2011-10-11 12:15

      Do you all recall when the Crusaders lost to the Reds recently and Dickinson was blowing and messed up royally - then everyone just said stop crying. Unfortunately whenever the Springboks lose it is ALWAYS the refs fault but when it happens to anyone else then it is a big joke and they must just get over it. Yes he screwed up a great game ... now get over it

      Gazza69 - 2011-10-11 12:33

      This is a serious matter and one wonders how long it will be before results of sports matches are appealed in a court of law! Bryce is a cheat and should be branded as such. If it was a player he would be banned! Hansie Cronje anyone?

      sniperman - 2011-10-11 12:43

      Wonder if Bryce should not be tried by the I.C.C. in the Hague?

      Matt :-) - 2011-10-11 12:44

      I'm an England fan first and foremost and I say this ref was AWFUL - SA most definitely should have won the match and some ref decision were clearly dodgy. Stop this ref from reffing ever again!!!

      Trokkie - 2011-10-11 12:45

      why would there be any action against him? Sa costs themselfs the match

      Shaun - 2011-10-11 13:05

      ozzymate, we beat you guys in just about every aspect of the game, if your comments are true, doesnt say much about the wallabies then does it? - 2011-10-11 13:41

      Ozzymate is an idiot troll,ignore him.

      Henk - 2011-10-11 13:48

      I am so sick and tired of these arrogant Kiwi and Aussie wannabe's commenting on a South African site. Don’t you have better things to do? You crooked us out of the World Cup. Cant you sleep at night that you have to come and seek affirmation on this site? You make as if you are the only ones playing 'smart' rugby. With all your fancy frills and spills and show off rugby, how many world cups have you won NZ? Genius lies in Simplicity. The smart ass man knows all the ways. The wise man knows the way. So s@it scared you had to crook us out. That’s clever hey! We will be waiting :)

      wombles - 2011-10-11 14:01

      yo sheila want to bet kok won't steal 2 balls legally or illegally like he tends to play vs the all blacks you are heading for a hammering ps numbnuts we attacked space got a try and other on the way to line both ruled forward only forward i'm aware of is yo mamma

      Paul - 2011-10-11 14:06

      @ozzymate - Your name says it all, 'mate'. The AB's admitted to being relieved at facing the weaker side in the semi's. And how does the weaker side win? *COUGH* CHEATERS *COUGH*!!! Would pay to have heard your rants when Bryce 'cost' you the game against Ireland. :)

      nasheenar - 2011-10-11 14:14

      @Ozzymate your victory will be short lived, the AllBlacks are going eat the Aussies up and spit them out. The biased reffereeing is going to affect your team this weekend "Mate". This tournament was not setup for the Australians to win or are you that blind???? "Mate"

      Durbanpoison - 2011-10-11 14:30

      Its becoming so obvious that he does not pays attention or just lack complete fitness. How many more games needs to be destroyed before someone acts... I do hope more and more people sign this petition not to go back to the SA game but to prevent anymore teams and fans alike suffering they way we did last sunday... what a bitter ending to lose against a ref....

      pynappel - 2011-10-11 14:35

      This will explain it all .... Lawrence is the son of New Zealander Keith Lawrence, who is the former boss of referees in the country and now heads the IRB’s refereeing development office. Daddy organising a job for his son .... Ozzymate: I recall your ranting not so long ago when Bryce also screwed up your game against Ireland !??!! You have such short memory!

      Kleinboet - 2011-10-11 16:03

      Ozzymate, I agree we did not take our chances and could have won despite this dismal performance by a man who has the audacity to call himself a referee. It, however, do not bode well for your Ausie team's chances furhter on that despite all our slips we would have come through if this game had a referee instead of a cheat. Despite everything you mention we were all over you except on the score board. If you have to rely on a cheater to win it seems to me you do not have a team at all.

      vincent - 2011-10-11 16:25

      The ref was very poor but their is some truth in what ozzymate is saying. We had 70% of the possession and over 60% of the territorial advantage and we could still not get over the tryline. Sure some of the reason for that was illegal play by the Aussies but it also appears that the boks lack innovation in the backs and rely on penalties to win against the All Blacks and Aussies. That tactic is just not good enough and will fail more than it succeeds.

      RuthK - 2011-10-11 17:56

      @ Ozzymate, please go high tackle a kangaroo and get stuffed.

      adrien.mcguire - 2011-10-11 17:57

      I suggest we all email the IRB displaying our disgust. The email address is: There is a conflict of interest when you have a NZ ref, appointed by another NZ ref (Paddy O'Brien) to control the outcome of a match that will decide who will take on NZ in the semis. disgraceful. !!!! Bryce Lawrence should never be allowed to ref another international match. Period. He has cost SA rugby a fortune in merchandising, sponsorship etc and guess what, nothing happens. Their silence is a disgrace and sounds like they have learned from other corrupt organisations like FIFA and the ANC. Please all write and demand the dismissal of Bryce Lawrence and the immediate resignation of Paddy O'brien

      Juan.pike - 2011-10-11 18:02

      oi "matey" do you remember the super rugby game when B.L penalised the Sharks for dangerous play? were, let me explain, all the front rower did was stabalise himself BEFORE the scrum got under way?? i mean, if that isnt fair then i dont know what is! face it, B.L is USELESS, sure we missed opertunities, but you DO ACTUALLY know that the try the ausies scored came despite THREE OVERLOOKED penalisable offence at the ruck. #justsaying #1setofrules

      Barry Edwards - 2011-10-11 18:31

      @ Ozzymate ...lets say all of your insults are true.....AND we expect the ref to know the rules of the game.

      Nicholas.Spaggiari - 2011-11-19 13:25

      Ha ha ha.. Ozzymate is loving playing with you guys... lol. Look how mad yall getting... lol. South Africa... the ref blamers, sour losers... etc

  • Johnny-BB - 2011-10-11 08:53

    ....don't blame the ref...!! ......blame grandpa Smit and genius PDV.... .......Go All Blacks..!! ...Go All Blacks..!!!

      Rabbit - 2011-10-11 08:57

      The all Blacks are going to lose to the Wallabies this weekend

      mike mason - 2011-10-11 09:13

      @Johnny -bb,i always read your crap comments and i would just really like to know if you a mix breed???.I really dont want to bring race into this,but i'm sure everyone would like to know.You forever slamming the Boks and Always going after the coloured players and coach,what up with you???

      kiwi - 2011-10-11 09:18 they go again ,blaming the ref. there like a broken record

      Sharkbite - 2011-10-11 09:26

      kiwi......I clearly remember a forward pass incident in a certain WC match in 2007 against a certain French team that has been your country's primary excuse for not going all the way that year, and this was of course blamed on the ref. So don't start with that bull cr@p.

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-11 09:27

      @Mike Mason, ........grandpa Smit is NOT coloured ... ........fool....

      Pigscanfly - 2011-10-11 09:44

      Just couldn't break the Aussies defense, like I said on a previous forum, 1st is 1st, 2nd place is the 1st loser, we are now lurking around down in the dungeons with likes of England, Ireland and Argentina. Bunch of Fu#*ing losers

      Superdave35 - 2011-10-11 11:55

      What will happen if the all blacks don’t win this world cup…..will 2015 be the same as this world cup FIXED!!!!!

      Robert - 2011-10-11 12:32

      @johnny-BB --- Troll... nuff said @Kiwi --- well at least we don't blame the food or other guests at the hotel for "spying on us" truly lame. my predicition... oz get walloped by ABs.. the Prisoners of mother england have no chance without bryce blowing the whistle.. ABs will lose to France in the Finals... (can you hear the choke!!!!!)

      IrishLuck - 2011-10-11 14:10

      Johnny BB - troll of note, ignore him too

      brad lurie - 2011-10-11 14:23

      blame smit you are a chop

      typojoe - 2011-10-12 08:34

      It is quite obvious that a final between the ABs and the Wally's was prefferable to having the Boks against the ABs so to all those clever Wally supporters..... shame mate, you are actually seen as a lesser threat to the ABs as the Boks. There is a rumour that a last minute change will see Lawrence ref the AB vs Wally match this weekend. That should be an interesting test of his loyalties and a decisive moment in his reffing carreer and country of residence.

      Sharkbite - 2011-10-12 09:41

      typojoe, that'll never happen, don't believe every rumour you hear. I also heard that he will be retiring. Not getting my hopes up about that one.

  • GILLBERT - 2011-10-11 08:55

    daar sal mos nie wees nie want dan sal die IRB admit dat die RWC n pot stront is en dat hulle foute maak.. hulle dink mos hulle is all knowing....

  • Grey B - 2011-10-11 08:55

    Surely something MUST happen to this incompitent twat!

  • terry - 2011-10-11 08:56

    Bryce Lawrence could successfully referree the Mongolian Under 13 schools team to a win against the Springboks. He is utterly useless (at best) or biased against any team from South Africa.

  • Anneleen - 2011-10-11 08:57

    This headline was to be expected...though somewhere deep inside a person could surely have hoped for some decisive action to be taken? IRB and Bryce...two peas in a pod. Well, let me not dwell on this any longer...back to yesterday and our Springbokke arriving back home. Well done to the enthusiastic crowd, for your loud and warm welcome. To our Springbok-team...may you have a good rest and some quality time with your families.

  • gooinat - 2011-10-11 09:00

    We can all carry on and on about this story but we know that no action is gonna be taken against Lawrence so lets all move on and start planning for 2015.

      Nadia - 2011-10-11 13:30

      Ja....and also bring Pieter van Zyl out of retirement just in case this idiot get to ref another game!

  • Richie - 2011-10-11 09:02

    I don’t understand why in Rugby the slowing of the ball, hands in the ruck and similar offences are not offences which should be sited after video review. It’s all nudge-nudge wink, wink …he got away with murder. If a player had to run in a deliberately nock all the balls down as players tried to pass them every body would be in a uproar as it would be seen as a professional foul. Balls can still be won-over legitimately, and we all know there is a thin line. But, blatant foul play should not be rewarded with a man of the match award. All things a side did anybody see that deliberate shoulder charge on Brussow?

      abri - 2011-10-11 09:24

      I saw the shoulder charge again last night. That was a cheap shot by Vickerman. That should be sited, as usually a charge like that is punishable with 3/4 weeks out of the game. Vickerman put his body on the line, give him that, but a couple of his shoulder dive in's in the rucks were very dangerous. Wasn't Bakkies sighted a while back for a shoulder charge into a ruck and suspended?

      piet.strydom - 2011-10-11 14:37

      I've also been wondering whether I was the only one that saw that. Watched the "highlights" on, and even in there is a high tackle on a Springbok, which like all the others went unpunished. Seems as if it was not possible to get even 5 minutes of footage where Lawrence did not make a mistake....

      Gungets Tuft - 2011-10-11 14:38

      Bakkies was suspended for 2 weeks for a shoulder against the B&I Lions. Check Youtude. At least Bakkies did not come in from the side like Vickermann. Ohhhhh well. It is done. The scoreboard reads 11:9. The Webb Ellis Cup will read one of France, Wales, Aus or NZ. Nothing will change that. Nothing will change the fact that Bryce Lawrences daddy will put in a good word with his mate Paddy O'Brien and Bryce will get to ref on. He is untouchable, get on with it. But who would be surprised is Bryce accidently gets pulled into a ruck somewhere - hell, even the Aussies might do it, and bliksemmed till he is clever.

  • RaggedTooth - 2011-10-11 09:08

    The IRB are not allowed to give out information regarding disciplinary action against a referee during the world cup. Inside info says that disciplinary action has been taken against him, and that he will no longer take part in any of the world cup matches, nor will he be allowed to referee in next years' six nations. Further sanctions were apparently also taken against him, not sure what exactly. I suppose he will undergo further assessment after the six nations (hopefully not during the S15).

  • J-Lo - 2011-10-11 09:08

    in a match with only a 2 point difference, YES, we would have won for sure! Wish we adapted a bit better though by using the drop goal idea more often. An extra drop goal success would have sealed the deal, and Bryce couldn't have stopped that. (no, he or the assistants would have called forward pass...)

  • Richard - 2011-10-11 09:09

    At the end of the day- the better team did NOT win. If this match had been reffed properly, OZ would be out. There is no argument here, it's a given. None what soever. Bryce should not be allowed to ref again, and should most certainly not be in charge of the development office. His daddy got him a job as a ref and he is a very bad one. Putting a Kiwi ref in charge of this game is also a massive blunder by the IRB. Why not someone from Ireland or England? Its a shambles. I wish Australia the best of luck but questions need to be answered and IRB need to comment on this.

      piano king - 2011-10-11 09:21

      Exactly ,the IRB should be held accountable for this issue.A N/Hemisphere ref should have been used for this very important game.

  • Bill - 2011-10-11 09:10

    Why does this not surprise anyone? Has Paddy O'Brien ever taken action against a ref for poor performance? Has Andre Watson ever taken action against a ref for poor performance? Does Freek Burger say out loud that Lawrence messed up, or just a platitude or two? The refs are "untouchable" - nobody may say anything else you are bringing the game into disrepute! The refs are not measured by the same yardstick as players. They can end a player's career with one erroneous blast of the whistle, yet nothing seems to happen to them. Justice must be SEEN to be DONE.

      ozzymate - 2011-10-11 09:29

      @Bill mate Im so glad you brought that one up "Justice must be SEEN to be DONE." It has mate, arrogant boks and fans have been dealt a hard lesson in humility. lesson 1 henceforth boks and fans will be nicer people. lesson 2 if you want to give it , then you must also take it If not then 2015 will be much the same aye ?

      Shaun - 2011-10-11 09:30

      For the record, Andre Watson was quite vocal last night on Super Rugby (on Kyknet) about Bryce Lawrence's performance! He admitted that BL was terrible and made some massive / crucial errors. He also brought up an interesting point regarding the Oz try - Pocock (surprise) entered the ruck from the side (first penalty), then fell over the ball (second penalty) and finaly stood up and kicked the ball back from an offside position at the ruck (third penalty) and all this was done in front of BL! So if we discount all the ruck and other infringements committed by both sides (with Oz having considerably more) and we come back down to the try Oz scored at the very beginning - it should not have been awarded to start with!! This would have had a massive impact on the momentum of the game at the very start of it and SA would never have been playing catch up rugby... If BL just did his job consistently and according to the law, this much overrated Aussie side would have been dealt with on the scoreboard as well.

      Shistirrer - 2011-10-11 10:12

      Ozzymate, let me be blunt about this: You and your fellow Ozzies are the descendants of thieves and murderers, so blatant cheating in a rugby match is quite acceptable to you as long as you emerge the winners - right?

      birdman - 2011-10-11 10:20

      If this was an Americas Cup Yachting Event that had been refereed like the Boks/Aussie game, it would have ended up in the supreme court. SARU should make an example of the IRB and take them to court for the despicable officiating of this crucial match. This after all is the Rugby World Cup, not a Saturday afternoon schoolboys' match. The IRB still has the notion that the fans are ignorant of the rules of Rugby! By taking the IRB to court over this result, SARU should demand a rematch with Australia, or else the entire RWC will be seen as a manipulation to ensure that the "right team" wins. Millions of $ are at stake here. This cannot be and should not be swept under the table. The time for good sportmanship it seems is over as the referees think that "they are the game" . All aspects of this game must be closely scrutinized in a court of law with the rugby rulebook open for all to see. If found "guilty" the IRB should compensate SARU for loss of income!! That's what it boils down to in the end - Money!

      kiwi - 2011-10-11 10:26

      well said ozzymate . the boot is on the other foot now and the yappis do not like it. hopefully they will learn some humility

      ResistStance - 2011-10-11 10:29

      Shisterrer - at least they don't elect thieves and murderers as president? Something about glass houses and throwing stones comes to mind. Stop being such sore losers people our team really wasn't the best and we lost, end of story. Place the blame where it belongs at the feet of the players coach and selectors.

      RandomDude - 2011-10-11 15:22

      O ozzy mate That ref screwed you& the AB trolls much as it screwed us 1. If you lose you next match everyone will think of you as the team who lost all their matches they played against real competition . 2. If the AB choke again and you win and make it to the final and lose then you're not much better off and the AB became the team that lost against the team who lost against Ireland an SA .. choked on the first real competition they faced. 3. Should you by some miracle win the WC everyone will think you didn't deserve it and will think of the SBs as the true champs. 4. If the ABs win they can't claim bragging rights either and we can forever remind them that they won a rigged WC that was handed to them by their fellow countrymen. you're screwed if your hoping for humility matey

      RandomDude - 2011-10-11 15:25


  • Hooflungdung - 2011-10-11 09:11

    Thats because Paddy O'poupol is going to give him a raise!!!!!!!

  • BCC - 2011-10-11 09:12

    Get over it SA. Acting like a bunch of school kids. You were beaten by a better side.

      gooinat - 2011-10-11 09:27


      TextOfReason - 2011-10-11 09:31

      The better side! Yeah, if you only look at the score and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE.

      MAXIMUS - 2011-10-11 09:44

      Scoreboard is all that counts, last time I checked...

      Travis - 2011-10-11 09:49

      You know mate, even the Aussies have agreed that they were outplayed on the day. Have some grace and look at the facts that are in front of you. The issue with the ref is that he destroyed the major points tool of every rugby playing team in the world, and that is momentum. To say we should have won but couldn't because we were not good enough is churlish, as a decent reffing display would have seen a greater number of points-scoring penalties for the Boks, leading to what should have been an easy win. It is done and dusted, and good luck to the Aussies going forward. You didn't chose the ref, but have the grace to admit that you are undeserving holders of a semi-final berth, because I think that is undeniable. It is all ancient history now, and there is no point in crying over spilt milk. I am proud of the Boks and the way they played. That was a performance worthy of World Champions.

      colin.dovey - 2011-10-11 09:53

      THAT is simply not true

      marlene.uys1 - 2011-10-11 10:53

      Wow BCC, think you need more than strong specticles, you stone blind. Yes we lost and if under other circumstances that were fair and just, we would take it as we not sore losers but this was unjust and the stats proves it, amazing that most Aussies agree, look at your newspapers, The Australian is a good example. It was an unfair match and I hope the All Blacks run over you!!

      Clive - 2011-10-11 11:13

      Most definitely NOT the better side on the day, BCC, as admitted by respected Aussie rugby writers.

  • Ohmikehunt - 2011-10-11 09:13

    Well he want's selected for the semi's - nuff said!

      morneal - 2011-10-11 11:31

      No a side better "assisted" but certainly not better.

  • ww - 2011-10-11 09:15

    Ozzymate! Are you saying the ref had a good game on sat? Cos if you are then I think you're mistaken. Clearly you are biased as the Ozzies won. Check the game stats. Boks dominated every area of the game. Pocock played illegally all game and got away with it. Something needs to happen with the refs, this is unacceptable! One day the ozzies will be on the losing end of a refs uselessness, then I suppose you'll all be up in arms. Its in the best interest of all nations that the IRB refs become more accountable. Everyone else must be accountable, why not the refs?????????????? Why don't they have press conferences for the refs? then the press can have a go at them.

  • mmakiwane - 2011-10-11 09:16

    Wayne Barnes performed as poorly as Bryce Lawrence in the quarter finals between New Zealand and France in 2007 and nothing was ever done about him. France scored a try from a clear forward pass but it was allowed to stand and there were a lot of infringements in the scrums by France and he never gave a single penalty against them. So why are we so selective when it comes to poor officiating. In 1995 in the quarters Emille N'tamack from France scored a try against the Springboks which was denied for no reason at all. Barnes again denied Wales 3 points against the springboks , so lets get a life we are gone we fell on the referee's sword. It happened to other teams so we also take it on the chin.

      Joel - 2011-10-11 10:23

      Mmakiwane, taking it on the chin is laudable, taking a low blow is not. You reference 1995 & 2007 but both these games were very evenly contested and most fair minded & objective people accept moments of human error on the part of the ref. However, the 'Wellington Swindle' was not an even contest swung by 1 moment of madness on the part of Bryce Lawrence. The Springboks absolutely dominated & although one can lament the lack of drop goals taken by us to maximise territorial dominance we were blatently denied the fruits of our labour at the breakdown by a repeatedly incompetent official. His nationality should not be questioned but given that our semi final opponents would have been a Carter-less All Blacks is it not reasonable to question his integrity.

      Grey B - 2011-10-11 11:00

      Mpilo, you cannot compare any of these. You are refering to single mistakes in matches that can, and has, determined the outcome! This match however had so many mistakes by the ref it was laughable. Any one of the dozens of mistakes could have caused an differerent outcome. If only it was only one mistake!

  • pensioner - 2011-10-11 09:17

    @ ozzymate--I suppose you were happy with Bryce Lawrence's refereeing of the game because he let you win. If the boot was on the other foot you would be crying like a baby as you Aussies always do. He let you win so that the All Blacks can stuff you up in the semis because they were scared of playing the Springboks in the next round. I hope McCaw climbs all over Popock in the mauls and sends him packing. Another thing that has been missed is that Vickerman should have been cited for kneeing Brussouw whilst on the ground which put him out of the game. We would have seen how good Popock would have been with someone who plays within the rules to compete with him- Pocock is nothing but a cheat along with your mate Bryce Lawrence.

  • abri - 2011-10-11 09:18

    I have no idea why there is a referee board. What is their purpose exactly?Sounds like they do ref development, well obviously that department is not functioning. Refs get paid to impartially referee a game, that is their job, if they do not do their job properly, why pay them. In any other job you get fired for stuff like that, or at least given a warning! This is not just on the SA-AUS game, but at the moment many refereeing displays all over the world are showing a decline in quality.

  • Lance - 2011-10-11 09:22

    Support Aus this week...Wales the next ! Go Wales !!! Most improved team at the 2011 RWC and deserve the win ! (My blood is Green..but it will turn red until the end of this tournament )

  • steve.haag1 - 2011-10-11 09:26

    NO action should be taken against New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence after his refereeing performance in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final on Sunday.We lost.We had the game won and then we did what we always do last 5 min we gave it away.He has not got a semi and will not get the final.

      AJ2 - 2011-10-11 14:06

      Of course if we did NOT have the game won, then your whole argument falls flat.. one can waste a million opportunities and still deserve to win based on the laws of the game being applied. They were not. End of story.

  • burtfred - 2011-10-11 09:30

    This was the worst "reffing" I have witnessed in 45 years of playing and supporting rugby. Lawrence cannot possibly be so stupid or short-sighted as to miss what he allowed the Wallabies to get away with - it had to be intentional. To those who say that the Boks "did not use their opportunities" - rubbish. Every time a ruck formed near the Aus line, Pocock or another Aussie was allowed to steal the ball illlegally. This ...efffectively stole the Boks "opportunities" from them. On the day, the Springboks were a far better team than the Wallabies, in all departments of the game, except in breaking the rules. It is apparent to me that the Kiwi Lawrence wanted to make sure that his beloved All Blacks walk away with the cup. He does not want the depleted All Blacks to face a rampant Springbok squad in the semi final. If either Australia or New Zealand win this World Cup, it will go down in history as a hollow victory. I'm shouting for Wales.

  • efr - 2011-10-11 09:31

    When players break the rules they are issued with yellow and/or red cards. If the match officials do not pick up foul play a player can also be sighted after the match. If found guilty the player pays a price. Why not apply the same rules to match officials who make blatant and match influencing mistakes. Match officials are protected at all costs. Sunday's match had a pre-determined outcome, judging by the ref's actions.

  • LNP03 - 2011-10-11 09:31

    It seems the Aussie supporters are as blind as Bryce!!!! It is very hard to convert chances if you have an idiot with his hands in the ruck at every breakdown!!! @ozzymate, John Smit will go down in history as one of if not the greatest captin in rugby history. Let me help you understand a few things: Territory - 70%sa - 30% Aus Tackels made - around 50 for SA and 150 for Aus Ball in Hand - 70% SA 30% Aus Hands in the ruck and illegal ball handling AUS 100% Reason SA lost the game???? A jackass of a ref and an idiot that won man of the match for playing a dirty game!

      biskit - 2011-10-11 12:51

      Would have to agree with you whole heartedly

  • nick - 2011-10-11 09:33

    Perhaps they should do a forensic audit on his personal finances ?

      efr - 2011-10-11 09:35

      I agree 100%

  • Onestone - 2011-10-11 09:35

    ''Rumbles simply repeated the IRB mantra of “We don’t comment on individual refereeing performances”. @ IRB.... but you employ them....... why cant you comment..... spineless bunch of fagg!! PADDY... THAT INCLUDES YOU.... bryce...... cant wait for you to come and visit RSA!!!!!! your deserve quite a few PK's!!!!

  • Melinda - 2011-10-11 09:37

    So now we as South African must just be happy about he's mistakes, a high school kid could of done a better job then him maybe it was match fixing or he got a flock of sheep as a brib?? we will never know the BOKKE where a better team in the end......

  • russell.worthington - 2011-10-11 09:38

    Aussie Wales final. Craig Joubert to ref the game

      Taurus 11 - 2011-10-11 09:59

      tough sH1t Craig has a semi therefore cannot get final

  • ABS - 2011-10-11 09:38

    Check out this youtube link. Hilarious. Hitler on Lawrence

      theprodigy - 2011-10-11 10:07

      BRILLIANT.....LMAO, hahahahaaha

  • sonnyg - 2011-10-11 09:40

    The guy is incompetent plain and simple and Paddy O'Brien should be taking most of the flack for selecting him as a WC ref. I don't for a second believe that Bryce was biased against us, he was plain incompetent. It seemed the occasion got the better of him and he just plain refused to give penalties, but he should never have been given a quarter final in the first place especially after his performance in the Aus Ireland game. On top of this a NZ ref should not have been allocated to the same side of the draw as the NZ national team. We have all this anger against Lawrence but in my opinion Paddy O'Brien should be taking the flack for his poor ref appointments and analysis of refing performances.

  • EishPasteSarmi - 2011-10-11 09:40

    @ozzymate - go shag a sheep you chop!

  • EishPasteSarmi - 2011-10-11 09:40

    @ozzymate - go shag a sheep you chop!

  • Greg - 2011-10-11 09:41

    I was a referee in the UK for about 5 years. The problem is that there are not enough quality referees so a top ref will need to be re-educated/re-trained in areas that are poor. Agreed he was poor. I used to issue both teams with report cards that the captains would return to the referees office for that area. We would then be retrained on problem areas if necessary and at the end of the season, if you passed your exams and you were reported favourably, you would get promoted up a level.

  • Cheetahs - 2011-10-11 09:47

    Please give him the job of assistant referee in one of the tri nations games in sa next year so he can also get brandewyn and coke in his eyes and his death

      Honestly - 2011-10-11 11:22

      Ladies and Gentlemen First off i am a staunch Bok supporter and feel cheated in the worst possible way. But the problem is we are still not in the Semi's and the outcomes remembered in decades time will be that the Boks lost in the Quarter finals of RWC 2011 to the Aussies and the ref will be left out of that equation. I have personally watched 100's of super rugby games where the blatant cheating by most commonly Aussie refs has been allowed to continue year after year with no accountability hanging over their heads. In this case i agree 100% with a comment made earlier that the New Zealanders paid Bryce off as would rather have faced a 2nd grade team than the mighty boks in the Semi's as they have now reached the stages where they usually choke. the question still remains "What is going to happen to this ref and future cheating refs?" whether the outcome is desirable or not, we are still out and that cant be changed so what is the next step. i think SARFU should announce that we dont recognise the RWC 2011 as ever being played and take a strong stance against any form of corruption that shows its ugly head. If that is not recognized then we should start distancing ourselves from IRB altogether and create a new Union through countries that actually want to play the game with their hearts and not with their bank accounts if thats the only way they can win. My final words are @$%k the Aussies, @$%k the all blacks Goooooo Wales

  • Jakes - 2011-10-11 09:53

    It is clear thattrue supporters of their various national teams will always defend their own and try to degrade their rivals........this is true of South Africans, Aussies and Kiwis. And rightly so. We can not all support the same teams.One thing that is for sure tho, if the rolls were reversed and had been against Australia or New Zealant and for the Boks....all the Aussies or Kiwis would have been up in Arms(like we are now) and we would be shouting like my idiot friend ozzymate...JUSTICE!......At the end of the day.....nothing changes....let's not give these poor ex cons a reason to ease their guilt, and just say...we'll get you next time

      henco.swart - 2011-10-11 14:08

      We might get them next time, but then there will be a next time for them to win due to a bad ref. All that we do need, are honest refs... But I just have to wonder... do coaches train their players to be cheats? In that case, Australia and New Zealand are actually quite pathetic. There is a limit when you know you are bending the rules, but to cheat so openly... nah, those people can't have a conscience. What has become of the spirit of rugby? True and fair competition doesn't exist.

  • noxiboxi - 2011-10-11 09:53

    I used to be a supporter for South Africa, until I saw the response and realised how much of bad sport SA is. They are very sore losers, yes it sucks to lose... but why get so bitter about it. They Aussies got done in really bad on many other occasions and they don't respond like we do... Don't forget there were also mistakes the ref made against Australia in the match. I think Australia deserve the win due to their amazing defense. I have to admit it, the game was good and South Africa played amazing. But stop crying, man up and get ready for the next cup. Don't be sissies, take the loss, take the punch and be proud Rugby Players like everyone else.

      ResistStance - 2011-10-11 10:34

      Finally someone with a decent attitude, perhaps there is hope for this country after all.

      Sakkie Van de Spuy - 2011-10-11 13:06

      What amazing defence? How many times did we breach their line? The Ausies did not keep us out, we kept ourselves out (poor passing) and the REF allowed the Ausies to stop our momentum by slowing down or taking our go forward ball. They made 153 tackes, yet we still broke their line MANY times and spend alot of time in their quarter. Apart from a few mistakes on our side, the biggest issue was the ref not allowing us to capatilise on OUR TOTAL DOMINANCE of the game.

      Mlu - 2011-10-11 15:08

      Noxiboxi, we are not complaining because we lost, we are complaining because we were cheated. See the difference?

  • theprodigy - 2011-10-11 09:55

    No excuses, we lost the game, did Lawrence do a good job, NO.....he sucked, just like he did in the Ireland vs Aus game & the Sharks vs Crusaders game, conclusion, he is biased or incompetent or both, should he be disciplined, well in business if you are incompetent then you get fired, if you manipulate results or performance you get fired, what should the IRB do with him, him, but his mate is Paddy & together they have been manipulating rugby to suit NZ for years, its time it was stopped.

  • jon - 2011-10-11 09:57

    I agree BOKS should have won despite refs poor performance. Our loss should be blamed on PDV. However Bryce should be banned as all rugby scribes around the world noticed that this was worst performance by a ref in many a year.

  • camelthief - 2011-10-11 09:59

    To the Ozzies: you guys moaned about this ref in a previous match, so it is really rich that you now think he did not influence the game. Yes the boks messed up a bit, with a few silly mistakes and poor choices, that would have won them the game despite the ref. However they would almost certainly have won anyway if the ref was being fair and every Aussie knows it because they have experienced his reffing when it's gone against them and they whinged just as much. The boks were not one-dimensional. They were when they used to kick away the ball all the time, but in this match there was a lot of good stuff. I've always respected the Aussies for being really good in a lot of sports, but I've never respected them for there sportsmanship. You must be blind to think this Aussie team is a good team. It might be one day, but at the moment it relies on a few stars and cheating. It also tries to rile the SA players because of our poor history of handling this, but the Bokke did really well to keep pretty calm in this match and not lose tempers.

  • JDog - 2011-10-11 09:59

    EVERYONE PLEASE STOP ENTERTAINING THIS OZZYMATE CLOWN-you just giving him the satisfaction he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      theprodigy - 2011-10-11 10:09

      he is just another sour expat, the real Assies are fine, same goes for the wannabe Brat supporters on these pages, all losers trying to justify their move.

      kiwi - 2011-10-11 10:34

      come now jdog dont be like that. i think ozzymates comments are fair and balanced

      pensioner - 2011-10-11 10:53

      @ JDog--I agree, ozzymate is an idiot and can only see one side. Let see how much he will comment after the match with the All Blacks when they get thrashed and a decent South African referee, Craig Joubert, stops all Popock's illegal play in the mauls.

  • Grey B - 2011-10-11 09:59

    @ozzymate Is that your best response? Shame, you cant even answer one simple question. I Pity all Ausie supporters, how does it feel to win but dont deserve it? Does it feel hollow? Do you feel satisfied? You think you deserved the win? I hope the Aussies win the WC, then for the next 4 years we can say how luckey they where and definately do not deserve it!

  • LNP03 - 2011-10-11 10:00

    Maybe an investigation into match fixing?? How can someone get it so wrong with so much training!!!!

  • Stuart - 2011-10-11 10:01

    Bryce Lawrence ensured that the All Blacks will reach the final - the Wallabies will be beaten unless the IRB manipulates it as well which will be commercial suicide! This is the desired outcome as it captures local and european interest to the end!

  • WaggaMamma - 2011-10-11 10:03

    Message to Ozzymate. Firstly, you can cut this "mate" crap. Secondly, you and many of your countrymen can continue to defend the cheating Lawrence idiot as long as you like. The reswt of the rugby world knows the truth, and that without his cheating and allowing Pocock to constantly infringe, as well as the rest of the high tackles etc. Aussie would rightly be on their way home. You are so lucky that this weekends game is being blown by an honest ref in Craig Joubert, who unlike your boy, will show the world how to ref a game proffessionally.

  • Mlu - 2011-10-11 10:04

    Lucky bummer. He should be banned from referring for life. To that sheep shagger called Ozzymate, the reason why we did not score a try despite having all the ball was because of your mate in sheep shagging, Bryce Lawrence. He is the reason why you paid him - to make sure we never scored a try!!

  • Colin - 2011-10-11 10:04

    And Vickerman gets away with a cynical knee to Brussou's head!!! Blah,blah, blah....It was rigged from the outset.Have a fabulous day.

  • Ashley - 2011-10-11 10:05

    hey guys. a bit off the topic here, but i bumped into a video on youtube of the draw for rwc2011 pools. i cant believe that that is the actual draw. does anyone have a link for me of the draw please (i cant find anyone who've actually seen the live draw) ... just to put my mind to rest and stop this conspiracy theories running through my head, lol

  • KayeAnn - 2011-10-11 10:06

    I'm not someone who considers myself as capabale of loathing someone...until Sunday's game...Bryce Lawrence - you can in NO WAY be proud of clearly were biased and LAZY. My husband is a WP Ref and he would have done a MUCH better job than you... I am still proud of our boys...despite their unfair early departure out of the RWC

  • abri - 2011-10-11 10:06

    Am I the only on that enjoy the comments on Sport24 more than the actual article?

  • - 2011-10-11 10:06

    This is simple the Ref should get a match ban (1-6 month ban depending on the severity) as all players do when they are at fault! This way it will hurt his pocket and also send a clear message that Refs have a responsibility to do their jobs correctly or face the consequenses.