Naas: Carter blow will rock NZ

2011-10-04 22:09

Cape Town - Former Springbok flyhalf Naas Botha says the loss of star flyhalf Dan Carter will be a big psychological blow to the All Blacks.

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Carter was on Sunday (New Zealand time) ruled out of the World Cup tournament after he injured his groin while practicing kicks at goal.

"His injury is definitely a big loss for New Zealand, but psychologically it's an even bigger blow," Botha told the Volksblad newspaper.

"Certain players are just more important than others and tougher to replace. Carter was very important in the New Zealanders' setup. Now it's a very difficult situation for them.

"But as is always the case in rugby, it presents another player with the opportunity to emerge as the All Blacks' hero."

And the man most likely to attempt to be that hero is Colin Slade. Slade replaced Carter in the All Blacks' recent clash against Canada on Sunday, but flattered to deceive. He moved from flyhalf to the wing after 51 minutes and limped from the field in the 64th minute after tightening up due to his recent lack of game time.

Piri Weepu finished the game against the Canadians at flyhalf.

However, it looks like Slade is still the favourite to don the No 10 jersey for their quarter-final clash against Argentina on Sunday.

Coach Graham Henry backed Slade's performance after the Canadian game.

"Going forward ... well, Colin Slade's the boy," Henry told the Associated Press. "He played pretty well for a large part of the game today. He just needs more football so the more times we can get him out there the better he's going to be."

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  • Samurai Demo - 2011-10-04 22:30

    boks will get revenge against the all brats, for the proteas-remember cricket world cup qf-sa v nz? its gonna be a repeat 2007 sa-eng final! the oz game is gonna be nerve-wrecking but certainly a block-buster! 11 world cup wins in a row, 1 away from equalling the oz record ironically. if we lose p divi is gonna get roasted so if we win give him the credit.

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 02:42

      NZBro, go google the term 'cognitive dissonance'. I think you'll find what you are doing is a text book example of "Reduce the importance of the conflicting belief". I'd give you a link but I think this site removes comments with links in them

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 04:32

      o, and also how exactly does the loss of DC for the AB create cognitive dissonance in me ? How is it in conflict with my believe that we'll win it . If anything it reduces dissonance ?

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 04:51

      yeah the second part of your post is a bit irrelevant since I was replying to you post about the ABs but even if divy was guilty of the same thing, which I don't quite see how you got there, it won't change the fact that you and ABs fans like you are doing it now. By the way it's also NOT a "bad" thing it actually something that all humans do all the time . But since you felt compelled to share it with us I thought I'd point out that when I see that kind of thing I think 'trying to ease the pain' And please spare me the attack the man stuff because it's not effective and it makes me smile when people do that because it's indicative of someone not holding their own in a discussion.

      Karoobloed - 2011-10-05 05:21

      nzbro you absolutely love your team so much it hurts. Seeing that you are a New Zealander I really respect that. Because that is how I Iove the Boks. It is not a reflection of reality that the mighty ABs have only one World Cup - that BS will surely come to an end, perhaps in 2011. I am actually starting to get flattered that real New Zealanders use this website to express their passion for their team. So my Rugby mad mate, best to your team in this tournament. I hope you wish our Boks well too - we need it. :)

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 06:10

      Karoobloed no worries mate. I think when ever a team faces Oz its a challenge. Pity they underestimated Ireland as they did and got hammered for their arrogance, but such is the Ozzy mentality. We get that even without the rugby, For us Deans is a formidable opponent and I would never underestimate him so I think you guys have your work cut out for you. As regards my team I am not one to fool myself and I live in reality. If the AB were crap I would say so, like they were a few years ago lacking depth.This time round I have witnessed their abilities and know what they have done to get there so I am 100% confident in a rwc victory this time round.Perhaps I should not even bother responding to any negativity & leave it to the final result but I am inclined to inform on the truth rather than be silent. Yep I believe you will need all the luck this saturday.

      Blondie - 2011-10-05 07:02 ive said before in a previous post, the boks have the bmt when it comes to world cups something which a lot of teams dont have. Your team is outstanding on paper but unfortunately they are chokers.....similar to our cricket team.........DC is a big loss and the weight and expectations of your nation will be your downfall............;)

      call a spade - 2011-10-05 07:12

      @nzbro First thanks to RANDOMDUDE for directing me to the google video "all blacks at the breakdown" NZ BRO this video make it cristal lear trhat the all blacks became the most successful team lately because they are the most successful CHEATERS. I always had respect the the AB's but after this video I lost that respect. McCaw and Franks get away with murder. That ref should never aloowed to blow a rugby game again. Not even for his neighborhood school He allowed the AB's to ceat continiously.. Now I also understand why we need guys like Bakkies to clean out these cheaters.

      juan - 2011-10-05 07:23

      nzbro & RandomDude Both teams still has a far way to go before they might meat each other. Still and obstacle to get out of the way. Although I think the ABs has the easier road, nothing is easy when going into the knock out rounds. I think the this is also a good "practice" game for Slade to get back on track. If the Boks do not make it to the final. Please let the cup stay in the southern hemisphere...and if I can choose...please do not let Australia win it ;-)

      Tools1 - 2011-10-05 07:58

      @nzbro - This is the difference between real S.A and real NZ supporters we dont wish harm or an injury on anybody infact we love DC and respect him as a player and im sure all S.A feel that if we are to lose it should be against the worlds number one team. It is so evident that you are a wanabe arrow from Parrow by the way you think.

      Johnny-BB - 2011-10-05 08:10

      @nzbro, ........don't waste your time with the Protea-flower-team-supporters.... ...they will in any case not understand what you are talking about... .... fact is the the All Blacks will win the World Cup..., watch the rude comments from the Protea-flower-team-supporters to follow.........

      Paul - 2011-10-05 08:51

      @nzbro Yes they AB's can beat us ...but so can our Boks beat them ...Henry in his 100 games in charge has lost only 15 games ....8 against our Boks , the other 7 to Aussie,France and others... of the 8 losses 5 have being against PDV and 2 have being on NZ soil ... so if you think your AB's are a sure bet for that semi-final.... I say you're dreaming, it's 50-50...80 minutes ...1 bounce,1 missed tackle,1 dropgoal ... I fear your AB's and respect them ,they aren't No.1 for nothing and we aren't No.2 for nothing either .... PDV vs Henry P11W5L6 ...not bad for a clown... it's fine for you to be confident but never think that a game against our Boks is a walk in the park ...our Boks have beaten your AB's more than any other team ever, so goodluck ...may the best team win! GO BOKKE GO!!!

      theprodigy - 2011-10-05 09:37

      @Balrog, yup....add to that...if we win, 1st team EVER to win B2B WC's, Ist team to win 3 WC's, & we will improve our unbeaten record of hoisting the Web Ellis twice in 4 WC's (50%) to 60% or 3 out of 5, nothing short of worlds best. & agree if we don't win it, Pdv gets his send off, & our rugby can only improve, either way, we win. The All Brats on the other hand have a 14 % success ratio, have had the IRB (refs) us their buts, till last week, had their only good player, till last week, are the hosts, & have had the WC on a platter so far. The only thing that will save them from utter humiliation (choking), is the ref, & I wouldn't be surprised if this happens, they are so used to treating the Brats special, that this habit will be hard to break, despite the recent IRB/Brats fallout.

      bullincapeto - 2011-10-05 09:50

      nzbro, random dude has got the diagnosis spot on, you are trying to convince yourself, not us.

      Staalbal - 2011-10-05 11:55

      @nzbro If Colin Slade is such an apt replacement for DC, why has he never kept DC out of the team?

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 23:31

      lol its interesting to note again the sport24 editor deleted all my comments way above this lot arguing in favour of the AB /DC issue between myself and randomdude and left only the replies to my comments from other posters. I had no vulgarity, foul language etc yet it gets deleted? I think they too hate to hear the truth about the positive mental attitude that exists in the AB squad after DC exit.They also exhibit a biased position which contradicts the objective stance a real journalist should have. Makes one question the slant on every article written on this site. All good I will just post my comments again below this one. I kept copies cause I expected this unprofessional behaviour .lol

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 23:33

      Much to the absolute distress of the Bok fans the DC injury is not as crippling to the AB’s as the Boks would have hoped for; instead it has resulted in the exact opposite. And that is the truth. The All Blacks have increased their resolve to win this rwc with more commitment and the raising of the already raised performance bar. All 30 of the AB's are increasing their efforts to jointly support one another like never before for DC and the nation. This is not the expected reaction of a defeated team nor nation but rather one to be feared for they have the strongest reason/s to finish with Cup in hand. The AB leadership had the foresight to prepare for these 4 yrs ago, now they have execute that plan. DC was only 21 yrs old when he was handed his AB jersey & Slade is 23 with similar skills hence his selection and belief in his abilities. Slade will have to play like Slade and not like DC which is what everyone is looking for. If the high standards of the AB coaches have faith in Slade at this crucial stage of the rwc, then so do we kiwis. So you boks can pray all you like for a choke. Truth is it aint going to happen :) DC is doing more for his team "off the field" than ever before. Ko Kapa o Pango e ngunguru nei! (This defines us as the All Blacks) This is what makes us and keeps us being No 1.

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 23:36

      I said these 2 days ago but here goes again, DC being injured is going to be the best that could have happened to the AB's. This will give them the resolve to lift their game even more. If you thought they were awesome over the past few weeks watch this space. In today’s 4.Oct.2011 news: "All Blacks: Let's realise Dan Carter's dream" Gone but not forgotten. That's clearly the All Blacks' sentiments over injured star Dan Carter with players declaring they want to win the World Cup for him." so that BLACK wave approaching just became a Tsunami thanks to DC's unfortunate accident. I'll leave that with you lot to chew on Ko Kapa o Pango e ngunguru nei! (This defines us as the All Blacks)

  • Neilson - 2011-10-04 22:39

    And so the AB's aspirations for the WC 2011 start's to crumble... and the choke it being set up.

  • Sage - 2011-10-04 23:04

    Quote Henry : 'Going forward...well, Colin Slade's the boy' - hmmm...yes, but Dan Carter was the man. Now what is that stifled sound? Is someone choking...

  • Clark Kent - 2011-10-04 23:39

    Nas Was probably one of the most boring first five eights ever but had the sense to by a bolt hole in New Zealand, and I believe his mom lives here. Carter is a shame but we are bigger ,and stronger than one player. We have so much depth especially in the Backs far more than any other team. As has been seen in other games our back reserves are exciting try scoring machines , not bench warming plodders

      RandomDude - 2011-10-04 23:55

      Is that the depth we saw in PE ?

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 01:39

      no RandomDude PE was only our injured players coming back online. The awesome result you now see is the outcome of that.Surely you are smart enough to see that ? No. Ok then .

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 01:49

      thanks for the weak attack the man response NZBro .As predictable as the Sun rising every morning . Your injured players coming online playing against our injured players coming online ? I'm sorry I must have missed the awesome results .. Was that losing against OZ ? Being outplayed my Tonga at home ? Killing it in a game against the B JPN ? Beating a French team that lost against Tonga ? ...

      MJ - 2011-10-05 01:52

      Was greater depth than the Bokke displayed on tour. 18 - 5 > 40 - 7 :D :D

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 02:23

      @Clark Kent have to agree with you on naas clark. he was the most boring and predictable No 10 ever to wear a green jersey.I dont recall ever seeing him tackle or being tackled. He always kicked before anyone realised he had the ball. And even though his mum lives in nz he is still out of touch with the kiwi sense of resolve to overcome odds and get on with it hence his belated comment. Sounds more like a prayer to me .and his pic shows he is not convinced of his own statement either.I hardly consider this guys opinion anyway its mostly the same crap like he played .

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 02:24

      MJ , I don't think so . Your PE team was not a true B team. Add DC, ReAd and RmC and it's your A team . The SB team that played the first two TN games was a true B team not a somewhat weakened A team like you had in PE . How many of the players who played for the ABs in PE are in the AB WC team ? How many of the SB players that played in the B team in question is in the SB WC team ?

      theprodigy - 2011-10-05 08:47

      hey spineless traitors, love that the IRB & the All Brats are not longer bum chums, & remember.... "the brats are not irreplaceable", now that the IRB has called NZ's bluff...the NZers are all bickering about wether or not Steve Tew's is talking for them or not, because after decades of special treatment, the Brats are now no longer the golden boys of the the Brats case, one man did make the team, & one team doesn't make the Word Cup, Mc Cheats cheating together with Carters brilliance is the only thing that has got NZ to no 1 spot, not for long though, soon the Boks will take their place at the top, see ya losers.

      Travis - 2011-10-05 09:09

      @Clark Kent. Mate keep your comments to rugby on here. The issues we have in this country have nothing to do with you, and you can show a little respect. We have a poor history that has created massive challenges, but those are our issues to resolve...not yours to judge. As soon as you have the moral high ground of a squeaky clean history, and no internal issues such as drug abuse amongst youngsters, a generation without soon as those logs are out of your eye then start pointing fingers. Then when you do, find out the facts and steer away from hear-say. Its destructive. I think that the AB's are a great team, with every chance of winning the world cup. But so do the Bokke, and Aussie, and Ireland...and Wales too, to be honest. Enjoy the rugby, and don't tell me who is going to win. Rather, if you are so good at looking into the future, tell me the Lottery numbers for the weekend and make yourself useful.

  • MyWereld - 2011-10-04 23:49

    Remember the standing joke about Naas; sitting on an airplane en route to a test match, he introduced him to the guy sitting next to him. Hi, I am Naas Botha!, whereby the guy responded: I know, I am your inside senter. Besides the words of wisdom from Nasie, the general feeling here in NZ is that it has cemented the team and inspired them to hand the cup to Carter.

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 00:37

      LOL, I remember that one. What NZ is doing is trying to reduce cognitive dissonance brought about by the realization that they lost someone very important to their WC campaign.You see it all the Ab supporters on this site that are constantly telling us that the team is more than one player and that they have depth ,.... Fact is, it's going to hurt not improve their chances, you don't just replace a DC.

      HennieduPles - 2011-10-05 07:14

      Strange that the most tries scored by individual players in a Bok jersey before the profesional era was Carel du Plessis and Danie Gerber. How the hell did the ball get to them with Naas the flyhalf.? Go and read Danie Craven's Autobiography. His Springbok team of all times includes Naas as flyhalf. And by the way, what has his comment to do with his playing ability ? Idiot ! Wonder if you even made your school's 3 rd team.

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 07:37

      relax Hennie , Naas was a great , it's just a reminder of the kind of trash talk that happened back in the day .

      Sakkie Van de Spuy - 2011-10-05 12:13

      I remember, moaning about Naas and his kicking...why? Because he was doing what he does best against my team and we were loosing... In his time, Naas was the BEST flyhalf by far. He was so good, he got a contract to go an play in one of the most competitive sports...American football. He played oversees, before most others knew they could. Have you seen the old videos of him taking a gap? No wonder his pants was always white, because when (and he did it a few times) he took a was try time!!! Nevemind his precision and kicking dominance. And as Hennie, said, how di Danie Gerber score so many tries, if (1) he did not receive the ball and (2) was not given enough time and space to make the breaks (again dependant on the flyhalf pass). I am willing to bet, if Naas was playing today, in the current Springbok pattern, he wills till be considered a great player. Anybody, saying he was not a great flyhalf, does not know his rugby...period.

  • Clark Kent - 2011-10-05 00:05

    To all of you South African Rugby supporters who have graced our shores we thank you for coming to our country. To those of you that have purchased tickets for the Semis ,and finals in which your team wont be competing there is a market here if you wish to go home early. We would like to thank all of the South African fans that are seriously looking at moving to New Zealand now that you have been here ,and experienced this beautiful country. Many of you I know are seriously looking at purchasing property.You have been great tourists its a shame that in the end it will be an All Black & Ireland final obviously the two best teams at the cup

      Raymond - 2011-10-05 01:05

      Nah. Wont be buying any property in NZ. Too many Samoans

      nzbro - 2011-10-05 02:47

      whats the matter with the samoans Raymond ? They are very nice folk.Is it because the boks like to give it (bakkies ) but dont want to take it? If you cant take the heat mate then get out of the kitchen aye?

      Ya Beauty! - 2011-10-05 03:17

      Clark how many world cups have you won again....? How many times have you chocked again....?

      oclee62 - 2011-10-05 05:57

      Hi Clark -- do not agree with the idea that the BOKS will come home!!!! BUT must give you credit --- well written and YES you have a fantastice country according to all that has visited it and if all go well will visit your country in the new year -- short hop over the The biggest SHOCK was meeting a NZ a few weeks ago in Melbourne that have NO interest in rugby or the world cup -- WHAT is WRONG with him!!!

      Blondie - 2011-10-05 07:11

      erm far as beautiful countries are concerned I dont think they come much better than South I guess you must think before you ink.....

      HennieduPles - 2011-10-05 07:45

      You are spot on with the Irish in the final. So you are 50 % right ! Congratulations ! You have won a 2 week Rugby Workshop in SA presented by Oom Snorre ! You may bring 30 of your buddies along !

      theprodigy - 2011-10-05 09:02

      you can shove your adopted country up you ass superboy, I don't want to live in a leaking wooden house (you probably rent), drive a 7 yr old Toyota Corrola, earn NZ$ 5000 a month, & shiver in 18 degrees all year round, much rather live in a 3 story villa on the beachfront in Cape Town, earn 3 times what a doctor in NZ earns, enjoy 25 degrees most of the year, have as beautiful if not better scenery than on your adopted island, & still feel safe. What will be a shame (for you) is when your adopted team, without their only good player, doesn't win the one world cup that they should...If the Brats make it to the final...Ireland WILL beat them, mark my words.

      Travis - 2011-10-05 09:15

      @Jacques...that is not necessary, mate. I am a Bok fan, and there is one thing that I am not, and that is a racist. I have plenty of friends who are the same as me. I have spent plenty of time travelling the world, and have loved meeting people of all race, creed, colour and culture. Where do you get off judging me, and those like me? Take the log out of your own eye, chop!

      Blondie - 2011-10-05 09:36

      @ jacques.....who is the racist that hot footed it to NZ huh? are you already speaking the new zealand twang with your bonehead accent coupled with your jean pant??? would love to be a fly on the wall in your household veraaier???? and before I get all the red arrows, Ive got no problem with anyone moving to another country for their personal reasons or to make a better life....but what I do have a problem with is bad mouthing your birth country and denying your roots......very shallow in deed!

      Blondie - 2011-10-05 09:42

      @ the prodigy....well said but you forgot to add.....they are living in constant fear of the dread earthquakes no wonder there is so much real estate on the market ......

  • Barry Edwards - 2011-10-05 06:58

    Naas was a points machine in his day, just like Carter albeit a different era. I believe Naas does have an excellent knowledge of the game and his comments and input should be noted. He stopped short of the inevitable AB choking in the QF on this weekend. At least AB dont have to travel to far when their RWC is over this Sunday

      Lionel - 2011-10-05 08:17

      You most probable do not know that Naas supports the AB's as his second team when it comes to international rugby and he has even stated this on Boots & All. He has great admiration for NZ rugby and the All Blacks. At times he has referred to the notion of the AB's been jokers, but has only stated this in jest. Dan Carter is a huge loss to the All Blacks and I myself have serious doubts over Colin Slade. Naturally one does not expect Colin Slade to perform like Dan Carter, however if he does not lift his game considerable against Argentina and the AB's still progress to the semi's, then Graham Henry has no choice but to play Piri Weepu at flyhalf and either Andy Ellis (my first choice) or Jimmy Cowan at scrumhalf. Piri Weepu has to play at scrumhalf against Argentina as a back up to Slade, as Slades penalty and conversion success rate, is rather poor. There is no other suitable kicker in the squad.

  • sandy.mciver - 2011-10-05 07:50

    @nzbro why are you commenting on a South African website?? mind your business! or are you a bitter and twisted South African supporting the All Blacks?? I don't think anyone wishes Dan Carter to be out of the world cup so get over yourself!! Anyone can beat the All Blacks and the Springboks on any day! it just depends on how each team plays on that day! don't be arrogrant!! I agree that the All Blacks probably deserve to win the cup since they have failed so many times before! but we are still contenders until then!!

      ozzymate - 2011-10-05 08:20

      Oi mateys. I see ya have finally woken up to wednesday with all ya garbage posted here. what are ya worried about carter and nz for? he is an Oz problem after we dispatch you lot back to your 3rd world country.We are your problem so tell ya coach to select his team like a good lad quickly.we need to know who is on the ozzy menu for our saturday feed.Are ya going to be ok when your team comes home on monday or do we need to offer them assylum in oz for a couple a years? just a question

      theprodigy - 2011-10-05 09:14

      hahaha, guys go and read the pages on NZ Herald, the Ozzies & Skapies (NZers) at constantly at each others necks, the ones that comment on News24 are spineless traitors trying to make themselves feel better for their 6 fold drop in living standard that they sacrificed to "walk the streets at night"....dont pay any attention to these losers, anyone that has travelled will know that the grass is not greener at the bottom of the earth....hey have a good joke...whats the difference between a French kiss & an Assie kiss, they are the same, except the Aussie kiss is down under, no not one.

  • Makatees - 2011-10-05 07:59

    Earl Rose is better than Carter,Carter is overrated

      burtfred - 2011-10-05 08:04

      Oh please Makatees, My late granny was a better rugby player than Earl Rose. And she was much prettier than him.

      Makatees - 2011-10-05 08:17

      Somebody that the All Flats should contract to play for them if they want to get over their chokers tag in the future

      jacques - 2011-10-05 08:32

      Makatees, SA sportspeople (rugby,athletics,cricket,netball,hockey) has allready claimed the trademark of "CHOCKERS"

  • jacques - 2011-10-05 08:08

    Naas, not every team in the world kicks the ball everytime they get it. The All Blacks rely more on tries than just plain kicks - they actually play real rugby!

      Makatees - 2011-10-05 08:21

      And then choke at critical times,i get your drift......Chokers

      HennieduPles - 2011-10-05 08:47

      Your comment on SA fans being racist pigs refers. Just one question. Do you know who your biological father is ? I will give you 10 guesses ! Nope , still wrong !

      The Rob - 2011-10-05 11:32

      Jacques, your previous comments are disappointing and, alas, reveal a chip on the shoulder. To nzbro and other AB supporters: your team is definitely the one to beat, no question. You are the deserved no. 1 team and whoever plays you will be tested. However, the Boks have proved to the AB's at RWC time that our boring game usually does the trick. If the Boks manage to get pas the Aussies on Sunday, and it's a true 50/50 game against old Oz, if we manage to make it to the semi's where we would presumably meet the AB's then I assure you it won't be one way traffic as you suggest. NZ have put the most unbelievable pressure on themselves as a nation and a team to deliver the RWC and if the slightest thing goes against them on semi-final day then it could be an unmitigated disaster for you. And someone else posted before that a ref's decision here, the bounce of the ball there, or even an injury during the game can change things significantly. If the Boks do meet NZ in the semi and you beat us, well then, it was always going to be that way, wasn't it, but, if things go the Boks way and we tighten the game up successfully, then there's every chance we put one over you on the day. Pressure in the big game is a bitch of a thing and I believe the Boks handle it better.

  • theprodigy - 2011-10-05 08:28

    pressure....pressure, so things things are heating up for the All Brats, they have been coasting on Carters brilliance, now he's gone, & they have a green boy in his shoes, this is how they will choke, just can't handle losing their game maker. @nzbro, the brats are so desperate to win that it will not happen, if they can't win this one, they never will.

  • AjAxxxx - 2011-10-05 08:29

    @NzBro I didnt read all you're comments. But please don't quote Maori lanuage if you're from SA. That is pathetic.

      jacques - 2011-10-05 08:41

      Ajaxxx, just goes to show how much respect NZ bro has for them. Most SA supporter comments here are of a racist nature towards the Maori's or Samoans - go whipe the crap from your eyes first before commenting!!!

      AjAxxxx - 2011-10-05 08:56

      This is a South Africa site. Here we actaully win world cups.

      Travis - 2011-10-05 09:20

      @jacques...why do we have this big "issue" with Maori's. You are welcome to make comments on this site, just as everyone else is. Stop being stupid and abusive. It is not necessary. You do not own the moral high-ground, and you don't know me from Moses, so stop telling me about my character. We talk sport here...keep it clean!

      Sakkie Van de Spuy - 2011-10-05 12:25

      jacques = another apartheid dinosaur

  • Love - 2011-10-05 08:29

    If the Boks beat NZ then we will be No 1 again !! finish en klaaar !

      jacques - 2011-10-05 08:36

      Love, go check out the IRB stats from the last RWC - your maesly Protea team has been no1 for only a few months. If they were so great, then why has the AB's been no1 for the last three years, yes 3 THREE YEARS?

      AjAxxxx - 2011-10-05 08:42

      If YOUR AB's are so great, then why have they never won a professional World Cup? And only one 40 years ago in the amateur era? Shut up.

      paul.maarman - 2011-10-05 08:44

      @jacques - what matters, being number one for three years and no WC title at the end...or have the Webb Ellis with your name on it....Go check the record books, Webb Ellis always beats number one ranking.

      RandomDude - 2011-10-05 09:17

      You win a Noddy Badge for being ranked #1 : The only bragging right that matters in the pro era is world champ. .

      Carl Muller - 2011-10-05 13:58

      Not again... stil.... We are the world champions till the final or if we fall out before then....

  • jacques - 2011-10-05 09:05

    @Paul.maarman, so you are saying that i should go tell the Bulls supporters, or any other teams supporters that their team is not the best because they haven't won the Super 15 or the Currie cup ? Wake up, this is a sport - you win some, you lose some. That RWC has NEVER been a decider for the IRB rankings.

      Sakkie Van de Spuy - 2011-10-05 12:32

      Seriously? I will be using the biggest global sport as an example. Who is the 2010 FIFA Champion? Who is the 2006,2002,1998 Champion? Then tell me, who was the FIFA nr 1 ranked team, priior to this? I bet you will have a harder time googling the ranking than knowing the who was the Champion. Being the Worldcup Champion is what counts...Being ranked number 1, using some "magic" calculator is just a nice to have...Probably created by a country or team that find it difficult to actually win the important Cup. On your point of RWC never bing a decider. You must be a grandson of Einstein, the brilliance is oozing out of you. The Springboks became Nr1 during the 2007 worldcup. Australia, dropped to nr3, based on the RWC game against Ireland. THus, I would say teh RWC does have an influence ont he IRB ranking. Think before you type...cleverone...and PS - Stop being an apartheid dinosaur!!!

      AjAxxxx - 2011-10-05 13:55

      Same with Golf. Luke Donald is/was number one for a while, same with Lee Westwood, and not one of them has ever won a major. Its what happens on the day that matters.

      Karoobloed - 2011-10-05 16:41

      I believe the vast majority of Saffa Bok supporters respect the Maori people and the Maori culture. I watch or listen in admiration while legends like Kevin Mealamu and Mils Muliaina play or speak - hard. gifted, but humble men. I also suspect the majority of Bok supporters enjoy the stirring spectacle of the Haka - although seeing White guys doing it does add an unintended element of humour. Most of the anti "Maori" venom that is dished out on this site is just directed at our own Saffa "fake maori", who should be ashamed of hinself for inviting a reaction against the proud Maori name. I am, however, very uncomfortable with the anti-Samoan vemom that has been spewed on this website since our last game. I believe the Bok haters actually have it right this time (they rarely do) - the Samoans' confrontational play could rightfully be compared to the traditional in-your-face playing style of Bok Rugby. We should take it like real men, because we like to dish it out too.

  • andile phungula - 2011-10-05 10:08

    why are NZ people commenting on SA forums they must know how boring they forums are . NZ people go fly a kite and dont try to justify Clade as a good replacement to Carter its a huge step down huge you could say RWC failure huge

      Maori - 2011-10-05 11:35

      Go watch soccer!!

  • gc - 2011-10-05 10:20

    @nzbro I have a different take on this DC scenario. You, meaning the Ab's hav'nt prepared well for this. The problem is DC is so good that it was to the AB's detriment . He possesest he uncoachable gift that he always has time and seldom seems rushed in making and executing desicions when under pressure. This rare gift allowed the other players around him to relax and to just bassicialy follow his lead. If you look at the recent history there is a direct correlation between carter's presence and form and the ab's performance. eg. 2007 wc semifinal - DC off = AB choke, 2009 trinations - DC not available = AB's chocked, 2011 - trinations "final" -dc out of form = Ab's choked when the heat came from the aussies. Bottom line is this, the AB's are totally depandant on dc and they were "spoiled" by his calmness and skills that he displays under severe pressure.The never took the oppertunity to ween themselves from that dependancy and give the replacement ample time to settle in this position. Between WC's it is more important for them to be ranked nr one than to preprare for life without DC, this will catch up with them prestty soon. They need DC to operate, full stop.(Ko Kapa o PAngo e ngunguru nei!)

  • bonny - 2011-10-05 10:52

    Hack, hack, it a cat sicking up a, it's the Small blacks choking :-)

  • Drummerboi - 2011-10-05 11:18

    The dream is slipping away! I smell a choke. Argentina by 5

  • Wessel - 2011-10-05 12:40

    nzbro ....NZ population 4,315 800 / South Africa population 49,320 150 not compare heart and mind to the game, NZ will not match up remotely. What South African including our Springbok team have endure with the transition of our country make us a formidable force, on that level you islanders are WAY OUT OF YOUR DEPTH.......we know how to dig deep when the chips are down, proven again playing against the SAMOAN thugs they were paid off to try and cause as much damage as possible to the Springbok Team?!!!! The Springbok WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP...hope to see you on here after the game big mouth!

  • Sakkie Van de Spuy - 2011-10-05 12:45

    Personally I think the ABs will still be very competitive and I dont care what or wtht how many 'scientific" explanations anybody tries to convince me otherwise, loosing DC will hurt the ABs chances. But, the Boks, Ausies, Ireland will also be competitive and anyone of these teams can win. Obvioulsy, being a Bok supporter, I thinkt the Springboks can win, if they play to their strenghts and dominate upfront.

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